Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

Bend, reach, pull, and press your way through this 30 Min Exercise for Seniors and Anyone with Limited Mobility. There’s no equipment required, but you may add extra resistance by holding a couple of light dumbbells or water bottles. This functional fitness routine includes both standing and seated exercise variations

Warm Up
Upright Row + External Rotation + Press
Push / Pull + Side Step
Arm Circle + Hamstring Stretch
Upright Twist

20 Min Exercise for Seniors and Limited Mobility

Complete each movement for 50 seconds:
Typewriters / Seated
Curl + Low Kick / Seated
Straight Punches
Split Squat / One Leg Press
Chest Squeeze + Press & Calf Raise
Good Morning (elbows 90)
Bent Over Row with Twist

Cool Down
Waterfall Stretch
Bent Elbow Chest Opener
Back Reach Stretch
Hamstring + Calf Hinge
One Leg Quad Stretch