Limited Mobility and Seated
low impact workout

Use these chair exercises to build strength, improve aerobic conditioning, and gain lean muscle from anywhere. The only equipment needed is a light pair or dumbbells or a couple of water bottles. The sitting down workout is perfect for seniors or anyone with limited mobility.

Warm up:
Opposite Side Toe Touch / Shin
Chest Squeeze
March in Place + Arm Jack

25 Min Chair Exercises Sitting Down Workout

Arm Pullover + Side Step / No Weights
Reverse Fly / Water Bottles
Svend Press + Leg Extension / Low
Bent Over Row / Water Bottles
Curl + Run in Place / Water Bottles
Goodmorning w/ Legs Extended / Knees Bent
Rotational Press / Water Bottles
One Leg Press + Pulse / LM: Opposite Elbow to Knee
High Punch Out / Punch Out

Cool Down
Rotator Cuff Stretch
Seated Cross Leg
Two Leg Calf and Hamstring Stretch

what’s up has fit tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is our chair workout today’s routine is going to work to build strength improve mobility and increase stamina in your total body the only equipment needed for today’s routine is a pair of light hand weights or a couple of water bottles you can follow along with me for the standard moves and you can follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s get started [Music] all right let’s start from our chairs and we’re gonna perform a warm-up so on our chairs it’s important for us to be towards the front half of our chair being in this position really just helps us maintain proper posture and we’re less tempted to slouch over first one of the day is going to be an opposite arm to toe or shin touch so let’s start with those arms up overhead keeping that proper posture I’m gonna reach my right hand to my left foot and I’m gonna reach my right hand to my left shin and then we’re returning back to that starting position so make sure that you’re rotating across and then returning to that proper upright position and you decide if you want to reach all the way down and touch your foot or if it’s more appropriate for you to touch your shin or maybe even your knee today we’re gonna encourage you throughout today’s routine to make this workout your own modifying as needed making sure to breathe and this is just the warmup so making sure we’re moving at a warm-up pace nice big deep breaths this one’s gonna warm up our posterior chain which is our hamstrings our glutes and our lower back as well as our shoulders and our core we’re going to do this one for 10 more seconds in total again making sure to breathe returning to that upright posture after every rep four five four three two one zero excellent alright next we’re gonna move into a move for our chest back and shoulders we’re gonna do a chest squeeze so let’s bring those arms out to our side and run a 90 degree angle all around let’s bring those at hands and elbows together and then open those arms up like somebody’s pulling your arms and hands apart now you may not be able to come all the way together like we are and actually touch your hands and elbows together but we want you to try your best to do so and that’s really what you’re working towards that’s the ideal and you may find it that as you progress through this particular movement you may just be able to get a little closer that’s it rep by Rep you’ll probably experience your mobility improving just that fast this is also a great move to improve your posture as we’re loosening up those chest muscles shoulder muscles aim back spend so much of our time seated hunched over and slouched it’s important we do these preventative regenerating stretching exercises here to regain that proper posture again we’re breathing nice full range of motion whatever your full range of motion looks like give it last ten seconds on this one nice and under control here for five four three two one zero all right shake those arms loose we’re gonna get your heart rate up a little bit with this next one we’re gonna move into a march in place plus arm jack so our arms are making a swinging motion almost like we’re doing a jumping jack and our legs are marching in place right left right left again on this one you decide what pace is appropriate for you keeping a slight bend in those elbows as you bring those hands up overhead making nice light ground contacts if you have neighbors underneath you we don’t want them to hear you nice consistent breathing keeping good posture and if at any time throughout today’s routine you feel yourself starting to scoot back in your chair it’s okay to take a second and scoot back forward you’ll probably even see us having to readjust as we go through again nice big arm swings working at your own pace on this warmup that’s it feel my shoulders starting to warm up on this one as well as my legs let’s go last ten seconds on this one and five four three two one zero excellent okay I’m gonna grab my light hand weights for the first exercise in the workout and I’m gonna be without weight so you just Iowa is appropriate for you we’re gonna start with that good posture our hands at our side palms are facing inward we’re gonna do an arm pullover and at the same time we’re gonna perform a sidestep alternating right and left legs getting our total body involved in this one hands come straight up overhead keeping those palms facing inward trying our best to finish with those biceps by our ears now you may not be able to extend quite as high overhead as we are but again this is the ideal that you’re working towards doing the best you can and that goes same for your sidestep if your sidestep is right here maybe just you know five or six inches over that’s okay we just want you to be able to work to the progression that you see coach Kozak and myself doing and that’s what it’s all about your first time through may not be perfect and it’s not about being perfect it’s just about putting in the work getting a little bit better with every workout every time you come back and complete this routine you’ll get a little bit better and that’s what it’s all about change doesn’t happen without being challenged without putting in the reps and that’s what you’re doing right here getting a little bit better with every repetition making sure to breathe not much left on this one let’s go last ten seconds almost there everyone good making sure to breathe keeping that good posture four five four three two one zero excellent ok next we’re moving into a reverse fly you need your light hand weights and I’m picking up my water bottle or your water bottles again scooting forward in front of that chair knees are at a ninety degree angle we’re gonna bend over at a 45 degree keep core tight shoulders back ideally we’re reaching under your legs keeping a slight Bend with the elbows now we’re gonna pull apart squeeze the middle of your back and return and if you can’t quite get underneath your legs like Coach cozec that’s okay just have your your water bottles come just maybe right behind your leg pull back on those elbows into your reverse fly and this one won’t work in them our middle of our back around Boyd’s as well as our posterior shoulder deltoids working our lower back our core all working together and you’ll find that every move we’re doing today is working multiple muscle groups at the same time and that really allows us to be efficient in our workout and get more work done in a short period of time it’s another great move to help improve your posture by strengthening that upper back it helps us to bring those shoulders back and maintain that proper posture position again we’re breathing here keeping a slight bend in the elbow throughout notice when we get to the top we don’t extend the arms but instead we maintain that same band throughout I want you to pretend like Claudia or I just walked up behind you and placed our finger right in the middle of your back and you’re squeezing that finger keep that head in line with your spine and of course as always we are breathing not much left here on this one let’s go last ten seconds nice and controlled on the way up and the way down four five four three two one zero come on up oh and nice work and we’re only going to need one dumbbell or one hand weight one water-bottle whatever you’re using for this next one we’re gonna do a little combo move here we’re gonna do a spin to press Plus leg extensions so let’s grab that weight on either side and we’re gonna extend straight out squeezing the weight together and at the same time perform a alternating leg extension right then left leg and I’m gonna do a low leg extension so if you can’t bring Legg quite as high as Coach Kozak which is parallel to the ground just do a low leg extension again we’re trying to give you all the tools today to make this work for you and maybe you know the first time around you do this you start with Claudia’s moves and then you repeat it and you’ll be doing some more of my moves whatever you have just make it work for you and we move it and with the spend press we’re trying to make it seem as though we’re trying to squeeze that dumbbell right in between our hands yes so it’s not just pressing out but actually squeezing together helping us to engage those chest muscles this one’s gonna work your chest your shoulders your triceps your quadriceps all working together again another very efficient move here while keeping proper posture trying your best not to lean back as you’re doing it but forcing those ABS to engage excellent right then left and at the top squeezing that quadricep that thigh muscle let’s go last ten seconds on this one everyone focusing on your posture straight up and down four five four three two one zero whew good one okay we’re gonna need that second hand wait for the next one again readjusting if you need to making sure on the front half of your chair and we’re gonna bend over on a 45 degree angle palms are facing inward we’re gonna do a bent over row so let’s pull back on those elbows squeeze our back and then extend our arms back down straight and repeat abs and core stay nice and tight shoulders stay retracted get a full extension all the way down and then pull all the way up from your elbows and good visualization on this one is to pretend like somebody has a string attached to your elbows and they’re pulling back on that string so you’re not pulling back on your hands pulling back from the elbows and visualizing that will help you to engage the right muscles and make sure you’re working those back muscles this one’s gonna work your lats as well as your rhomboids upper back muscles making sure to breathe nice and controlled all the way up all the way down don’t just allow the dumbbells to flop back down after you pull but also control that descent that lowering motion as well nice big deep breaths and we’re inhaling on the way down and exhaling as we pull up so inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up good you know a nice rhythm with your breathing focus on it last ten seconds on this one you’re doing great keep it up let’s go five four three two one zero excellent all right we’re holding onto your hand weights for the next one making sure we’re in that front half of the chair good posture and now we’re gonna do a run in place alternating right and left feet and then at the same time we’re gonna perform a curl curling those hand weights all the way up and then all the way down flexing from the elbows squeezing our biceps up at the top keep your palms up throughout the whole move and try your best to eliminate any swinging from your arm so you’re not using momentum to get them up but instead really focus on only flexing from that elbow joint and forcing your biceps to do the work in a in addition to that you want to make sure that you keep your elbows nice and close to your body we also do not want them flaring out to the side as you curl making sure to keep breathing here no it’s a lot of things to think about during this exercise routine but it is working working our minds just as much as the workout bodies on this one it’s a good exercise for your brain to that’s it get the upper body and lower body working together and of course your chords is trying to stabilize you as you go through these movements very true and as we do go through these moves and the workout progresses it’s so important for you to focus on what motivates you and what brought you here today to begin with don’t just float on through this workout but instead stay focused on what it is that you’re working towards whether that’s losing weight gaining some strength or maybe just getting better at your day to day activities whatever that is stay focused on it it’s gonna help you get through to the end not much left on this one keep fighting through every one right there with you for five four three two one zero excellent whoo-hoo those legs relax for a second next we’re gonna move into a good morning and I want to do this one with my legs extend it straight out in front of me and I’m gonna have my knees bent at a 90 degree angle we’re both gonna have our elbows and a 90 degree and I’m holding on in my hand ways and I’m gonna do this without my weights but if you need to go ahead and pick them back up so we’re gonna bend over from the waist using our hips as a hinge and then extend straight back up so keeping our shoulders back our back straight we’re gonna feel a stretch in our back side hamstrings lower back all working together on this one you may not have to go or you may not be able to go down as low as Coach cozec and myself but just do what you can keeping your core nice and tight and engaged and coming right back up and this one really doesn’t require a lot of mobile a lot of range of motion to be effective it’s gonna improve your mobility your posterior chain except that hamstring lower back and glutes all working together on this one making sure to breathe again you decide if you want your leg you feel comfortable with your legs out in front of you or if you want those knees bent the legs out in front it’s definitely to make it a little more of a challenge and adds to that needed flexibility we’re gonna inhale all the way down in this movement and exhale as we bring our bodies back up that’s it focusing on that breathing all under control EV stay tight heads that stays in line with your spine so even though you’re probably watching us on a screen don’t keep your head up while you’re doing it watching us but instead as you come down keep that head in line with your spine bring it down with the rest of your body nice work and we’re finishing up at the top those shoulders back and that good posture position excellent work not much left on this one let’s go last ten seconds just the same way that we work our abs in our core we also need to work our lower back and strengthen it and that’s what we’re doing here four three two one zero excellent work alright we only need one hand weight for this next one we’re gonna move into a rotational press let’s grab that hand weight from either side good posture we’re gonna press this hand weight straight up overhead and at the same time we’re gonna rotate to our right bring that hand weight back down and now let’s rotate to our left alternating between right and left side again staying under control and in a perfect world or bringing those biceps up to your ears but you might not quite be able to extend that far today we’re just doing the best we can and again aiming to improve with every workout this is not only working our shoulders our triceps and our chest but also engaging our core getting those obliques to work at the same time and in reference to our breath we’re gonna inhale on the way down here and exhale as we try to move that dumbbell up above our heads so very true getting good at that breathing getting our breathing in sync with our movements it’s a skill in of itself and requires practice doesn’t always come natural but just like anything else in life if you put in the work and put in the practice you will improve nice full range of motion everybody testing yourself on every rep how far up overhead can you extend those arms and you might get to a point on this one or even the water bottles too heavy you need to just use your own arms and that is totally okay on this or any other move that we’re performing today remember on what remembering what brought you here today to begin with what is your motivation stand focused on it one repetition right into the next each one just getting us that much closer to our goals let’s go has fit try not much left on this one let’s go last five seconds four three two one and zero all right for this next one I’m gonna be performing a lower body only move but if you have little to no mobility in your lower body and we’re gonna ask that you perform Claudia’s modification again sitting that front half in my chair I’m gonna lean back and now one leg at a time I’m gonna perform a one leg leg press bringing my knee into my chest and then extending it straight out and then from my modification here we’re actually gonna be doing an opposite elbow to knee so I’m gonna bring my right elbow down to my left knee tap and come right back up and do the opposite side now if you’re unable to get down all the way to your knee that’s okay do the best you can you might be here and just right back up and my variation we’re trying to extend our leg as high up as possible trying to get that leg parallel to the floor but if you can’t quite do it’s all right leg ends up being lower then so be it again make this move your own make it work for you Claudia is alternating between right and left sides and I’m doing all one leg at a time here yeah and making sure to breathe and I’m gonna switch sides and five-four-three-two-one so same move let’s just alternate and switch legs and for my variation I’m just remembering to keep my core nice and engaged and I am exhaling all the way back up inhale on the way down in exhale on the way back up I’m bringing my knee into my chest and then extending my leg and squeezing that quadricep as I extend like I’m trying to kick my my foot through the wall in front of me both moves are being performed with complete control one rep into the next you got this as a tribe we don’t have a lot left here it’s fighting to the end together let’s go last ten seconds on this one you got it come on you can do anything for ten seconds right fight through with us that’s it in it together four five four three two one zero excellent work all right let’s let the lower body and core rest up for a minute and work on our shoulders I’m gonna grab my dumbbells for this next one and I’m gonna do mine without the weights but of course again feel free to grab your water bottles hands start at your chin and I’m going to perform a high punch out alternating right and then left arms and I’m alternating right and left arms too but I’m punching out directly in front of my face and returning back to my chin we’re giving you plenty of tools here to choose the right modification for you what do you want to punch high point straight out in front hold some extra resistance or just use your own hands again make this work for you that’s right this is the last one before we go into the cooldown so let’s give it everything you got right here one into the next pushing through I want you to exceed your own expectations for today I want you to impress yourself I want you to defeat the you from yesterday that couldn’t quite make it happen but today you got it stronger every putting in that work so you can achieve your goals so it’s all about you understand nothing’s going to be handed to you but if you keep working you will get there one right into the next burning those shoulders out getting that heart rate up that’s right give us all that you have this is it this is it let’s get to that finish line last ten seconds has four tribe where yeah come on end it together in it together let’s go four five four three two one zero whoo set the hand weights down if you’re using them that’s it excellent work excellent job we’re gonna move into a cool-down and the point of this cooldown is to improve your flexibility and mobility and at the same time allow your heart rate to come down slowly again making sure that we’re at the front half of that chair here we’re gonna start with the Scarecrow so hands are relaxed at your side palms are facing back let’s bring those hands and arms straight up overhead and now we’re gonna pull down from the elbows down that back stretch and relax a hand and repeat arms come up overhead and then pull down from the elbows again like there’s a string attached to those elbows relax the hands and repeat this is a great one for your scapula rotator cuffs and just overall posture to help get you back and get those shoulders back and that natural alignment making sure to breathe through a nice relaxed pace here the workouts over with this is just a cool-down so don’t go too crazy on the pace needs to be half the speed that we’re going that’s totally okay excellent work let’s do this one for just ten more seconds feeling that stretch as we pull down from the elbows in five four three two one zero good all right next we’re gonna do a rotator cuff specific stretch so I’m gonna place my hand just behind my lower back and I’m gonna place my hand right here on my hip now at that opposite side hand we’re gonna try our best to reach for the elbow but you not might not be able to quite get the elbow if that’s okay you can just grab the upper arm now we’re gently gonna pull forward on that elbow and you’re gonna feel a stretch and a tightness in here and anytime we’re doing one of these static stretches you want to pull to about 85 90 percent what you’re capable of you want to feel a good stretch but you shouldn’t be feeling pain I get a nice big deep breaths here as we just hold let’s hold this one for five four three two one relax that arm and let’s switch it up opposite side now and begin and you may find that one side is tighter than the other totally common again just do what you have to do to get through it on both sides again just holding and pulling until we get to that 85 90 percent stretch don’t go too crazy on this one should feel good shouldn’t feel painful nice big deep breaths let’s hold this one for last ten seconds and five four three two one zero alright next we’re gonna move into a seated cross like stretch now for this one I’m gonna have my one base leg set up at a 90 degree angle where Claudia’s gonna have her leg extended out straight you decide which variation is appropriate for you I’m gonna take my opposite side leg and I’m gonna bring it up on that knee and I’m gonna bring mine either a little below my knee or if you have more flexibility you can bring it up a little higher you decide which one’s right for you now we’re slowly and gently gonna bend over while applying gentle pressure downward pressure to that knee doesn’t take a lot of range of motion on this one it’s gonna stretch your hip your quadricep IT band piriformis there’s a lot of troublesome body parts that get stretched on this one and again you may start with Claudia’s move and eventually work up to this one you make this work for you nice big deep breaths as we get this to about 85 90 percent of what we’re capable of let’s switch sides and five four three two one zero excellent work and back up gently yep slowly down and let’s do that opposite side taking your time to get into proper position here good stretch gentle downward pressure on that knee and begin and now’s a good time to just take a moment to recognize what you’ve achieved so far today if exercise were easy everybody be fit but we all know that is not the case so we just want to give you a high five and a affirmation let you know we appreciate you and the work that you put in today and you should be proud of yourself takes a lot to push that play button you guess it does may not seem like it but that’s it be proud of your efforts holding this one four three two one zero excellent all right one more stretch we’re gonna get our legs X both of us are gonna get our legs extended out straight in front of us again with the front half of that chair but making sure that you have a good base now we’re gonna fall forward we’re gonna do a seated calf and hamstring stretch with those hands on your hips we’re gonna use our hips as a hinge and bend over keeping our back straight the same time I want you to pull back on those toes you may only move two or three inches before you really feel that stretch back here in your hamstrings and calves it does not take much now for that stretch starts to kick in feeling that stretch all down the back of your leg and we’re trying not to round our back yeah we could go down further if we did that but keep those shoulders retracted mm-hmm all right head is still in line with your spine nice big deep controlled breaths we’re almost there has Fitz ride mint no matter what the rest of your day brings and cross this one off your list your workout is done and that’s something to be proud of holding this one four five four three two one zero and that is it you can come up nice and slowly stay seated or stand we’re gonna stand just cuz you know that’s how we do nice work today thank you for joining us throughout today’s workout we hope you enjoyed it please help us and support our mission of keeping these great workouts free you can do so by downloading our free app it’s available for both iOS and Android you can also visit our store and pick up a shirt or my book stay fit for life which actually includes many different seated variations and exercises also give this video a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button on YouTube that way you never miss another brand new workout from Hospit thank you so much for joining us throughout today’s routine it’s been our privilege to workout with you today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout