Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner Modifications provided
intermediate workout

One of the many reasons we love resistance bands is because they are highly portable. Just throw a resistance band in your bag and you can take your strength training routine with you wherever you go. This resistance band workout requires just one long band, handles optional, to gain strength and lean muscle.

We’re using the Bodylastics Resistance Bands, but you can use any long resistance band.

Warm Up
Upright External Rotation
Butt Kick + Chest Press

Resistance Band Workout

Skydiver Row + Ext / No Ext
Bulgarian Split Squat / Reverse Lunge
Iso Reverse Curl + Shoulder Press Combo
Seated Bent Over Row
Front Squat
45 Degree Incline Curl / Feet Down
Kickstand DL

Cool Down
One Leg Hip Hinge
Standing Quad Stretch
Bent Arm Wall Chest Stretch
Reach Stretch

[Music] what’s up has four tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a total body resistance band workout for this routine you’ll need one long resistance band with a couple of handles and you’ll also want to have either a bench box or a chair handy for a couple of the exercises you can follow along with me for the standard moves and you can follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s get started [Music] all right we’re gonna get started with the warm-up and the purpose of our warm-up today is to increase our overall body temperature and get our heart rate up a little bit at the same time so let’s go ahead and start with an upright external rotation we have our band ready to go let’s grab it about shoulder width apart we’re gonna pull that band apart now let’s pull those elbows back – they’re at a 90 degree angle and we’re gonna rotate those hands back while keeping that tension on the band’s this is a great one to warm up those shoulders they are gonna get a good amount of work in today also great for your rotator cuff strength as well so that’s a nice little added bonus keeping good posture shoulders stay back and we’re just bringing those arms till they’re about parallel to the ground and then pulling back on those hands now throughout today’s routine depending on the resistance level of your band the length of your band you may have to adjust it in a way that works for you I’ll try to give you as many different variations as possible so you can do that and doing this one for just five four three two one zero my shoulders feeling warm already oh yeah okay so we’re moving into a good morning next great move for your posterior chain let’s go ahead and grab those handles and we’re gonna step on the band about feet shoulder width apart we’re going to bring your hands up palms up elbows tucked in to your side now we’re gonna keep those arms alot slight bend in your knee we’re gonna drive your hips back behind you as you hinge at the hips feel that stretch in your back side and then stand up straight squeeze your glutes at the top so this one’s gonna warm up and stretch your hamstrings glutes and lower back we want you to keep that head in line with your spine on this one so we don’t want you looking up at the screen as you’re bending over but again that head travels down with you and don’t turn this one into a squat but instead maintain that same slight knee bend throughout the move we are going to warm up those arms as well on this one just holding the band in this static isometric position making sure to breathe every time driving those hips back like you’re trying to touch your glutes to the wall behind you actually it’s all in the hips on this move that’s it all in that hip hinge feel that stretch in that back side don’t let your weight travel forward onto your toes but instead be driving off those heels almost done with this one let’s go five four three two one zero all right our backsides all warmed up we can actually go ahead and set the band down for this last warm-up move a little combo move here we’re gonna do a chest press plus butt kick so we’re stepping in side to side bringing that heel back to your glutes and at the same time we’re pressing forward and engaging those chest shoulder and tricep muscles getting your heart rate up a little bit on this one too yeah that’s it getting ready for this work we’re getting ready to put in that’s right and again this is just the warmup so make sure you’re moving at a warm-up pace whatever your warmup pace looks like way a set you get plenty of room plenty of time coming up for the work oh yeah portion of the workout making sure to breathe here kicking back it’s also warming up your quadriceps hamstrings whole lower body on this one a nice consistent breathing as we go side to side keeping it low impact on this one good use this quick opportunity here to remind yourself why you hit that play button today what is it that you’re working towards stay focused on that goal stay focused on that why cuz that’s gonna be the driver that’s gonna get you through to the end of this video keeping it up here last ten seconds and five four three two one and zero shake it out ready to get this thing started ready Claudia I’m ready let’s do it let’s do it we are gonna need our band so grab that band and we’re gonna hit the floor we’re going down into a prone position which is on our front sides go ahead and lie down we’re into a lot of combination moves today and this is one of them we’re gonna do a skydiver row and I’m gonna do mine with an extension so let’s go ahead and start in that prone position arms are out in front of you grab that band with your hands shoulder width apart now we’re gonna pull that band apart maintain that same tension now I’m gonna pull back on my elbows at the same time bring my chest up and my legs up and then extend back and you notice from my variation I am NOT doing the extension so I’m not lifting my legs you decide which variation is appropriate for you my variation is gonna be a little more lower back and glute involvement where Claudia is gonna be primarily her upper back totally either way pulling back on those elbows squeezing those shoulder blades making sure to breathe yep Jack’s on this one doesn’t look like much man will it catch up to you oh I feel it I feel it too already and we’re not gonna count any reps today so we just want you to move at the pace that you feel comfortable with getting as much work in as you can and that a lot of time period excellent coming up every time squeezing that back pulling back on those elbows like you have a string attached to one if you feel more comfortable keeping those feet on the ground feel free to do so just maintaining their constant tension on the band four five four three two one zero Oh excellent work great first one okay so we are gonna move on to a lower body move max I’m gonna use my bench for this but if you have a chair feel free to do so I’m gonna I’m gonna do a Bulgarian split squat variation and I’m gonna actually just do a reverse lunge so either way we’re gonna put that band underneath your lead leg glute one leg then we’re gonna bring those handles up and do a rack position I’m gonna put my back leg up on my bench and I’m gonna drop my back knee straight down and come back up and I’m stepping into a reverse lunge you decide which variation is appropriate for you mine is a little more challenging but neither one are necessarily easy definitely not especially depending on the level of resistance that you’re using that’s it and if you want to make it harder feel free to do so by wrapping that band around your foot a couple times or choosing a heavier resistance band we’re gonna go half and half on each side I want you to drop down until that lead knee lead leg is that about a 90 degree angle trying to sit back we don’t want that front knee too far over your foot we want to maintain good posture up here at top so head up chest up dropping that back knee dip back behind you breathing in on the way down breathing out on the way up by the compound move here working your hamstrings glutes quadriceps even your upper body just to hold and support the band’s right excellent again breathing in on the way down out on the way up which is a lot easier for you all because you’re not talking right now very true we’re gonna switch sides in five four three two one zero okay take a second here to switch your setup switch that foot that you have the band underneath and right back into it nice and secure it under your foot now if you are doing the Bulgarian split squat variation with that back leg you can either have the bench or chair on the front of your foot or you can come up onto your toes there’s no right or wrong way it’s really about which one you feel most comfortable doing again breathing in on the way down breathing out on the way up excellent for workouts like today if you only have one resistance band that’s okay but sometimes it’s nice to have a couple different bands you can switch up your resistance level breathing then on the way down out on the way up fighting through that burn or feeling it to just keep moving you got it right here pushing yourself because nobody else can or will do it for you it’s right almost there let’s go last ten seconds everyone let’s go ask your tribe right there with you burn it out burn it out four five four three two one zero excellent if you’re using a chair or bench and move that off to the side here as we move into the next one upper body move next so let’s head with our feet shoulder width apart Glen step on that band one arm is going to be doing an isometric reverse curl so we’re gonna keep that elbow in palm down and you’re just gonna hold opposite side arm is gonna be performing a shoulder press straight up overhead yeah when I was working the forearm and the bicep other arms working the press your shoulder tricep and you guess it will switch halfway through excellent get my heart rate up already who says you have to jump around know your heart rate up totally it’s all about these total body moves here working multiple muscle groups at the same time full range of motion on that press all the way up all the way down excellent keep that opposite arm tucked in working that bicep in that forearm let’s go ten more seconds and we’ll switch sides I’m burning it out right there with you come on try it we got it let’s go five four three two one switching sides opposite arm tucked in other one pressing straight up right into it no down time working that upper body let’s go come on reminding yourself what brought you here today what is it what are you fighting for trying to gain muscle lose fat just get better at life whatever it is staying focused on it I think you need to take a minute feel free to do so or if you need it lighten your load yeah you can do that as well another way to lighten your load is to only have one foot on the band he’ll be just a little bit lighter you learn all these little tricks to get through these resistance bands bands are so easy to manipulate to your strength level yes even if you only have one oh most there come on keep it up everybody my shoulder is on fire that’s alright because we got five four three two one zero huh take it loose burn so good okay we are gonna need your chair bench for both modifications on this one mm-hmm and move into a seated bent over row so let’s go ahead and take that band give you a couple different angles here so we’re gonna place both feet on the band and on this one depending on the length of your band you may want to either wrap it around you throw your feet on extra-time or just go ahead and choke up yeah and not grab the handles I’m just gonna grab my bands and set up the handles that’s what I’m gonna do as well so now we’re gonna bend over at a 45 degree angle keeping your back straight we’re gonna pull back on your elbows keep in good posture nice and under control all the way up all the way down we’re exhaling as we bring the bands up and squeeze our shoulder blades it’s a time that breathing and again anytime we’re doing any type of row you want to pretend like you have a string attached to those elbows and somebody’s pulling back on that string keep under control not only on the way up but on the way down as well don’t just allow those arms to flat back down up at the top we’re squeezing our lats biceps both working keeping good posture shoulders C Square and back if you need to adjust your grip make it harder or easier feel free to do so we’re switch up your band if you have access to multiple bands just keep moving one rep right into the next year excellent you got it you got it keep pushing through fighting through that burn excellent pulling back on those elbows breathing in as those hands come down and breathing out on the hardest part of the move which is pulling back let’s keep this one up for the last ten seconds that’s it almost there staying under control keep rowing keep rowing you got this try four five four three two one zero excellent job alright you can move your bench chair whatever you using out of the way we’re done with it for the day we’re gonna give your upper body a break moving on to a lower body move next with your feet shoulder-width apart we’re gonna move into a front squat putting those hands up in Toorak position which is hands by your chin and then with your weight back in your hips break at the hips then the knees squat down until the whole size are parallel to the floor and back up that’s it that’s the old move right there and begin every time sitting back like you’re trying to sit back into a chair that way in your hips keep it evenly distributed on your feet you don’t want to be coming forward onto your toes and one of the great things about a front squat and having the weight here in front is it really puts a little extra emphasis on your quadriceps so it’s still going to work your hamstrings as well as your glutes but we are hitting those quads as well keeping your knees out don’t allow them to fold in good posture back stays straight squeeze those glutes up at the top controlling the way down and controlling the way up inhale down exhale as you come up through the movement that’s it sorry exhaling on that hardest part of the move which is standing back up get that breathing in order if you need to make this one easier then you can go ahead and drop your hands down to your side if you need to make it harder you can wrap that band around your feet one extra time ooh or even switch up your weight yep do what you got to do to get through this workout and just keep moving don’t hit that pause button don’t give up just keep grinding here with us has they tried focus on what brought you here today to begin with what is it what are you working on stay focused on it that’s it come on almost there moving through moving through remember those who think they can and those who think they can’t are both right which one are you come on let’s go right there with you try let’s go last ten seconds almost there almost there how many can you get nice and under control on the way down on the way up and three two one zero excellent okay we’re gonna give her legs a little bit of a break moving to the floor okay upper body move next we’re gonna do a 45 degree curl so go ahead and take that band and put it behind your feet making sure you have that band in the center of your feet I’m actually gonna wrap my band around my foot just once and you can decide on this one which variation you’re gonna do I’m actually gonna bring my feet up and lean back and I’m gonna leave my feet down on the ground as she leans back correct at a 45 degree angle either way by leaning back on a 45 we’re engaging her ABS at the same time so we don’t want to sit straight up but instead back on that 45 get a full extension curl palms are up if you bring your feet up it forces you to work those ABS just that much more again you decide which variation is appropriate for you exhale on the curl up and inhale on the way down keeping those shoulders back again palms are up control both ends of the curl so not just curling and then allowing your arms a flat back but again control that descent that eccentric a negative portion of the move keeping that 45-degree angle going it’s gonna keep those abs engaged we’re getting a lot of work in in a short period of time today because we’re doing all of these compound moves keep it up tribe you got it our arms are starting to burn too my biceps are screaming burn so good burns no good fighting through it everybody come on you’re a fighter not a quitter prove it to yourself let’s see it let’s go last ten seconds on this one that’s it come on almost there almost there finishing strong in five four three two one zero Oh biceps are feeling all right let’s come on up to our feet we’re gonna move into a kick stand deadlift so we’re gonna do one leg at a time it’s going to start with your left leg put that band under your left foot and you can either double up on your band choke up on it or you can wrap it around your foot a couple times and now with your feet shoulder width apart take that back foot and come up on the ball of your foot bring that back foot just about one foot length back we want to have all of your weight in that lead leg now with your back straight hips go back feel that stretch hips come forward and again if you want to make it harder go ahead and wrap that band around your foot a couple of times like so and then I’ll give you a little extra tension what we’re doing that same basic movement pattern that we did in the beginning with that good morning that’s right just a slight bend in that lead leg and then drive those hips back working your hamstrings glutes and lower back so again not turning this one into a squat but an actual hinging pattern yep and we’re trying to make that lead leg do all the work so we’re just using that back leg for balance but we’re not using it to really do any of the hinging nice controlled on the way down and the way up head stays in line with your spine shoulders are nice and retracted get that hamstring glute lower back all working together excellent keeping balance and we’re breathing in on the way down out on the way up do equal time on each legs switching sides here in five four three two one zero okay let’s go ahead and emulate that same set up whatever setup you went with for your opposite side leg again so that means I’m choking up and doing a wrap around my foot here back leg got that kickstand set up and we’re right back into it again just a slight bend in that lead leg dry those hips back feel that stretch and then stand up squeezing your glutes up at the top probably one of my most favorite unilateral moves and we love these unilateral moves which is a movie that forces one side to work independent of the other and it really helps you to even out any and balances also helps you to put extra weight and resistance on one leg cause you don’t have both legs working together so that one leg or arm is forced to do all the work on its own so if you end up feeling one leg working harder than the other then you know you might have a little bit of an imbalance and like coach Kozak said that’s normal and this is a way to help correct those imbalances yeah just imbalances happen from there’s so many different factors in our day to day lives straight doing same patterns over and over again over years so these types of exercises help us to equalize even out both sides mm-hmm feeling it we’re feeling it with you everybody not much left on this one keep grinding them out right here working those hamstrings working that glute almost there let’s go five four three two one and zero excellent and that is a wrap on the work and you set that band off to the side take a big deep breath here we’re gonna move into some cooldown stretches the purpose of the cooldown is to lower our heart rates to come down and at the same time get a little extra mobility work that’s right make sure that you’re if you’re still on the ground that you’re coming up nice and slowly that’s it not a race we’re gonna do a one leg hinge next so feet are shoulder width apart and then let’s put take one leg and put it out on that heel with that leg straight toes are bent back now we’re gonna drive those hips back keep our shoulders square head in line with our spine and stretch that lead leg and just hold sorry you know what to come up don’t messed you up my apologies just an isometric hold what we’ve been doing the same kind of movement pattern all day yeah first time we’re doing it just to hold so anytime we’re doing a static stretch or hold we want to get to about 85 90 percent of what you’re capable of want to feel good stretch but you don’t want to feel pain and just hold breathe for five four three two one zero up nice and slow switch it up opposite side leg now and back down in it again get that lead leg straight pull back on those toes this one’s gonna stretch your glutes your hamstrings and your calf nuts especially if you’re bringing those toes back again for that calf stretch as well excellent shoulders stay back back is straight nice big deep breaths here stretching out that posterior chain and five four three two one zero hips forwards and up nice and slow excellent alright now we’re going to move on to our anterior part of our legs or the front of our legs and we’re gonna do a quadricep stretch so we’re into a standing quad stretch you need to either do this one from holding onto a wall or couch a chair or you can just do it on your own totally up to you it’s going to break grab one foot bring that heel back to your glute trying to keep that knee in tucked we don’t want it flaring out here to the side and again we’re just holding well eighty five ninety percent of what it is you’re capable of quads got in a lot of good work today yes they did that’s important that we spend the time to help them recover stretch them out here again nice big deep breaths for five four three two one zero switching it up here again all these stretches you may be more flexible than us less flexible than us whatever it is we ask you just make it your own make it work for you you know Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all solution so just make it work for your fitness level keeping good posture bringing that foot back as far as you can keeping good balance nice controlled breathing still trying to slowly bring that heart rate back down four five four three two one zero alright next one we’re gonna focus on our chest and our shoulders we’re gonna do a bent arm wall stretch so we need either a wall or a doorway for this next one let’s go ahead and bring your arm to a 45 sorry 90 degree angle and then put that upper or lower arm flat on the wall get nice and close to the wall and then we’re going to turn away from the wall opening that chest up shoulder up and just hold we’ve got a lot of shoulder and chest working today I feel like it definitely did so this is feeling good right now yeah it is you know there’s another it’s a great movie you can do as well just to help improve your posture if you spend a lot of time seated whether at a desk or driving moves like this helped to open you up and restore that natural posture holding for five four three two one zero shaking that on loose and you know the drill by now moving on to that next arm again and a ninety degree angle and then we slowly and gently turn away and you may find that one arm is a little tighter than the other totally common nothing to be alarmed about again nice big deep breaths here focus on bringing that heart rate back down four five four three two one and zero excellent stretch one of my favs last one right here we’re gonna finish what they reach stretch is a great one for your back especially your upper back so slight bend in those knees feet or shoulders apart let’s bring those hands up and over and then we’re going to reach won’t you act like somebody just grabbed onto your hands and they’re pulling back on your hands fill your upper back stretching fill those back muscles pulling away from your spine as you reach like you’re reaching for something in front of you actually nice big deep breaths here just taking one last second to be proud of what you achieve so far today you can cross this workout off your list no matter what comes the rest of your day you can feel proud that you got your workout in you did what you need to do to get yourself that much closer to your goal and you’re gonna do it again at your next scheduled work out four five four three two one zero relax those arms and that is it boom high-five to you out there way to finish strong thank you so much for working out with us today we’d ask that you please help support our mission of keeping these great workouts free you can do so by downloading our free app it’s available for both iOS and Android you can also stop by our store pick up one of our heads Fit shirts or some has figure as well as our diet guide eating for life and if you enjoyed this routine because we know that you did don’t forget to hit that big thumbs up button and the red subscribe button so that you never miss another brand new workout from Hospice again thank you so much for giving us the privilege of working out with you today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout