Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

Exercise and movement are the best things we can do to slow or even reverse the aging process. It’s important to work out in a way that emulates are day to day activities from squatting down to pick up a box to reaching up to place a bowl on a shelf. You may choose to follow the standing exercises, in chair exercises, or a combination of the two. HASfit’s senior exercises at home aim to be adaptable to your unique body and fitness level. You may use a pair of light dumbbells or water bottles for extra resistance, but it isn’t required.

Warm up
T / Y’s
Hamstring Sweep
Run in Place

Senior Exercises at Home

Butt Kick + Overhead Shoulder Ext
Curl + Arnold Press
Sumo Deadlift / Sumo Chair Get Up
Bent Over Row
Front Kick + Punch
Triceps Kickback
Side Shuffle / March in Place
Battling Ropes
Reverse Lunges / Leg Extensions

Cool Down
Chair Downward Dog / from Two Chairs
Seated Figure Four
Upright Row + Rotation + Reach
Standing Quad Stretch / Seated