Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Resistance bands challenge your muscles in a different way than traditional free weights. Bands use what is called accommodating resistance to eliminate momentum as your progress through the concentric phase of the movement. As an example, a dumbbell curl will get easier at the top of the curl because momentum has taken over to help move the weight. With resistance bands, the resistance increases at the top of the curl which eliminates momentum and forces the muscles to continue to work. Try this full body resistance band workout using just one long band, handles optional, to improve strength and gain lean muscle mass.

Warm Up
Step Back + Reach
Iron Cross Good Morning
Punch Out + Run in Place

Full Body Resistance Band Workout

Seesaw Rows
Squat from Rack / Squat
Ventral Raise
Staggered Overhead Triceps Ext
Kickstand Deadlift
Band Pull Aparts
Banded Push Up / from Knees
Reverse Lunge + Twist / Split Squat
Overhead Band Pulldowns

Cool Down
Posterior Shoulder Stretch
Chest Opener
Standing Quad Stretch
Toe Touch + Scarecrow

what’s up has four tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a total body resistance band workout the only equipment required for today’s routine is one long resistance band and while handles are not required they are recommended you can follow along with me for the standard moves and you can follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s get it started [Music] all right let’s begin with our warmup right now there’s no band required for the warmup just our own bodyweight we’re going to start with the step back and reach so our feet are shoulder-width apart so with one foot we’re gonna step back in that same side hand we’re gonna reach up and in the opposite direction alternating legs opposite leg now you’ll notice I’m gonna drop my back knee almost all the way down so it’s at a ninety degree angle and I’m really just doing a step back not dropping my knee all the way down and just reaching back you decide which one is appropriate for you and your fitness and flexibility level now the purpose of the warm-up today is to get your heart rate up a little bit as well as improving your mobility and flexibility we like to choose moves they’re gonna hit multiple body parts at the same time and this one is gonna work your balance as well yep as you saw there so don’t worry about being perfect it’s not about being perfect it’s just about putting in the work that’s why they call it a warm-up that’s it making sure to breathe here feeling that big stretch and your hip flexor your quadriceps as well as through your side dominoes shoulders again hit multiple body parts on this one not counting any reps today we’re just gonna perform as many reps as we can in the allotted time period let’s hit this one for just 10 more seconds making sure to breathe here for five four three two one and zero all right next one on the list is called an Iron Cross good morning we’re going to start with our feet shoulder-width apart slight bend in those knees we’re gonna place our arms out to our side with our thumbs up now our first move is going to be breaking our hips back keeping our back straight hinging at the hips feel that stretch in your back side now stand up squeezing your glutes up at the top so don’t turn this one into a squat but instead keep that same knee bend angle throughout the whole move it’s really all about that hip hinge hips go back hips come forward and squeeze those glutes at the top keeping our head in line with our back yep nice neutral spine that’s it thumbs stay up we’re also stretching out those shoulders and that chest at the same time as you come down keeping those arms straight nice big deep breaths here definitely feel the stretch in your hamstring yeah you depending on your range of motion and flexibility it may not take that much of a bend forward that’s true you might not be able to quite get down as far as we are the key is to keep that back straight even it ends up being like you know a 45 degree band forward that’s okay do what you can we’re gonna invite emphasize that throughout today’s entire routine not much left on this one let’s do it four five four three two one zero all right one last one we’re gonna get our heart rate up a little bit we’re gonna run in place plus punch out so like little ground contacts running in place getting a full extension punch bringing those hands back to your chin and full extension right left right left again making sure to breathe moving out a warm up pace here gonna be plenty of time for work coming up that’s it you want to challenge your shoulders a little bit more on this one feel free to give it a high punch oh good idea hot feet hot feet again just getting your heart rate up increasing that overall body temperature it’s a last warm-up move mix it up and breathe and if that run in place is a little too much for you today you can also do a march in place yeah II knew what I was gonna say I did that’s married life inside of one another’s head oh geez keep it up keep it up not much left let’s go last ten seconds on this last warm-up moved let’s do it four five four three two one zero alright shake it loose I feel good I’m totally ready for me to go ahead and grab that band we’re gonna get started and set up with a seesaw row and so this one’s gonna be a great move for our back we’re gonna go ahead and take this band and place it under both feet making sure to get it in the middle of your feet definitely don’t want these snapping back at you so make sure you get a good grip with your feet and while shoes aren’t required it does help to trap the band underneath your shoes if you do wear shoes throughout today’s routine depending on the resistance level of your band and the length of your band four different moves you may need to choke up on the band a little bit