Low Impact Difficulty with Seated Modifications
low impact workout

Strength training for seniors provides endless benefits. You’ll strengthen bones, build lean muscle and prevent muscle atrophy, improve functional strength, and enhance mental sharpness just to name a few. You’ll need dumbbells for this workout and we recommend having a few weights available. If you don’t have dumbbells, then you can use soup cans or water bottles. We’ll be providing standing and seated modifications. Regardless if you’re doing the standing or seated exercises, you’ll want a char for some of the movements. Now let’s begin!

Warm up
Toe Touch + Overhead Extension + Angel
Arm Crossover + Low Kick

Strength Training for Seniors Exercise

DB Goblet Squat / Chair Get Up x 12
Bent Over Row x 12
RDL + Shrug x 12
DB Shoulder Press x 12
Dead Bugs / Seated x 30 sec
Lying DB Chest Press / Low DB Fly x 12
Lying Hip Up / Heel Drag x 12
DB Reverse Fly x 12
DB Hammer Curl x 12
Split Squat / Leg Ext x 10 each side
Standing Calf Raise / Seated x 15
Triceps Kickback x 12

Cool Down
Seated Figure Four
Chest Opener
Seated Quad Stretch