Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Improve strength, gain lean muscle, and shred body fat with this home weight training routine. This full body dumbbell workout is great for both women and men. Grab your dumbbells and let’s pump it up!

Warm Up

Straight Leg Kick and Twist / Knee Twist
Overhead Wall Pullovers
Downward Dog – Frogger Steps – Low Squat

Full Body Dumbbell Workout at Home Routine

A1: Goblet Side Lunge / Goblet Side Squat x 6 each leg

A2: Dumbbell Snatch from Hang / High Pull x 12

B1: Shoulder Press + Chest Squeeze x 12

B2: Good Morning + Row x 12
C1: 3-1 Tempo Push Up / from Knees x 12

C2: Dumbbell Lawnmower Lunge x 8 each leg

D1: Dumbbell Drag Curl x 12

D2: Dumbbell Thruster + Calf Raise / No Raise x 12

E1: Overhead Triceps Extension x 12

E2: Sumo Deadlift + Hammer Curl x 12

F1: Dumbbell Fly + Leg Raise / Knees Raise x 45 seconds

F2: Mountain Climbers / Modified x 45 seconds

Cool Down
Seated Reach + Chest Opener
Lying Side Quad Stretch
Open Book to Half Angel

[Music] what’s up has fit tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a total body workout to build strength and muscle the only equipment required for today’s routine is a pair of dumbbells and the way that you choose will be completely dependent upon your fitness level you can follow along with me for the standard moves and you can follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s lift some weights [Music] [Music] [Music] let’s begin with our warmup we’re getting started with either a straight leg kick and twist or a knee twist you can decide which variation is more appropriate for you today both sides are gonna test your balance a little bit at the same time help you to loosen up that thoracic spine hamstrings lower back a little bit of chest and shoulders getting you prepared for what’s to come that’s it this is a great move just to warm up multiple body parts at the same time that’s why it’s one of our favorites and if you want to do the straight leg variation but you can’t quite get your legs up as high as I am that’s okay as well feel free to kind of do a little bit uh do a hybrid move right yeah variation between the two okay you make this workout work for you and that’s gonna apply throughout today’s routine making sure to breathe here continuing this one for just last ten seconds moving at a warmup pace four five four three two one zero alright let’s warm up our shoulders next we’re gonna move on over to a wall we’re gonna do an overhead wall stretch so let’s go and put that upper back tight up against that wall from your lower back upper back traps even your head tuck it all up against the wall palms facing inward raise those arms up overhead and then lower them back down try your best to keep your whole back flush up against that wall as you perform this one and you know fill different muscles and your back stretching that you didn’t even know you had all the way overhead the best you can and you may be better at this one than us the or you may not quite be able to get your arms her hands all the way back to that wall again we just encourage you to make it your own and we are exhaling as we move our arms up over a head inhale on the way down as you go through this move you’ll probably notice that your fifth and six rapper getting a little bit looser than your first and everyone’s gonna get just a little bit better here it’s a great move doing loosen up that upper body specifically those shoulders traps upper back and just breathing the whole time keeping that back flat up against the wall the best you can keeping it going for five four three two one zero shake those shoulders loose we’ve got one last warm-up move this one’s a bit of a combo we’re gonna start on the floor in a downward dog so wouldn’t come down onto your hands and then we’re gonna drive those hips back feel that stretch in your hamstrings glutes lower back almost like somebody’s pulling those hips back behind you now let’s step up with our right foot by our right hand and then left foot by your left hand into a Frogger step come up and do a low squat feel that stretch in your legs and then back down step back repeat back into that downward dog for that stretch hips back and I’ll step up opposite leg first Frogger step Frogger step low squat and back just repeating this cycle again just another great one to hit multiple muscle groups at the same time trying to use proper form that bottom squat position and every time going back into that downward dog driving those hips backwards try to step up with an opposite leg each time purpose of this warm-up is to increase your overall body temperature get your heart rate a little bit up and at the same time gain some added mobility excellent again just moving at a warm-up pace here last one making sure to breathe for five four three two one zero and that’s it warm-up complete killer move there good multiple muscle groups at the same time well we like that one okay we’re gonna jump right into a superset that means we’re gonna go back and forth between two different exercises and we’re gonna do sets of each of those exercises we are going to need one dumbbell for that first one we’re gonna do either a goblet side lunge or a goblet side squat which I will demonstrate so let’s hold that one dumbbell but we’re gonna hold it from up top and get that dumbbell placed vertically into a goblet position we’re gonna step laterally to our side I’m taking a big step and I’m going about shoulder width and then we’re coming back up you decide how long the step is appropriate for you you want to turn it into the lunge or you want to do the squat variation correct doing six on each leg doing it together here sorry all on one side moving to the right first three two one let’s do it put that weight back in your hips no matter which variation you choose making sure to sit back you don’t want that way over your toe but instead you’re really breaking at those hips making those glutes hamstrings do the majority of the work that’s right like you’re trying to sit back into an invisible chair if you’re doing my variation that’s it sitting back like it said only six on each side last one right here on this side and there’s six switch it up opposite side now right into it and begin nice full range of motion trying to get good depth on that either that squat or that side lunge whichever variation you choose breathing in on the way down exhaling on the way up this is number five excellent here we go last one and six good okay excellent for the second move in the superset we are gonna need your second dumbbell so two dumbbells for this one make sure to use those legs when you’re picking up your weights I’m gonna do a snatch from the Hang I’m gonna be doing a high pull again you choose which is right for you feet are shoulder width apart slight bend in those knees drive those hips back keeping your back straight drop the demos to about knee height and then drive explosively up on the elbows while you bring your hips forward I’m flipping those dumbbells overhead and as you notice I am stopping right at the point where I’m going to flip but I’m not so you decide which one again is right for you here we are twelve reps three two one get it so major difference between the two moves as I’m continuing that momentum and allowing the dumbbells to flip over where Claudia is just driving those hips forward and then bringing elbows up so you’re gonna inhale on the way down put an exhale as you snap those hips and bring those dumbbells up make sure to keep that back straight head in line with your spine as you load those hips halfway and bend over and make sure you’re not turning that hang into a squat but instead hinging at the hips make those hamstrings and glutes like you try and touch your bum to the wall behind your asses stretching back and then big power straight up excellent alright guys we have two more cable work and here we are last one big power let’s go tribe excellent okay that’s one of each so going back to either that side goblet lunge or the side goblet squat no downtown right into it grab that one dumbbell and we’re doing six on each side and begin and if any of these you start with my variation you need to switch it up or vice versa you start with the easier one and you need to go to a harder one feel free to do so or if you need to switch up your weights that’s very true you’ll notice we’re gonna switch up our weights throughout today’s routine one more on this side nerwin switch and excellent okay switch it up opposite side now here we go and began this one’s working your hamstrings your quadriceps your glutes a little bit of lower back and shoulders as well all working together to make what happened nice consistent breathing here last one right here good all right let’s let those legs rest grab your second dumbbell moving back in to give you a snatch well we’re the high pull big power here driving up on those elbows for 12 reps and three two one begin big power straight up this one’s working your upper back your traps lower back hamstrings glutes all working together make sure to keep that head in line with your spine as you’re bending over that means you don’t want to have your head looking up as you’re doing it but instead allow your gaze to go three more reps oh it’s there big power big power last one right here and zero excellent all right this second super sets coming at you we’re getting started with a shoulder press plus chest squeeze so we’re doing an overhead press for 12 repetitions on the first one let’s go and start those feet shoulder-width apart bring those dumbbells up by your ears elbows serve a 90 degree angle we’re gonna press straight up overhead full extension and come back down and then bring those elbows together chest squeeze returned repeating that move for 12 repetitions so it’s a two in one that’s right so make sure you choose your weight accordingly for this one alright let’s burn out those shoulders on this one and three two one begin keep a good base slight bend in those knees squeeze that chest together as you bring those dumbbells together excellent have a good solid core on this one don’t lean back at all breathing throughout whatever you do do not hold your breath it’s a long time under tension for this one cuz it’s 12 repetitions but it’s really two moves in one that’s right and ice actually you halfway point right there that’s six thanks fine keep grinding it out here this one’s gonna work your shoulders your chest your triceps even a little bit of core thrown in there just to stabilize your body and on this one good keep it up fighting through that burn here’s number 10 good good good almost there tried fighting through that burn fighting through it together last one finish strong right here whoo excellent all right set those dumbbells down over you can keep that way if you’d like to moving onto a good morning plus row another combo move here I’m gonna actually go up and weight a little bit on this one as a mine you can choose again what’s appropriate for you feet are shoulder width apart let’s bring those elbows up do a 90 degree angle elbows tucked in to your side slight bend in those knees drive those hips back keeping your back straight hinging at your hips there’s the good morning extend your arms and then pull back from the elbows there’s your row now stand back up second half of that good morning two-for-one again moving 12 repetitions three two one begin hips back dumbbells down pull the dumbbells up from the elbow stand up big and tall there’s one repetition again one right into the next on this one so again with these good mornings we’re not turning this into a squat or hinging back like we’re trying to touch our rear end to the wall that’s behind us keep that back nice and straight on this one no rounding shoulders stay retracted really drive those hips back making the glutes and hamstrings and do the work on this one good head stays in the line with your spine that means we’re not looking up on this one but instead we’re allowing our gaze to travel down as we hinge at those hips that’s your halfway point this movie’s gonna work your hamstrings your glutes your lower back your biceps your forearms and your upper back all at the same time again this is a total body workout and we’re getting as much work in as we can in this short period of time almost the hair keep it going guys this is number 10 you have two more worn rep right into the there we go last one let’s finish strong weight back in those hips pull from the elbows finish strong yeah excellent job that’s an awesome move love it alright so one more time around this superset that means we’re moving back into that shoulder press yeah plus chest squeeze choosing weights appropriate for you so if you want to up the way lower the weight feel free to do so your shoulder ones get you quick they do against the two doing one move here okay twelve reps and three two one let’s begin press them straight overhead and then bringing those dumbbells and elbows together squeeze that chest excellent work controlling the move throughout yes it’d be way easier to rush through it but instead we’re gonna control it make those muscles work not relying on momentum to take over but really making those muscles do the work and we’re gonna get the results excellent that’s half way keep breathing keep fighting here only two sets of these so get through this set and you won’t see this move again today good good good every repetition is giving you just that much closer to your goals stay focused on it to you more tribe what is it that brought you here today what made you hit that play button last one last one right here finish strong squeeze hah excellent nice all right set those down back into that good morning plus row let our shoulders rest and now we’re gonna work our back and back side over our legs at the same time here okay last 12 feet of shoulder-width apart elbows up to a 90 and let’s hit it weight back in the hips feel that stretch yeah every time and if every time you’re doing that row make sure you’re pulling back from those elbows like you got a string attached to those elbows not pulling back from your hands but instead pone back from those elbows excellent I love this movie cuz it’s such a posterior chain move you know there’s a phrase I always like which is the show muscles are in the front but they go muscles they’re in the back and that means we’re all your power speed athleticism comes from those back side muscles hamstrings glutes and in your back this is a great one for all of them almost there keep grinding it out tried that’s number eight keep breathing to exhale when you bring those dumbbells up that’s it don’t hold your breath you will regret it you got it you got it that’s ten you got two more every repetition is just getting you that much stronger didn’t you that much closer to your goal last good morning right here excellent make it count and zero nice work all right let’s pump it up for this next one we’re getting started on the floor for our next superset in a push-up but a little bit different push-up we’re gonna do eight three one tempo push-up so we’re gonna do three seconds on the way down and one second on the way up and I’m gonna be showing you this variation from my knees and I’m here on my feet so one two three one on the way up twelve repetitions in total again let’s get it going together try it three two one begin control that- descent and one one-thousand on the way up one two three the one there it is exhale on the way up really emphasizing this eccentric negative portion of the move and probably fairly little-known fact your negative strength is actually stronger than your concentric or pushing strength which is why these push-ups are so great because they also test that negative lowering strength at the same time halfway point again breathing throughout breathe in on the way down and out on that one second on the way up good good good working your chest triceps shoulders all together we’re gonna get a little bit of abs in there at the same time get that back straight and you I keep cranking here we go last one and one nice job okay we already need both dumbbells for the next one we’re gonna be standing up doing a dumbbell lawn mower lunge we’re both can be doing the same variation so to adjust the difficulty adjust your weight mm-hm so let’s go ahead and start by stepping and lunging with our left leg we’re gonna reach with our opposite side right hand to our foot now as we stand up we’re gonna pull back from the elbow down opposite side now so with our right leg reach with our left hand pull back from that elbow like we’re starting a lawn mower okay we’re gonna do eight repetitions on each leg so 16 in total doing it together and three two one let’s go get it nice reach pull back from that elbow dumbbell down right back into that next one coming back from the elbow as we’re standing up so use that momentum use that power from your legs to help pull that dumbbell up as we return exhale as you’re pushing your way up making sure to breathe that’s it don’t hold your breath on any of these today good keeping your back straight you’re gonna get a slight lean as you reach and that’s healthy but keep the back straight as you do so don’t allow those shoulders to round good another combo move here this one’s working your quadriceps hamstrings glutes and as well as your upper and lower back all working together to make this one happen two more almost there come on let’s go fight with us let’s go try it let’s go let’s go what you got nice alright set those dumbbells down and we’re headed back to the floor for another round of those push-ups Claudia’s favorite move this is a killer set but I like this alright let those legs and back rest back into push-ups I wanna be up on my feet for this one and I am down on my knees you choose what’s right for you but let’s get it going three seconds on the way down one two three once that kind of layout boom that’s a control that negative portion excellent work and control your breath your breath can really hurt you when you’re going to push up movement that’s it if you hold your breath during this whole set you are gonna be wasted when you try to get back up so inhale and push her exhale on your way up that’s it stay and focused on that’s your halfway point right there keep that core tight one right into the next you gotta try to focus on what brought you here what motivates you trying to get stronger build some muscle lose some fat just get better at life whatever it is stand focused on it whatever you do two more come on grind through it everybody grind through it last one and boom zero excellent okay we are getting you both those dumbbells one more set of that dumbbell lawnmower lunge choosing your weight accordingly eight on each leg come on let’s burn them out and three two one let’s do it big step pull back from that elbow baby power every time that’s it your powerhouse power factory let’s see it inhale exhale I want you to exceed your own expectations today not competing with us competing with that you from yesterday that couldn’t get it done but today you got it come back repeat this workout get a little bit stronger every single time putting in that work day after day to accomplish your goals staying focused on it three more visualize it right here come on homo stare almost there last one right here big power boom excellent job we’re getting this next super set started with one of my favorite bicep moves it’s called a drag curl two dumbbells are gonna be required for it make sure to use those legs and pick up your weights doing 12 repetitions of this one feet are shoulder width apart start with those dumbbells down by your sides palms facing forward we’re gonna curl up but we’re actually gonna keep those dumbbells in contact with our body pull those elbows back as we curl up and then repeat the process back down those dumbbells stay right up against us the whole time for 12 repetitions 3 2 1 and begin keep them up bending at those elbows and control that negative descent making sure to breathe again on all these moves were breathing in on the easiest part exhaling on the hardest so we’re exhaling as we curl breathing in as we lower those dumbbells this one really want you to focus on that time under tension which means we’re going nice and slow and do your best not to turn this into a trap raise where you feel like you have to shrug your shoulders essentially you just want to drag it and when it gets to that point right up here about chest level just come right back down yeah so those elbows are actually traveling behind your body as you pull those dumbbells up or curl those dumbbells up nice and controlled here we love this move because it really isolates the bicep so it doesn’t allow you to get any momentum or swing the weights also doesn’t allow your shoulders or any other muscle group to get involved that’s why why it’s one of my favorites also a lot of times you can’t use as much weight on this one because of that that’s true so don’t be surprised if this is a little heavier than normal that’s right start conservatively conservatively with your weight and then come up if you need to you have about three more almost there nice and control feeling those positives work yeah that’s it last two right here tried come on where ya SP tried flight and through that burn with you on this one last one right here make a count tail exhale and excellent okay so we can set those weights down if you’re using a more you can use the same way up to you I’m gonna increase my weight a little bit for the my just a little bit we’re gonna do a dumbbell thruster and I’m gonna do mine with a calf raise so let’s start with those feet shoulder-width apart bringing those dumbbells up in a rack with those palms facing your face we’re going to sit back and squat weight back on our hips break at the hips come down to the thighs are parallel and as we stand up we’re gonna twist the dumbbells and press overhead and I’m coming up onto my balls my feet ain’t performing a calf raise and I am mixing the calf raise all together you decide which one you feel most comfortable with 12 reps let’s do it three two one breathe in on the way down exhale on the way up one repetition that’s moving right into the next using that power from your legs to help explode those dumbbells straight up overhead this one’s working your quads hamstrings glutes shoulders triceps all working together this is probably one of my favourite total body movements ever so many muscles working at the same time make sure to keep some more feet flat don’t come forward under your toes in the bottom of that squat last one push and good work okay one more of each here let all your other muscle groups are a spa biceps will work drag curl it is your Brice’s didn’t really get a break on that one no not not necessarily a break break you know they’re still burnin alright palms are facing forward 12 drag curls let’s do a try to do those dumbbells in contact with your body nice and controlled here you know how we do it has been that’s it nice and efficient compound moves hey macho working in a short period of time because we don’t have time for a two-hour workout you got stuff to do places to go people to see that’s right excellent we really can’t focus on controlling that negative portion it’ll be so much easier if we just allowed those dumbbells that flop back down but don’t do it control the way up and the way down those dumbbells in contact with your body we will call this one number six it sounds good to me good good good keep it going halfway done with this one keep it grinding tribe that’s it every repetitions getting you just that much closer to your goals that’s it hey and focused on it whoo biceps are starting to burn burn so good that’s alright how we know it’s working that challenge is where change comes from that’s right you have three more let’s do it there is no change without being challenged getting comfortable with getting outside of our comfort zone right here almost there whoo they own that burn kick in I like it come on last one nice and control and zero good okay with those alright check those off your list let’s do our last set of thrusters grab that weight and let’s get it moving that’s right use those away legs that pick up the weight if you’re picking them up Peters shoulder-width apart dumbbells in rack position let’s go get a try weight back in the hips begin press overhead beside if you want to do that calf raise at the top or not takes a little more balance breathing in on the way down exhaling on the way up good good good almost there almost there halfway fight fight fight let’s go don’t let those knees collapse in you’re a fighter not a quitter let’s see it right here proving it to yourself three more come on keep it grinding don’t stop when it hurts stop when you’re done here we go last one last one whoo nice job let’s start this next superset by attacking our triceps we’re gonna need both dumbbells for this one we’re doing an overhead tricep extension and if you have a couple different variations of dumbbells you may want to start with a lighter one for this depending on your triceps right good rule of thumb is always start light with your weight and work your way up if you need to it’s a great advice let’s pop those dumbbells straight up to start palms facing inward now only bending at those elbows and then extend all the way up all the way down toes elbows get to about a 90 degree angle and extend them up top 12 repetitions in total let’s get after it pop them straight up and begin breathing in on the way down and out on the way up keeping those elbows pointed towards the sky the entire time that’s it don’t know how to drift too far forward and full range of motion all the way up and all the way down this one doesn’t look like much but don’t catch up to you yeah and when you can especially when you combine it with everything else we’ve done today one right into the next year number eight almost there twelve in total grind it through it right here breathe in on the way down out on the way up here we got last one and 12 excellent okay I’m gonna go up and wait a little bit for the next one you can choose what’s right for you we’re doing a sumo deadlift plus hammer curl so another two and one move here we’re gonna get set up in a sumo stance which is our feet a little wider than shoulder-width toes are pointed out let’s bring those hands in front of us palms facing inward break it the hips first head chest up back is straight come down to the sides are parallel when you get down here at the bottom curl all the way up all the way down stand up that’s one that’s one let’s do twelve of them three two one and begin weight back in those hips curl palms facing inward all the way up all the way down and stand up one of the brutal parts about this one is you get that isometric sumo deadlift at the bottom every time just having to hold that position that is by design just in case you were wondering so you inhale on the way down exhale is your hammer curl inhale and then exhale as you come back up get that breathing right keep those knees out don’t allow them to hold inward on this one we’re really putting that weight back in your hips back stays straight that’s it and head stays in line with your spine this one’s gonna work your hamstrings your glutes lower back forearms and biceps all working together on this one given your grip strength is getting some good work on this one as well good good good keep breathing keep moving anymore last to make a count has fit try come on we’re yeah we’re yeah last one inhale exhale exhale as you come back up nice work on to the next one dumbbells are down moving into that overhead tricep extension last set what this sweat off my hands here hey I think this one’s working today alright last set at 12 get those dumbbells straight up overhead and boom let’s begin only been at those elbows last 12 of these come on try make it count right here never said it’d be easy but it will be worth it one into the next here six halfway already okay good good make sure those triceps are doing the work don’t allow any other muscle to take over here’s ten eleven and twelve whoo way to grind through it no more of those check them off the list again I’m switching my weight up for this last set sumo deadlift plus hammer curl using my legs to pick up those dumbbells feet are a little wider than shoulder width apart toes pointed out last set of 12 right there with the heads for tribe let’s do it together and begin down curl up there it is one right into the next you’re like a machine you can do this all day long nothing can stop you can’t stop won’t stop come on you gotta believe it your legs are telling you they don’t have any left your arms are telling you they don’t have any left they’re lying to you it’s all in your head here’s number seven it’s all mental at this point just keep pushing come on don’t hit that pause button one into the next so close come on let’s go let’s go keep breathing don’t hold your breath how many we got Claudia we got two more last two come on here it is here it is last one you got it right and there nice yeah all right we’re gonna pick the pace up a little bit on this last superset we need both dumbbells and we’re headed to the floor now we’re gonna start with a dumbbell fly Plus either a-line leg raise or knee raise and these last two we’re not gonna count any repetitions so it’s all about getting as many reps in as you can and a lot of time period let’s press those dumbbell straight up overhead with palms facing inward next bring your chin up off the ground tuck that chin get the shoulder blades off the ground next I’m gonna do my legs up straight and I’m bringing my knees up here does that which variation is right for you now I’m gonna line my legs that come down as I open my arms give it a slight bend in those elbows and then return cloud is just bringing those knees in alright we’re getting as many in as we can grind it out right here nearing the end has to drive and three two one begin I want you to keep that lower back glued to the floor on this one don’t allow any arch and if you’re feeling in arts and maybe you need to skip to a either the lighter variation with lighter weights or get those knees bent and for the knee variation you can either rest your feet on the ground for a little bit and come back up or you can keep them in the air and just return to the knees you decide which variations right for you but either way let’s keep it moving here slight bend in those elbows throughout don’t turn it into a press but keep that fly going arms open up and then they close squeezing that chest this one’s gonna work your as your chest shoulders all at the same time keep those dumbbells straight over your chest don’t allow them to extend too far over your face breathe in on the way down and out on the way up come on keep it up keep it up how many can you get here last ten seconds go go go go come on almost there four five four three two one zero dumbbells are down to this next one we’re turning over doing a good old-fashioned mountain climber coming up and do a high plank position I’m alternating right and left leg jumping in between each I’m just tapping my toe at the top of each month at the top of the movement you decide which is right for you but get it going right now let’s go how money can you get like I said getting that pace up here at the end finishing strong knocking those ABS out core stays tight slight Bend and those elbows shoulders retracted let’s go how many can you get right here it’s you versus you come on faster try it let’s go let’s go let’s go come on no holding back don’t save anything in that tank that’s right give it all you got that’s it come on let’s go on they’ve beaten that you from yesterday that couldn’t do it look in the mirror that’s your competition right here right now let’s go ten seconds how many can you get how many can you get five four three two one zero turn it over grab those dumbbells one more of each come on get that pace up come on favor easy everybody be fit but you know that’s not the case come on sorry those legs or knees straight up and chin is tucked and begin come on like I said it’s all mental at this point not even physical when your abs arms legs start to tell you they don’t have anything left time for you to take over it’s all about that mental toughness let that mental toughness again right here prove yourself how strong you are come on right here let’s go I think you should have breathe never you do do not hold your breath last 10 seconds of this one let’s go almost there try let’s do it come on doing it together fighting together four five four three two one zero dumbbells down let’s finish strong right here right now let’s do it mountain climber get into a tribe and begin this is it right here come on grind them out last 45 seconds that’s it think of how good you’re gonna feel when this workout is all said and done go go go go go come on worried yet we’re yet give that back tight now while those hips to sink get those ABS working work it work it work it come on let’s go thank you sure to breathe don’t hold your breath what’s your goal what are you working on staying focused on it right here last ten seconds so close so close we can feel it four five four three two one zero going today man that last that did me in whoo burn so good though we can turn over who sit down if their feet out in front of us we’re gonna move into a cool-down next it’s just gonna allow our heart rates excuse me our heart rates to come down slowly get a little extra mobility work in at the same time started with a seated reach here nice big deep breaths which I reach for those toes the best that you can that’s all that allow your head to come down and you’re backed around if you can reach your toes great if not just try to reach them keep those knees down don’t allow them to come up nice big reach just a static hold here take a nice big deep breaths to focus on bring the heart rate back down excellent trying to get to about 85 90 percent of what you’re capable of you want a good stretch but we don’t want to feel any pain for five four three two one and zero come on up nice and slow that’s good okay we’re going to turn to our sides in action we’re going to a lying side quadricep stretch on your side one arm is out start with that opposite leg on top and now let’s pull that foot back reach for that foot and pull that heel back to your glutes stretching that quadricep try not to bring your knee up and out but instead keep it down keep it in line with the rest of your body yeah well that would just allow us to make sure we’re stretching the right muscles here hey I preferred these quad stretches to the standing ones cos need to rest alright cuz you get the lie down it’s a nice little added bonus you don’t have to try to stand in value right yeah try to mix it up more often right okay we’re gonna move into and another move next but we’re gonna keep a similar position so it’s a lot of that like oh that foot allow that leg to travel down and rest down in front of you now we’re gonna do an open-book plus half angel so start with both hands together and now we’re gonna open the book as you twist wouldn’t keep your eyes gaze on that hand now bend at the elbow reach straight up that’s your hat angel pull that elbow back down and then close the book we’re gonna repeat that sequence open the book bend at the elbow reach straight up pull down from the elbow extend the arm and close the book this feels so good another good move here to just hit so many different muscle groups at the same time this one’s working to loosen up your back thoracic spine shoulders asked rotator cuffs all working and getting loosened up together on this one good again focusing on that breathing allowing that heart it heart right to come down reach up and pull down from that elbow good and break okay let’s flip over and we’re gonna repeat the same sequence on the opposite side starting with that side lying quad stretch line down again on our side here reaching back grabbing that foot pulling that heel back to our glutes the best that we can cool making sure our knees and flared out but it’s nice and flush with our other leg and in line with our body and my left quad is feeling tight right now my right wasn’t so bad but again so it’s totally counter if you feel one side a little tighter than the other nothing to be alarmed about don’t be alarmed no I get a lot of good work in today so probably a lot a little tight muscles right now all right now let’s again move into that next move so allow that need to drop in front of you we’re starting with that closed book so we’re opening the book twisting looking at that hand all the way and then bend at the elbow reach straight up pull that elbow down and that half angel and then close the book just going through this sequence and you might give it a twist more than we are less than we are whatever it is as is the theme of today’s routine we just encourage it you make this routine work for you Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all solution definitely not I always encourage you to customize it for your specific needs just a few more here nice and controlled going through every part of this one and if you hear or feel any snapping crackling or popping your shoulders during this moment that also is very normal as long as you’re not experiencing any sharp pains yeah nothing to be alarmed about four five four three two one and that’s it my friends last one in the book we did it we did it we made it we made it boom and high-five to you out there yes nice work everybody thank you so much for joining us today if you enjoyed this workout we’d ask that you please help support our mission of keeping these great workouts free you can do so by downloading our free app that’s available for both iOS and Android you can also stop by our store pick up a snazzy shirt a snazzy has fit shirt or our ebook eating for life also do not forget to give this video a big thumbs up and also hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another brand new workout from house fit again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout