Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

We’re getting stronger together with this dumbbell full body workout. Not only will we work on improving strength and building lean muscle, but we’ll also enhance flexibility, balance, and mobility. While the only equipment required is a pair of dumbbells, we recommend you have at least two pairs ready so that you can switch up your resistance as needed.

Warm up
Upright Row to Rotation To Reach
Straight Leg Kick + Arm Crossover / Low Kicks
Posterior Swing

Dumbbell Full Body Workout

A1: Single Arm & Leg Bridge Press / Two Legs x 8
A2: RDL + Row x 8
B1: 3:1 Tempo Dumbbell Squat x 8
B2: Half-Kneeling Semi-Supinated Overhead Press x 8
C1: Staggered DB Snatch / Neutral Stance x 8
C2: 3:1 Tempo Dumbbell Curl x 8
C3: Bear Plank Arm & Leg Extension / No Arms x 30 seconds
D1: DB Pullover + Knee Raise / Feet Down x 12
D2: Side Lunges + Calf Raise / Side Squat x 12
E1: Side Plank Clam Abduction / Hip Down x 12
E2: Side Plank Leg Raise / Hip Down x 12
E3: Frog Pump / Hip Up x 30 seconds

Cool Down
Lying One Leg Hamstring Stretch
Floor Angel
90-90 Hip Stretch
Standing Quad Stretch