Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

How amazing is it that we can get just as good of a strength training workout in at home? This full body workout will leave no muscle group behind as we work to improve strength and build lean muscle. No fancy equipment needed for this one, just dumbbells. We do recommend having several weights available so that you can switch up the resistance depending on the movement. Now, let’s get to work!

Warm up
Downward Dog to Multi-planar Lunge
Bird Dog
Wall Overhead Extension to Wall Angel

45 Min Strength Training at Home

A1: Dumbbell RDL Hang Cleans x 10
A2: Kneeling Wide Neutral Press x 10
B1: Front Squat x 10
B2: Self-Supported One-Arm Row x 10 each
C1: Wide Fingers Out Push Up / from Knees x 12
C2: Cossack Squat x 8 each direction
D1: Kneeling Hammer Curl + Lateral Raise x 8
D2: Side Plank Clam / Iso-Hold x 12 each side
E1: DB Deadbug / No DB x 30 seconds
E2: Lying DB Supinated Triceps Extension x 12
E3: One Leg Iso-Hip Up x 45 seconds

Cool Down
90-90 Hip Stretch
Toe Touch to Cactus Arms
Standing Quad Stretch
Waterfall Stretch