Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout
Get your chair and let’s begin! This a great routine for anyone who may have trouble exercising while standing due to balance or mobility restraints. This full body routine doesn’t require any equipment, but you may want to add dumbbells or water bottles for added resistance.

Warm up:
March + Arm Crossover
Side to Side Punch
Good Morning Two Legs

Chair Exercises Sitting Down Workout

Complete each exercise for 45 seconds:
Chest Squeeze + Leg Extension / Low
Upright Row + External Rotation + Press / Water Bottles
Skier Swings w/ Legs Extended / Legs In
Seated Jacks / Water Bottles
Reverse Curl + Press + Calf Raise / Water Bottles
Elbow to Knee / Not as High
Run in Place / March in Place
See Saw Row / Water Bottles
Faux Jump Rope / Faux Jump Rope Run in Place
Push + Twist

Cool Down
Overhead Flexion
Posterior Shoulder Stretch
Seated Cross Leg
Upper Back Reach
Calf and Hamstring Stretch
Seated Quad Stretch

coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is\par a chair workout for seniors or those\par with limited mobility you’ll get to\par choose the intensity of today’s workout\par by the weight that you use if you’re a\par complete beginner or you’re just getting\par back started into your fitness journey a\par couple of water bottles or light two to\par three pound dumbbells will do the trick\par or if you’re an experienced trainee who\par happens to be suffering from a lower\par extremity injury you can feel free to\par grab a pair of heavier dumbbells and\par push that pace I’ll be doing the\par standard exercises and I’ll be providing\par some easier modifications all right if\par you’re ready let’s get moving\par [Music]\par all right we’re going to get started\par with a warm-up you can have your weight\par set to the side we’re not going to use\par them quite yet the first thing we’re\par gonna do is scoot up in our chair so\par you’re sitting on the front half of that\par chair and it’ll really make it so that\par you’re not leaning back or relying on\par the chair to keep good posture\par especially have a cushy chair different\par exactly okay so the first thing we’re\par going to do is going to be an arm\par crossover plus march in place so we’re\par going to go ahead and bring your foot\par between one to two inches off the ground\par and at the same time alternate opening\par those arms up and closing them try your\par best to alternate which arm is on top\par mixing it up and breathe I want you to\par keep your core nice and tight and\par engaged through this exercise and really\par through this entire routine today now\par this is just a warm-up move so don’t\par feel the need to keep up or then the\par need to move it a super fast pace right\par now we’re just trying to increase your\par overall body temperature get that heart\par rate up and get a little extra mobility\par work at the same time make it a move at\par a comfortable warm up pace for you\par exactly and then we’re going to\par encourage you to do that throughout this\par entire workout really just make it your\par own let’s hit this one four five four\par three two one zero all right shake those\par arms loose let’s bring your hands to\par your chin level and we’re going to do a\par side by side punch so go ahead and turn\par to your right with the left punch twist\par at your core bring that punch back to\par your chin and rotate in the opposite\par direction every time bring that fist\par back to your chin height and I don’t\par want you to just be punching\par side-to-side with your arm but really\par focus on actually rotating at that core\par getting those ABS involved\par again breathe this one’s great for that\par thoracic spine and just loosening up\par your overall core putting those hands\par back to your chin every time and again\par we’re moving at a warmup pace now we’re\par not going to count any repetitions today\par either in the warm-up or an actual\par session so again that’s going to\par encourage you to move at a pace that you\par feel comfortable with pushing yourself\par but at the same time staying in within\par your own limitations all right let’s do\par this move four five four three two one\par zero good next we’re gonna move into a\par lower body move we’re going to do a two\par leg good morning so against it and let’s\par run half of our chair we’re going to put\par both legs out in front of us come up\par onto your heels legs are straight going\par to bring your hands up onto your head at\par your side we’re going to bend over at\par your waist keeping your back straight to\par that stretch in the back of your legs\par and then come back up so try your best\par to keep your core nice and tight and\par your back straight as you bend over so\par we’re not hunting over like this right\par but instead keeping that back straight\par head is in a nice neutral position so\par your head is in line with your body on\par this one feel that stretch and your\par hamstrings and in the back of your legs\par on every rep go for those hips working\par squeeze those gluts up as at the top as\par you sit up squeeze your backside\par excellent\par again moving at a pace that you feel\par comfortable with remembering to breathe\par and if you can’t quite get as far down\par as we are that’s alright right all you\par got today and that’s alright again make\par this workout your own let me see that\par the more you do the better your mobility\par may be on the going down portion of this\par definitely movement four three two one\par zero all right shake those arms loose\par it’s official warm-up is over so if you\par have those hand weights if you’re going\par to use them today feel free to pick them\par up we’re going to move into a chest\par squeeze plus leg extension so it’s kind\par of a\par a two-for-one movie we’re working both\par your upper body and lower body at the\par same time so knees are bent at a 90\par degree angle arms are out at your side\par also at 90 s at the same time I’m going\par to perform a leg extension while I bring\par my elbows together and squeeze my chest\par I’m going to bring that leg out until\par it’s parallel to the ground and I’m just\par doing a lower kick especially for your\par range of motion and mobility isn’t that\par isn’t that great at the moment you just\par do a low kick right down here just\par remembering to squeeze that chest in the\par middle\par you’re squeezing that quadricep muscle\par up at the top of that kick again you\par decide how high you can bring up that\par leg today and what you feel comfortable\par doing either way I want you to open\par those arms up in those elbows up feel\par that stretch and then squeeze this one’s\par going to work your quads your hip\par flexors your shoulders your chest all\par getting work on this one we’re going to\par hit multiple muscle groups in a short\par period of time today very efficient and\par a lot of good core work because remember\par you need to keep that core nice and\par tight exactly we’re not sitting slouched\par this whole time right but really focus\par on sitting up let’s do this one four\par five four three two one zero alright\par next move we’re going to do in another\par upper body move we’re going to move into\par an upright row so palms are facing\par backwards facing us we’re going to pull\par up on those elbows we’re going to turn\par over external rotation and then press\par straight up overhead now return them\par back down negative of the press external\par rotation upright row so it’s few steps\par so one two three four five six there we\par go and as you get into it’ll start to\par flow a little better you feel more\par comfortable with it again move and at a\par pace that you feel comfortable with and\par really emphasize each of those six steps\par you don’t want the moves to all blend\par together right but instead really focus\par on hitting each one of those moves\par separately and I’ll make sure we hit our\par intended muscles it’s a great one for\par your shoulders upper back\par ceps and really keeping good posture\par great one for improving that posture\par again keep your core tight throughout\par and whatever you do keep breathing don’t\par hold your breath\par guys I know all these moves it is\par tempting to hold that breath especially\par again if you’re keeping your abdomen\par nice and tight people tend to think that\par that also means hold your breath right\par but don’t do that keeps record nice and\par tight those abdomen but abdomen nice and\par flexed but remembering to breathe four\par five four three two one and zero done\par okay we’re going to move right into the\par next we’re going to do a skier swing so\par I’m going to have my legs out straight\par in front of me what cloud is going to\par keep hers with their feet on the ground\par underneath the air back is straight\par we’re going to swing those dumbbells\par behind us and then bring those hips\par forward as we swing the dumbbells and\par our arms out so parallel to the ground\par the very similar movement pattern to\par that good morning that when we did in\par the warm-up keeping your core tight\par really just bending over at the back now\par with the legs out straight it can\par emphasize my hamstrings a little more\par I’m going to get a little more lower\par body you decide which version is right\par for you this one also requires a little\par more stability keeping that back\par straight it’s a great move to work that\par posterior chain from a seated position\par which is pretty challenging to do and\par I’m sure you know again bring those arms\par out to they’re parallel to the ground\par really focusing on using your back your\par hamstrings and your glutes and try not\par to make this about your shoulders and\par your arms arms are just along for the\par ride and again work at a pace that is\par comfortable for you don’t feel like you\par have to keep up with our pace here the\par back straight core nice and tight you\par got it let’s do this one for just five\par more seconds and three two one zero\par alright let’s set your hand weights down\par for this next one we’re going to move\par into a seated Jack so your difficulty on\par this one’s just going to be variance in\par how fast you’re moving so we’re going to\par do it basically jumping jack from our\par chair bring those legs out arms overhead\par and return so you decide which pace is\par appropriate for you to pick in those\par feet up at the same time opening the\par legs and bring the arms up overhead\par if you feel great go ahead pick that\par pace up if you’re maybe just getting\par started in your fitness journey\par feel free to slow it down again I really\par want you to make this workout your own\par Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all\par solution no way and if you want to pick\par up your hand weights on this one and get\par some extra shoulder work in feel free to\par do so either way we’re using this one to\par get your heart rate up get you moving\par nice it’s a good time of the workout as\par we start to get into it here to really\par focus on what motivates you what brought\par you here today to begin with what is it\par what’s your why whether you know you you\par just want to be better at life and your\par day to day activities or you have a\par specific goal in mind whatever it is\par just encourage you to stay focused on it\par whatever motivates you to start this\par workout it can be that same thing that\par gets you through to the end\par come on keep it moving guys keep\par breathing you got this let’s go four\par five four three two one zero\par excellent all right let’s grab those\par hand weights again for the next when we\par got a combo move coming up we’re going\par to move into a reverse curl plus\par overhead press and calf raise elbows are\par into our sides palms are facing back to\par those wrists straight as we reverse curl\par and at the same time I want you to press\par overhead and come up and drive off the\par balls of your feet the reverse direction\par and down so curl and then press drive\par off the balls of those feet and perform\par a calf raise so get those ankles and\par those calves involved in this one\par breathe on every repetition good again\par you’re moving at a pace that you feel\par comfortable with whatever that may be\par it’s also going to be determined by the\par weight that you chose today as well\par mmm-hmm don’t be afraid to mix up the\par weight as you get into this you know\par some exercises may be easier and some\par well some may be harder whatever it is\par customize it to your needs or if you\par start one of these and this is the\par weight gets too heavy feel free to set\par them down on it just keep performing the\par move with just your arms so you know\par plenty ways to continue whenever you do\par we encourage you to just keep on moving\par good work guys doing great let’s do this\par one for just five more seconds that’s it\par we’re getting closer and three two one\par zero that’s it you can set those\par dumbbells down we’re going to move into\par an opposite elbow to knee so again we’re\par seeing forward on our chairs hands are\par going to be on our head let’s bring\par opposite elbow to knee and crunch those\par abs and if you’re mobility is again not\par as maybe good as Coach Kozak’s and you\par can just bring your knee to your elbow\par as high as you can again make it your\par own do the best you can with it the good\par thing is you come back and repeat this\par routine and you’ll get a little bit\par better every time that’s right and\par remember if you’re not again with the\par limited mobility just remembering to\par crunch those abs and you can at the top\par of the movement yeah it’s not really\par about that elbow touching the knee as\par much as it is about that contraction\par every time it squeeze on those abs in\par the middle excellent work again coming\par back repeating this workout getting a\par little bit better every time and that’s\par where change happens continuously change\par challenging your body putting in the\par work so you can reap the benefits of\par those results that’s what you’re doing\par right here doesn’t matter how slow\par you’re moving you’re still lapping\par everybody sitting on the couch here it\par is getting better with every repetition\par let’s do this one four five four three\par two one zero all right gonna get that\par heart rate up with the next one I’m\par going to perform a run in place and I’m\par going to do the march in place so again\par you decide which version\par is right for you either way we’re both\par being light and on the balls of our feet\par right so if you’re on a second or third\par floor you live in a building where you\par have neighbors underneath you try to\par keep it nice and light exactly we don’t\par want big pounding no sounds even though\par I’m moving fast I’m returning energy\par back into the ground with every foot\par strike so I’m not just pounding my feet\par down right but instead I’m standing\par light I’m a bouncy ball not a rock\par not to mention being a bouncy ball and\par not a rock is a lot easier on your\par joints\par ah very true very true which is so\par important\par come on let’s go guys come on pushing\par the pace on this one once you get your\par heart rate up marching marching let’s go\par keep that core tight to see we’re both\par using our arms at the same time too\par right so it’s not all lower body those\par arms involved get that runners arm swing\par runners arm again it’s just 90 degree\par angle and if I’m bringing my left leg up\par then my right arm comes up so opposite\par almost there guys let’s fly through this\par one let’s go five four three two one\par zero\par excellent okay with hand weights for the\par next one we’re going to do what’s called\par a seesaw row and upper body moving and\par hit our back let’s go to bring those\par hands out to your side arms hang down\par we’re going to bend over in a 45 degree\par angle pullback on that right elbow from\par the elbow and then as that arm is going\par down pull back on the left side so a\par seesaw row one up one down and while we\par are bent over notice how we’re both\par keeping our backs nice and straight our\par heads in a neutral position so that\par means it’s in line with our spine we’re\par not looking up pull back from those\par elbows and again any time you need to\par feel free to change your weight set the\par weight down pick up heavier weight make\par this workout your own but whatever you\par do keep moving and stay focused on what\par brought you here today to begin with\par something inspired you to hit that play\par button and get moving today we’re so\par thankful that you are here I want you to\par keep that same enthusiasm throughout\par come on let’s go\par keep pulling back on those elbows core\par stays tight back is straight\par you got it guys come on getting better\par with every repetition and don’t forget\par to breathe come on come on let’s go you\par got it you got it you can do it let’s go\par four five four three two one zero\par nice all right set those hand weights\par down for the next when I get me get that\par heart rate up one last time whoo I’m\par going to do a faux jump rope where I’m\par jumping with both feet at the same time\par and I’m doing like a run in place jump\par rope so notice our both performing the\par the jump rope upper body movement with\par our hands and our wrists doing small\par circles but I got both feet jumping up\par high at the same time where Claudia is\par just more running in place and again\par we’re still keeping good posture we’re\par still keeping our core nice and engaged\par as you go through this movement I said\par shoulders are retracted abs are tight\par throughout excellent job again get that\par heart rate up let’s go let’s go what are\par we there whatever you’re all looks like\par giving remember you’re not competing\par with us you know even with yourself okay\par look at that person in the mirror that’s\par your only competition just want to be a\par little bit better today than you were\par yesterday you keep that mentality up you\par will get there come on let’s go come on\par breathe guys come on let’s go last ten\par seconds on this one come on move a\par little faster a little faster let’s go\par five four three two one zero\par excellent all right let’s pick up just\par one hand wait for this next one we’re\par going to do a push + twist so again good\par posture – hands on the ends of one\par dumbbell or wait I want you to press out\par and at the same time twist to the right\par side bring that dumbbell back and then\par press out and twist to the opposite side\par now depending on your mobility you may\par be able to get a complete 90 degree turn\par or maybe you’re more like a 45 degree\par turn\par kind of like me I know and that’s okay\par too exactly again make this workout your\par own we want you try your best to fully\par extend those arms on every repetition\par bring in those arms and those hands back\par to your chest chest level squeezing that\par hand weight from each end core stays\par tight back is straight really good\par posture on this one concentrate on that\par posture and again twist as far as your\par body allows you to within your own\par physical limitations today we got it\par three if you great one for your chest\par shoulders and core get multiple\par abdominal muscles on this one not much\par left on this one let’s go just 10 more\par seconds right here guys getting closer\par with every rep here it is here it is\par flexing to the end and five four three\par two one zero that’s it nice playing job\par we’re going to close out with some cool\par down and the purpose of the cooldown is\par to allow your heart rate to come down\par slowly as well as to get some mobility\par and flexibility work in alright so let’s\par start again keeping that good posture in\par your chair right so important we’re\par going to start with an overhead flexion\par so good posture palms are facing one\par another arms it on your side bring both\par arms up overhead full range of motion\par best you can and then bring them back\par down now every time you go through this\par sequence we’re hoping that you’re going\par to get a little more loose in mobility\par should improve just a slight little bit\par and get a little bit easier to pull\par those arms back and every time just kind\par of test yourself trying to bring those\par arms back a little further it’s a great\par one to loosen up your shoulders upper\par back traps\par excellent and it’s totally common for\par this one to feel a little tight or maybe\par maybe you can only get up this high\par today and that’s alright every time you\par come back you will improve well maybe\par you’ll hear a couple of cracks and snaps\par also can normal as long as there’s no\par pain involved alright so on this last\par one let’s pull those arms back and then\par let’s hold\par old so just a static hold now after we\par went through that dynamic range of\par movement just keep pulling those arms\par back trying to keep the arms straight\par biceps are by your ears again good\par posture abs stay tight hold hold hold\par for five four three two one zero shake\par those arms loose we’re going to move\par into a posterior shoulder stretch let’s\par go and start with your left arm on this\par one bring that left arm up and bring it\par across pull from the elbow again keep\par that shoulder back as you pull this arm\par towards you it’s great one for your\par chest as well as your shoulder and upper\par back good one to improve your posture go\par keep pulling you just hold on this one\par for five four three two one zero shake\par it loose let’s move on to that opposite\par side now again pull it across and with\par any of these unilateral stretches it’s\par totally common to have one side be\par taller than the other so don’t be\par alarmed\par you don’t depending on your\par environmental factors and you know for\par Claudia we always talk about she sleeps\par on our left shoulder so that one’s\par always a little tighter Nelly soy so\par that’s all right make this workout work\par for you and really just get in tune with\par your own body four three two one zero\par shake that loose all right next we’re\par gonna do a seated leg cross so go ahead\par and put either one leg out straight like\par Claudia is or I’m going to have my knee\par up you decide which one is going to be\par right for you we’re going to bring up\par that opposite side leg from the ankle\par and chin now this version requires a\par little more flexibility if you’re not\par here yet today that’s a good option for\par you Prak going to stretch out your\par glutes your piriformis your IT band all\par getting stretch on this one and then if\par you need extra stretch feel free to bend\par over forward and just get that little\par little extra 2 to 5 percent stretching\par for that stretch in your hamstring if\par you’re kind of in between you can of\par course bring your leg a little further\par up comfortably and leave it there if\par you’re not quite work coach Kozak is\par with all these stressors you’re trying\par to get to about 90% of what you’re\par capable of you want to\par the point you feel a good stretch but\par not where you’re inducing serious pain\par or creating any scar tissue and three\par two one relax let’s go ahead and switch\par opposite side now opposite leg up again\par same move you decide which variation is\par right for you I feel this one a little\par more on my on my left hip almost needed\par this one today perfect take nice big\par deep breaths relax let that heart rate\par come down just give yourself a second\par here to be proud of what you’ve achieved\par so far today a lot of things you could\par have done with this time but you made a\par good decision to come and work out and\par we’re thankful you chose us and three\par two one zero\par excellent okay go ahead and let that leg\par relax let’s move on to your opposite leg\par bring that leg out straight we’re going\par to apply a gentle pressure down from the\par neck that leg is straight as you bend\par over keeping your back straight at your\par waist and you’ll feel stretch in your\par hamstring now depending on your\par flexibility you may need to come all the\par way down to feel that stretch or just\par right here alone you might already\par immediately be feeling a good stretch\par without any pressure so you decide which\par version is going to be right for you\par today but either way keep good posture\par keep those shoulders back you want to\par round it back keep them back core stays\par nice and tight and again hold and\par breathe for five four three two one\par alright next we’re going to similar\par position we’re going to stay here but\par this time we’re going to emphasize the\par calf so this time I want you to pull\par back on the balls of your foot bring\par those toes back and we don’t need any\par new pressure on this one just keep\par bringing those toes back and feel that\par stretch in your calf so that leg is\par straight and keep pulling back on those\par toes if you do need a little additional\par stress you can then now bend over\par keeping your your back nice and straight\par you decide which variation is right for\par you but keep those toes going back\par pulling back pull pull pull pull\par four three two one zero excellent let\par that leg relax let’s hit the opposite\par side next and put that leg out nice and\par straight\par now let’s hit that hamstring stretch so\par applying gentle pressure to the knee\par bending over at the waist back stays\par straight not pulling back on your toes\par quite yet and just pressing down feeling\par that stretch in the hamstring excellent\par work again give yourself a second here\par to just feel good about what you’ve\par achieved so far today no matter what you\par do for the rest of the day you can feel\par good that this workout was done cross it\par off of your list so we feel good to get\par your work out better days I mean it’s\par like a sense of accomplishment it really\par is all right as it should be yeah yeah I\par mean rightfully so and I should be okay\par so now let’s hit that cap on this side\par come on bringing those toes towards you\par and if you need extra stretch go ahead\par and bend over at your waist keeping that\par back straight as you do so pull back on\par those toes now let’s work nope\par compliment something to be to be proud\par of life is too short you got to take the\par necessary time to to give yourself kudos\par where it’s due and let’s hold that calf\par stretch for three two one zero\par all right shake it out we have one last\par stretch remaining we’re gonna do a\par seated quad stretch neck so I ask that\par you scoot over to the right side of your\par chair we’re still staying in the front\par of edge here but now we’re in the right\par side we’re going to bring that one leg\par back in to the side if you need to you\par can grab on to that ankle kind of help\par you get that leg back there we’re going\par to stretch your quad and hip flexor so\par be careful on this one depending on your\par chair make sure chair sturdy enough but\par on this one the further back your foot\par goes the more of a stretch you’re going\par to feel and then you can kind of lean\par back and you’ll feel that stretch down\par your hip flexor through your quadriceps\par and we’re just going to hold this one\par again keeping good posture shoulders are\par back and further back that foot is the\par more stretch you’re going to feel on\par this one and just hold hold hold for\par five four three two\par one-zero excellent alright let’s switch\par sides scoot over to that opposite side\par let’s finish this this last stretch\par right here my dumbbells all the way here\par we are and again just like the other\par ones you might find that one side is\par tighter than the other totally normal if\par you did big deep breaths as we finish up\par here be proud of yourself for what\par you’ve achieved today one step closer to\par your goal after finishing this workout\par in five four three two one zero and that\par okay today’s workout excellent job\par Claudia thank you out there for hanging\par with us right to the very end if you\par like this workout and you’ve been\par working out with this for a while we’d\par encourage you to please go check out our\par patreon page we can find out more about\par how you can support our mission of\par keeping these great workouts free and if\par 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