Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

Warm up

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds:
March in Place
Upright External Rotation
One Leg Good Morning / Two Legs


Complete each exercise for 45 seconds:
High Knee and Reach / Onto Balls of Foot
Two Leg Extension / One Leg Extension
Bent Over Row + Fly / Water Bottles
Switch Jumps w/ Arm Swing Ovhd / Arms to Parallel
One Arm Neutral Press w/ Hip Opener / Water Bottles
Faux Jump Rope / Faux Jump Rope Run in Place
Curl + Arnold Press / Water Bottles
Twist + Kick / No Kicks
High Pull + Calf Raise / Water Bottles
Run in Place / March in Place

Cool Down

Hold each position for 15 seconds:
Bent Elbow Chest Stretch
Calf and Hamstring Stretch
Reach and Stretch
Seated Quad Stretch

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a chair workout this workout is great for both young and old anybody that just needs a good solid total body seated routine now to increase intensity or decrease the intensity of this workout you can just change your weights by adding more or less remember it’s always best to start with a light weight and work your way up I’m going to be doing the more traditional movements today and just follow along with me for all of the modifications I’m gonna be using a light pair of dumbbells and I’ll be using some water bottles but all you really need other than that is just your chair all right let’s get into this thing we’re going to start with a light warm-up now throughout this routine we’re gonna really focus on coming and sitting forward on the front half of your chair keeping good posture and really focusing on our breathing throughout the whole workout I’m going to use my light hand weights for the warm-up for cloudy is just going to use her own body weight you decide what’s right for you throughout this whole workout we’re going to start with a march in place so elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle so where your knees and you’re just lifting up opposite arm and leg we’re not going to count any repetitions today so instead I just want you to get as many reps in as you can and a lot of time period making sure to breathe throughout we really encourage you to make this workout your own today good keep breathing try to get a nice little coordination synchronization in here let’s go ten more seconds on this one keeping good posture shoulders are back core is tight four three two one zero good next we’re going to move into an upright external retention a rotation I should say so elbows are bent at a 90 I’m going to pull back and return so we’re gonna pull those hands back using your upper back muscles and just rotating and squeeze that your back now as far as range of motion is concerned on this one be careful not to go too far back don’t hyperextend just go to a point where it feels comfortable you start to feel a little bit of a stretch and come on back good keeping good posture shoulders are square head is up core is nice and tight this is a great one to strengthen your rotator cuffs let’s go for five four three two one and zero good when I set our weights down for this next one I’m going to do a one leg good morning where Claudia is going to do a two leg good morning so I’m gonna have one leg out she’s got it both out opposite knees bent at 90 for me hands are on my head starting with really good posture now I’m going to bend over at my waist using my hips as a hinge stretch down and back up you’re gonna feel stretching your hamstrings on this one for certain I really want you focus on keeping your back straight and if you get to the point where you can no long you can’t go down any further without bending well that’s the point where you went too far down so just go ahead and keep that back straight press those hips back as you come down feel that hamstring stretch this is a great dynamic warm-up movement warming those muscles right up getting them ready to work alright if you’re doing one leg go ahead and switch otherwise doing to go ahead and keep moving excellent work it’s a little harder to separate and do one leg at a time so that’s why this is the harder modification nice work keep it up pushing those hips back feeling that stretch let’s go five four three two one all right warm-up is complete so we’re both going to pick up our hand weights Claudia’s picking up her water bottles we’re gonna do a high knee Plus reach so we’re going to reach up with opposite hand and I’m going to bring this knee up off the ground where Claudia is just going to come up onto the balls of her feet when she does so she’s not actually gonna raise her leg off the ground but instead just pressing up onto the balls of her feet when you reach up want you to reach up nice and high act like you’re trying to put something on a shelf up top good keeping good posture core is tight and you got it breathe excellent trying to be really efficient in our movements today so what that means is we’re getting more muscles in in each movement working more muscles in less time nice work we’ll bring that knee straight up and reach up opposite side nice work if at any time today you become too fatigued that’s okay we prefer that you either switch to a easier modification or reduce your weight or no weight oppose it just stopping all together good three two one nice okay we go ahead and set those hand weights down for the next one we’re going to do a leg extension so either one or two legs at a time make sure that you scoot it forward on the front half of your chair hands are at the side and we’re going to lean back supporting yourself with your arms cores tight now I’m going to go two legs leg extension all the way up all the way down for Claudia has one leg bent at a 90 degree angle and since she’s just alternating so we’re extending at the knees squeezing those quadriceps up at the top of the exercise nice and controlled supporting yourself you decide which one is right for you if you’re doing one or two legs at a time nice work keep it going this one doesn’t only work your legs would also work your core too right I can feel it feeling in the core just to hold yourself there so you’re not imagining that that’s on purpose it should be working your core too nice and if you’re not feeling your core lean back a little bit more than you will alright good let’s go five four three two one nice ok we’re going to need our hand weights for the next one go ahead and pick those up we’re going to sit against and scoot it on the front half of our chair we’re going to lean forward on a 45 degree angle keeping your back straight hands at our side we’re going to pull back on our elbows and then bring them back down and now we’re going to do a fly so little bend their elbows we’re going to pull apart squeeze mill your back and return so it’s a combo row fly row why so you’re just alternating between the two depending on your flexibility you may be a little closer to here as far as how far you’re bent over but I really want you to just focus on keeping your back straight no slouch no hunched good again if you need to lose the water bottles this is too intense for you it’s okay and if you just use your body weight and if it’s too easy pick up some heavier weights so that’s a great thing about this routine as it is easily adaptable to your fitness level good keep it up let’s go you got it starting to get into the groove now one after the next let’s go five four three two one zero all right nice okay setting our dumbbells down for the next one we’re going to do a switch jump plus arm swings we’re gonna start with our feet in a staggered stance one foot is back on the ball of the foot and the other one is just bent at a 90 degree angle here so at the same time I’m going to swing my arms up I’m going to switch my feet arms come back down switch my feet now you’ll notice I’m going to bring my arms all the way up overhead where Claudia is just going to bring her arms to parallel so we’re switching the feet as the arms swing up right so you’re not switching them on the way down but it’s so you’re gonna use that momentum from your arms to help switch your feet good using momentum switch and switch good I know a little coordination on this one even for us it took me a few times through the run through to get this right but she god when she got it that’s important to work out our brain at the same time right all these movements we do in our day to day activities require our brain to be working at the same time and for that coordination to happen so it’s important for us to not just work out our muscles but give that brain a good workout at the same time again I was talking efficiency right getting a lot of work in in a short period of time it up guys doing great let’s go five more seconds on this one that’s it almost there and three two one zero alright nice you made it let’s pick up those hand weights for the next one we’re moving into a neutral press Plus hip opener so hands are at our chin I’m going to press up and open my hips at the same time we’re both going to do the same movement on this one so really it’s just all about how much weight you’re going to use if any or water bottles or just your own body weight whatever it may be so when palms are facing one another I’m pressing straight up overhead finishing as best as I can with my biceps by my ears and I’m opening my hips get some good stretch there and your hips at the same time and don’t feel the need to keep up with however many we’re doing so just work at your own pace exactly quite as fast as us that’s okay you’ll come back repeat this workout get a little bit better every time it’s about being the best version of you whatever that looks like good keeping your core tight back straight open them up so you got a raise those feet anywhere from one to two inches off the ground just enough to be able to open them starting to feel it now little burn going to my shoulders I feel a burn too let’s go five four three two one and done nice okay let’s go ahead and set those down we’re going to move into a either a full jump rope or a faux jump rope run in place so I say go jump rope meaning fake jump rope so little circles with our hands at the same time I’m jumping off the balls of my feet just like I would be in Claudia go ahead share yours I’m just getting up on the balls of my feet here and moving my wrists and the jump rope rotation here another one of those movements that’s going to work your brain at the same time right I obviously can’t put words together right now so sorry I’ve written a little slope and chasing a toddler all day so between between your feet your hands and having a dog that’s too many things at once we’re trying our best over here guys we appreciate you out there yes thank you for working out with us thank you for all of your hard work otherwise we’re just a couple of weirdos hanging out talking to ourselves good staying light on your feet you’re definitely gonna feel a little bit of a calf burn mm-hmm because I feel it right now all right means it’s working that’s okay that’s how we know it’s working guys right keep it up keep it up let’s go five four three two one zero nice okay gonna let your legs rest for the next when we’re going back to the upper body we’re going to need both your hand weights we’re gonna go into combo move so it’s four parts we’re gonna go curl palms are up pinkies come in we’re gonna press overhead and twist your hands forward so that’s two then we’re going to return back down three twisting back and four Dumbo’s go back down to your side so one curl pinkies in to press twisting their hands three return four dumbbells back down so one two three four you got it excellent work again another combo movement this one’s hitting your biceps your shoulders your triceps core just to keep yourself stabilized there’s a lot going on here again trying to get as much work in in a short period of time no one wants to be working out for hours at a time just to get a good workout in and other stuff to do come on time for that nice work guys keep it up make sure to breathe throughout and again if you need to feel free to change up the weight along the way just to make this workout your own good work keep pushing yourself remember no one else can do it for you this is all up to you it starts to burn it starts to hurt yeah think about what brought you here to begin with you have some goal with it’s just it be more healthy and be more fit or if you have a concrete goal that you’re working on like losing some weight whatever it is focus on it think about it that’s why we’re here today nice work come on you got it let’s go five more seconds that’s it five four three two one zero good all right we’re going to work some core and a little bit of legs at the same time so I’m going to do a twist plus kick so hands are out in front of me elbows are bent and I’m going to twist and at the same time I’m gonna do a kick so I’m going to twist into my kick twist into my kick twist into my kill kick here for me Claudia is just going to do that see two twists either way on this one focus on sitting up nice and straight easy one either lean forward or lean back on but really focus on using good posture on this one you really want to draw that belly button into your spine and on the kick we’re bending at the knee and if you can’t quite kick as high as I am right now that’s okay you can just a little low kicks over work just the same do what you can today guys make this workout your own you know get a little bit better every time you come back and repeat it that’s what it’s all about those small little steps lead to big time improvements one step at a time one day at a time one rep at a time you’re putting in the work right here guys thank you for joining us and thank you for all your hard work keep it up let’s go five four three two one zero all right nice okay keeping the dumbbells for the next one good posture we’re gonna go high pull and we’re gonna raise up onto the balls of our feet into a calf raise at the same time shoulders are square good posture pull back or pull up on those elbows and at the same time rise up on the balls of your feet and I want you to pretend like you have strings attached to your elbows on this one alright so there’s just string pulling those elbows straight up string pulling them straight up good driving off the balls of the feet at the same time you’ve got a nice work guys keep it up we don’t have a whole lot left doing great so far keep it up again focus on what brought you here what are your goals what are you trying to accomplish remember nobody ever accomplished their goals on accident right they made a plan and day after day they went and got it that’s what we’re doing right here getting after it putting in the work to accomplish that goal nice work everybody let’s go five four three two one nice okay we’re going to hold onto our hand weights for the next one you can choose if it’s right for you I’m going to do a run in place and Claudia’s going to do a march in place like we started it in the warm up so I’m going hot feet run in place just as the name wouldn’t insinuate and I’m running with my arms at the same time for Claudia is a little scoot slightly slower paced not by much and she’s bringing those that opposite arm and knee up getting out heart rate up we’re finishing strong right here we got this is the last one of the workout and we’re going into a cool-down this is it right here if you’ve been saving it this is the time to put it all out there stop saving it let’s go stop holding back let’s go what you got let’s get that heart rate up a little bit here at the end nice work everybody let’s go ten more seconds what do you got for ten seconds let’s go what do you got for ten seconds nice work everybody five four three two one zero nice alright when you set our weights down we’re going to go into a little light cooldown a static stretching session take a couple of deep breaths you made it nice work we’re gonna move on to a little bit of a chest and upper body stretch we’re going to do a bent elbow stretch so we’re gonna bring those elbows up to a 90 degree angle on each side we’re gonna pull back on those elbows and pull yourself apart almost trying to squeeze the middle your back you’re just pulling straight back and feel that stretch throughout your chest and your shoulders this is also a great one if you struggle with your posture to open yourself up so that your shoulders aren’t pulling forward so if you spend a lot of time sit down this is a really important one to help with your posture good and don’t forget to smile it’s important to good breathe you got it it’s amazing what your smiling can do to your mood you’re hurting they just send in those positive happy signals three two one good shake it out both arms okay the next one we do one arm at a time we’re gonna do a waterfall so bring that elbow in to your side palm faces up opposite hand on the fingers and I’m going to slowly pull back on my fingers and bring my elbow up at the same time so I’m going to feel stretch in my wrists my forearms my bicep all getting a good stretch good nice it does feel nice and with these stretches I want you to go to about let’s say 80% of where you could possibly take that stretch right so we don’t want to stretch so far that also and we’re doing more damage and good the same time we want to make sure it’s working so about 80 to 85% ends up being about the right spot and let it go all right shake that arm loose if you need to let’s move on to the next one good work guys pulling up bring that elbow up good and again we’re just breathing ah you made it made it through that workout as a tough one thank you for pushing through all the way to the end you get for the rest of the day you have that to hang your hat on and what no matter what you accomplish something be proud of it be proud of yourself – coming and starting this workout and finishing it important part alright and break let it go all right we’re going to get a little calf hamstring stretch on the next one so one leg out opposite knee is bent at a 90 we’re gonna pull that toe back towards us so that’s going to give us that calf stretch and then we’re gonna press slightly down on the knee and now you’ll feel that stretch in your hamstring the back of the leg keep good posture when you here so I want you like this right good posture if you can’t quite reach your knee you can up here is okay up a little higher you decide which is right for you just find that right spot and again don’t feel like you have to get to the point where you’re stretching where it really really hurt I’ll just take it to about eighty eighty-five percent and that’s all you need to improve that flexibility good another one here that will help you improve your posture and prove your ability to stand up straight all right let’s switch sides and pull in that toe back like it’s straight and we’re gently pressing down on your knee and or quad good not much left today keep it going and breathing anytime you’re doing any of these flexibility exercises or static stretching it’s really important to focus on your breathing nice big deep breaths in and out let’s go three two one zero good all right this next one is for our back we’re going to pretend like we’re doing like a butterfly swim almost we’re going to bring our arms elbows bent bring our arms up and around and then we’re gonna reach forward and big reach like we’re just trying to reach something in front of us so still kind of keeping that your upper body straight up and down so I don’t want you leaning and reaching but instead we’re just reaching with their arms and we’re feeling a pull in our lats in our upper back just reach like there’s something in front of you here that you just want so bad but you can’t quite reach it I’m some cheesecake or donuts no that’s not good that’s a bad example I’m sorry just keep reaching how about a grandchild how about that or I love one how about that there we go good reach reach reach sit and reach do that pull you got it let’s go five four three two one good and stretch it out okay last one I did it does feel good the last one we’re going to stretch our quads so I’m gonna need you to slide to the side yeah scootch to the side a little bit not all the way where you’re hanging off but just enough we’re going to take one leg out this is your base leg 90 degree angle nice and solid opposite hands over here just make sure we keep our balance and now this leg we’re gonna gently if you keep you need to help the help of your hand you can use your hand to pull it back we’re going to pull that leg in that foot back now everybody’s me a completely different spot on this one you might be way back here or you might be right here and that’s okay again you decide where you’re at today pull that leg back and gently keeping good posture gently press down on the quad good gentle leap press down feel that stretch and your hip flexor again will really help with your posture stretching those hip flexors because when this is tight it pulls you forward you want that to be loose good stretching all down your quad good posture you got it let’s go five four three two one nice okay last one we got to do the opposite side and this is it for the day everybody Wow let’s workout just flew by bringing it back again good solid base you decide how far you want to take that foot back and what feels right and safe to you you can grab that opposite side of the chair just for balance just for safety purposes and press in that leg back good posture you got it right here finishes strong with this last one if you dip deep breaths almost there in five four three two one zero and you are all done nice work nice work and nice work to you out there if you’d like today’s workout you’ve been working out with us for a while and you’re starting to see some results we’d encourage you to please go check out our patreon page click on the link up top where you can learn more on how you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free for everyone all over the globe and if you enjoyed this workout with us today then please give this video a big thumbs up and be sure to subscribe to our Hospital so that you can never miss a new workout from us go check out has fit calm or we have hundreds of free workouts just like this one free meal plans and free complete fitness programs all there for you and if by some chance you happen to be on social media whether it’s Facebook Twitter Instagram be sure to find us we’re there and we’d love to connect with you thank you so much for giving us the privilege of working out with you today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout..