Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

We love our elastic bands! They’re so versatile and a great option whether you’re working out at home or looking for a great workout while traveling. We’ll work on building lean muscle and strength while burning calories to help you lose body fat. Today’s full body resistance band workout requires long resistance bands and you’ll probably want a few different strength level bands available to you, so that you can switch up the resistance depending on the movement. We recommend using bands with handles for your comfort. Let’s begin!

Warm up
Step Back and Overhead Reach
Hamstring Sweep
Squat + T Rotation

Full Body Resistance Band Workout

A1: RDL + Shrug x 12
A2: Curl + Arnold Press x 12
B1: Seated Reverse Row x 12
B2: Kickstand Front Squat x 8 each leg
C1: Band Pull Apart x 12
C2: Triceps Pull Apart x 12
C3: Reverse Lunge x 8 each leg
D1: 2:1 Iso + Low Band Fly x 8 each arm
D2: Hollow Body Pullover x 30 sec
D3: Standing Leg Abduction x 8 each

Cool Down
Toe Touch to Chest Opener
Quadruped Wrist Stretch
Side Lying Quad Stretch