Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

Here’s a quick total body workout for seniors, obese, plus size, and anyone with limited mobility. You may perform this exercise routine standing or sitting down. Choose the appropriate resistance for your fitness level ranging from a pair of light dumbbells to just a couple of water bottles.

Warm Up
Arm Crossover
Good morning
Overhead Press
March in Place

Standing & Seated Exercises

Perform each exercise for 50 seconds:
Star Crunch (star to opp elbow knee) / Seated
Split Squat / One Leg Press
Punches Side to Side / High / Hooks
Knee Raise + Leg Ext
Straight Arm Jacks (alt legs) / Seated
Straight Leg Lift and Twist / Seated

Cool Down
Seated Figure Four
Internal Rotation Shoulder
One Leg Hamstring
One Leg Calf Stretch
One Leg Quad Stretch

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a workout for seniors individuals who are obese and anyone with limited mobility we’re going to be providing both seated and standing variations so we encourage you to make this workout your own the only equipment that’s required for today’s workout is a chair and either a light pair of hand weights or a couple of water bottles follow along with us we’re getting it started with a nice little light warmup the first thing that we’re going to do is going to be an arm crossover so go ahead Adil’s palms facing down a little slight bend and our elbows nice and slow and relaxed during this warm-up again it’s just the warm-up just trying to loosen up and raise our overall body temperature we’re going to alternate which arm is on top and if you’re seated like I am throughout the entire workout it’s good to practice just keeping your core nice and tight keep your belly button drawn in towards your spine go ahead and scoot up a little bit on that front of the seat you don’t want to be seated all the way back and you know that way you’re going to be tempted to to lean back on the chair so again to keep that core tight let’s go ahead and do this one for just five more seconds three two one zero excellent okay next we’re going to loosen up that posterior chain your lower back hamstrings and glutes go and place your hands on your head if you’re standing a little slight bend in your knee anyway we’re going to drive those hips back as we bend over using your hips as a hinge until your upper body gets to about parallel to the ground and then back up this one is all about those hips not going to squat down at all it’s all in our posterior and back side keeping that back straight core tight if you can’t quite go down as far as we’re going today that’s totally okay do what you can and over time come back repeat this routine your mobility will improve just getting a little bit better every time you come back and do this making sure to breathe throughout let’s do this one for just buy more seconds and three two one zero alright we’re going to move into an overhead press so no way it’s just our own the weight of our own arms good posture shoulders are back go and reach up and pull back down reach up and pull back down and as you’re pulling down go ahead and pull down from those elbows and then reach up as high as you can reach up overhead trying to keep good posture and also trying your best to reach straight up and not out in front of you again this is just another dynamic warm-up move that will also work to improve your mobility excellent keep it up core stays tight shoulders are square we’re not counting any repetitions today it’s just about getting in as many reps as you can and a lot of time period we’re going at a pace that you feel comfortable with let’s do this one four three two one zero all right we got a classic move next book it’s just so good I always use it just a good old march in place just to allow our heart rate to come up I’m going to keep both elbows bent and bring up opposite arm and knee again core stays tight you can’t get that knee up very high that’s okay just try to get your foot up off the ground and if you feel good right now you can go and get that knee all the way up until it’s about parallel to the ground you decide which is right for you stay nice and light on your feet doing a big clanks or thuds on the ground if you have neighbors underneath you and you’re in an apartment I don’t want your neighbors to hear you excellent focus on that breathing you’re going to do this one for just ten more seconds last one in the warm-up you got it I want you to throughout the course of today’s workout really wanting to focus on what brought you here today to be to begin with what is it that motivates you what drives you what are we working on alright let’s go five four three two one and zero excellent okay first one we’re going to do a star crunch so we’re both going to have our hands up and out to the sides legs a little wider than shoulder-width we’re going to bring opposite elbow to opposite knee the best you can now you might not totally have the range of motion needed to get that elbow all the way to the knee and that’s okay you might just be right here but I want you to try your best and again as you repeat this routine you’ll get a little bit better at it and if you notice of course I’m been sitting on the edge of my seat here so you may just want to screwed up a little bit that way you can go ahead and get that nice crunch as you bring your elbow to your knee as you bring the elbow to knee actually bring your upper body in and contracting those ass great one for the core for our legs shoulders and arms and again we’re moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with whatever that may be just the overall goals just keep moving throughout the course of this workout you got to switch it up and change versions from the seated to the standing do so as needed throughout this routine excellent breathe guys doing great let’s keep this one up for just 10 more seconds you got it one right into the next give those ABS contracting and five four three two one zero excellent okay we’re doing it lower body move next I’m going to do a split squat Claudia is going to do a one leg press I feed your shoulder with apartment a staggered stance hands are my hips and I’m dropping that back knee straight down and for my variation I am leaning back at a 45-degree angle holding on to the sides of my chair and pressing my heel out and bringing my knee in as close as I can to my chest you’re doing my variation you don’t have to get all the way down if you can’t quite do it if you’re just right here today that’s okay just drop them straight down and ideally over time we’re working toward the point where we get both those knees to a 90 degree angle we’re going to split time on each side so we’ll switch halfway through either way keeping a core nice and tight focusing on that breathing I’m going to keep reminding you throughout so very important excellent job guys you got it let’s go ahead and switch sides here in five four three two one zero all right switch sides opposite leg and right into it all right again as those legs start to burn a little bit you start to ask yourself why why am I here today what am i doing it’s important that you keep that goal whatever it is that you’re working on at the front of your mind not at the back your mind what are you here to achieve what are you going to get that much closer to by the end of this workout think about it whether you’re trying to lose weight get back in shape you know just be better at your overall daily activities pick up your grandchildren your kids whatever it is you got to think about it keep it in your mind focus on it so very important all right let’s hit this one for just five four three two one and zero excellent okay legs are going to get a break let’s go and pick up those light hand weights for the next one I’m using light dumbbells Claudia’s using water bottles hands are at her chin we’re going to do a side to side punch star punch to the right and to the left keep those hands back bring your hands back to your chin after every punch doing the standing variation keep a slight bend in your hips and in your knees and as we punch we’re twisting side to side so it’s not just our arm that’s moving right but instead our whole core and torso that’s going side to side gauging that core as well as those obliques a little ab workout without having to get down on the ground exactly I always have workout that we can do without crawling on the ground is a good one in my book as we’re doing great keep it up again we’ve let that pace that you feel comfortable with whether that’s faster than us slower than us whatever it is we’re just so thankful that you’re here you’re working and you’re getting closer to your goal with every single punch boom you got to keep it up guys okay we’re going to transition now and do a high punch so still punching still right to left little punch them straight ahead and up so I guess the way to think of it act like you’re punch and somebody who’s about a foot taller than you alternating right then left bring those hands back to your chin and don’t worry about your punching form here we’re not training to be a professional boxer just getting the fitness aspect out of it go ahead and twist that hand and point with your thumb is the overall good visualization to have as you’re doing these punches be sure to get that full extension and then bringing it all the way back to your chin good okay we’re going to move on to wick hook punch now so side to side elbows are bent or going side to side again engaging that core every single time good this is the last one in our punching sequence we’re working those shoulders working that core didn’t our rate going everything’s working you guys are doing great keep it up we’re getting a lot of work in in a short period of time today total body workout gaining strength and cardiovascular endurance as well as burning some calories and fat along the way keep it up guys you’re doing great let’s hit this one for just five more seconds and three two one zero okay I’m actually going to use my seat for the next one so we’ll both be doing the seated variation we’re going to do a lower body move we’re going to do a lake I’m sorry knee raise plus leg extension so coming into that front half of your chair bring one knee up and then extend at the knee reverse it back down left leg knee up extend back down so one two three four you got it one two three four good one into the next and at the top of that leg extension I want you to squeeze your quadricep up at the top feel it working engaging excellent keep good core nice and tight if it’s a little too hard for you on this one to sit straight up you can do so with a slight lean back I’ll make it just a little bit easier requires a little less mobility and if when you’re doing this one here’s just just your legs don’t quite bend the way they used to and you can’t quit get your leg all the way up and parallel to the ground that’s alright if you’re down here do what you can it’s all about those small little improvements day in and day out that eventually get you to that long-term goal which is putting in the work right here right now getting a little bit better rep by Rep keep it up guys nice work good feeling that legs are starting to feel good hope yours are too let’s do this one for just 10 more seconds working at a pace you feel comfortable with pushing yourself because nobody else can do it for you and sit this one four three two one zero okay I’m going to put my chair back to the side we’re going to need our hand weights for this next one if you’re using them if you’re just using your arms that’s cool too we’re going to do a straight arm jack so we’re going to start with our hands by our chin pressing those dumbbells straight up and at the same time I’m going to alternate my right and left legs and for my variation I’m going to be kicking my legs out to the side and right back to the starting position you decide which variation is right for you today you’re doing my version keep a slight Bend and the leg and that knee that’s on the ground it’ll help you keep your balance good this one’s going to work both those legs your core and of course your shoulders and triceps which I’m sure you’re already feeling keep it up guys you’re doing great get into a little rhythm with this one good you got it getting a heart rate up with this one feeling good let’s do this one for just 10 more seconds almost there keep working guys are right there with you thousands maybe millions of people at home doing the same thing we’re all working together come on hats fit tribe wear yeah you got it and five four three two one zero excellent you can go and set those hand weights down for the next one we’re going to do a straight leg raise and twist go ahead and place your hands on your shoulders we go one side at a time going to bring up one straight leg and we’re going to twist into that side you decide how far you can raise that straight leg if you feel good you want to get it up cool if you can only get it up to about a 45 degree angle that’s okay too but we’re twisting into that leg and engaging that core mm-hmm definitely feel that burn in my midsection you must be working out there guys we must be working that’s good does that burn that feeling that challenge that’s where change happens so rep by Rep putting in that work to get that change you’re doing great right here let’s switch sides and five four three two one zero opposite side now switch it up and keep it moving keeping your balance if you’re standing up slight bend in that knee on your opposite leg if you are doing the standing variation twisting into that leg keeping a core nice and tight good posture on this one excellent work everybody make sure to breathe throughout whatever you do do not hold your breath you will read your at it it will catch up with you if you do nice work keep it up guys let’s hit this one for just 10 more seconds Rep I rep right here getting after it what are you working on what’s your goal think about it three two one zero excellent job and we’re going to do the whole cooldown routine from a seated position and the purpose of this cooldown is to allow your heart rate to come down slowly and at the same time to improve your mobility a little bit so the first move we’re going to do is going to be a seated figure for one knee bent at a 90 degree angle take your opposite leg bring it up just kind of like you’re crossing your legs and it’s the best you can bring that shin and that foot closer to you and you’re gonna feel stretch do all your hip flexor your glutes and if you need a little bit more stretch while keeping your back straight you can slowly come forward again get keep your back straight while doing this you want to hunched over but keeping your back straight you can come down and that will really give you an extra stretch but if you feeling the stretch from right here that’s totally okay – and all these static stretches our goal is to get to a point where you feel a stretch but not worth painful let’s switch sides in three two one alright opposite side slowly down take that opposite leg up and maximum back in I’m definitely tighter on my last place I am we have a good workout yesterday and today and definitely feeling a little bit of tightness and that’s totally normal alright that’s why we’re doing this we’re taking care of our body little restoration work excellent let’s hit this one for just five more seconds and three two one zero okay then place that leg down next we’re going to do is an internal shoulder rotation stretch go in place one hand either on your hip or if you have extra flexibility and place it behind at your hand behind your lower back you decide which one is right for you reach over with your opposite hand and I want you to just lightly tighter a little bit elbow for nothing to do a range of motion on this and that’s not meant to be but this is a great one to loosen up those shoulders I guess if you haven’t done this one before you’re probably going to feel some tightness on this one that’s alright to be expected if you can’t quite reach your elbow that’s alright you can pull forward here on your forearm again just about making this routine your own let’s switch sides in three two one all right shake it that arm loose the opposite side hand either on your hip or just behind your back reach across and gently pull forward good just pulling forward and holding feel that good stretch you really don’t need that much range of motion before you feel it no I made it an inch maybe do half at the most hold and breathe excellent let’s do this one four three two one zero okay we’re going to kick out one leg one straight leg we’re going to do a hamstring stretch next so put that one leg straight let’s go ahead and hand on your hips and gently bend over at your waist keeping this leg straight now should feel a big stretch in the back of your leg key on this one to keep your back straight as you bend over again not here because then you’re not going to feel that stretch but it’s that back stays straight and then bend over until you start to feel that stretching your back your leg and again you may not have to go very far before you really begin to feel that stretch totally you might not even honestly just right here we may do it for you so again you decide which is right for you okay we’re going to transition now and do a calf stretch so from this same position now I want you to take your toes and pull those toes back to you and now we’re emphasizing your cat you should start to feel they go stretch in that cat with all these static stretching moves our goal is to take it to about 85 to 90 percent of what you’re capable of and that’ll make sure that you’re getting a good stretch without hurting yourself let’s do this one four three two one zero up all right on that same side leg now we’re going to do a quadricep stretch so let’s scoot a little bit to the side of our chair that that leg is on it’s going to slowly bring that leg back behind you and the further that foot goes back the more stretch you’re going to feel in your quadricep and in your hip flexor so for you right here might be all it takes and that’s okay you decide what’s going to be right for you keep good posture and feel that stretching lean back just a little bit if you really want to get a little extra stretch again kind of play with the move a little bit you’re aiming for that big stretch on your hip flexor and in your quad good hold it let me just hold him for five more seconds that’s it and three two one zero alright so we’re going to go through that same little leg sequence now on the opposite leg so let’s hit that hamstring stretch first so opposite leg that straight leg out and then hands on our hips and we slowly come down with our back straight until we feel that stretch in the back of our leg excellent oh I feel let’s go to my left one here up you guys are angry we wanted as much as we are doing great we’re almost done set time the workout where you should be proud of yourself for what you’ve achieved you know it’s not easy to when you’re on your own to take the initiative to work out and you did that today you finish you feel good about yourself come back tomorrow and do all do it all over again next let’s do that calf stretch bring that toe up and towards us we let calf stretch now feels good getting just that much closer to the end breathe nice little big deep breaths breathe in through the nose out through the mouth and three two one alright let’s scoot over to that opposite side of the chair and let’s hit that quad stretch next but if you need to you can use your hand to kind of get that leg back and just depends on your mobility right now and get that quadricep and hip flexor stretch good posture if you need to little lean back will really give you that extra stretch this is the last one for the day folks you’ve made it it’s our out to be proud that’s it exactly where it allows yeah I love yourself to feel good about this I mean it’s if working out we’re easy everybody would be doing it everybody be in shape but they’re not right I mean oh it takes some willpower to get to this point and let’s do it four three two one zero all right so we bring that leg up and that’s it guys you made it I keep my chair over excellent word Claudia big round of applause and the pat on the back yes nice work out there thank you so much for working out with us today if you enjoyed this workout you’ve been working out with us for a while we’d encourage you to please go check out our patreon page where you can find out more about how you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoy working out with us today we ask that you give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel that way you’re notified every time we drop a brand new workout make sure to check out has become where we have hundreds of free workouts free meal plans and our free complete fitness programs and if you are on facebook Instagram snapchat Twitter combined hospital with you thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout