Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Did you know gaining lean muscle actually helps you burn more calories at rest? That’s right, just by increasing your muscle, your body will burn more calories each day. Use this 20 min full body strength training workout to build strength and muscle mass at the same time. You’ll need dumbbells and we recommend having a few different weights available so that you may switch up the resistance for each exercise. You may also want to have a bench, chair, or box available, but it’s is a a requirement. Let’s begin!

Warm up
Downward Dog + Multiplanar Lunge
Deep Lunge
Side Leg Swings

Full Body Strength Training

A1: DB Thruster x 10
A2: DB Reverse Fly x 12
B1: DB Reverse Lunge with Pause x 16
B2: DB Chest Press with Twist from Bench / Floor x 10
C1: DB Reverse Row x 10
C2: Planche Hold / Modified x 45 seconds

Cool Down
Piriformis Stretch
Straight Leg Hamstring Stretch
Child’s Pose