Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

Exercising isn’t just about toning muscles and losing fat. It’s also about improving the functional elements that we use every day like balance, strength, endurance, stability, and flexibility. Use this active aging routine to enhance your ADL’s (activities of daily living) and watch how little things you do every day become easier. This 30 minute exercise for seniors, elderly, older people, or anyone with limited mobility includes both seated and standing variations. You may use a pair of light dumbbells of water bottles for extra resistance, but it isn’t required.

Warm Up
Chest Opener
Good Morning
Arm Pullover + Knee Raise / Seated
Bent Over T Rotation

30 Minute Exercise for Seniors

Complete each movement for 50 seconds:
Side Raise + Low Kick / Seated
Twisting Side to Side Punches / Seated
Seated Leg Extension
Seesaw Row / Seated
Arm Crossover + Side to Side Step / Seated
Butt Kicks / Heel to Toe
Curl + Arnold Press / Seated
Halos + Twist / Seated
Bent Over Triceps Kickback / Seated
Reverse Curl + March in Place / Seated
Upright External Rotation + Calf Raise / Seated
Run in Place / Seated

Cool Down
Back Reach Stretch
Seated Figure Four
Hamstring + Calf Hinge
One Leg Quad Stretch

[Music] what’s up has fat tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a workout for seniors and those with limited mobility for today’s workout will be providing both standing and seated variations and we encourage you to choose the variations that are most appropriate for you throughout the routine you can use either a light pair of hand weights a couple of water bottles or just your own body weight regardless of your doing the standing or seated variations your gonna want to have a chair handy for a couple of the moves if you’re ready to begin let’s get started [Music] let’s begin with the warmup starting with one for our upper bodies let’s go to bring those elbows up elbows at a 90 degree angle we’re gonna bring our hands and our elbows together and then open it up it’s called a chest opener keeping good posture it’s just a dynamic move here going through that full range of motion as you’re bringing those hands and elbows together we’re contracting the chest and then as you’re bringing them back you’re stretching the shoulders and the chest opening it up this is a great one for your posture as well as to potentially relieve any shoulder or back pain you may have just nice breathing on this one not a race again just a warm up move and the purpose of our warm-up is to get our heart rates up increase our overall body temperature and then gain a little added mobility along the way keeping this one up four five four three two one zero shake those shoulders loose next we’re going to move into a good morning our feet are going to be shoulder-width apart let’s go ahead and place our hands on our head I have a slight bend in my knee and Claudia’s gonna put her legs out straight now we’re putting our weight back in our hips keeping our back straight as we bend over feeling of stretching our hamstrings glutes lower back and then back up now depending on your flexibility level is going to be directly correlated to how far you can go down comfortably so really encourage you to make this one work for you and if you’re doing the seated variation there’s a good chance you’re only gonna be able to go down one to three inches and that’s totally okay making sure to keep that back straight head stays in line with your spine and you’re trying your best to drive those hips back as you bend over notice I have just a slight bend in my knee in my knees both of them I should say breathing in on the way down exhaling as you stand up excellent again just a warm-up pace here not a race four five four three two one zero excellent okay combo move for you next both upper and lower body combined we’re gonna start with feet shoulder width apart hands are facing inward at our side we’re gonna do an arm pullover plus knee raise so bring up opposite side knee as we bring both arms straight up overhead excellent full range of motion on this one trying your best to get both you’re moving your both arms up as far as you can over your head while keeping your arms straight and at the same time bringing that knee up as high as you can and again getting our breath right exhale as we bring both our knee and our arms up overhead I said concentrate on that breathing nice conscious movement here full range of motion as you’re going through this you should notice that your range of motion will be improving as you go through the movements not much left on this one four five four three two one zero all right starting to feel warm we have one more warm-up move left it’s a bent over T rotation feet are shoulder width apart let’s bend over on a 45 degree angle with our arms hanging straight down now let’s take our right arm and we’re gonna rotate as we will stare at that hand if you can come all the way up great if you can only come about halfway that’s okay two opposite side rotating keeping that back straight exhale as you bring your hand up overhead inhale as you bring it back down so a great one for your spinal mobility as well as opening up those shoulders and chest doing the best you can for emotion whatever your full range of motion looks like and anything like this why don’t you take it to the point where it feels good you’re feeling a good stretch but not to the point where it’s really paining you and that points going to be different for everyone again controlled movements here I want you to follow that hand with your gaze as it comes up let’s go five four three two one zero excellent okay warmups complete ready to get on to the workout I’m ready to go I’m warm all right so as we said in the introduction it’s up to you whether or not you want to hold on to some light hand weights a couple of water bottles or just use your own body weight and you can mix it up from exercise to exercise as we go through this all right so the first move is going to be a side raise plus a low kick we’re doing the same move here hands start at our sides and we’re going to simultaneously bring our arms up until they’re parallel to the floor and perform a low kick side raise plus low kick alternating right and left legs control those arms on the way up and on the way down and only bring those arms out till they’re parallel to the floor we don’t need to bring them all the way up there but instead just until they’re parallel to the floor controlled moves here if you’re doing that standing variation you’re also gonna get some added balance in the mix to bring that knee up and then extend that with that kick squeezing that quad muscle that thigh up at the top and for the seated variation make sure that you’re maintaining proper posture and again emphasizing breath we’re going to exhale as you bring both your arms and your front kick out all right starting to feel those shoulders and legs on this one not much left four five four three two one zero excellent okay if you’re doing continue to do the seated modifications make sure you’re moving up to the your front of your chair for these we don’t want to be seated in the back of your chair so scoot on up good remainder hands are at our chin and we’re going to do a side to side punch starting with our right hand we’re gonna twist to our left side punch return back to the middle opposite side hand left can’t punch across and twist back so we’re twisting punching to the side now if you can get a full 45 degree turn in great or a 90 degree turn I should say great if not and it’s only a 45 that’s okay to make sure engaging that core not just punching with your arm but instead actually twisting all the way across excellent you decide which pace is appropriate for you might be a little faster than we’re going might be a little slower than we’re going you do what feels good for you today that’s right as long as you keep going that’s it keep that core engaged good posture we don’t want your midsection to be loose those shoulders back and retracted excellent if you’re doing the standing variation have a slight bend in your knee with your weight back in your hips you don’t want to have those knees locked out not much left on this one let’s go with Drive come on let’s go five four three two one zero or I’m gonna set my hand weights down for this one and grab my chair so we’ll both be doing the seated exercise here we’re gonna do a seated leg extension again we’re making sure we’re on that front half of our care and I want you to lean back on a 45 degree angle grabbing that chair on either side now one leg at a time we’re gonna perform a seated leg extension I want you to extend that knee and at the top squeeze that quadricep tech thigh muscle on top and then just the act of leaning back on this 45-degree angle keeping those shoulders square is going to engage your core so that’s not how an accident should also be feeling your core here as well again focusing on those breaths very very important so again any time you’re going on the exertion portion of the exercise which would be when we extend our leg exhale out so inhale exhale and on every repetition we’re consciously squeezing and contracting that quadricep up at the top give it a squeeze every time it’s great for strengthening that muscle over our knees and in doing so we actually add strength and stability to our knees excellent not much left here on this one pushing through right there with you four five four three two one zero excellent all right I’m standing back up and put my chair to the side we are going to need our hand weights for this next one we’re going to do what’s called a seesaw row so feet are shoulder width apart we’re gonna bend over on a 45 degree angle both arms are hanging straight down now let’s start by pulling back on that right elbow squeeze our back return left elbow pulls back return so it’s right left right left again a seesaw row here every time we’re squeezing our back muscle up at the top it’s very important for this one as well that we keep our shoulders as square as we possibly can just pulling back at that elbow making sure we keep that head in line with our spine so that means we’re not here after you get the move don’t keep staring at the screen but instead return that head back to in line with your spine excellent I want you to pretend like you have a string attached that elbow somebody’s pulling back on that string so instead of you pulling back on your hand which might look like this I want you to pull back on those elbows and if you’re doing the standing variation you have my weight back in my hips so I’m even getting a little bit of legs involved here too oh there’s definitely some legs in the seated variation as well especially if you’re sitting closer to the front of your chair just to keep you stabilized definitely as well as your lower back and core just to maintain this position definitely another total body move here and we don’t have much left almost there try but once there let’s go last five seconds and four three two one zero excellent okay we can both set our hand weights off to the side for this next one just gonna use good old-fashioned body way we’re gonna do an arm crossover plus side to side step let’s start with our arms out to our sides and our right foot out to our side now bring those arms together as we bring our feet together across those arms over and then extend the arms left foot goes out to the side repeat on the opposite side this one is just as much of a physical workout as it is a mental workout gonna work that brain at the same time that’s right and that is very much on purpose and if you really want to add some added difficulty try alternating which arm is on top on every rep I think it’s extra complicated lots of coordination going into this one I said teaching our body to work together upper and lower body all working together here and making that brain do some work at the same time excellent keep a slight Bend and both your knees as well as your elbows on this one breathe breathe breathe do not hold your breath and again working at your own pace whatever feels most comfortable and stable for you it’s a good time that workout start reminding yourself what it is it brought you here today to begin with what is it what’s your why what are you working towards you’re trying to get more fit gain some muscle lose some fat or just get better at your daily activities in life whatever that is remind yourself of it constantly it’s all about that why that’s what brought us here today and that’s what’s gonna get you through to the end the last five four three two one zero whoo arms are feeling it yes they are a different move for this one I’m gonna do a butt kick so I’m gonna move opposite arm and leg together bringing my heel back kicking myself in my own butt and notice I’m leaned back at a 45 degree angle on my chair supporting myself and I’m extending my legs heel and coming back on to my toes both of us are working those hamstrings on this one as well as our balance good leg exercise whichever one you choose again moving up that pace it feels right for you one right into the next year again working our core in both exercises really but remember on the extension of your legs exhale and inhale as you bring your legs back to your toes moving at a pace that feels good for you if you’re doing a standing variation really focus on your balance and if you have trouble balancing find a focal point someplace to focus your eyes so you’re not wandering all over not much left this one’s getting the heart rate up let’s go last five seconds on this one and we’re moving to an upper body move and three two one zero all right we’re gonna grab our hand weights for this next one every time I’m bending over I’m making sure I’m using my legs that pick up these weights very important let’s do a curl plus an Arnold press four part move feet shoulder-width they get shoulder-width apart let’s do a curl curl on those pinkies in one and two we’re gonna press up overhead twist those hands at the same time return back down three and four so it’s one twist the palms forward to return three and four again nice and controlled especially on the way down you don’t just allow your hand weights or your hands just flop on down but instead you want to control that negative descent that lowering phase of the move again all while maintaining proper posture their shoulders retracted and just continuing to breathe throughout this entire movement and this one’s gonna require some extra shoulder mobility to really extend those weights and your hands up overhead and so don’t worry if you’re not quite able to fully extend the first time some of those things or you come back you repeat it and you just get a little bit better every time you repeat the move don’t forget if any of these moves today are too easy or too hard the easiest way to adjust intensity is to vary your weight so if this one’s too easy for you right now you’re gonna want to use heavier weight if it’s too hard lower the way or no way at all that’s right sometimes bodyweight is just as good yeah you’d be surprised how much work just doing the same move it just your arms can do for you breathing throughout do not hold your breath we’re almost there come on let’s go last five four three two one and zero only one hand weight needed for this next one if you are using one otherwise you can clasp your hands together for this we’re gonna grab your hand weights on either side we’re gonna start by going to our left we’re gonna do a halo bring that hand way around our heads returning back to front and then twisting to our left side return back to middle now let’s go to the opposite way to the right up and over our heads return return back in the middle and twist so it’s a halo plus a twist another move is gonna work out your your brain as well right as well as of course your shoulders hang your arms in your core excellent so you can see how each move really moves right into the necks so now I’m twisting this way and then you keep going again as you get into it you can see how it kind of flows together okay yeah you can kind of bring the movements together as you get used to movement one right into the next here and again one of those moves it takes a little bit of practice and that’s alright that’s right cuz you’ll see me stumble oh yeah both of us we are not perfect as fit tribe and we don’t pretend to be just like you we’re working to get a little bit better every day and it’s not about being perfect it’s about putting in that work each day and just getting a little bit better once you visualize that goal of yours at the top of a staircase and every day you take one step closer to that goal do one thing each and every day to get you closer to that goal and that’s what you’re doing right here today with this workout so we are proud of you for showing up today and in that play button that’s right not easy let’s do this one four five four three two one zero Oh excellent alright we’re gonna need both hand weights for this next one if you’re using them and we’re gonna do a bent over tricep extension so with both hand weights I’m a feet shoulder width apart I’m gonna bend over at a 45 degree angle and I’m gonna bring my elbows up to my upper upper arm is parallel to the ground now only extending at the elbow I’m gonna squeeze my tricep at the top and then return back down you notice how we’re both only moving at that elbow joint and extending at that elbow joint we don’t have our whole arm moving but instead only that elbow again control that range of motion good solid foundation through our right throughout from our feet heels hamstrings glutes lower back upper back all keeping us here in this position core as well and again if it feels like even water bottles are too much weight for your triceps go ahead and drop them and just use your body weight and get familiar with the exercise itself that’s it you can always go up and it’s always best to start light and go up as you need to opposed to starting heavy and then you know losing confidence or not performing the move with proper form so start light and work your way up I’m exhaling as I kick my triceps back or kick my water bottles back I should say that tricep muscle is a muscle on the back of your arm you just be starting to feel about now definitely not much left let’s grind it out here four five four three two one zero oh goodness feel my triceps on now and I hope you are too we’re gonna move into a reverse curl plus a march in place feet are shoulder-width apart palms are facing us elbows are in to our side at the same time we’re gonna curl both arms up bringing up one knee at a time so making sure to breathe elbows stay in wrists stay straight elbows staying nice and tuck to your body only bending at those elbow joints allowing our biceps and forearms and grip to take over here and at the same time bringing up alternating knees and bringing up that knee not only works your legs but also works your core as well so make sure you’re engaging those core muscles nice tight abs as you bring that knee up again working at a pace that you feel comfortable with whatever that looks like whatever your all looks like that’s what you should be given right now that’s right so we’re gonna in exhale as we bring our knee up and those weights up inhale as you bring them back down one right into the next year focusing on what brought you here today to begin with what is a tribe one in the next Ramos there come on let’s go last ten seconds fighting through it five four three two one and zero hand weights off to the side shake those arms out if you need to shake them out we got another combo upper body lower upper lower body move coming in excuse me so let’s bring those arms up to our side elbows they’re 90 at the same time we’re gonna perform an upright external rotation and a calf raise pull back on those hands and come up on the balls of your feet return back down up onto the balls of your feet hands come back so we’re rotating up those shoulders bring those hands back and it’s actually a great one for your rotator cuffs as well as your upper back just overall shoulder strength and your posture and then on those calf raises we’re coming up onto the balls of the feet squeezing our calf muscle up at the top trying our best to coordinate both of them together as well as keeping that upper arm parallel to the floor in a 90 degree angle on those elbows and as you’re going through this one you’ll hopefully find that your mobility will get a little bit better and you’ll be able to bring those hands back a little more as well and as your mobility gets better as you move through this particular exercise you may experience some cracking or popping not uncommon just make sure that you’re not experiencing any pain yep so it popping is totally okay throughout really this entire workout and cracking as long as there’s no pain that’s coming alongside it you’re okay and that’s nothing to be alarmed or worried about excellent feeling it here my goodness my shoulders are feeling really good right now same here and by really good she means they’re burning that’s right just to be clear and smiling through it and five four three two one zero let’s finish this workout with a run in place so it’s exactly what it sounds like opposite arm and leg are working together keeping your bow keeping good posture and we got hot feet going here this is the finisher right this is the finish right here so if you’ve been saving it sigh saving something in the tank and also time to let it all out this right getting those feet moving getting that heart rate up finishing strong right here that’s right keep breathing you’re almost there you are a fighter not a quitter and don’t you forget it right we are proud of you that’s it in a little bit better today than you were yesterday that’s what it’s all about not about it’s not about being the best it’s about defeating the you from yesterday that couldn’t quite get it done but today you’re gonna make it let’s do it almost there come on push it has Fit Drive what brought you here today think about hug great you’re gonna feel and this workout is all said and done you got 10 more seconds remaining that’s it just 10 more seconds pushing through a pushing through it four three two one zero and that oh yeah job excellent alright so take a second here to take a deep breath and we’re gonna move into a cool-down and all of our cooldown moves are gonna be seated so even if you’ve been doing the standing variation it’s time to pull that chair on over our first C didn’t cool down move is going to be for our upper body and our back we’re gonna do a back reach so we’re gonna take both arms both hands we’re gonna swim them up and over like almost like a butterfly swim stroke and then reach as we bend forward don’t you pretend like somebody’s pulling on your hands pulling on your arms and you’re pulling that back away from your spine feeling it stretch all throughout your back just keep reaching reaching and this is a static stretch so we’re just holding this position again trying your best to pull those back muscles away from the spine and opening it up do not hold your breath for 5 4 3 2 1 0 and relax we have one for your lower body hips hamstrings glutes even lower back on this next we’re gonna do a seated figure 4 now I’m gonna start with my left leg bent at a 90 degree angle and my left leg is gonna be extended so you decide which variation is right for you this is a little harder it’s a little easier so I’m we’re both gonna bring up our opposite side leg grabbing from that ankle and I’m bringing mine all the way up onto my knee and I can you can either bring your right ankle up over your knee or just below your knee whichever is more comfortable for you and and then we’re going to apply gentle pressure down on that on that knee of the leg that’s up you feel stretch all throughout your hip gluts on this one that’s right and if you want extra stretch optional only if you want extra stretch you can also bring your upper body forward and hold you decide if you want to bring it forward or if you’re good just right here again it’s up to you if you’re not quietly quite feeling the stretch behind your leg again just increase the difficulty by bringing it up just a little higher and for this one if you feel safe and stable just a gentle forward bend again giving you all the tools to make this one your own we’re going to switch sides in three two one zero slowly come out of that position yep and we’re switching opposite sides so just go ahead mere that same move and you might find that one side is tighter than the other again not uncommon at all so don’t be surprised if you need to adjust one side a little differently than the other that’s okay this is also a great one for your piriformis so your piriformis is actually the foramen and your hip and your pelvis where those nerve endings get caught up which causes sciatic nerve pain so this is actually a great stretch if you ever suffer from from sciatica or you have sciatic nerve pain something to keep in mind if starts flaring up you can revert back to this stretch nice big deep breaths here again coming forward if you need extra stretch and we’re just holding for five four three two one and zero all right another the lower body one here coming at you making sure you’re in the front half of your chair we’re gonna put up both legs out straight we’re gonna do a hamstring and calf hinge so let’s put our hands on our hips legs are straight and pull back on those toes now gently we’re gonna hinge at those hips coming forward now it doesn’t take much on this one don’t expect it you can come all the way forward you’re gonna get tight real quick especially if you’re pulling back on those toes and you should feel a stretch all down the back of your leg and where you feel that stretch is gonna be a little bit different for everybody wherever your most height is where you’re gonna feel it the most so you may feel it as high as your glutes yeah you may feel more in your glutes more in your calves more on the right side than your left a lot of variables there but just keep that back straight as you bend over hinging at those hips and hold for five four three two one zero all right one last one we’re gonna do a seated quad stretch so let’s go ahead and shift over to the right side of your chair keeping good balance still and now we’re gonna kick one foot back behind the chair now you can use your hand to help you do so and how far you break that take that foot is going to depend on your flexibility right here might be all it takes for you to feel that stretch in your quad or you might really need to get it back further and then lean back so you decide how far you need to lean back and how far you can get that foot but either way we’re aiming for us feeling that stretch down your quadricep in the front as well as in your hip flexor up here keeping good balance take that opposite side hand make sure you have it grabbed onto the chair just for support safety first definitely a good stretching that quadricep and we’re just holding there not much longer let’s do this one four five four three two zero excellent okay switch sides same move scoot over to that left side of your chair again make sure you’re holding on here if you need to you can help that foot get back a little further then again keeping good square posture but then leaning back if you need to do so for some extra stretch or again right here might be all the stretch you need we encourage you to make this one your own and we’re just holding right here and that was a good time in the workout just to take a second to pat yourself on the back and be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today working out and exercising we’re easy everybody be fit but we know that’s not the case that’s right and it’s a hard part that makes it so special and that’s what makes you so special for showing up today and putting in the work no matter what the rest of your day brings you should be proud of yourself for getting you getting your workout done here we go four three two one zero and that is a wrap that’s a wrap excellent work wrap it up good job Claudia good job to you nice work to you out there tribe thank you so much for working out with us today and pushing through right to the very end we’d encourage you to please help us and support our mission of keeping these great workouts free by downloading our free app it’s available for both Android and iOS you can also stop by our store pick up some has fit gear or our diet guide eating for life if you enjoy this routine please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up and follow us on your favorite social media channel again thank you so much for working out with us today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout