Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner Modifications provided
intermediate workout

One of the best ways to avoid plateaus is to switch up your routine. Resistance band workouts force your muscle to work in a different way than traditional free weights and can help you push past sticking points in your progress. Try this total body resistance band workout using just one long band, handles optional, to gain strength and lean muscle.

Warm Up
Step Back + Reach
Iron Cross Good Morning
Punch Out + Run in Place

Total Body Resistance Band Workout

Seesaw Rows
Squat from Rack / Squat
Ventral Raise
Staggered Overhead Triceps Ext
Kickstand Deadlift
Band Pull Aparts
Banded Push Up / from Knees
Reverse Lunge + Twist / Split Squat
Overhead Band Pulldowns
Curl + Arnold Press
1 ΒΌ Sumo Deadlifts
Seated Twisting Row (pronate to supinate)
Lying Hip Abductors
Reverse Sit Ups / Crunches

Cool Down
Posterior Shoulder Stretch
Chest Opener
Standing Quad Stretch
Toe Touch + Scarecrow