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Do you suffer from sciatic nerve pain? Then you need to try these sciatica exercises for leg pain relief. They are specifically designed to stretch your body in a way that provides pain relief. These stretches can be performed daily.

Sciatica Exercises for Leg Pain Relief

Lying Hip Rotations (10 in/out +15 sec hold)
Figure Four
Piriformis (10 in/out +15 sec hold)
Pelvic push through the floor
Iso Hip Up
Lying Leg Twist to 90 Degree / 45 Degrees
Knees to Chest
One Leg to Chest
One Straight Leg Raise
Knee to Side Stretch

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a routine for sciatic pain relief these sciatica stretches do not require any equipment but depending on the surface you’re stretching on you may want to use a mat for comfort follow me for the traditional stretches and I will be providing the easier modifications all right let’s begin we’re going to the floor to start we’re going to lie down on our back and we’re going to do a lying hip rotation so go and set that left foot down on the ground bring your opposite foot up with your right leg we’re going to take that right hip through the full range of dynamic motion so we’re going to press gently on that knee every time and every time you can get just a little bit more range of motion so again we’re going through this 10 times and throughout all these movements today your range of motion may not be what ours is that’s okay make it your own and that tenth time let’s hold now hold and press feel that hip stretch and on all these stretches today I want you to take it to about 85% so don’t take it to the one we’re starting to hurt or or stress you but instead where it just feels like a good stretch for holding this for 15 seconds let’s go three two one and done okay let’s switch bring that opposite foot up and again we’re going to go through that dynamic range of motion ten times there’s any nerves or tendons that are stock in your in your hip is a good one to loosen them up go taking the through the full range of motion nice and controlled nice and easy ten times breathing throughout good going a little further every time to one and on this last one and hold good if you need to you can grab the drops inside hand and hold this foot in place and just press press on that knee fill that hip stretch again aim it for 15 seconds on this one and we are breathing let’s go three two one zero excellent ok similar position for the next one let’s go back to that right leg we’re going to do a figure four bring that right leg up we’re going to reach through your legs both hands wrapped around that knee now we’re going to pull this knee into so on this one we’re not doing the dynamic range of movement we’re just pulling and holding for 15 seconds now you might be able to pull it all the way to your chest or you might be goods is right here everybody’s a little bit different so again you make this routine your own your own capabilities today breathe pull again feel that stretch all through your hips and glutes and three two one excellent alright let’s bring that opposite leg up and do the left side again pulling to your chest breathe whew this height is definitely tighter than my right side actually it is on me too and you might experience that that’s alright going through these you might experience some kick figure out a couple spots are tighter than you head into the data it might discover some new things about yourself there’s nothing wrong with that let’s hold four three two one and zero all right good next we’re going to work on your piriformis which is two up here this little furry me with your sciatic nerve runs through off and causes a sciatic nerve pain so we’re going to target that one with this next dress go to kick that leg over your right leg over your left we’re going to angle that left knee in just a little bit all right now we’re going to grab that right knee with both hands and we’re going to take it through a dynamic your movement but we’re pulling that right knee to your left shoulder so you’re pulling it across so not just back not just over what you’re pulling it up and across and out toward your shoulder up towards your shoulder and again about ten times through this range of motion a little bit more of a stretch every time working your way into it to one and on this last one 15-second hold and stretch good should I stretch all down your leg into the glutes maybe a little bit in your back that’s alright that’s how we know what’s working loosening it up putting in the work today so we can feel those results tomorrow let’s hold four three two one excellent okay gently come back and let’s switch it up let’s do the opposite side now again I’m going to angle that right knee in now my left leg goes over and let me pull this left knee to my right shoulder you might find on some of these that you’re more flexible than on some of them you’re less flexible and that’s okay every body is different just about doing our best you can get a little bit better every time you come back and repeat this routine nice controlled breathing throughout not using any momentum on this range of motion let’s go last one and let’s hold pull back fifteen seconds feel that stretch good again taking that stretch to about 85% of what you’re capable of maybe 90 but any more than that and you’re really not doing yourself any good you’re just developing scar tissue at that point so don’t take it to the point where it’s really hurting let’s go three two one and done zero good okay let’s move into a 9090 position different names for the I usually like to go with the 9090 because it kind of describes the position right which is both knees at a 90 degree angle and so Claudia is just going to hang out here and make sure in trying their best to get both knees down on the ground where I’m going to take it from this position I’m gonna go one step further into a pigeon so I’m going to bring this foot in and then I’m going to bring this back leg back now here’s one variation a little easier variation and even harder is go ahead and come down onto these forearms you decide which one of these three is going to be right for you today either way we’re feeling that that hip stretch the only networking and hold good you’re doing the pigeon variation make sure that you have your weight over your leg and you’ll keep by bringing it out here let’s go three two one and zero good okay let’s hit that opposite side now so go ahead start with that opposite side ninety ninety good and again from here I’m going to move into that pigeon so I’m kicking that back leg out behind me and I’m coming forward just to give you a different angle good you’re experiencing a little cramping I’m pretty sure that’s normal because totally normal because this is me yesterday cramping so try to breathe through the movement and this is actually the second time that we’re shooting this video because the first time we hit a equipment malfunction yeah let’s hold this for three more seconds two one zero good so I’m actually feeling more flexible as a result that’s good two days in a row like that I lose peaks to the routine okay we’re going to go to our backs we’re going to do a subpoena butterfly so let’s line our backs when you put your feet together and try your best to get your feet close to your body they might not be able to might be out here but just do the best you can yep and now let’s go through this full range of butterfly motion opening up and closing to that ten-time nice and control nice and easy taking your knees down a little further every single time good nice and control breathing to one and on this last one let’s drive those knees to the floor feel that major stretch just isometric hold static stretch if you’d like to you can use your hand to get just a little extra stretch if you want to kick it up a notch you feel comfortable doing so good hold this one for five four three two one and zero good we’re going to lie flat on our backs with our feet up so this next one we’re going to push our pelvic bones through the floor now this one’s hard to pick up on camera because they really don’t get to see much we’re literally going to push our pelvic bone through the ground keep your lower blat back flat on the ground and we’re just pushing through the ground so you’re pushing straight down with your pelvic bone straight down push down good this one is going to engage your core and don’t allow your lower back to the curve on this one or your lower back to come up off the ground keep your whole back on the ground while you do this one again just pressing through and breathing excellent good let’s hold this one for five more seconds keep pressing through straight down into the ground let’s go five four three two one zero okay excellent relax shake it out all right next we’re moving into is an ISO hip up again Claudia we’re going to do the same move on this one bring your feet nice and close to your glutes feet are flat on the ground now let’s press up drive up off your heels and ideally we want to make a straight line from your knees to your shoulders so get those glutes up don’t want a hyperextend but at the same time you don’t want your butt sag into a nice straight line drive off those heels and really flex your glutes and actually your abs even though we are working your back I don’t want you to focus on squeezing your back when instead focus on hamstrings glutes and your abs good just hold excellent work again make this your own if you can’t quite get up as high as we can that’s okay today everybody has to start somewhere he can come back repeat this routine you get a little bit better every single time not going to happen overnight but if you work at it I promise you you will get there excellent let’s go five four three two one and zero slowly back down nice ok arms that other side to the next one let’s go and bring your knees up to a 90 degree angle we’re going to do a lying leg twist stretch I might twist my knees all the way down to a 90 where my legs around the ground stop at a 45 degree don’t go all the way down like Coach cozec it I want you to keep your back flat on the ground while you do this one so if you don’t feel comfortable coming all the way to the 90 with your back flat then like Claudia is doing on the 45 is great you choose which one of these two is gonna be right for you today try to keep those shoulder blades on the ground good so that’s stretch and if you are doing the full nine you don’t just let your body relax still keep some tension feel that stretch good and 5 4 3 2 1 other side of course we got to do both sides keep it nice and even nice good now multiple applications for this routine whether you just want to do some rehabilitation and strengthen your lower back or maybe you’re trying to fight back from an innate and injury either way this is a great routine for you feel that stretch good hold tight on this one again just take it to the point where you feel comfortable not to the point where you’re in pain good let’s go five four three two one zero and back nice okay straighten those legs out on this one little shake okay next we’re going to do a lying knee to your chest organs lying position we’re going to bring both knees into your chest now you might just be right here or you might be able to get them all the way in again you decide what’s right for you today come back and every time you do this your flexibility and mobility will improve just a little bit draw those knees into your chest pull them in nice excellent work breathe again don’t feel pressured to match our mobility you make this workout your routine Fitness’s anything but a one-size-fits-all solution make this workout your own good let’s go five four three two one and lower your legs back down take a second stretch it out okay next we’re going to do one leg at a time now so go ahead and bring one knee up does it matter which one and I want you to keep try your best to keep that other leg on the ground so even if it wants to come up on you try to force it stay on the ground excellent and that knee in get to the point where you feel comfortable getting your back from all angles today you have a sciatica or loosen it up whatever it may be that’s ailing you we’re going to try to hit it today good and three two one alright let’s switch it up opposite side now and pull in go hold and breathe so proud of you today for doing something about this you know so many people have an injury or you know something wrongs are back and instead they just get defeated no I have a lower back problem that’s the way it is no not you you’re taking the steps to make it better all right and leg goes back down excellent okay next one we’re doing a one leg raise so go ahead and raise one leg straight gonna raise our right leg straight try to keep no bend in that knee like stout to the side and just pull back as far as you can on your own and that looks like this today or like this that’s okay no big deal depending on we’ll work out as we’ve done this week our flexion so he’s going to really greatly on this one depends on how many squats we’ve done this week just keep it straight and just pull good and every time you come back you a little bit better at this one again just make this routine your own alright and slowly return back to the ground alright opposite leg up try to keep that leg nice and straight I know it’s hard I know it hurts feel that stretch in your hamstrings gluts calves excellent loosening it up we’re going to feel so good when this routine is done all right almost there let’s go five four three two and one slowly back down alright next we’re going to do a knee to the side stretch to bring one knee up and we’re going to use your hand up gently pull it over to the side so for this one you’re going to decide what’s right for you this might be enough of a stretch or you might need to pull it all the way down but either way when I try to keep your shoulder blades flat on the ground so don’t curl and twist with it but instead keep those shoulder blades on the ground that allow you get that stretch in your back you decide if you’re here all the way down take at this point where you feel comfortable today no reason to push it Juana this workhouse intended to make you feel better good all right and slowly return let’s go opposite side breathe and stretch good pull across go shoulder blades flat on the ground excellent work doing great guys keep it up and let’s go 5 4 3 2 1 and return nice work thank you so much for working out with us today if you like this workout you’ve been working out with us for a while and you’re starting to see some results we’d encourage you to please go check out our patreon page where you can learn more about how you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoyed working out with us today please go ahead and like this video and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel that way you are notified every time hasit drops a new workout make sure to check out has fit calm for hundreds of additional free workouts free meal plans and our free complete fitness programs also don’t forget to Like us on whatever your favorite social media network is whether it’s Facebook snapchat Twitter Instagram we’re there and we want to connect with you again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our pleasure I’m coach Cosette and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout.


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