Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

You don’t need to go to the gym to improve your strength and lean muscle. Use this 30 minute full body workout with dumbbells to lift weights in your own living room. This is a great routine for both men and women. The weight you choose will be dependent on your fitness level.

Warm Up

Alt Hamstring Stretch + Arm Circle
Bent Over Twist
Arm Crossover + Butt Kick

Full Body Workout with Dumbbells

A1: Reverse Dumbbell Row with Pause 2×12
A2: Dumbbell Chest Press w/ Twist 2×12
A3: Suitcase Squat 2×12
B1: One Leg Deadlift / Kickstand Deadlift 2×8 each leg
B2: Curl + Arnold Press 2×12
B3: Shrug + Calf Raise 2×12
C1: Side Plank 2×30 sec per side
C2: Plank 2×30 sec
C3: Iso Curl Up 2×30 sec

Cool Down
Lying Side Quad Stretch
Scapular Stretch
Cat / Cow
Downward Dog to Child’s Pose

[Music] what’s up has four tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m 23 weeks pregnant Claudia and this is a total body workout to build strength and lean muscle the only equipment required for today’s routine is a pair of dumbbells and the way that you use is completely dependent upon your fitness level you can follow along with me for the standard moves and you can follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s do this [Music] you [Music] all right let’s jump right into our warm-up getting started with an alternating hamstring stretch plus arm circle that’s a mouthful let’s get one leg out in front of us up on the heel straight leg now let’s bring those arms up and over arm circle bend over weight back in your hips circle those arms for now let’s switch legs opposite side leg in front big stretch feeling that stretch in your hamstring calf glue lower back shoulders all working together on this one not a race just warming up multiple body parts at the same time making sure to breathe keeping that lead leg straight and the purpose of our warm-up today is to get your overall body temperature up get your heart rate up a little bit and at the same time get a little added mobility work in very efficient move here hitting multiple body parts at the same time now you may or may not be able to come down quite as far as we are we encourage you to make this move and really the whole workout your own make it work for you and five four three two one zero alright moving on to the next one we’re gonna do a bent over twist feet are shoulder width apart head is in line with your spine let’s bend over on a 45 degree angle with our arms down straight working on that spinal mobility now let’s twist to our right look up with that straight arm and then return opposite side now and return making sure to breathe throughout not holding your breath keep that back straight you don’t want it round it on this one shoulders stay retracted looking up at that hand as you twist this one’s great for shoulders chest back as well as your spine again a lot of you fishing moves here getting a lot in in a short period of time and do not hold your breath this one feels great on my lower back right now same here breathe them through it here last five four three two one and zero I did feel particularly great did okay moving on to an arm crossover plus butt kick we’re gonna go side to side kicking our own butt alternating right and left legs and then at the same time performing an arm crossover alternating right and then left arms on top and breathing through and this one’s hitting your chest shoulders quads hamstrings glutes all getting warmed up here as well as getting your heart rate up those palms down on this one move in side to side here that’s ready for this strength workout that’s it start to mentally prepare yourself here that work that you’re about ready to put in reminding yourself what it is I brought you here today that’s gonna be the driver that gets you through to the finish line and five four three two one zero zero shake those arms loose time to get started with our workout we’re gonna get started with a try set so we’re gonna go back to back to back three exercises we’re gonna need both dumbbells for the first one alright so go ahead and grab both of your dumbbells getting started with a reverse dumbbell row plus pause I’m gonna guide you through that here faders shoulder-width apart we’re gonna bend over on a 45 degree angle palms facing forward now pulling back on those elbows rowing all the way up one one-thousand pause up top return back down repeat up one one-thousand pause return we’re gonna do 12 repetitions let’s do it together and three two one begin row up one one-thousand every time get that nice contraction up at the top weights back in your hips your upper body’s on a 45 degree angle and your head is in line with your spine and that means we’re not looking up cranking our neck while we’re doing this one let instead keep that head straight in line with your back that’s seven right there pulling up on those elbows every time not back on the hands and emphasizing pulling back on those elbows we have a string attached to those elbows give a nice pause up at the top every time two more contracting those back muscles almost there last one excellent job okay we’re gonna move to the floor for the next one we’re taking both of our dumbbells with us so go ahead and move to the floor we’re gonna do a chest press Plus twist again with both dumbbells adjust your weight as needed we got twelve repetitions on this one line back on our backs starting with our palms facing forward we’re gonna press up and as we’re pressing up we’re twisting our hands to those palms face inwards squeeze your chest up at the top return back down and right into the next rep twelve repetitions beginning in three two one let’s do it up squeeze that chest up at the top every single time make sure those dumbbells are over your chest and not over your face that’s it keep those dumbbells right over those elbows as well you exhale as you push the dumbbells up over your chest inhale as you bring them back down to the ground being sure not to bounce your arms off the floor be easier to do so but stay under control that’s halfway right there squeezing that chest up to the top every time this one’s working your chest shoulders and triceps all working together here to make this one happen thanks you have three more almost there almost there controlling the way down inhale and exhale your last one that’s 12 right there excellent okay when such those dumbbells down we’re coming back up to our feet and we actually only need one dumbbell for this next one we’re gonna do a suitcase squat so with that one dumbbell let’s place that one dumbbell in our right hand that right arm make sure to use your legs to pick that dumbbell up definitely feet are shoulder width apart so it’s called a suitcase squat because we’re picking it up like one big heavy suitcase opposite arm is out to your side weights gonna be back in your hips sit down head in line with your spine bring it back up 12 excuse me 12 repetitions let’s do it in three two one begin control that descent and back up good by just using one dumbbell and one arm you’re also forcing your core to stabilize on this move makes it just that much harder get your core involve adds a little extra layer of difficulty on this squad make sure you want to keep your shoulders nice and square that’s where all that core work is coming in first we’re breaking up those hips then bending at the knees that’ll help you stay flat on your feet we don’t want to be coming forward onto our toes that’s number seven we’re gonna do 12 on this side and then the next time around this superset we’ll do 12 holding the dumbbell in our left hand that’s nine breathing in on the way down exhale on the way up you got it looking those hamstrings glutes quadriceps last one right here all at the same time okay excellent set I’m sorry pick up our second dumbbell and we’re moving back through this superset this tri set one more time so that means we’re moving back to that reverse dumbbell row with the pause feet shoulder-width apart going back to our back Leyna forward on that 45-degree angle pulling back on those elbows squeezing to the top 12 reps and begin exhale squeeze at the top every time get that full one one-thousand up at the top helps us emphasize those back muscles our lats our upper back and then our lower back core and glutes are working just to hold us in this position it’s halfway point great efficient move here good feel free to adjust your weight as needed throughout the routine go up go down make it harder or easier almost there two more all right last one right here make a count and well excellent alright let’s take both those dumbbells with us move into the floor one more time for that dumbbell chest press Plus twist you noticed how I’m getting down to the ground so if you are with child or if you have experienced a little bit of diastasis recti keep your weights next to you down on one side grab your weights exhale and bring them up over your chest and let’s get started in three two one begin pressing straight up twist those palms in and return excellent controlling that descent it’d be so much easier to just allow those dumbbells to flop down but resist that temptation get an ice chest contraction up at the top every time look you have a coin in between your chest muscles and you’re just trying to squeeze that coin wow that’s a good way to visualize that my wife like that in our god takes a lot for me to impress her so it’s pretty rare when it happens really you really have to think about some of these movements and how they’re supposed to affect certain muscle groups and body parts oh that’s great that’s it you can’t just go through it mindlessly be very deliberate in all of your motions that’s number 10 you got two more last two right here come Travel so which what you got last one big squeeze and down excellent okay we got one more set of those suitcase squats coming up onto your feet and again we only need the one dumbbell for this one we’re gonna switch hand so we were using our right hand switching over to our left hand for this one again getting set up here feet shoulder-width apart using my legs to pick up this dumbbell opposite arm out and we got 12 repetitions doing it together you know the drill begin control as one weight back in those hips keep those knees out back stay straight good posture throughout focus on that posture don’t allow yourself to come forward onto your toes and if you have in trouble with that that’s gonna mean that you don’t have quite the flexibility in your backside that you need something you need to work on so adjust your depth if you don’t come down quite as far if you’re right here but with good form do that that’s it that’s a good adjustment good modification halfway control that descent and the way up drive through those heels those hamstrings glutes quadriceps lower back core even your grip just holding onto the dumbbell two more reps fighting through a tribe let’s go there’s 11 last one right here you got it excellent alright let’s begin our second superset getting started with a unilateral lower body move we’re gonna be working one side independent of one another I’m going to be doing a one leg deadlift and I’m going to be doing the kickstand deadlift we need one dumbbell for this one start with that dumbbell in your right hand and our feet are shoulder width apart I’m going to get in the kickstand stance where I have my right toes in line with my left heel we’re both gonna go down to putting our weight back in our hips so I’m actually gonna bring my back leg up as I do so keeping my back straight and return standing straight up so mine is just more of a balance friendly version you decide which one is right for you we got eight repetitions on each leg let’s do a tribe and three two one begin bend that knee weight back in the hips and then return squeeze those glutes up at the top you are inhaling as you move the dumbbell down and exhaling as you come right back up keeping that head in line with your spine so that means your head and gaze is actually going to travel down with you as the rest of your body goes down this is number seven right here let’s do one more on this side and a excellent okay let’s switch it up same set up just opposite side now and three two one begin not about being perfect on our balance on this one just about putting in the work getting a little bit better every time if you start with one variation and you want to make it harder or easier feel free to do so come back repeat this workout use more weight less weight switch up your variation that’s right excellent breathing in on the way down breathing out on the way up that’s number seven you have one more and eight excellent okay we are going to need that second dumbbell for the next one moving into an upper body move we’re gonna do a dumbbell curl plus Arnold press two-for-one move here feet shoulder-width apart hands just at our sides we’re gonna start by performing your curl bring those pinkies up as we curl in now we’re gonna press straight up overhead twisting those palms forward now return back down that’s one repetition so it’s one two three four four twelve repetitions let’s do it together in three two one begin nice and controlled on the way up and on the way down especially that curl be really easy to just allow those dumbbells a flop down it’s all about control here really to get that strength and to build that lean muscle you need that time under tension not a race not a cardio move here making sure to get that eccentric phase at lowering phase working the excellent job breathing throughout do not hold your breath one into the next that is the halfway point six more of these to go and even though it’s twelve repetitions it sure feels like more cuz that’s a two-for-one move here you’re not imagining things burn is starting to kick in and when it does you got to remind yourself what it is I brought you here today to begin with what is it what are you working towards trying to get more fit lose weight gain gain muscle just get better at life whatever it is stay focused on a tribe two more almost there come on fight through we’re fighting with you last one let’s do it and zero excellent nice okay I’m gonna go a little heavier on this next one we’re gonna do a shrug a plus a calf raise so it’s an upper body plus lower body moves together we’re gonna have our feet shoulder width apart dumbbells at our side at the same time we’re gonna shrug bring our shoulders to our ears and come up onto the balls of our feet flexing those calves we got twelve repetitions let’s do it together and three two one begin part in the shrug faces oh yeah this is where we make those really attractive facial expressions me in particular my wife always looks gorgeous sorry oh stop paradise no don’t stop come on flex those traps and those calves up at the top with control flex them with control and bring it back down with control excellent be way easier to just use momentum on this avoid that temptation that’s halfway working our traps which are our upper back muscles our grip biceps forearms as well as our calves get that full extension up onto the balls of your feet and flex those calves up at the top three more almost there come on whoo doesn’t look like much but it’ll catch up with you I feel it traveling up my glutes here last one good all right let’s set those set those dumbbells down we only need one going back to either that one leg deadlift or the kickstand deadly I’m gonna shake my grip out here whoo I’m feeling it too okay burn so good tribe come on one dumbbell needed feet shoulder-width apart eight repetitions each side you know it let’s go three two one begin you can keep the head in line with your spine both variations require you focus on your balance working your hamstrings glutes quadricep stability balance lower back all working together here four more yeah excellent job trying your best to get that full range of motion as you come up and down that’s number seven feeling this won’t work in inhale down and exhale as you come out for number eight all right switching sides now same move right into it no down time three two one begin and you might find on these that you have one side that’s a little stronger than the other your doubt might be easier on your dominant side and that’s a great reason why we do these unilateral moves helps you even out any imbalances you may be developing in your day to day life always be incorporating these unilateral exercises for that reason that’s number five you have three more reps breathing in on the way down out on the way up come on tribe you got it no quit in you let’s see it right here right here and eight excellent okay so we need that second dumbbell now moving into the curl plus Arnold press that two-for-one let’s get it going here Dumbo’s our side 12 repetitions three to one began curl twists and press return Maksim break it down into four parts one two three four good one into the next again reminding yourself what it is that brought you here gotta put in that work to accomplish that goal and that’s what you’re doing right here it’s all about that discipline anybody can work out when they’re feeling good but you got to be able to do it on the days when you’re not feeling good halfway point right here six more Arnold press Plus curls to go and trust me we have those days plenty of those days but we’re not feeling it either you’re not alone just got to turn that mind off that’s it and start moving it’s all about just showing up really that’s what it comes down to showing up hitting that play button and that’s what you’re doing right here right now come on try it let’s go three more almost there fighting through that burn you are stronger than that burn let’s see it come on almost there pushing through that finish line last one make it count and zero excellent good all right we got the shrug plus calf raise as I said I’m going a little heavier for better or worse on this one and your legs to pick up those dumbbells twelve repetitions doing it together and three two one begin no shoulders to your ears come all the way up onto the balls of your feet and contract every time and this one doesn’t look like much but it will wear on you come on Sochi after those Arnold presses overhead yes it’s a brutal combo six more it’s tough but you’re a tougher you’re a fighter and not a quitter let’s see it right here has four tried doing it for yourself come on last one right here this is 12-0 accent work alright let’s finish off this workout with one more try set we have three exercises focusing on our core all isometric moves mean we’re holding a physician let’s move to the floor these are going to be timed so we don’t need to count any repetitions getting into a side plank position we’re on our forearm I’m gonna come up onto my feet and I’m gonna leave my bottom leg down on the ground we’re gonna come up bring that hip up back a straight opposite arm is up and that’s it just hold folks you’re looking at it make sure that your shoulder elbow is right underneath your shoulder hold Inc that core straight want a nice straight line from that foot to your inside shoulder hold and breathe we’re gonna switch sides do the opposite side halfway through core stays tight you got it switching sides in five four three two one no down time so try your best to switch sides as fast as you can here and we’re right back up and into it again focus on that oxygen get that breathing going and hold throughout this core workout we all about going to that happy place focusing on what motivates you don’t focus on the burn instead reminding yourself what it is that brought you here today to begin with keeping that arm nice and tucked underneath you we’re switching it up here and five four three two one let’s turn over now into a traditional plank in a prone position on both of our forearms I’m coming up onto the balls of my feet I’m gonna do my plank from my knees you decide which one is appropriate for you but get there and hold on this one I want you to focus on squeezing those glutes as well as your abs by getting those glutes a nice squeeze throughout really helps you to maintain a flat back weight I want your butt way up in the air and we don’t want it sinking again we want a nice straight line all throughout your body remembering to breathe through this movement and of course I’m doing this from my knees and I’m ensuring that I don’t have any abdominal pressure as I’m doing this particular movement that’s it do not hold your breath you will regret it if you do hold-hold-hold here let’s go the last 10 seconds of hold come on keep those glutes squeeze 2 4 5 4 3 2 1 last one in the tri-set we’re going back to our backs turn over almost like we’re getting ready to do a crunch I want you to put your hands in the small of your back under your back line back down now we’re gonna bring your shoulder blades up off the floor and we’re gonna hold it you know isometric contraction not reaching with your neck bring those elbows off the floor just squeezing those ABS so it’s not here with your head but instead come up bring those ABS you know a nice contraction and then hold that contraction with those ABS so all about that time under tension doesn’t look like much but combined with these other ones we’re not giving those ABS a break forcing them to work forcing them to be challenged and again that’s where change comes from hold it hold it you got it hold and breathe here 10 more seconds on this one and we’re gonna go one more time through it come on tribe you got it focus on that why four three two one zero turning over going back into that side plank position that means one more time around on that forearm get into that position and hold that’s it right there ABS stay tight core is tight don’t listen to that core it’s got plenty left it’s all mental at this point in time elbow is in line with my shoulder again form is very important back is straight fighting through right here come on how tough are you proving it to yourself today all about that mental toughness if you can do this you can do anything come on last ten seconds on this side then we’re switching over other side in five four three two one same move opposite side come on try it stick with us here stick with us come on fighting to that end fighting to that end don’t hand we’re up don’t stop when it hurts we’re gonna stop when we’re done all the way to that finish line you’re a fighter not a quitter let’s see it right here try come on breathe and hold breathe and hold that’s it come on almost there almost there inhale and exhale really help you get to this movement don’t hold your breath what brought you here what is it staying focused on it four five four three two one the prone position we go back to the plank come on let’s go stand off stand tough with us we’re right there with you back to that traditional plank and hold you want thrown a little extra credit here you can come up onto one leg and hold you decide what’s appropriate for you but do not give up come on let’s see it right here and if you are pregnant like myself and you’re feeling like even from the knees is a little too much you can take this to a bench that’s a great idea to do it from your knees with your elbows and forearms on a bench what did you do keep moving come on right there with you feeling that same burn come on millions thousands at home whatever it is doing the same workout with you we’re all feeling that burn together switching it up in five four three two one zero almost there to our backs we go that ISO curl up on our backs hands at the small of our back who are curling up bringing those elbows up off the floor contracting those abdominal muscles again do not curl with your reach with your neck but instead just keep a constant squeeze on those abs and for me I have a gentle squeeze on my abs remembering to breathe I don’t have any coning or doming in the middle of my Linea Alba here so this is still a safe movement for me to perform now holding their breath staying focused staying tight here we go here y’all almost there come on try and it together last ten seconds squeezing those ABS squeezing them four five four three two one zero whoo and that is it excellent excellent work out there all right take a couple deep breaths and we’re gonna move into a cool-down we’re staying on the floor first our first cooldown is a lower body move here from the floor so you see we’re not not going too far not in a hurry to jump up now okay we’re gonna start with a lying side quad stretch so go ahead and lie down on your side move my pack here and lying down on our side we’re gonna reach back grab that top the leg top leg pull back on either your foot or your ankle whichever feels most comfortable try your best to keep that knee in to your side and stretching that quadricep and we’re just performing a static stretch so that just means we’re holding here and any of our static stretches Rory’s trying to get to like 85 90 percent of what you’re capable of that means we want to feel good stretch but we’re not looking to feel any pain a lot of work on our quads today it’s a great move for them we’re going to turn over switch size and five four three two one excellent work slowly come on over to the opposite side same move and getting started in three two one begin and the purpose of our cooldown today like always is just to give your heart rate a chance to come down nice and slowly and at the same time we’re getting some extra mobility and flexibility working great time after the workout to do that can also help you with some of your delayed onset muscle soreness your Dom’s relieve some of that soreness as well nice big deep breaths holding this one for five four three two one zero all right we’re coming up onto all fours we’re gonna work on our posterior mobility here and do a scapular stretch so with their hands shoulder-width apart I want you to first lower your upper body squeezing your scapula together like somebody has their finger in the middle of your back and you’re trying to squeeze that finger and then I want you to reverse it like somebody’s pulling you straight up from the middle of your back and you’re stretching that scapula keep your head straight on this one and hold now reverse it just a great one for your overall shoulder and upper body mobility and after those straight arm reverse flies I have a feeling I’m gonna need this exercise a little bit more exactly there’s no same muscles squeezing those scapulars together and reverse it pulling straight up like somebody’s hooking you from the middle of that back like you’re drawing your scapular is away from your spine that’s a great analogy and relax okay we’re moving into a similar move a little different here I’m gonna do a cat cow so this one’s gonna be a rounding of your whole back so let’s start by bringing that upper back upper back up but at the same time we’re also bringing that chin to your chest nice and slowly and then now let’s reverse it bring your abdomen to the floor shoulders back and head up nice big deep breaths reverse it now again being pulled up in the middle of your back but this time curling that chin into your chest and reverse it one last time add them into the floor shoulders back head up excellent okay one more yoga inspired move for us here let’s go into a downward dog so let’s come up onto our feet from this position and we’re gonna bring our hips backwards relaxing at the shoulders keeping those legs straight hacked like somebody’s behind you pulling back on your hips feeling the stretch and your calves hamstrings glutes lower back shoulders all getting hit together and as you see Claudia likes to do you can also walk it out right to left leg that just puts a little extra emphasis on each side big deep breaths and now let’s come down onto our knees arms out straight in front of us we’ll be into a child’s pose we’re gonna sit back sitting back on our glutes onto our calves and feet shoulders relaxed out in front of us straight arms out straight in front of us look good stretching my lats right now with this one yeah definitely again being multiple body parts including your lats shoulders lower back quadriceps glutes all getting stretched out let’s go back through the sequence one more time coming back up onto our hands into a downward dog again just a great overall posterior stretch great one to do everything from improving your posterior mobility to relieving any lower back or shoulder pain improving posture a lot of great benefits of this one to many really the name justice should be a staple in your arsenal and in your toolkit okay let’s come down one last time into that child’s pose position and this is it try it’s good cooldown you had the excellent work today tribe way to show up get the job done it’s all about that discipline showing up for your workout even when you don’t feel like it especially when nobody’s watching just you versus you and today you won that mental battle and you’re gonna use this as a jumping off point for the rest of your day and tomorrow you’re gonna do it again you’re gonna remind yourself if you can do this you can and will do anything big deep breaths here four five four three two one zero and that accent is it folks it’s a wrap we made it made it excellent work out there can we just give my wife a round of applause no I mean she blows my mind every single day so just want to give a second give my wife a shout out thank you for working out with us today we appreciate your support and you can support us further by downloading our free app it’s available for both Android and iOS you can also stop by our store pick up some has fit gear or our diet guide eating for life don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up as well as following us on any of your favorite social media platforms again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout