Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

Exercising isn’t just about toning muscles and losing fat. It’s also about improving the functional elements that we use every day like balance, strength, endurance, stability, and flexibility. Use this active aging routine to enhance your ADL’s (activities of daily living) and watch how little things you do every day become easier. This 30 minute exercise for seniors, elderly, older people, or anyone with limited mobility includes both seated and standing variations. You may use a pair of light dumbbells of water bottles for extra resistance, but it isn’t required.

Warm Up
Chest Opener
Good Morning
Arm Pullover + Knee Raise / Seated
Bent Over T Rotation

30 Minute Exercise for Seniors

Complete each movement for 50 seconds:
Side Raise + Low Kick / Seated
Twisting Side to Side Punches / Seated
Seated Leg Extension
Seesaw Row / Seated
Arm Crossover + Side to Side Step / Seated
Butt Kicks / Heel to Toe
Curl + Arnold Press / Seated
Halos + Twist / Seated
Bent Over Triceps Kickback / Seated
Reverse Curl + March in Place / Seated
Upright External Rotation + Calf Raise / Seated
Run in Place / Seated

Cool Down
Back Reach Stretch
Seated Figure Four
Hamstring + Calf Hinge
One Leg Quad Stretch