Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

Let’s get moving together. Today’s workout routine is designed to help you improve your balance, gain strength, enhance lean muscle, and strengthen your cardiovascular system all at the same time. Whether you choose to follow the standing or chair exercises, HASfit’s exercises for seniors will provide modifications that work for you. You may use a pair of light dumbbells of water bottles for extra resistance, but it isn’t required. Even if you choose to follow the standing movements, you’ll still need a chair for the cool down and mobility segment at the end of the workout.

Warm up
Shoulder Box
Dynamic One Leg Hip Hinge
Single Leg March

Exercise for Seniors

Split Knee Drive
Seesaw Row
Butt Kick + Arm Crossover
Dumbbell Curl + Low Kick
Chair Squat / Chair Get Up
Side to Side Punches
High Low Rope Pulls
Sumo Squat Pulse / Leg Extension + Pulse

Cool Down
Seated Bent Over T Rotation
Seated Figure Four
Seated Quad Stretch
Seated Reach to Scarecrow
Seated Wrist Curl Glides