Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

Customize the low intensity senior workout routines to your specific needs. You may perform this workout standing or sitting down. Choose the appropriate resistance for you ranging from a pair of dumbbells to just a couple of water bottles.

Warm Up
March in Place / Seated
Side to Side Punch / Seated
Posterior Swing / Seated
Arm Pullovers / Seated

Senior Workout Routines

Complete each movement for 50 seconds:
Side to Side + Arm Pump / Seated
Seesaw Row / Seated
Split Squat / One Leg Press
Wall Push Up / Chair Press Ups
Modified Jumping Jack / Seated
T-I-Y Swings / Seated
Squat / Chair Get Ups
Curl + Arnold Press / Seated
1,2,3,4 / Seated
Good Morning / Seated
Bent Over Triceps Kickbacks / Seated
Low Kick and Twist / Leg Lift and Twist

Cool Down
Upright External Rotation
Posterior Shoulder Stretch
One Leg Hamstring
One Leg Calf Stretch
One Leg Quad Stretch