Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Strength training at home can be just as effective as in a gym. We’ll methodically work your full body with this resistance routine. We highly recommend having multiple dumbbells available so that you can choose an appropriate weight for each exercise that will both challenge you and allow you to perform the movement with proper form. You’ll also need a bench, box, or a step for a couple of the exercises. Let’s go!

Warm up
Deep Squat + Overhead Extension
Straight Leg Kick + Twist
Iron Cross Good Morning

Full Body Dumbbell Workout

A1: DB Rack & Suitcase Squat x 12
A2: Half-Kneeling DB Chop x 20 sec each side
B1: Self-supported DB Hip Row x 12
B2: DB Sumo DL + Hammer Curl + Press x 8
C1: 3:1 Tempo Push Up / from Incline x 10
C2: Bulgarian Split Squat / No DB’s x 8 each

Cool Down
Page Turner
Side Lying Quad Stretch
Downward Dog