or wrap the band around your feet a couple extra time at times again really your need to make this your own okay for your resistance band level mm-hmm okay so turn with those feet shoulder width apart grabbing the band on either side were bending over on a 45 degree angle back is straight now we’re gonna do a seesaw roll right then left right then left pulling back on that elbow and if you don’t have enough resistance at the bottom on this one again that’s where you go ahead and choke up wrap it around your hands one more time until you find that right resistance level you’ll see us do that probably a few times throughout this routine today yeah because every move is gonna require a little bit different resistance level as well as you know depending on your limb length and your height keeping your back straight right then left pulling back on that elbow I want you to pretend like you got a string attached to that elbow and somebody’s pulling back on it every time a little bending your knees back stays straight and you’ll find this one will we even be working your legs a little bit just to maintain this set up in this foundation shoulders stays square we don’t want you twisting on this one today again just pulling back from that elbow only doing one set of each move today just getting in as many reps in as you can here during this a lot of time period keep breathing keep moving not much left on this first one just keep cranking them out that belly button drawn in towards the spine that’s it head stays neutral as well it means you don’t want your head up you don’t want it down either let’s go five four three two one and zero excellent okay we’re gonna move into a lower body move next we’re gonna do a squat we’re gonna show you two different variations I’m gonna do a back squat variation with my feet shoulder width apart wrapping that band and I’m bringing my arms up and behind me and I’m actually just gonna leave my hands right here by my side and so my version is gonna create more resistance with my band now only performers squat weight goes back in the hips first then break at the knees sit down stand back up that’s it right that’s the move that’s it that’s the whole squad and again depending on your resistance level needs it’s gonna determine what your setup is for this move as well as the resistance level of your band that you chose today keeping your back straight again head stays in a nice neutral position weight goes back in your hips first and then break out those knees up head up chest up on that squat keeping your feet flat we don’t want to come forward onto our toes and if you feel like you’re coming forward on your toes we really gotta emphasize that first move weight back in the hips first gonna burn those legs out with this one that’s alright how we know what’s working has fits right keep it moving how many can you get don’t allow those knees to fold inwards keep them out and strong by keeping those knees out make sure that we’re engaging our glutes and we’re breathing in on the way down breathing out exhaling on the way up one right into the next whoa come on let’s go and as it gets hard today as this level of difficulty increases you gotta remind yourself what brought you here today to begin with staying focused on it for five four three two-one-zero oh good excellent okay gonna give your legs a break we’re going to a pretty strict upper body move next next we’re gonna do a ventral race so for my length of band I’m gonna need a had my feet pretty close together for this one grabbing my band with my palms facing backwards I’m gonna bring my arms straight up overhead slow and controlled all the way up all the way down this one’s gonna work my anterior delts my shoulders as well as my back even a little bit of core and abs to control this movement just get back just a little bit there we go and making sure to breathe throughout this one doesn’t look like much but depending on your band resistance low it’ll kick your butt fast and again if you need to make it a little bit easier you can just use one leg yeah I don’t make it just a little bit easier on your resistance level say just adjust your feet as you need yeah it’s really the key to get through this is learning how to manipulate that band’s resistance level again controlling your breathing breathing in on the way down and out on the way up wall on into the next full range of motion we don’t have much left on this one let’s go last ten seconds whoo here comes my sweat it’s working five four three two one and zero yes all right let’s transition into a move for our triceps next we’re gonna go and trap that band behind our back foot we’re gonna be in a staggered stance so with that back foot flat trapping that band now let’s take the band put it behind us with our elbows up high in the air we’re gonna focus on only moving and bending at the elbows as we isolate our triceps straight up and straight down so we’re not trying to get our body weight or momentum involved in this but instead just focus on bending at the which is gonna isolate that back of our arms and our triceps squeeze them up at the top and extending those arms all the way straight up oh yeah this one feels good again making sure to breathe and this one’s probably gonna start to burn gotta remember you gotta fight past that burn burn starts to get tough and starts to kick in you have to be tougher trying our best to keep our elbows in don’t let them flare out too much one repetition right into the next who and don’t worry we’re gonna work our legs on the next move you’re that upper body Oh break one into the next here nice and controlled on the way up and the way down let’s do this one for just 10 more seconds let’s go half a tribe finish strong finish strong and let’s go five four three two one zero Oh burn so good oh goodness all right we’re into a kickstand deadlift or it’s like a one leg deadlift so we’re gonna take that front foot and put that band under our front foot and for this one you’re probably either gonna want to double up and choke on that choke up on that band or wrap it around your foot in extra time you decide which one you feel more comfortable with yeah that one might save your hands a little more I might end up having to do both so we’re gonna go ahead and take that back leg and bring it about one foot length back on the ball of your foot but 90 percent of your body weight should be on that front leg slight bend in that front leg as we drive the hips back feel that stretch in the hamstring and then stand up squeeze your glutes at the top so again don’t turn this one into a squat where you’re bending at the knee but instead start with the bend in your knee and keep that same bend as you use your hips as a hinge bringing them back and then forward feeling that stretch in your hamstring down at the bottom and then squeeze those gluts up at the top if you need to make this one easier then go ahead and choke up less on their bandaging you may need to make it harder wrap it around your foot a couple extra times or choke up on that band or both or both combination to the two or just get a stronger band maybe you’ve outgrown your band then make this workout work for you maybe you have a better selection than we do that’s it we probably need invest in a few new ones keep that back straight head stays in line with your spine then do equal reps on each side here finish this side strong here four five four three two one zero alright same setup let’s just go ahead and give you a second here to switch sides you get to try to emulate the same setup you had on the other side versus since we keep the same resistance opposite foot back and let’s get right into it trying to eliminate that downtime today one repetition right into the next keeping our heart rates up burning plenty of calories along the way here again those hips go back and then those hips come forward squeeze your gluts up at the top this one’s working your hamstrings your glutes as well as your lower back keep that lower back straight you don’t want to compromise it and round it once you hit the bottom so this is working your lower back in a good way same way that we work our ABS we also need to focus on strengthening that lower back I’ll make us stronger and all of our lifts as well as helping us to avoid any injuries just in our day to day lives stay in balance the best we can also working your stability and balance on this one call that a little extra credit and again we’re remembering to squeeze those gluts up at the top inhale on the way down exhale on the way up stretching those gluts back using those hips as a hinge you got it keep it up here fighting through that burn remembering what brought you here today to begin with whether you’re trying to lose weight get stronger gain some lean muscle or just be better at life whatever it is stay focused on it throughout today’s routine it’ll help you get through this routine without wanting to hit that pause button let’s finish this one strong four five four three two one and zero excellent all right moving on to our upper body that’s gonna hit our middle of our back or rhomboids scapula’s on this one we’re gonna do a band pull-up bar so grabbing that band maybe eight to twelve inches apart and now we’re gonna put with a slight bend in our elbows we’re gonna pull that band apart squeezing the middle of our back and return I want you to keep that same bend in your elbows throughout so we’re not extending and straightening our arms right here and getting our triceps involved but instead we’re keeping that same bend throughout our elbows arms stay parallel to the ground I don’t want you to pretend like Claudia or I just walked up behind it behind you and put our finger right in the middle of your back now I want you to squeeze that finger right in the middle of your back every repetition giving it a good squeeze this was a great one to strengthen your rotator cuffs improve your posture just strengthen your back as a whole this used to be my least favorite exercise but after doing these for a while this is actually now one of my favorite moves well when something’s a weakness of yours definitely often something that you want to try to avoid but really it’s the opposite that means it’s something we need to work on it until it becomes one of our strengths so don’t feel discouraged if this one isn’t easy you need to widen your hands a little bit totally a little easier the best thing about resistance band is that you can adjust it in a flash that’s it right just by adjusting your position and you’re set up nice and control especially on the way back don’t just allow that band to flop back and control not much left we’re burning on this one – my back is burning on fire four five four three two one zero whoo okay feeling good we’re gonna move to the floor for the next one we’re gonna do a banded push-up so we’re gonna set up with that band behind our backs and I like to set it up underneath my arms as well so moving to the floor I’m going to trap the band between the ground and my hand so it comes over my thumb here and I’m setting up here so depending on the strength of your push-ups you may want to be on your feet or maybe what Claudia is you want to be on your knees coming down into those elbows or a 90-degree angle and returning back up now again depending on your strength you might just want to lose the band all together and maybe perform this one without the band you decide what’s best for you and your current strength levels breathing in on the way down exhaling on the way up this one’s working our chest triceps our shoulders all working on this one and while we’re trying their best to just keep moving you need to take a second feel free to do so this is a tough combination here back-to-back definitely okay really after I just burned out my back again you’re not alone that’s it we’re here fighting with you has fit tried none of us are perfect we’re just all working to get better one repetition at a time focus on that breathing breathing in on the way down and out on the way up back stays straight abs are tight heads in line with your spine grind this one out much not much longer let’s just do 10 more seconds we’re almost there slide through it everybody fighting through it let’s go five four three two one and zero excellent let’s come back up onto our feet for the next one transitioning into a move for our lower body as well as our core we’re gonna take that band we’re going to place it under our front left foot and I’m actually gonna go ahead and double up on this one you can choose if that’s right for you or not we’re gonna do either a reverse lunge plus twist or a split squat plus twist hands are up in rack position I’m gonna step back drop my back knee until both knees are 90 and now I’m gonna twist into that lead leg and bring that back foot back up and I’m doing the split squat where I just drop my knee come right back up and then return to the split squat position you decide which one is more appropriate for you reverse lunge variation requires a little more balance split squat version is a little bit easier but really neither one is easy no not by much they are both tough keep those arms up in that rat position I was also gonna make sure that you’re working those shoulders and biceps at the same time ooh and your core my goodness very efficient move getting a lot of work in here in a short period of time we’re breathing trying our best not to bring that back knee until we’re actually hitting the ground don’t bounce that back knee off the ground but instead come up right before it hits I’ve stay tight we’re gonna switch sides here in five four three two one all right same setup just with that opposite right leg in front a couple deep breaths here gives you an opportunity to catch your breath right not much time okay and then we are right back into it again as this workout progressive progresses and gets tougher it’s up to you to remember what brought you here today to begin with use that as your motivator and your reminder to just keep moving forward it’s not gonna be easy but it will be worth it day after day rep after rep putting in that work to get to your goals so we’re easy everybody be fit everybody be in great shape but they’re not that’s what makes you so special for showing up today and putting in that work keep it up everybody come on not much left on this one right in through to the end with us here last 10 seconds make it count make it count let’s go four five four three two one and zero oh goodness all right we’re moving into an overhead band pull apart next so who’s gonna work our back as well as our shoulders feet are shoulder-width apart let’s go ahead and Bank grab that band about eight to 12 inches apart flip that band up and overhead so first move is going to be to pull that band apart until our hands are just outside of our shoulders now we’re gonna pull those elbows straight down and bring them back up notice this entire time we’re keeping that tension on the band being pulled apart so we don’t come down and bring the band back together but instead we’re constantly pulling the band apart as we pull down on the elbows we’re gonna bring that band down until it comes to about the crown of our head and then extend those arms straight up overhead keeping that tension throughout the entire movement at the top trying to keep that banner our hands but in line with her or elbows we don’t want our hands to get too wide at the top we’re pulling apart but we don’t want to pull apart too much where we have a really wide base up at the top if you’re feeling a little shaky join the club right I’m like core tight try not to shake so much whoo that’s our that’s how we know it’s working Claudia we’re shaking with you pulling down on those elbows this one’s working your back your lat rhomboids use all the muscles associated with your scapula and rotator cuffs it’s all working on this one come on let’s go not much left nice and controlled on the way up and on the way down making sure to breathe through it now let’s go last ten seconds fight through the end of this set what brought you here today has fit tried five four three two one zero accident we’re moving into a compound move next we’re gonna do a curl plus an Arnold press so we go ahead and step on that band either both feet or one foot just because of my resistance I build my band I think I’m gonna use just one so those hands starting by our sides we’re gonna curl first for those palms up then we’re gonna press and twist and rotate the hands straight up reverse direction twisting the hands back in and curling down so it’s a four part move one two three and four again we’re controlling all four parts we don’t want to just let momentum take over on this one nice and controlled and I’m on the curl not let your elbows flare out that’s it keeping those wrists in line with your forearms we don’t want little lazy spaghetti wrists to them nice and tight and straight and we are breathing throughout one two three four this one’s hitting your forearms your biceps your shoulders even a little bit of chest and back on this one a great compound move then again depending on your resistance level of the band you might need to choke up or you might need might need to make a little bit easier and you can even drop to your knees and do this one with your knees on the band if you need to again we encourage you just to make this routine your own whatever you do just keep pushing forward here don’t hit that pause button right there burning with you has fit driver rep by Rep we’re all getting better all getting a little bit closer to our goals not much left on this one keep fighting let’s go you’re a fighter not a quitter let’s see it right here exceeding your own expectations for this workout coming back repeating it getting a little bit better every time we’re going five four three two one and zero whoo give those shoulders a break we’re gonna move into a cool-down next time and the purpose of the cooldown is to allow our heart rates to come down slowly and at the same time being a little bit extra mobility along the way I’m sorry it’s all right just cleaning up the shot all right we’re gonna do a posterior shoulder stretch next we’re just going to take that let’s start I’d say your left arm take it reach it across your body and feel that stretching your shoulders as well as your chest it’s just a static stretch and on any of our static stretches we’re going to try to take it to about 85 90 percent of what you’re capable of we want to feel a good stretch but we don’t want to feel any pain good posture your shoulders got a good one today so it’s definitely gonna feel good yes and you again you stretch this one to where it feels good which might just be right here so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t have quite the flexibility we do nice big deep breaths on this one let’s switch sides and three two one zero shake it loose move into that opposite side next again good posture full stretch and you might find that one size a little tighter than the other again don’t be alarmed if that’s the case just concentrate on nice big deep breaths and allowing that heart rate to come down nice and slowly here taking a second to be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today excellent I’m just gonna hold this one four five four three two one zero all right let’s go ahead and hit that chest next with a chest opener we’re gonna take our fingers we’re going to interlace or interlock them behind our backs and then we’re gonna pull apart pulling back in our shoulders pushing our chest forward pulling those hands back it’s a little added stretch you can come and burn bend over and bring them up overhead and continue to pull them back you decide if you want to stay upright or if you feel comfortable with the extra stretch and bending over again just as we’ve been doing all day we encourage you to make this work for you and not the other way around cool my chest is feeling it today – yep nice big stretch here four five four three two one if you were down come up slow what you passin out on us all right we’re gonna move into a standing quad stretch next you can do this one with a wall or a chair or a countertop for support or you can just do this one on your own you decide what’s right for you pull back on that foot if you’re just using your own body to support you we recommend put up that opposite side arm helps a little bit for stability pulling that foot back to your glute we want to try to keep that knee in nice and tight to your body and not bring it out to the side if you do bring it out to the side it tends to take the concentration away from your quadricep again big deep breaths here as we stretch that quad that thigh muscle in the front of your leg let’s finish this one in five four three two one zero all right opposite side now again if you need to grab something no shame in doing so no shame in my game especially after that workout my balance isn’t exactly what it was at the beginning that’s right there was a lot of core engagement and stability involved with those bands so if you do want to do it without the without something to stabilize you it helps if you keep your eyes focus on something you’re not looking all over and I’m just lightly touching the wall to be honest with you I’m not putting all my weight on it I’m just using anneza little guide that’s it it doesn’t take much just to keep you upright I got a nice big deep breath here pulling back on that foot ideally trying to get that heel back to your glutes nice and controlled breathing here four five four three two one zero and relax all right we got one last one let’s finish up with little posterior chain move feet are together let’s go ahead and start with the toe touch bending over trying our best to reach all the way down for you it might end up being a shin touch or a knee touch but trying to bend as far down as we can go ahead and allow that back to round on this one and they were slowly gonna come up with their arms up overhead and we reach the top hold down on those elbows performing a scarecrow stretching that back out and then transition right back into the toe touch all the way down loosen up that vertebrae come and back up slow and under control my back got a lot of work today and sure did it’s important that we also concentrate on this recovery not just about the work but make sure we get that mobility and flexibility working as well so we can come back and live to fight another day now every time you reach down you’ll hopefully find that you’re able to get a little bit further down as you start to stretch and loosen up and last big stretch all the way down through that vertebrae loosening up and let’s stand up bringing those hips forward arms overhead big deep breath pulling down on those elbows and that is it you made it excellent workout today team another one in the books thank you for working out with us today we’d ask that you please support our mission of keeping these great workouts free by going and downloading our free app it’s available for both iOS and Android or you can stop by our store pick up some has fit gear has fit shirt or or my book stay fit for life if you enjoyed this routine today don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another brand new workout from House of it again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you again at your next workout