Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

Enjoy this 30 minute routine to help you better perform your day to day activities. This workout provides both standing and seated variations and we encourage you to choose the movements that work best for your fitness level. The only equipment you’ll need is a chair and then either a couple of water bottles or light dumbbells.

Warm Up
Upright Row + External Rotation + Press
Push / Pull + Side Step
Arm Circle + Hamstring Stretch
Upright Twist

30 Min Exercise for Seniors and Limited Mobility

Complete each movement for 50 seconds:
Typewriters / Seated
Curl + Low Kick / Seated
Straight Punches
Split Squat / One Leg Press
Chest Squeeze + Press & Calf Raise
Good Morning (elbows 90)
Bent Over Row with Twist
Squat / Chair Get Ups
Diagonal Chops
Opposite Elbow to Knee
Reverse Fly
March in Place

Cool Down
Waterfall Stretch
Bent Elbow Chest Opener
Back Reach Stretch
Hamstring + Calf Hinge
One Leg Quad Stretch

what’s up has fit tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a workout for seniors or anyone with limited mobility this workout will require either a light pair of dumbbells or even water bottles depending on your fitness level throughout today’s workout we will be providing both standing and seated variations so you will want to have a chair handy if you’re ready to go let’s get moving [Music] we’re going to begin with a warm-up and the purpose of this warm-up is to get our heart rate up a little bit and increase our overall body temperature I’m gonna be doing these moves from a standing position and I’m gonna do them from a seated position here feel free to move back and forth between a seated or standing variation throughout today’s routine and really make this workout your own all right our first move is gonna be from upright position shoulders are back good posture it’s gonna be an upright row pull up on those elbows flip those hands around external rotation and then we’re going to press straight overhead and reach now reverse directions back down so it’s one pulling up in the elbows two flipping the hands back three reaching up high four starting to reverse five and six move it at a nice slow and controlled pace on this one it’s just our warmup we’re warming up those shoulders and arms on this one it’s also a great one to help improve your posture you spend a lot of time in a seated position whether it’s driving watching TV or on your phone it’s a great one to help loosen you up and help you maintain an upright position no weights needed for this one again just our own body weight moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with do not forget to breathe throughout today’s whole workout it’s gonna be so very important to focus on that breathing keeping it nice and under control we’re doing this one four five four three two one zero all right next we’re going to move into a push-pull plus side to side steps we’re gonna push step out to the side and then pull back in as we bring that foot back in step out to the side and push and pull again moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with if you’re doing the standing variation make sure to keep those knees nice and soft you don’t want to lock out your legs and the same thing from is seated variation and as you notice I’m going out a little far with my step to the side but just go as as far as you can go as far as your flexibility will allow you to step to the side that’s right Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all solution so we encourage you to make this routine your own and make it work for you really emphasize both that push and the pull pressing out with those palms and then pulling back in squeeze and your back muscles warming that back up as well this is a great compound move hitting multiple muscle groups at the same time you’re gonna notice that trend throughout today’s workout it’s all about efficiency getting as much in in the short period of time because you’re busy you got other stuff to do so we’re gonna get this workout in as efficiently as we can making sure to breathe here four five four three two one zero whoo excellent all right starting to get warmed up now we’re moving into a hamstring stretch plus arm circle so might take you a couple of reps to get used to this one we’re gonna put one leg out straight on that heel and at the same time wrapping those arms around stretching that hamstring coming back up and we reach the top switch legs creating a big ol circle stretching out your shoulders as well as your hamstrings depending on your flexibility even on the seated one you may not have to go that far to really feel the stretch in your hamstring that’s right it doesn’t take a lot especially with that leg out straight same thing on the standing variation moving at a nice slow and controlled pace using those hips as a hinge by doing so we’re engaging our glutes hamstrings lower back all stretching on this one get nice and controlled this is still the warmup yes our heart rates getting up be sure to work at your own pace don’t feel the need to try to keep up with our warmup pace here that’s right making it your own whoo I’m feeling a good stretching my hamstrings on this one feel my workout from yesterday all right we’re doing this one four five four three two one zero all right we have one last move here in the warm-up we’re gonna do a rotation movement let’s put those hands on your head if you’re standing slight bending your knees and hips now we’re gonna go side to side twist and up right twist on this one taking it to a max of about 180 degrees side to side but don’t feel the need to necessarily get that full rotation if you’re just doing a smaller twist side to side and that’s what your flexibility allows today that’s all right to just focus on twisting at your core engaging those ABS and it’s a singing time we’re gaining some spinal mobility some some thoracic spine mobility along the way nice and controlled getting all go too fast on this one not trying to get dizzy no definitely not good point just controlled and of course we are remembering to breathe let’s hit this one four five four three two one zero shake those arms loose all right so first one here and the official workout we’re gonna get our heart rates up we’re gonna do a typewriter so I’m gonna do the standing variation cloudy’s doing the seated so with their arms in a running motion I’m gonna go side to side Hoffy and I’m doing the seated one of course where I’m doing side to side hot feet and I’m just moving my feet from side to side and just do as much as your mobility will allow you to move those feet side to side so I’m just hot feet staying light and on the balls of my feet moving laterally not taking big steps just small little steps keeping my feet about shoulder width apart not crossing over my feet or letting them bump into one another and your typewriter may be moving faster or slower we’re sorry yeah and that’s okay again make it your own got a push yourself no one else is gonna do it for you and even if you don’t if you can’t move your legs from side to side just be here if that’s all you have yeah and that’s totally okay too but just keep moving here only doing this one once today just get through this first set here you got it we’re doing this one for 10 more seconds come on keep it going you’re doing great 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 all right feeling loose now we’re gonna need those hand weights for this next one there’s a little combo move I’m using light dumbbells and Claudia’s gonna use her water bottles so for this one Claudia’s scooted up to the front of her chair so make sure at the front of that chair we’re gonna do a curl Plus local repetition you’re stirring with those dumbbells at your side and then we’re curling those pinkies in as we curl up top and performing a low kick so you want to feel the need to get those kicks very high keep a soft knee and that in both knees throughout not hyperextending either leg good posture and of course we are remembering to breathe this one’s working your biceps your forearms your legs and even your core and on that kick we really want to control it not get a crazy kick and by doing so we’re actually also working our stabilizers and working on our balance even if you’re doing the seated version it’s still working your stabilizers excellent and as today’s workout moves on and it gets harder it’s gonna be so important for you to remember what it is that motivates you what it is that brought you here today to begin with why you click that play button hold on to it whether you’re trying to get more fit lose weight just get better your daily activities whatever it may be just remember why you’re here it’s gonna help you get through you got this one for 10 more seconds good job moving at your own pace here four five four three two one zero good all right we’re gonna let out some stress with the next one we’re gonna do some straight punches bring those hands to your chin slight bend in your knees if you’re standing up we’re gonna alternate right and left punches so we’re getting a full extension on that arm we’re pointing with our thumb when you punch think about pointing and twisting with that thumb and then bring that hand all the way back to your chin on every punch nice and controlled on every repetition and if throughout today’s routine let’s say you start with the hand weights oh the water bottles it’s just getting too tough feel free to also set them down a lot of these move will all of these moves are still effective with just your own body weight again making it your own doing what you have to do to keep moving and getting through to the end you got it doing great remember it doesn’t matter how slow your move and you’re still lapping everybody on the couch come on guys you’re here let’s hear it getting a little better every petition let’s go has fit right let’s go we’re in it together this one’s working your shoulders your triceps your chest and your abs all at the same time not forgetting to breathe let’s go ten more seconds on this upper body move excellent breathing in and breathing out 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 good ok we can set our hand weights down for the next one I’m gonna actually grab my chair for this one we’re cloudy staying there seated position I’m gonna do a split squat and Claudia is gonna do a one leg press so in a split position I’m using my chair for balance if you don’t need it you don’t have to use it but I suggest you have it ready to go I’m gonna drop my back knee straight down and I’m gonna come back up and for the city variation I’m actually gonna bring my rear end towards the edge of my chair and I’m gonna lean back in about a 45 degree angle and I’m just going to bring my knee into my chest and press out and bring it back in and back out and if you can’t get it quite to the horizontal as horizontal as I’m getting here you can of course leave your leg down here and press out here making it your own if you’re doing this split squat variation dropping straight down and we’re aiming to get both knees at a 90 but if that doesn’t happen and it’s a a lower not quit his deep split squat that’s okay too and again using this chair if you need to for balance you start with one move and you want to try the other one that’s great too we’re gonna do equal time on both sides here so we had just 10 more seconds on this side and we’re gonna switch it up you start to feel that burn that lactic acid kicking in you got to remember you’re stronger than that burn pushing past it three two one zero okay go ahead and switch sides now if you have to do a little change just set up I’m gonna change my chair here if you’re doing this seated variation just move it right in to the next leg excellent one rep right into the next I’m dropping that back knee straight down and if you are doing the seated also make sure you’re engaging those ABS to bring that knee into your chest good good posture core stays tight on both moves definitely I am leaning back at a 45-degree angle but I’m definitely keeping my core engaged about the entire movement that’s it not relaxing that core it’s gonna help you stay stabilized as well as just working your abs along the way we talked a lot about the efficiency at the beginning getting multiple muscle groups at the same time we’re certainly doing that on this one just 10 more seconds everybody come on hang tough hang tough we’re almost there we’re in it together here four five four three two one zero huh nice work okay we are gonna need your hand weights for the next one I’m not using my chair for this next one buddy’s gonna remain seated mm-hmm doing another compound move so I’m gonna start my feet shoulder-width apart my arms are up at a 90 degree angle we’re gonna start with a chest squeeze so we’re gonna bring those elbows together squeeze your chest bring them back out pull apart now at the same time I’m going to press up and come up onto the balls of my feet and do a calf raise back down repeat chest squeeze back press calf raise good I mean any point in time your weights are feeling like they’re too much drop them I’d say you can do totally do this one with just your arms and you’re still gonna feel it I promise you it doesn’t take much for those shoulders to start feeling some burn no it does not and just remember you keep coming back repeating this workout you’ll get a little bit better every time really focus on form on this one when you’re coming up on the balls of your feet staying under control using those calf muscles not just about momentum but really feel those calf muscles kicking in excellent the body working together on this one making these moves happen there it is getting stronger with every repetition every repetitions get you just that much closer to your goals I got this one for just five four three two one and zero absolutely alright next on the list is gonna be a good morning we’re gonna start with our feet shoulder-width apart our elbows bent a 90 degree angle and we’re holding our weights at our sides this one’s for our posterior chain we both have a bend in our knees and now we’re going to use our hips as a hinge bending over at our waist keeping our back straight pushing our hips back behind us and then as we stand up straightening up and I’m squeezing my glutes and for the seated variation you want to make sure that your bum is on the edge of the seat for this particular movement that way you get a nice good hinge keeping your head in line with your spine and right back up and if you arrange your motion for this one is right here then that’s okay we want you to be comfortable with the movement that’s right you might not be able to quite go down as far as we are but we encourage you to make it your own and as you’re coming down you’re really even both the standing and the CETA variations really concentrating on putting that weight back in your hips almost like you’re trying to touch your backside to the wall behind you and that’s gonna help to engage your hamstrings glutes lower back you know so often in our day to day life we have to bend over pick stuff up usually we don’t think twice about it but that is actually a challenging movement for our body we want to be prepared when the time arises that’s right don’t that’s how people throw their backs out right that’s it first time they’ve been over to pick something up in a week and boom all of a sudden their back was like what the heck just I wasn’t ready for that because we want to make sure you’re ready keeping good posture miss Claudia said you’re keeping your head in line with your spine so that means you’re not looking down like this and you’re not looking at us on the TV screen that’s right but keep that head in line with your spine nice and controlled not a race on this one feel that stretch in your backside as you come down and up excellent we doing this one for just ten more seconds so let’s make it count again squeezing those glutes up at the top for five four three two one and zero all right this time we’re going to focus on your upper back muscles there with our feet shoulder-width apart we’re both gonna bend over on a 45 degree angle and notice my bomb is still on the edge of the chair here with our palms facing us to start now as we row and pull we’re gonna twist our hands so they’re facing forward and pull back on those elbows and then reverse directions so pulling back on those elbows like we have a string attached to those elbows and somebody’s pulling back on that string so you’re not just pulling back on the hands but instead focus pulling it back on those elbows and that’ll make sure you’re engaging the correct muscles really getting those back muscles to fire squeeze your back up at the top again nice and controlled on this one want to get those muscles to engage we’re not trying to use a bunch of momentum but instead focusing on time under tension with those muscles and again just to emphasize if the weights that you have in your hand are too heavy feel free to drop them and do the body weight version where you’re just pulling back on those elbows and if they’re too light feel free to up the weight a little bit and challenge yourself again just make it your own keep your back straight on this one core is engaged good posture again your head is in line with your spine and if you’re doing the standing variation don’t be surprised if your legs start to burn on this one as well well even on the seating one I can feel it here we go so it’s a little extra credit not only working your back that’s alright again these are functional movements meaning we’re not just working the pretty muscles but working the muscles that you are gonna work in your day to day life for better prepare you for those daily activities we have just ten more seconds on this one keep it up we’re almost there excellent keep breathing four five four three two one and zero excellent okay no hand weights needed for the next one moving on to our lower body I’m gonna get my chair ready for this one I’m gonna do a more traditional squat but I’m gonna use my chair for balance and just for a little added safety here so with my feet shoulder-width apart using my chair out in front me first thing would have been is my hips but those back I’m gonna sit down into my thighs are parallel to the ground and I’m standing back up and for the seated variation I’m gonna do what’s called a chair get up so again my rear end is on the edge of my chair here and I’m gonna use my hands and place up on my thigh and I’m gonna push up with my heels up and right back down onto the chair using control control all the way up and control on the way down on that chair good up quad is really focusing on engaging and firing her glutes and making sure her back side this was really helping to get off that chair and it’s not all in her knees and using momentum correct when I’m sitting back in this squat I’m doing the same I’m making sure that I’m sitting back with my weight my hamstrings and my glutes and I’m not putting my weight over my knees like this we’re both keeping our feet flat don’t allow yourself to come up onto your toes if you’re doing this standing chair variation and you can’t quite get as low as I am and ends up looking more like this that’s okay too every time you’ll come back you’re a little stronger a little bit more flexible and you’ll get better and then maybe you don’t even need the chair and you can just have your hands at your side or here again make it your own make it work for you but above all else for staying under control when we’re using proper form this one’s really working those legs and don’t have much left on this one everybody stay top has bit driver almost there stick with us and we’ll stick with you let’s go five four three two one and zero excellent job and you shake those legs loose I’m gonna set my chair to the side and we are gonna use our hand weights for the next one actually I take that back – I need one thank you are the only one hand wait for the next one we’re into a diagonal chop so they’re feet shoulder-width apart we can do a little rotational movement one hand on each side of your weight I’m gonna reach to one side we’re gonna come up in a cross chop down up and across the other way chop down I’m keeping a soft bend in my knees and in my elbows and not again not a race on this one stay under control this one’s gonna hit your complete core your lower back shoulders arms all working on this one again a very functional movement you know so often we do these awkward reach movements that our body just wasn’t ready to do and we’re gonna prepare for that right here you know our day to day life is unpredictable so our training needs to be unpredictable as well be sure to breathe throughout not a race on this one then go ahead and look up at that weight as you chop up follow that weight and back down notice I don’t have my knees locked out weight my hips soft knee bend good make sure to breathe I’m feeling the sweat kicking in here it must be working all right there with you it’s one of my favorite functional moves here you don’t have much left keep it up everybody for 10 more seconds again if you need to do set the weight down and just use your own arms feel free to do so four three two one and zero okay no wait need it for the next one you can set it down another compound move coming at you this one’s gonna get your heart rate up there are feet shoulder width power going to place our hands on our head we’re going to opposite knee to elbow bring that opposite knee to elbow but you might not necessarily get it all the way where you’re actually touching but we are reaching trying our best to get there definitely in the seated variation again it’s always a good rule of thumb to have your bottom towards the edge of your seat in a safe position just makes the movement a little easier for you to accomplish and on that seated variation again the you notice how Claudia she doesn’t necessarily have to get that knee all the way up to feel the effect of this move and same on mine if you’re down here that’s alright too just make sure that you’re emphasizing that core and you’re crunching on every move so the great standing ab exercise you don’t have to crawl down onto the floor to to work those ass again another functional move here getting that heart rate up moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with whatever that looks like could be faster than us it could be slower than us but just keep moving we’re all in it together focus on that balance and stability both the seated and standing variations both require it excellent job come on keep fighting everybody you’re a fighter not a quitter remind yourself what brought you here today what is it what are you trying to accomplish every repetition you’re getting just that much closer to your goal keep it up four five four three two one and zero excellent alright go ahead and pick up your hand weights for the next one just picking them up from the floor make sure to use your legs to pick them on up we’re gonna do a back movement next feet are shoulder-width apart we’re gonna bend over on a 45 degree angle similar to that bent over row we did earlier now we’re gonna with it bend in our elbows like wrapping our arms around a tree we’re gonna do a reverse flyes we’re pulling apart and at the same time we’re squeezing the middle of our back I always like to say pretend like somebody has their finger in the middle of your back and you’re trying to squeeze their finger pulling apart notice how we’re keeping the same bend and our elbows throughout throughout straightening our elbows as we go through it but instead maintaining the same bend keeping our core tight back straight abs engaged and as always remembering to breathe this is a great one for your whole upper back rhomboids traps even your rotator cuffs all working on this one great one to improve your posture strengthening those upper back muscles to help you get back into that natural position if you can’t lean quite over quite as as far as we are if you’re up here that’s okay just make sure you’re using the movement and again pulling back on your elbows and squeezing that back just like Coach Kozak mentioned yep and if you need to drop those weights feel free to do so just stay tough stay in there we don’t have a lot left keep fighting right there with you everybody whoo I feel it already we’re feeling it too you’re not alone has fit tried thousands maybe even millions doing the same routine we’re all feeling that same burn you are wearing it together let’s go five four three two one and zero let’s set those hand weights down we’re moving on into the last one we’re gonna do eight March in place so we’re doing opposite arm and elbow working at the same time elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle now this last one we’re getting our heart rate up so I want you to move at a pace that you feel comfortable with mm-hmm so if you don’t have a lot left feel free to move at a slower pace and just get it done but if you’re still feeling good then feel free to pick up the pace a little bit and push yourself a little bit on this last one give yourself a little extra challenge at the end of this workout right no reason to save anything left in the tank if you got some energy left let’s give it right here sleep good tonight there it is nothing wrong with that we all use a good night’s rest can keep those elbows bent opposite arm and leg working together if you feel comfortable bringing that knee all the way up feel free to do so if you feel more comfortable with it low then that’s cool too just keep moving come on guys yeah that’s it keep working remember why are you here focus on that purpose what are we working towards come on let’s go in it together everybody last 10 seconds keep pushing keep pushing keep breathing you’re almost there let’s go four five four three two one zero whoo excellent work nice work Claudia swag all right now we’re gonna move into a cool-down and the purpose of this cool-down is to allow our heart rates to come down slowly and under control and at the same time we’re gonna gain some added flexibility and mobility first move we’re gonna do is a waterfall so we’re gonna start with r1 palm facing up elbows into our side we’re gonna pull back on those fingers gently gently and at the same time bring that elbow up and pull them back on those fingers if you feel stretch all throughout your your bicep forearm wrist hand all getting a great stretch on this one now we’re just holding and breathing again all the work is done today this is the fun part is the easy part just a static stretch and hold for five four three two one zero excellent shake it loose let’s do the opposite side next again start that palm up and slowly bring it down at the same time bring that elbow up and feel that stretch now you might feel this stretch more on your wrist your bicep or in your form everybody’s gonna feel it more in a different place and that’s okay just means you’re probably a little more tight in that area we all have our strengths and our weaknesses depending on what your day-to-day activities are very true it’s gonna be very dependent on how you’re spending your day whether you’re you know in front of the computer or you’re driving or reading crocheting whatever that may be good and let’s just hold this 1 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 excellent all right Luce we’re moving into one of my favorite stretches to improve your posture which is gonna be a bent arm chest opener so let’s go and start with our arms up and at a 90 degree angle now we’re gonna squeeze our chest and then we’re gonna open and pull back on those elbows like somebody’s pulling back on those elbows I’m gonna come back squeeze your chest and then open keeping good posture throughout shoulders remain back trying our best to bring our our arms together you might only be two here that’s as far as you have that’s all right working both ends of the stretch stretching our back as well as our chest and shoulders excellently nice and under control this is fun active or a dynamic stretch pulling back on those elbows remembering to breathe and on this last one we’re gonna pull apart and then we’re just gonna hold right here and turn it into a static stretch so again act like somebody’s pulling you part and back from those arms and you’re feeling that stretch keeping good posture we don’t want to lean back while we’re doing it just staying straight up and down and it might be easier for you to do some of these stretches seated from a seated position yeah and that and please do so if that is the case I’m actually going to take a seat seat here for one of the next ones let’s do this 1 4 3 2 1 0 and relax so yes buddy a call that I am taking my seat here for the next we’re gonna do a back reach stretch and this one’s just a little easier for balance purposes to do from a seat position you don’t completely you don’t gain a whole lot from doing this one standing so we are gonna do this one seated and so making sure we’re kind up front of our chair now we’re gonna do a big up and over swim like butterfly move and then we’re gonna reach stretching our back bending over like somebody’s like we’re reaching to touch and hold on to something or like somebody’s grabbing our hands and they’re pulling us and just feel that open up your back your lats which is your lasso your side back muscles here keeping a good stretch and just hold just a static stretch just keep reaching and reaching and reaching reaching a little further four five four three two one zero good alright let’s stretch out that lower body next so let’s get both legs out straight we’re gonna be on our heels and our first move we’re gonna do is we’re gonna bring those toes back and that’s gonna really engage your calf muscles trying our best to keep our legs straight and not allow our knees to bend now with our hands on our hips we’re gonna bend over a little too far my chair we’re gonna have bend over using our hips as a hinge keeping our back straight now there’s not a lot of range of motion for this one definitely not but just keeping those toes pulled back you’re gonna feel it in your your calves your hamstrings your glutes making sure not to fall out of your chair on this one see you back if you need to and again not a not a big stretch as far as how much you’re moving but you can really feel it in your back side just focusing on bending over at those hips as a hinge breathing pulling back on those toes to make sure we get those calves like on so often get so tight four five four three two one zero and coming on up all right we’re gonna one last do one last stretch stretching out our quadriceps so this one I’m gonna ask that you scoot to one side of your chair so with one leg we’ve got a nice solid base here I’m gonna throw our other foot if you need to you can use your hand to pull it back if not you can do it on your own we’re pulling that foot back as far as you feel comfortable so that might be too only right here or you might be able to really get it back now we’re gonna lean back just as much as you feel comfortable and feeling a stretch in that hip flexor in that quadricep now in all these static stretches we’re trying to get to about 85 90 percent of what you’re capable of we want to feel a good stretch but at the same time we don’t want to induce any pain I’m not trying to hurt yourself here good again just breathe take a second here to be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today working out we’re easy everybody be fit but you know that’s not the case just as well as we do holding this one four three two one zero come on up slowly alright let’s switch sides and let’s finish this last one getting that foot back keeping good posture good base on that front lead leg and leaning back until you feel an adequate stretch nice and under control and it’s totally common to have one side be tighter or looser than the other so don’t let that worry you if one side is much tighter than the other it’s also great one to loosen up those knees if you have any having any knee trouble just hold and breathe slowly here four five four three two one zero and that is it you made it it wet job well done thank you so much for joining us and working out with us today please support our mission of keeping these great workouts free by donating to our patreon page you can also download our app or you can pick up one of their shirts or my new book stay fit for life that includes a lot of Acts sizes that we use today also if you enjoyed this workout routine be sure to give this video a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another brand new workout from Hospit again thank you so much for giving us the privilege of working out with you today it has been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout