Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

The answer to so many questions in life is the same, Strength Training. You want to lose weight? Strength training. You want to gain strength and lean muscle? Strength training. You want to feel better throughout each day? Strength training. Okay, you get the point. This is an excellent full body dumbbell workout that can be performed at home or just about anywhere else. In addition to a couple pairs of dumbbells, you’ll also want to have a chair, step, or box available to you. Now let’s get moving!

Warm up
Squat to T-Rotation
Bird Dogs
Chest Opener + Butt Kick

30 Min Full Body Dumbbell Workout

A1: 3:1 Tempo Push Up / Incline x 10
A2: Elevated High Plank Row x 10 each arm
A3: Dumbbell Step Ups / No DB x 8 each leg
B1: DB Side Lunge / Modified Depth x 8 each way
B2: DB Straight Arm Reverse Fly x 12
C1: 2:1 Hammer to Supinated Curl x 12
C2: 1 ¼ DB Squats x 12

Cool Down
Downward Dog
Quadruped Rotation
Side Lying Quad Stretch