Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

This is the perfect total body exercise for seniors, obese, plus size, and those with limited mobility. You may perform this exercise routine standing or sitting down. Choose the appropriate resistance for you ranging from a pair of light dumbbells to just a couple of water bottles.

Warm Up
Upright Row + External Rotation + Press
Arm Pullovers
Posterior Swing
March in Place

20 Min Standing & Seated Exercise for Seniors, Obese, & Limited Mobility Workout

Forward Raise + Side Raise / Seated
Run in Place + Curl / Seated
Bent Over Row / Seated
Side Step + Overhead Press / Seated
Goodmorning / Seated with Legs Ext
Modified Jumping Jack / Seated
Shrug + Calf Raise / Seated
Standing Twist
High Knee Pulldown

Cool Down
One Leg Hamstring
One Leg Calf Stretch
One Leg Quad Stretch
Bent Arm Chest Stretch
Reach Stretch

[Music] hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a workout for seniors individuals who are obese and anyone with limited mobility you can follow along with me for the standing variations and follow along with me for those seated modifications the only equipment required for today’s routine is a chair and then either a pair of light hand weights or water bottles all right and we’re going to get started with a nice light warmup and as you can see Claudia is going to go ahead and take her seat for the warm up well I’m going to do its standing and throughout the course of today’s routine you can choose which variation is going to be right for you in your specific needs we’re going to start with an upright row plus external rotation and press it’s not as scary as it sounds I promise shoulders are back good posture we’re going to pull up on those elbows and then flip the hands over and then reach up top now we’re going to reverse pull the elbows down flip the hands over and bring the hands back down so go ahead and go through that sequence one two three four five six excellent this is a great complete shoulder and upper body complex that will help to warm up your upper body as well as improve your mobility now throughout the course of today’s workout like I said you choose if you want to do the standing variation or the seated and we’re also not going to count any repetitions today so it’s all about moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with and making this workout your own making sure to breathe keep your core tight abs stay engaged shoulders are back good posture on this one pulling up on those elbows as high as you can and then flipping those hands excellent let’s do this one four five four three two one and zero good shake those arms loose next we’re going to move into an arm pullover great one for the shoulders as well as your back first thing we do is bend over on a 45 degree angle and I came up on the edge of my seat a little bit here we’re going to keep that good 45-degree lean we’re going to bring our arms all the way up and then arms all the way back keep those palms facing down nice full range of motion stretching all the way back and stretching all the way overhead now when I say all the way of course our flexibility may be different than yours you may be more flexible less flexible whatever your full range of motion looks like I’d ask that you give it and don’t be discouraged if you don’t quite have the range motion that we have on any of these moves so far today that’s why we’re here I can getting better come back repeat this workout get better every single time good let’s hit this one up for just five four three two one zero all right next we’re going to move into a posterior swing we’re loosen up your posterior chain which is your lower back Lutz and hamstrings I’m going to have my feet a little bit wider than shoulder-width closed and go and keep your feet shoulder width apart the key on this one is to engage our posterior chain so I’m gonna have a little bend in those knees a little bend in my hips swing my weight back behind me my hands are going to go through my legs for Claudia’s are going to go out to her sides either way we’re both pushing our hips and glutes back as we bend over keeping our back straight and this one really just using those hips as a hinge and even with this one with me being seated I’m still imagining that I am driving my glutes back towards the wall yep and then I’ll make sure that’ll engage the correct muscles keeping it back nice and straight it really just helps you visualize how the movement should be done I’d like you to keep your head in line with your spine so your head stays in a neutral position you don’t want your chin tucked and you don’t want your head way up either keep it in line with your spine good feel that stretch in the backside as you go down you got it let’s hit this one four five four three two one and zero good all right this last one we’re going to get your heart rate up a little bit last one in the warm up I should say and do a little march in place but we’re still moving at a warmup pace we’re going to move opposite arm and leg so when you’re right right leg goes up your left arm should be coming up and vice-versa keep both elbows bent at a 90 degree angle and again you moving added a warm-up pace still whatever your warmup pace looks like we have plenty of time here coming up to get into some work thank you so much for joining us today and working out with us we appreciate you let’s keep it going keep those shoulders back good posture opposite arm and leg are moving together let’s do this one for just five four three two one zero all right well I’m not warmup complete feeling good so we’re going to need our hand weights for the next one so whether you’re using some water bottles or some light dumbbells you choose and sometimes it’s nice to have both on hand just in case you need to change it up depending on the exercise alright first we’re going to do is going to be a side raise to a front raise so the palm stay facing down on that side race and then they’re facing inward on the front raise both times are bringing our arms out until they are parallel to the ground nice and controlled we’re not swinging our arms are not trying to take off or fly here it’s a great one for your shoulders as well as your core just to go ahead and keep yourself in a stabilized position keep your abs tight and engaged throughout the move and if you find that the hand weights are too much for you on this one you know or any of the movements it’s alright if you need to set them down and just go ahead and use your arms we just encourage you to keep moving keep working through it and to make this workout your own doing great so far today keep it up we’re breathing we’re moving we got this one for only ten more seconds almost there push through it guys little lactic acid burn is starting to kick in that’s okay that’s how we know it’s working it’s a good thing I promise and three two one zero alright keeping those hand weights we’re going to do a next we’re going to do a curl Plus run in place so it’s just a hot feet stand light and on the balls of your feet and at the same time we’re curling those weights all the way up and all the way down I want you to curl and squeeze that pinkie in up at the top again with all these moves you’re moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with whether that’s faster than us or slower than us make this workout your own throughout the course of today’s workout it’s going to be so very important that you focus on what motivates you and what brought you here today whatever that may be whether you’re trying to lose some weight just get more fit or just be better at your day to day activities whatever that is stay focused on and keep your goal in mind it’ll help you get through to the end almost speaking to the end almost done with this one four five four three two one zero all right excellent Jasmine okay moving into a back exercise next we’re going to do a bent over row so bending over onto a 45 degree angle slight bending our knees back as straight palms are facing inward you’re going to pull back on our elbows and then return so anytime we do any row you’ve got to pretend like there’s a string attached to your elbow and somebody’s pulling back on that string so what I don’t want you to do is pull on your hand like so then keeping that back straight good posture all the way up all the way down the move is pretty much the same whether you’re standing or seated but if I’m standing it forces me to use my legs a little bit more for stability excellent job guys keep it up one rep right into the next who giving that back a nice good squeeze that’s right contract your back muscles up at the very top as you’re pulling those elbows back excellent if you need to adjust your weight feel free to do so we just want you to stick with us and keep on moving you got it you got it not much left on this one let’s do this one for just five four three two one zero okay alright another combination move coming up a lot of combo moves today you can tell okay so we’re going to put those hand weights in a rack position ready to do an overhead press feet are shoulder-width apart we’re going to step to one side and press at the same time and return back to Center step and press keeping a slight bend in your knees you decide again if you want to do the standing or the seated variation it’s working your balance on this one either way and again if you need to drop the handles because it’s being feeling a little too heavy for you that’s totally fine body weight works just as well as it does you’d be surprised at how good a workout you can get just moving your arms on their own but just hang with us come on guys again focusing on what motivates you what is it what’s it going to take you to accomplish your goals the work you’re putting in today is definitely a great start just day after day doing what you know you need to do to get there come on guys let’s go focus on that goal don’t focus on that burn that’s the key good keep it up and five four three two one-zero all right you can go and put your hand weights down for the next one we’re going to move into it’s called a good morning another move for our posterior chain we’re both going to have our feet shoulder-width apart and place our hands on our head I’m going to drive my hips back with a slight bend in my knees keeping that slight bend in to my upper body gets to about parallel to the ground and then I’m going to stand up and squeeze my glutes at the top and I’m doing the exact same movement of course I have my legs extended out and I’m coming down to about a 45 degree angle and I’m just coming right back up and even though I’m seated I can still get my glutes a nice squeeze right at the top we’re both feeling a stretch in our back side yeah mentally you might not have the range of motion or flexibility that we have to get down as far as we are like I said idea of you’re getting down on my version until your upper body is parallel to the ground and Claudia’s a little higher than that but depending on your hamstrings glutes lower backs and lower back and other factors you might not quite be able to get there today but the good news is as this move will improve your mobility so you will improve over time you just have to keep coming back that’s it maybe the game keeps showing up yeah consistency amazed what happens when you just keep showing up again keep it driving those hips back behind us feeling that stretch working your hamstrings your glutes as well as your lower back and again just re-emphasize them to go at a pace that is comfortable for your fitness level whatever that may be and we’re keeping this one up for just five four three two one zero go how we love that stretch on that move feels good no weights required for the next one we’re gonna do a modified jumping jacks so we’re not really going to jump but we’re going to go through the movement so for me in a standing position I’m going to bring my arms up and I’m stepping out with one leg and return and I’m doing the exact same movement of course putting my hands over my head but I’m bringing my legs out and back down you decide which variation is right for you no problem in going back and forth between the standing and seated variations if you need to and of course if you aren’t quite extending and opening your legs as quite as wide as me that’s okay you might just be here for now and another point that I’ve heard a few times is ideally you’re picking your legs up on that one but if you can’t quite pick them up all the way and they end up kind of dragging a little bit on the ground as you’re opening your legs that’s alright to just keep working towards being able to pick them up now I’m keeping a slight bend in my base leg on this one so I don’t have my leg straightened out right but instead keep it a slight bend in that knee and all the while in the seated position trying to maintain that good posture position keeping our core nice and tight throughout this movement we’re almost there guys we only have ten more seconds on this one keep pushing staying focus on that goal whatever it may be not thinking about how those shoulders are burning or legs are burning let’s do it four three two one zero good all right we are going to need the hand weights for the next one so go and pick those up and we’re going to move into another compound movement very efficient workout today lot in in a short period of time we’re doing a shrug plus calf raise so hands are relaxed at our side the same time I’m going to come up on the balls of my feet and bring my shoulders to my ears so it’s called the shrug movement with our upper body and we’re squeezing our trap muscles up at the top slight bend in your knees if you’re doing the standing variation either way we’re driving off the balls of the feet coming up onto a calf raise and squeezing our traps upper back muscles at the same time good one wrap right into the necks on this one guys great strength movement for your calves lower body as well as your traps and upper back be sure to breed staying focused on that breathing getting into a nice rhythm with it very important to find that rhythm with your breathing helps you get through this complete workout excellent job guys not much left on this one let’s just hit this one for 10 more seconds every repetition is getting us that much closer to our goal and five four three two one zero good good one shake your legs out if your calves are burnin shake them all right we only need one wait for the next one we’re going to do a standing twist so feet shoulder-width apart go ahead and grab on to hands onto that one we’re seated twist or seated twist thank you interlocking my fingers on this one our arms are up till about parallel to the ground I’m going to have a slight bend in my knees weight back in my hips and I’m going to have my core nice tight good posture for both of us we’re going to twist side to side and the key on this one to do is go ahead and keep that weight in line with the center of your chest and what that does is make sure that we’re not just moving your arms back and forth but you’re actually rotating at your core engaging that core in making your abdominal muscles do the work and not just your arms swinging back and forth way you should think about this is your arms are just along for the ride it’s your abs in your core that are doing all of the work and then moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with on this one whatever that may be but keeping your abs engaged throughout don’t just let them relax actually when we say engaged we literally mean contracting and flexing them that’s right so keep them tight and it’s pretty much an ab workout without actually having to get down on the ground and do any type of crunch that’s right this is a crunch ‘less ab workout today we’re getting several core moves in today getting plenty of core work in and again if you can’t go all the way to the side like we can do the best that you can we can’t we really can’t say that enough yeah might just be for you might you see 45 – 45 but you know what you come back and do this workout again maybe it will be fifty to fifty right so it’s just those small improvements each day they’re going to add up to your success speaking of which let’s do this one for only five four three two one zero good thanks like for this next one you get to choose whether or not you want to use your hand weights or not depending on how much energy you have left in you we’re going to do a high knee pull down so we’re actually going to reach up and we’re going to bring our knee up as we pull down arms go back up reach up and bring that knee up at the same time we’re speaking of not having to get down to get our core and we’re going to crunch those abs so big reach all the way up pull down and big reach right back up you decide if you want to use your weights for this one or maybe you start with your weights and you drop them halfway whatever you need to do Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all solution so a big reach big crunch and bring that knee as high as you can which for you it might only be this high safely for today so whatever that is again making sure to breathe guys you got it we’re getting so much closer to the end right here right we’re almost almost there keep it up don’t stop pushing yourself because no one else can do it for you it’s all for you right here guys you’re worth it let’s go you deserve this you deserve to feel good you deserve to accomplish your goals you deserve to not go through life feeling uncomfortable come on let’s go you got it right here one wrap into the next for ten more seconds let’s go we’re almost there come on I can flash let’s go five four three two one zero that’s it you made it that’s my work table today we how about you even my shoulders in the film combined feeling some burn okay we’re going to move into a cool-down so I’m going to grab my seat for the cooldown so all of the cool down moves will be seated so we don’t have your chair ready now’s the time to it okay make sure you have enough proof of my my long legs here all right we’re going to start with a hamstring stretch so we’re coming for in the front of your chair one leg 90 degree angle Bennet that knee the opposite leg we’re going straighten that leg out and relax onto your heel and from right here you may already have a good hamstring stretch going but if you need additional once you’d apply gentle pressure to your knee and any of these static stretches we’re doing your goal is always to take it to about 85 to 90 percent of what you’re capable of so we want to feel good stretch but we don’t want to induce pain or hurts your make you hurt yourself if you need extra stretch you can bend over at the same time so again you give yourself as much stretch on this one as you need good gentle pressure four five four three two one zero good looking good and sit up next one Oh going keep your leg out though we’re going to set up we’re going to move into a calf stretch same leg so now same position I want you to curl back on those toes so you start to feel that stretch in your calf and we’re just going to hold those toes back keep pulling them back pulling them back pulling them back stretching never like you have a string right or a towel which if you need one you can get a good stretch you could use a band or a towel if you can’t get enough of a stretch on this on its own holding this one four three two one and zero all right same leg let’s move on over to our right side of the chair we’re going to do a quad stretch why don’t you take that leg and bring that foot back now depending on your flexibility and your balance and ability you may be good right here and already feel in your quad stretch or you might really want to kick that leg back further and then lean back you decide what’s right for you make sure that you know you’re in a stable position with that chair so over to the side hold on to the side or hold on to it tabletop then do so again making the stretch your own but we’re stretching out that quadricep which is the front of this leg muscle all the way down and the hip flexor it’s really tight especially if you spend a lot of time now in a sedentary or seated position our illness one four three two one zero bring that leg back all right now we’re going to go through that same sequence but on the other side so starting with that hamstring stretch one legs bent a 90 degree angle opposite leg comes out or imply gentle pressure to that me if you need to do so and we’re just going to hold and sometimes you might feel that one side is tighter than the other but for myself my left side is definitely a lot a lot more tight than my right side is yeah and that’s totally countable and that’s why we like to do it for a lot of the stretching like to do one side at a time just to make sure that we’re giving both sides there a appropriate amount of stretch big deep breath in and out allowing that heart rate to come down and let’s hold this one four three two one zero all right calf stretch on this side what’s going all those toes back and we’re just going to hold again get some nice big deep breaths on this one that was a good time routine to just take a second to to be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today if being fit were easy everybody would be right it wouldn’t be would be so special so give yourself a pat on the back for getting it done today no matter what happens or doesn’t happen for the rest of the day you can feel proud of accomplishing this one holding this one four two one and zero let that calf shake loose ok let’s move on over to that opposite side now stretch out that opposite side quad again you decide how far you want to put that leg back or however much stretch you need I’m going to get a lean back a little bit for a little additional stretch totally optional though nice big deep breaths on this one you got it cold and we’re holding this one four five four three two one zero and done all right let’s stretch out that upper body a little bit before we call it a day we can do a bent arm chest stretch let’s get those arms up we want 90-degree angles all around and we’re going to pull your arms back and apart like somebody’s pulling on both your hands Wow we’re gonna stretch Oh buddy likes to feel it she feels it guys I do I like we hope you do too so again we’re trying to keep 90-degree angles at both our underarms and our elbows and we’re pulling back feeling that chest stretch and open we’re just going to hold and again we’re getting to a point we’re about 85 to 90 percent of what you’re capable of keep good posture keep it core engaged okay and remembering to just take nice big deep breaths that’s it you got it and just hold not much left and five four three two one zero all right one last one this one is specifically designed to stretch out your back and posterior chain we’re going to do a reach stretch so again we’re going to front half of my chair I’m going to take both hands bring them up and around like I’m swimming and I’m going to reach just like there’s a you know an object let’s say one inch away from my fingertips and I can’t quite get it just keep reaching and pulling and pulling and reaching your upper body’s on about a 45 degree angle but we’re going to just keep reaching feel those lats stretch upper back stretch and hold and I did not expect a sweat as much as I did today and it is hot in the gym today both what is it about 90 90 95 in here it’s not it’s not that hot it’s warm but it’s not cheese light is about keep 85 outside but it’s about 90 in here four three two one zero and that’s it guys you made it thanks so much for all of your to work today whoo good job coach 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