Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Let’s get stronger together! This full body workout with dumbbells utilizes compound exercises to get the most work in the shortest amount of time. A compound exercise is a movement that works multiple joints during the same exercise. We recommend you have at least two pairs of weights for this workout routine, one lighter pair and one heavier pair, so that you can switch up the weight used depending on your strength for each exercise. You may also want to have a chair, box, bench, or step available for this routine, but it is not required.

Warm up
Bent Over T-Rotation
Hamstring Sweep
Butt Kick + Overhead Reach

45 Min Full Body Workout with Dumbbells

A1: Sumo Deadlift + Shrug x 10
A2: Half-Kneeling One Arm Hammer Curl + Press x 8 each arm
B1: Dumbbell Step Ups / Reverse Lunges x 8 each leg
B2: Bear Plank Extended Row / from Knees x 10 each arm
C1: Dead Bug Chest Press + Twist / Chest Press + Twist x 10
C2: Zottman Curl x 12
D1: Bent Over Straight Arm Pullbacks x 10
D2: One Leg Calf Raise / with Chair x 15 each leg
E1: High Knee Step Up + Twist / Elbow to Knee x 60 seconds
E2: Side Plank Reach Throughs / from Knees x 30 seconds each side

Cool Down
Quadruped Scapular Stretch
Quadruped Elbow to Hand Rotation
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
Seated Toe Touch + Static Chest Opener