Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Improve strength, build lean muscle, and enhance your core with this 45 minute weight training workout. You’ll need a pair of dumbbells and either a chair or bench. You should choose your weight based on fitness level. This routine includes a warm up, full body strength training, an ab round, and a cool down.

Warm Up
Overhead Squat
Standing Arm Haulers
Multi-Planar Lunge

Strength Training Workout

A1: Bulgarian Split Squat + Row / Split Squat 3×8
A2: Reverse Curl + Overhead Press 3×8
B1: Sumo Deadlift w/ Pause + Upright Row 3×8
B2: One Arm Push Up from Bench / from Wall 3×8
C1: Dumbbell Clean Reverse Lunge / Front Squat 3×12
C2: Tricep Popups / from Knees 3×8
D1: Self-Supported Rows 3×8
D2: Elevated / Pike Push Up 3×8
E1: Squat to High Pullback 3×8
E2: Leg Raise + Dumbbell Chest Press / Knee Raise 3×8

Complete each exercise for 60 seconds (per side if applicable):
DB Alt Reach Crunch + Knee / without DB’s
DB Russian Twists / without DB’s
DB Lying Leg Raise / without DB’s
X Factor / without DB’s
DB Side Plank Rotators / without DB’s
DB Reverse Crunch + Toe Touch / without DB’s
DB Side Plank Dips / without DB’s
DB Cross Punch Crunch / without DB’s

Cool Down
Knee to Chest – To Side
Overhead Shoulder Mobility
Hip Flexor Stretch
Posterior Shoulder Stretch