Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Warm up
Squat to T-Rotation
Bird Dogs
Chest Opener + Butt Kick

Dumbbell Full Body Workout at Home

A1: 3:1 Tempo Push Up / Incline x 10
A2: Elevated High Plank Row x 10 each arm
A3: Dumbbell Step Ups / No DB x 8 each leg
B1: DB Side Lunge / Modified Depth x 8 each way
B2: DB Straight Arm Reverse Fly x 12
C1: 2:1 Hammer to Supinated Curl x 12
C2: 1 ΒΌ DB Squats x 12
D1: Lying Triceps Extension x 12
D2: Side Plank Leg Lift / from Knee x 10 each side
D3: Half-Kneeling Halos x 10 each side

Cool Down
Downward Dog
Quadruped Rotation
Side Lying Quad Stretch