Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

Customize this low intensity workout to your specific needs. You may perform this workout standing or sitting down. Choose the appropriate resistance for you ranging from a pair of dumbbells to just a couple of water bottles.

Warm Up

High Knee and Reach / Seated
Standing Twist / Seated
Posterior Swing / Seated
Arm Pullovers / Seated

Exercise for Seniors

Fast Feet
Suitcase Row / Seated
Squat / Leg Extension
Wall Push Up / Chair Press Ups
Elbow to Knee / Seated
High Pull + Calf Raise / Seated
Wood Chop / Seated
Good Morning / Seated
One-Arm Hammer Curl + Push Press / Seated
Side Leg Raise / Seated Hip Openers

Cool Down

Bent Arm Chest Stretch
Reach Stretch
One Leg Hamstring
One Leg Calf Stretch

[Music] hey everyone it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a workout for seniors or anyone looking for a low-intensity routine follow along with me for the standing exercises and follow me for all of those seated modifications now there’s no equipment required for today’s workout but I will be using a pair of light hand weights and I’m going to be using a pair of water bottles we really encourage you to make this workout your own whether increasing the intensity with more weight or decreasing it by using no weight no weight at all we’re gonna do a warm-up followed by the workout and then a short cooldown we’re happy to have you here today let’s get right into this hey Claudia is gonna go ahead and start by getting seated down I’m going to be again in that standing position we’re going to start with a high knee and reach so opposite side arm and hand work together we’re going to reach up bring that opposite side knee up we’re both focusing on keeping proper posture shoulders are back we’re reaching up high acting like we’re trying to play something on a shelf or grab something off the shelf good bring that opposite knee up all the way up all the way down now we’re not going to count any reps today during the warm-up or in the workout it’s really just about moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with this is a total body routine everything is going to get hit today good making sure to breathe let’s do this one for five more seconds four three two and one we’re moving into a twist I’m gonna do stand and Claudia seated a little weight back on my hips we’re going to bend over just slightly get cores tight and we’re twisting side to side now this one is a little bit funny in that you really need to make a decision on your own how far you feel comfortable twisting you might have great range of motion and mobility and be able to go all the way side to side or you might be good here at about a thirty degree turn so you decide which one is right for you I encourage you to take it to the point where you feel a slight stretch but that’s about it don’t feel the need to really push yourself and overexert that stretch keep your core tight on this one keep those arms about parallel to the floor and making sure to breathe use that core not just moving your arm side to side right but instead making that core and your hips work good breathing threatt repetition let’s go five four three two one good next one’s going to loosen up our back side we’re going to do a posterior chain or a posterior swing excuse me my feet are shoulder width apart or claudius I’m gonna swing my hands through my feet a little bit of my knees and then back up to parallel to the ground I’m pushing my hips back Claudia is doing the same thing but she’s going to bend over to about a 45 degree angle putting those hands back behind her and then using her back side to help stance or sit straight up that core tight back stays straight your head and eyes up good breathe and again on this one go down to a point where you feel comfortable to doing the standing variation it’s not about bending at those knees and squatting down but it’s about pressing those hips back behind you just keeping that slight bend in your knees let’s go five four three two one all right we’re going to work the upper body next we’re doing an arm pullover feet are shoulder width apart we’ll bending over at a 45 degree angle palms are facing down we’re going to swing those arms back behind us and then up overhead ah this is a great one to improve mobility and range of motion and those shoulders swing them back full all the way overhead and then back behind us now you might not be able to get as far as we’re getting on some of these movements and our range of motion that’s totally okay remember everybody has to start somewhere and every winner was once a beginner so if you’re a beginner today that’s alright tomorrow the next day you’ll be a winner get a little closer with every rep keep those arms nice and straight feel that stretch good and making sure to focus on breathing all right let’s go three to one alright stretch it out warm up completely we are warm alright we’re moving into a fast feet hope don’t even wait for the next one I’m sorry we’re going to a fast feet I’m just going to literally run in place that’s all it is using our arms and our feet we’re going to get your heart rate up with this one again either doing it from a seated position or standing either way I want to keep your ground contacts nice and light that’s the key we don’t big heavy thuds we’re not sorry about that was a little loud a little softer on my toes we’re trying to stay nice and soft easy on the joints easy on the joints guys good nice and soft again we’re breathing focusing on those goals what brought you here today because that’s what’s going to get you through to the end let’s go let’s go five four three two one nice okay so we’re going to need either one hand weight or one water bottle for this next one or just your own body weight you decide we’re gonna do a suitcase row so we’re both going to bend over at a 45 degree angle my weights and my hips on this one opposite arm behind her back and then with one arm we’re gonna pull any time we do a row I want you to pull back with that elbow pull them back on that elbow every time get that back straight good core stays tight try to keep your shoulders Square to the ground this is a great one because it not only improves strength but will also improve your posture and your stability with that just that one weight your course forced to stabilize and pull that weight back good again moving out of pace that you feel comfortable with whatever that is might be faster than us might be slower than us it’s about you it’s not about us come back get a little bit better every time that’s the name of the game let’s switch sides everybody all right home with that opposite side arm same move palm back on that elbow palm facing inward back is nice and tight straight good breathe everybody getting that upper body strengthened on this one you got it let’s go ten more seconds on this side keep it going stay strong to the point of today’s workout is just to better prepare you for your daily activities right the demands a day-to-day life let’s call the suitcase row because it helps you pick up that suitcase when we like traveling all right let’s go to 1-0 okay we can set the weight down for the next one I’m gonna do a squat where Claudia is going to do a seated leg extension so she’s gonna scoot forward on her chair she’s leaning back and now one leg at a time she’s going to do a leg extension I’m gonna do a squat put my weight back in my hips bending at the knees and coming down into my hips are parallel to the ground now there is a movement in between these two which is a chair supported squat so hold on to a chair sitting back weights in your hips you can use this chair to help you stabilize and if you’re not quite there then you can go ahead and use two leg extension legs so we have several different variations here for you really we’re just trying to help you find the solution that fits your current fitness level so we’re all different no two bodies are alike right so you find the variation that’s going to work for you today good making sure to breathe matter which one you decide we’re getting those legs involved all right can’t skip leg day here we are gotta get it in we got to climb stairs we got to walk we got a hike right we got grandkids to pick up we got it you never you need your little tree grows relaxes oh this goes on good work keep it up and all legs are starting to feel it mine are too it’s okay it’s how we know it’s working good sitting back let’s go five four three two one zero okay we’re moving on to the upper body again give our legs a break I’m going to do a wall pushup what claudia is going to do a chair press up so I’m leaning on a wall my body’s on about 40 five degree angle I’m going to come forward in a push-up position standing I’m going to bend my elbows into my chest comes to about parallel to my elbows my always gets about a ninety degree angle where Claudia’s going to press up out of that chair so she’s using her arms to press and she’s only going to get about 1 to 2 inches range of motion that’s okay it’s all she needs just enough to gain some strength in that upper body and arms either one of these variations are great for improving your pushing strength and on this one the closer you move your feet to the wall easier it’ll be further I move my feet back the harder it’ll be good again choosing the variation that works for you today and your current fitness level that’s all what it’s all about and tried not to use your legs too much in this one that way you can really focus on those arms on that push yes definitely focusing on that upper body on this one nice work keep it up guys let’s go ten more seconds on this one almost there and breathing breathing four five four three two one zero excellent what do we have next elbow today bow to me my apologies I’ll blooney hands on our head we’re going opposite elbow to knee from a standing position I’m going to twist in what claudia is from that seated position either way bring that knee up and we’re slightly crunching down if you’re standing you can’t quite get your knee that high you’re just right here that’s okay too and if you’re sitting and you still can’t get your knee that high that’s also okay just get it up off the ground and do your best again that mobility and your flexibility will improve over time you just need that repetition put in that work which is what you’re doing right now keep it up excellent making sure to breathe as another total body move working the legs core even my shoulders are feeling it nice keep it up guys excellent it’s go ten more seconds on this one doing great breathe and let’s go five four three two one and zero check out those arms and shoulders okay so we’re going to grab our hand weights for this next one we’re going to do a high pole plus calf raise so I’m going to bend over a little bend in my knees we’re both going to bend over and we’re going to pull those elbows up high and come up on the balls of our feet bend over elbows pull on the balls of the feet again you decide which of these variations is right for you today but I want you to use that energy from your legs to help you pull with your upper body and get those elbows up high good it’s a great one for that upper back for your posture making sure to breathe keep that core tight you guys are doing great we don’t have much left we’re just gonna keep going through machine like clothes through this workout Coast through it think about how great you’re gonna feel when this thing is all said and done how proud you’re gonna feel of yourself and rightfully so it was easy everybody be doing it it doesn’t matter how slow you’re moving because you’re still laughing everybody on the couch aren’t you come on hash Fit tribe let’s go a spit tribe let’s go come on what you got breathe and move you’re doing great let’s go five four three two one zero good we’re just going to use one of our hand weights for the next one we’re going to do a Wood chop so we’re gonna come reach up and across and then we’re going to use our power and energy to come down reach up and across use our abs power and energy to come down so work in some rotational strengthen on this one if you’re standing up just a little bend your knees you don’t have to squat down just a little bend your knees and use that energy Oh big power like you’re chopping wood hence the name Wood chops good reach up and down good breathe excellent work everybody again moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with if you need to take a minute that’s totally okay if you need to lighten the weight or remove the way hey you can just use your arms no shame in that okay let’s go the other side now reach up and big power would job reaching across this workout today is gonna help you master your activities of daily living all those little chores and demands of your day-to-day life aiming to improve your posture balance stability strength what am I missing here so many aspects we’re getting all in this scene one workout keep it up let’s go three two one nice work okay done with that one we can set our weights to the side we’re doing a good morning Claudia is from a seated position feet are shoulder-width apart hands are on my head little bend in my knee I’m gonna kick those hips back as I bend over and keep my back straight and then hips forward so again very similar movement we’re both feeling a stretch in our back side keep that back straight claudia was telling me she was feeling a little sore from her workout yesterday two days ago two days ago unless you must have been doing something right keeping that back straight excellent hips go back hits go forward good really filling it in the hamstrings great stretch for that whole back side hamstrings definitely included good another great one to help you improve your posture help you restore that natural upright stance good breathe let’s go five four three two one and zero good okay shake it out we need just hint one hand wait for the next one so unilateral movements we’re doing one side at a time shoulders are square good posture palm facing inward we’re going to go hammer curl bring that arm up and then press push press and back down so it’s four parts one two three four good palm stays in one two three four press and all the way up top bring that trying your best to get your bicep up by your ear up at the top and if you’re a little more forward that’s okay we’ll try your best to press straight up and not out in front of you just a range of motion and flexibility thing you’ll get better at as you go nice shoulders stay square try not to get a lot of momentum em momentum in on this one don’t want you swinging the weight but again nice and under control good okay let’s switch sides opposite side now let’s go feeling good everybody getting a little bit better a little bit stronger every rep that’s all it is progress progress one into the next would you come here for today just trying to improve general fitness trying to lose some weight you have a let it goal in mind whatever that is I want you to focus on if you’re just training to save your life I want you to act like it right here put in the work you got it excellent work everybody let’s go ten more seconds on this side coming to an end on this one one two three four again you find the right pace for you that works for you and your fitness level let’s go three two one zero all right setting that weight down working on the lower body next I’m going to do a standing side leg raise feet are shoulder width apart bring that one leg up where claudi’s is going to do a hip opener so she’s sitting in the front of her chair opening both legs at the same time and then closing them at the same time either way targeting on targeting those hips and those abductors good and one in between if you can standing if you want a little extra support you can do a support chair supported leg raise so I’m go ahead and grab a chair or a wall whatever it takes on these one leg ones for little extra balance and stability good working through it guys working through it doing the one leg go in switch I inadvertently switch when I move there and forgot to mention it my apologies you guys are doing great we appreciate you working out with us today excellent fighting through the end together let’s go five four three two one zero all right so that’s the end of the workout excellent work Linn we just have a little light cooldown left and this is just to control your heart rate and to try to bring your heart rate down slowly we’re going to start with a bent arm stretch also we’re gonna get some flexibility work in here so elbows are at a ninety degree we’re up we’re going to pull back on those elbows pull apart and feel a stretch in your chest so again how far you pull is going to be totally dependent on your fitness level and your flexibility but I want you to feel a nice stretch but at the same time don’t pull to the point where you feel uncomfortable breathe this is a great one to open up your chest stretch it metal really important posture now we spend so much time sitting down nowadays this is one of the quick and easy things we can do to improve that posture and three two one relax good okay next we’re gonna stretch your back we’re gonna do a reach so from a standing position I’m a hole up and over swim up and over and reach Claudia’s doing it from seated either way we’re pulling the back apart reaching something out in front of you just can’t get it pull and feel those lats stretch and pull apart good breathe just reach and reach and reach pull your hips back as you reach that upper body forward good you got it almost there and let’s go five four three two one alright stretch it out how do you like that one we’re moving on to our hamstrings or our legs so I’m gonna put we’re doing one leg one leg is out I’m gonna bend over my waist very gently pressing down on that knee so we’re both going to pull back on our toes good pull back on those toes and gently press down good press so straight down feel that nice stretch you got it stand balanced three two one okay shake it out opposite sides switch it up and good on this one again we’re feeling that stretch down our hamstring maybe a little glutes and then calves so as you pull that toe back towards you you’ll really start to feel that calf stretch at the same time just gently apply pressure as you need it not a lot though good excellent making sure to breathe on back and three two one all right last one we’re going to do a waterfall take and bring that elbow into your side your palm is facing straight up opposite side hand pulls back on those fingers you’re slowly gonna bring that elbow up as you pull back on those fingers good great one two relax those wrist muscles great wrist forearm stretch spend a lot of time with the phone or at a computer often times these are super tight so be careful on these again stretch to the point where you feel that stretch but at the same time that where it’s starting to hurt good we’re riding spend a lot of time writing there you go old own view people don’t do that a lot these days but yeah that’s true that’s nothing definitely cause it’s great you got it and relax all right last one here we go pulling up nice with that stretch heart rates coming down by now workouts almost done couple nice deep breaths think about how proud you are of yourself for accomplishing today’s workout cross it off the list consider it done and relax excellent work thank you so much for working out with us today if you like this workout and you’ve been working working out with us for a while and you’re starting to see some results we please encourage you to go check out our patreon page where you can find out how you can help keep has fit free and help support our mission to spread these workouts around the globe and if you enjoyed this workout please just hit the like button and then subscribe to our YouTube channel that way when we have new workouts like this one you’re notified please go check out has fit comm where we have hundreds of free workouts three meal plans and free complete fitness programs all for you for free and lastly if you are on the computer if you like Facebook or if you’re on Instagram where wherever you may be follow us connect with us we just want to hear from you thank you so much for joining us today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout..

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