Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner Modifications provided
intermediate workout

One of the many reasons we love resistance bands is because they are highly portable. Just throw a resistance band in your bag and you can take your strength training routine with you wherever you go. This resistance band workout requires just one long band, handles optional, to gain strength and lean muscle.

We’re using the Bodylastics Resistance Bands, but you can use any long resistance band.

Warm Up
Upright External Rotation
Butt Kick + Chest Press

Resistance Band Workout

Skydiver Row + Ext / No Ext
Bulgarian Split Squat / Reverse Lunge
Iso Reverse Curl + Shoulder Press Combo
Seated Bent Over Row
Front Squat
45 Degree Incline Curl / Feet Down
Kickstand DL

Cool Down
One Leg Hip Hinge
Standing Quad Stretch
Bent Arm Wall Chest Stretch
Reach Stretch