Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Improve strength, build lean muscle, and enhance your core with this 45 minute weight training workout. You’ll need a pair of dumbbells and either a chair or bench. You should choose your weight based on fitness level. This routine includes a warm up, full body strength training, an ab round, and a cool down.

Warm Up
Overhead Squat
Standing Arm Haulers
Multi-Planar Lunge

Strength Training Workout

A1: Bulgarian Split Squat + Row / Split Squat 3×8
A2: Reverse Curl + Overhead Press 3×8
B1: Sumo Deadlift w/ Pause + Upright Row 3×8
B2: One Arm Push Up from Bench / from Wall 3×8
C1: Dumbbell Clean Reverse Lunge / Front Squat 3×12
C2: Tricep Popups / from Knees 3×8
D1: Self-Supported Rows 3×8
D2: Elevated / Pike Push Up 3×8
E1: Squat to High Pullback 3×8
E2: Leg Raise + Dumbbell Chest Press / Knee Raise 3×8

Complete each exercise for 60 seconds (per side if applicable):
DB Alt Reach Crunch + Knee / without DB’s
DB Russian Twists / without DB’s
DB Lying Leg Raise / without DB’s
X Factor / without DB’s
DB Side Plank Rotators / without DB’s
DB Reverse Crunch + Toe Touch / without DB’s
DB Side Plank Dips / without DB’s
DB Cross Punch Crunch / without DB’s

Cool Down
Knee to Chest – To Side
Overhead Shoulder Mobility
Hip Flexor Stretch
Posterior Shoulder Stretch

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a total body strength training workout the only equipment required for this workout is a pair of dumbbells and then either a chair or a bench while I’ll be providing some modifications for some of the harder movements this is not a beginner workout if you are a true beginner you can go ahead and click the link up top and this will send you over to our beginner strength training routine [Music] alright let’s get started with a quick warmup the first thing that we’re gonna do doesn’t require any equipment we’re gonna do an overhead squat we’re gonna get your heart rate up a little bit and work on our mobility feet are shoulder width apart it’s going to put those arms straight up overhead now anytime we squat break at the hips first and then bend at the knees we’re trying our best to keep a nice straight line from our fingertips down to our hips so while performing this you might be a little bit tight a totally common we are too but as we’re going down we’re trying our best to fight that feeling and that urge to bend over this way right so instead keep that back nice and straight be sure to breathe we’re just moving at a warm-up pace trying to loosen up our entire body with this one from our shoulders to our posterior and spine let’s just hit this one for just 10 more seconds nice keep that back straight core stays tight headed a nice neutral position four three two one zero excellent shake those arms loose we’re gonna move into a standing arm polish so feet are gonna be shoulder-width apart I want you to go and bend over on a 45 degree angle let’s go and swim those arms forward with your thumbs down bring them out to your side press forward and repeat but just going through this big swimming motion and again on that swim as you swing those arms your thumbs are down keep your back straight and do your best to go ahead and keep your arms in alignment with your upper body weight goes back in your hips so great one just to go ahead and loosen up and warm up those shoulders we are gonna work on today actually hitting just every single muscle group you have in today’s workout very efficient workout we have in store for you today let’s go ahead and hit this one for just five four three two one zero all right one more in this quick warmup we’re gonna move into a multi player lunch so let’s hit the ground we’re gonna get into a high plank position or a push-up position whichever you prefer to call it now let’s bring your right foot up outside of your right hand we’re gonna reach through to your left and reach up overhead to your right go and you’ll repeat this move loved this one again just as a very efficient move warms up multiple muscles at the same time also a great one for your mid-back thoracic spine mobility I find on this one wherever I’m most sore from making my previous workouts is usually where I’m gonna feel it the most anyway from my hamstrings to my back Reed nice and controlled again this is just your warmup and ready for that work that’s ready to come switch sides in three two one zero and step back with that right leg step up with the left and let’s begin on the opposite side I want you to use this warm-up as your opportunity you can also get your head mentally prepared think about what brought you here today to begin with whatever it is is gonna be the same thing that gets you through this workout focus on what motivates you what drives you let’s do this one four five four three two one and zero excellent oh all right stand up shake it out and always one of my favorites okay so next we’re gonna get started with the superset so we have two different exercises we’re gonna go back and forth we’re gonna do three sets of eight repetitions right yes three sets of eight repetitions of both of them the first one is going to be a split squat plus row we’re gonna need our dumbbells for this one I’m gonna do a Bulgarian split squat which means I’m gonna have my one foot up on the bench and I’m gonna have I’m gonna be doing a split squat which means both of my legs are to be on the ground in a split position here and actually just need the one Dumbo for the first one yeah for you to shoulder with the part I’m gonna have my one back leg up on the bench again Claudia’s just both feet on the ground but we gonna drop that back knee to gets to a 90 degree angle and as we come up pull back on that elbow and row so down and row we’re doing eight repetitions let’s hit it together starting in three two one zero keep good posture on this one back is straight head is in a nice neutral position get your core nice and tight again dropping down to a back knee which is a 90 degree angle you don’t want that front knee to come too far over your back foot hit that last one excellent okay switching sides now right into it no rest right into that next one all right balance I think I got it alright let’s go drop that back knee straight down and this one definitely requires a little bit more bounce having trouble balance and find a focal point for your eyes and it’ll help you stay balanced nice three more in that elbow every time like there’s a string attached to that elbow last one all right nice okay so we do need your second dumbbell for the second exercise in this superset we are going to do a reverse curl plus shoulder press so palms are facing us elbows are in we’re gonna curl and then press overhead and reverse it down reverse curl so it’s one two three four let’s hit it together eight reps ready begin one two three four excellent one two three four and you’ll see as we go through today’s workout it’s designed in such a way that while one set of muscles is working the other is resting so well we’re not going to take very long breaks in between for instance right now our legs are resting and our back is resting while our shoulders and biceps are doing hi guys you got it keep it up good posture on this one slight bend in those knees that’s one all right very good okay so we’re going back to that split squat plus row you decide which variation is right for you whether you have your back leg up a little bit harder or both feet on the ground all right let’s drop that back knee straight down in three two one begin down pull back in that elbow excellent work so don’t need a little warm now feeling good breathe any of these strength training exercises you always want to breathe in on the easy part you breathe out exhale on the hardest part of the move over last one right here guys well switch the sides all right go switch it up and right into it like I said illuminating that down time again and if you can’t quite go all the way down to that back knee it’s a 90 that’s a right do the best you can come back get a little bit better every time and your flexibility mobility will improve to more almost there good all right let’s grab that second dumbbell moving into that reverse curl pull us shoulder press let’s get those biceps and shoulders real good all right elbows are in and three two one begin on that reverse curl I really want you to focus on keeping your wrist nice and tight and straight don’t use what I like to call spaghetti wrists right but instead keep those forearms engaged nice tight grip on those dumbbells halfway point guys all the way up all the way down you got it beautiful combo move here hit me forearms biceps shoulders and triceps good full range two more almost there breathe last one excellent oh goodness okay just one dumbbell for the next when we hit that last set of the split squat in a row you got it right here right into it like I said minimizing that downtime good posture drop that back knee straight down and begin one two good I bought that he’ll stay nice and balanced now allowing that front knee to come too far over your foot you got it one into the next breathe last one right here all rights reduce them at that side eight repetitions here we go and begin nice controlled pace on this one it is a strength training routine so not in a big hurry on this one good stay balanced find a focal point for those eyes I’m the stare at help you stay balanced last one all right all right check cross those off the list grab that second dumbbell reverse curl shoulder press get out there guys here we are elbows are in would you come here for today let’s go one two three and four the full range of motion nice and controls on this one not using a lot of momentum and if you need to switch up your weight during any point of today’s workout start with the heavier weight need to a lighter I mean you started to light and need to go heavier whatever it is we encourage you to dream why make this workout your own good almost there it’s at that last one right here and done nice all right for the next superset we’re gonna go back and forth between a posterior movement and an anterior movement the first we’re gonna do is going to be a sumo deadlift and then we’re gonna pause 1/1000 and on the way up we’re gonna pull up on those elbows into an upright row for 3×8 and then we’re gonna do a one-arm push-up we’ll get to that in a second also for 3×8 let’s grab some dumbbells two of them for that sumo deadlift plus upright row our feet are little wider than shoulder-width apart go and point out on those toes dumbbells are facing us I’m gonna break at those hips butt back pause one one-thousand on the way up use those arms pulling up in the elbows let’s begin eight reps in three two one let’s hit it nice full range of motion on the way up pulling up with those elbows complete stop down there at the bottom and we’re trying to go down into the point where we get those hips parallel to the ground halfway get back nice and straight core tight really feel those hips stretching back there you don’t want to be bend over or hunched over on this one good then you’re pulling straight up from those elbows keeping the dumbbells nice and close to your body oh that was Larry that’s okay that’s the last one well you’re good okay you can set your dumbbells down we’re doing a one-arm pushup claudi’s gonna do it from the wall it’s okay I’m gonna do it from the bench you can decide which version is right for you from the bench is definitely more difficult of course if you’re doing it from the wall the further back your feet are the harder it is so you can scoot your feet up a little closer to the wall same thing with the bench okay so one arm make sure that arm is in that hand is in line with your chest so you’re not stretching your head to the wall or the bench but in sets trying to bring your body close to what we’re doing eight reps on each side you decide which variation is right for you and three two one let’s begin nice full range of motion this one is definitely a tough one not an easy one both variations are butt kickers now you’re starting to see you always said this one is not a beginner routine full range of motion and you have one more on this side guys good alright switching sides now say eight on that opposite side three two one begin trying to come down until that elbow reaches about a 90 degree angle getting that core tight back stays straight you got it why are you Morris almost there and last one right here guys finish strong oh my goodness all right those definitely are effective yes okay let’s grab those dumbbells I got that sumo deadlift plus upright row Peter pointed out just a little bit here we are right in doing three two one weight back in the hips and pull up on those elbows coming to that dead stop down there at the bottom and at the bottom should really be emphasizing putting that weight back in your glutes all about the glutes on this one excellent halfway points breathe and as this workout gets tougher just got to keep focusing on that why what are you here for what’s your goal what are you trying to achieve it’s not gonna happen overnight last one guys day after day you put in the work you can get it nice buns are feeling that one yes we like it it’s working tribe it’s working a half it tries all right here we go set up your bench or get over to that wall right into it try not to kick my wife here no you’re good all right and three two one begin channeling my inner rocky over here not quite at Sylvester Stallone’s level but we’re just trying to get better every day guys not about being perfect just about putting in that work anymore nice keep it up keep grinding keep fighting last one woo all right switch sides now switch sides come on let’s go right into it three two one begin nice keep it up that core tight back stay straight keep challenging yourself to get that full range of motion halfway points almost there keep working you have one more guy that’s one right here oh nice okay we got those sumo deadlifts next no downtime with that chest and shoulders are resting now it sound to your legs all right let’s go feet are nice and wide the last one of these let’s hit it and begin down one one-thousand pull repeat you got it guys would you come here for what’s your wife stay focused on it breathe well on those elbows you’ve got it putting into work right here right now to achieve those goals not gonna come to you on accident that’s gonna wake up one morning and they’re there it’s all about that day after day grind that’s what you’re doing right here keep it up breathe guys you have last one right here stay strong boom whoo all right here we are last set of these one-arm push-ups you’re kicking my butt that’s alright so I know they’re working in position and let’s begin in three two one get after it nice full range of motion stretch that chest you gotta say top guys these are tough but you’re tougher three more almost there all right last one all right these guys you got it you got it and begin is especially tough afternoon shoulder workout we did last night that’s all right we’re hurting two guys you’re not alone keep fighting through it we’re right there with you you only have two more after this almost there finish strong excellent nice job all right so the next superset we’re doing is either a clean and reverse lunge or a clean to a front squat followed by tricep pop up so you’re gonna need both of your dumbbells for the first one we’re gonna do 12 repetitions so it’s either six on each leg if you’re doing the reverse lunge or 12 squats in total so feet are shoulder-width apart go ahead and swing those dumbbells back behind you and as you swing them up curl up and drop down they come back down and then you’re gonna drop down we’re doing 12 reps let’s do it together and three two one begin and you decide which variation is right for you either way we’re dropping those hips back dropping those knees to a 90-degree angle you’re doing the reverse lunge variation you try your best not to bounce that back knee off the ground but instead you just go ahead and kiss it or stop right before that knee hits the ground and if you’re doing my variation make sure you’re keeping those knees out on the front squat and your core nice and tight guys only have two more nice come on keep it up legs are feeling it feels so good last one and done nice okay dropping those dumbbells you don’t need them for the next one we’re gonna go down to the ground into like high plank position or push-up position Claudia is gonna do this one from her knees I’m gonna do this one from up top on my feet this is a tough one I want you to place those hands in front of your face so they’re out your hands and arms are out in front of you now elbows are gonna stay in as you drop those elbows straight down and back up using your triceps only eight repetitions of this one let’s get it going in three two one and begin again keep those elbows in don’t allow them to flare out this one is a great one to isolate those triceps try not to let your chest your shoulders intervene and help out no shame and drop into your knees if you have to this is not an easy move keep it up gets you more almost there don’t hold your breath this is your last one right there excellent job all right I’m on my way just a little bit I’m he’s a reverse on these clean plus reverse lunges all right let’s get it going got 12 reps in three two one swing those dumbbells back and up good and again what those triceps are resting our arms biceps legs are all working three great total body workout today no muscles left behind and Claudia said that a few weeks ago it’s my new favorite one I’m gonna steal it from her that’s fine you can do that keep breathing guys you got it one rep into the next keep fighting you got it remember those who think they can’t and those who think they can are both right you have one more which one are you today come on last one axel whoo all right set those balance moving right into those pop ups let’s do it a little down time come on up into that high point position well you got eight reps in three two one right into it control both the descent and the way up at ascent so we’re not just flying down under our elbows but jumping up but I really want you to feel that contraction there that time under tension of those triceps yes it makes it harder but it also makes it way more effective what’s the point of working out if it’s not gonna work you guys you have one more that’s it come on boom nice we got one more each of these come on let’s go keep that energy up guys keep that energy up all right I guess I’ll push them hit that pause button just keep moving right here with you swing those dumbbells back in three two one get after you got it one into the next come on pushing yourself guys nobody else can do it for you it’s all you it’s all mental just getting that much stronger with every rabbit focusing out what brought you here today to begin my point what is it why are you here trying to get stronger lose weight you got a sports team you’re trying to make whatever it is we just trying to kick butt at life put in that work right here come on two more almost there fuck you the end line creases well we go one last side of these pop ups let’s go get after guys you got it you got it and three two one begin come on here it is right here last set guys never said this is gonna be easy but it will be worth it so or easy everybody beef it and it wouldn’t be so special that’s a halfway point but it’s not easy not easy at all but you’re here you’re fighting you’re putting in the work keep it up almost there last one here it is nice job all right we have an upper body superset coming at you next we’re gonna go back and forth between a pulling exercise and a pushing exercise first we’re going to a self-supported dumbo row feed your staggered pulling back on that elbow one dumbbell at a time three sets of eight and then we’re gonna do three sets of eight of a Pike pushup let’s go and get started on that self-supported row I’m gonna go a little bit heavier on this one if you have heavier weights gentling one that you can go a little bit heavier on all right so we’re gonna do eight repetitions Feder staggered little bend in those knees and put that opposite hand behind your back back stays straight bent over around a 45 degree angle pull them back and three two one let’s hit it for eight repetitions full range of motion three pulling back on that elbow nice keep it up two more that back and core straight last one perfect alright switching sides opposite side now you got it again core stays tight and begin and this one we’re trying not to use momentum want your whole body to just be stabilizing not moving around or shaking two more working that cores engaged last one boom right there okay so we can set the dumbbell down we’re moving into a pike pushup I’m gonna do an elevated Pike pushup so I’m gonna actually use my bench where Chloe’s gonna do this one from the ground they’re both tough this is very similar really very similar like a handstand movement on this one we’re gonna have our fingers facing one another we’re gonna come up on one leg and I want you to scoot up and look back at that back leg in that back foot now we’re gonna drop straight down and come straight up for eight repetitions starting in three two one let’s hit it trying your best to get full range of motion on this one and if both of these moves are too tough for you today you can just go and do a traditional pushup and work your way up to this you decide which variation is right for you Tim why keep coming back you’re gonna get better every time you repeat this routine what nice all right coming up slow and want you to pass out all right let’s grab that one dumbbell those self-supported rows make sure using your legs to help pick up that dumbbell feeder staggered eight repetitions and three two one begin full range of motion back stays nice and straight on this one pull back from that elbow anytime we’re doing a row you’re pulling back we’ll give a string attached to that elbow almost there last one right here there it is nice again nice and controlled on both the pull and the way down don’t just let that dumbbell fly down if you’re doing that then your weights too heavy and begin three nice and control all about that time under tension getting stronger with every repetition you can feel that strength coming two more almost there excellent all right set that dumbbell down back into those Pike push-ups while your back is resting let’s work those shoulders triceps chest into position fingers are facing one another up on one leg or two you decide which is right for you or drop it straight down and begin full range motion again anytime we’re up in one of these positions like this it’s very easy to hold your breath make sure you are breathing focus on it breathing in breathing out you got it two more getting stronger every rep right here nice okay we got two down we got one to go of each one let’s get it tribe let’s go ahead street rivalry yeah we’re yeah right here getting stronger now getting stronger now here we are feet shoulder-width apart back is on a 45 and let’s begin pull back on that elbow you got it core stays tight no twist on this one just really emphasize keeping that core nice and tight two more back stays straight last one excellent nice work alright last eight of these last eight let’s get it let’s get it hand begin you got it right here remember you’re only in competition with yourself just want to beat that you from yesterday a little bit better everyday look in the mirror that’s your competition last one guys right here come on nice all right all done with these let’s hit that last set of push-ups you got it right here stay strong through this it’s all mental right now it’s all mental not physical be so easy to quit or hit that pause button but you’re stronger than that you’re pushing through let’s go push through it three two one let’s go I want you to impress yourself today with how well you did here it is full range of motion all the way up all the way down grind through it grind through it you got it breathe two more guys almost there last one that’s it nice work alright so the next superset is going to be a superset between a squat plus a high pullback in either a leg raise or a knee raise plus a dumbbell chest press you’re going to need both dumbbells for both of these exercises we’re doing three sets of each of them at a two-piece Peters shoulder-width apart you’re on drop those weight back and your hips doing a traditional squat dumb bolster to your side and as you pull up pull those dumbbells up bring them up and pull back for eight repetitions let’s hit it in three two one you got use that power from your legs help propel those dumbbells up and when they get to the top boom bring those elbows up and hold back you’ve got about chest level that we’re pulling them up to exactly keep that core tight back stays nice and straight on this one almost there you have one more guys last one good okay we’re gonna take these dumbbells to the ground with you we’re gonna lie down flat on our back legs out straight in front of us we’re gonna do a chest press at the same time either doing a leg raise or a knee raise you decide which variation is right for you here we are in three two one good nice full range of motion on this one try not to rest your feet in between you got it nice and controlled breathe way through this one full range of motion on that press but at the same time not bouncing your arms up off the ground guys we have one more last one right here excellent alright let’s come back up time for some squat pull back feet a shoulder width apart or using those legs to generate power on this one here we are three two one weight back into hips elbows come up pull back you got it one right into the next come on your powerhouse power factor you can’t be stopped can’t stop won’t stop right here you gotta fight into the end you’ve come this far today two more now is not the time to quit last one oh you got it okay back to the ground we can tell this one’s working don’t don’t forget change doesn’t happen without you being challenged all right laser I’ll sit straight to start keep the leg straight or bent you decide three two one and begin nice this one’s really working that anterior chest shoulders and your abs nice full range of motion you’re having trouble it’s your lower back arching on this one go ahead and bring your head up off the ground and make it a little more comfortable on that lower back two more you got it almost there last one excellent okay one more of each guys that’s it just one more of each right here increase my weight just a little bit huh you choose wait that’s right for you customize this workout to your needs guys last set of these three to one right into it right here again think about what motivates you what brought you here today to begin with that’s it focus on that why I focus on that goal every rep but just getting that much closer you got it three two more almost there use those legs wait that’s my hips big power noise okay get this last set chest press plus leg or knee raise you got it right here and three two one zero that’s it right here stay focused what motivates you everything you want all your goals all at the top of that staircase every workout every rep and just taking one more step closer to those goals up with the toes we have two more there it is almost there last one stay strong nice we’re gonna lie down flat on our backs legs are out straight in front of us we’re gonna do a combo move at the same time I’m gonna bring one knee up and reach crunch with my opposite side arm I’m gonna keep my feet up in between repetitions and I’m actually doing the exact same move as Coach Kozak but I am resting my feet in between each crunch so just pick the variation that works best for you and you know if you feel like weights are too much but you still want to have your legs lifted totally do it yeah so again today really it’s all about making this workout work for you picking the variations that are appropriate we’re not going to count any repetitions today it’s just going to be about getting as many reps in as you can and that a lot of time period and this one’s starting to burn we’re almost there guys keep it moving keep it work and you got it we’re doing this one for just ten more seconds keep it up and five four three two one zero whew feeling good already alright moving into a Russian twist so this time we’re gonna lean back on a 45 degree angle I have my two hands on one dumbbell and I’m gonna twist side to side I have my hands on an imaginary dumbbell and I’m twisting as well to see my ABS from side to side and I have my feet on the ground so this one can either be done with your feet on the ground or your feet up if you want to add some extra difficulty and you can go ahead and add a little bicycle movement in at the same time again you choose the variations that are most appropriate for you make sure you’re twisting your core and not just your arms yeah sure you don’t end up doing this where you just moving your arms from side to side it’s an excellent point keep breathing keep moving and keep fighting through that burn you got it and five four three two one zero excellent all right I’m gonna grab my second dumbbell for this one we’re both lying down flat on our backs we’re gonna do a reach lying leg race so the first move is gonna be to bring your chin up tuck your chin get your shoulder blades off the ground and just reach now you’re gonna hold that isometric position next we’re gonna do a lying leg raise nice and controlled on the way up and on the way down again I am resting my feet again in between each leg raise so pick the variation that looks best for you you really want to try to have your lower back glued to the ground on this one one of the major reasons why we’re doing this reach other than getting a nice abdominal contraction is to help then you take your hip flexors out of the move get that lower back flat glued to the ground good move down a nice controlled pace you want to feel that contraction we want those abs to have a long time under tension you got one wrap in the necks keep breathing keep fighting you got it let’s go this one for just ten more seconds almost there fly to the end on this one and five four three two one zero oh good one all right we’re moving into an X Factor so we need to create an X shape with our bodies arms are out legs are spread open so now we’re going to perform a crunch to the opposite side leg as we bring that opposite side leg up crunching at the same time and return now opposite side now nice controlled on the way up and on the way down without weights this is a good one good challenge trying your best to meet in the middle with that leg and your upper body good if you need you can gonna come up onto that opposite side arm as you perform the crunch good really control that negative eccentric portion of the movement or the lowering phase you don’t want to just allow your leg fly back down you know is it controlled it’s that point of the workout you gotta concentrate on what motivates you whatever it is what brought you here today to begin with whether it’s purely aesthetic and you want to have nice abs you need a strong core maybe for sports or you’re just trying to be amazing at life whatever your goals are think about it focus on it rep by Rep getting yourself that much closer you got it let’s hit this one for just 10 more seconds almost there fight through guys fight through and five four three two one zero excellent job all right we’re coming up into a side plank position for the next one we’re gonna do a side plank rotator if you’re using a dumbbell we only need one for this one coming up onto one forearm same side foot back and core is straight we’re gonna reach through pull back and extend straight up reach through rotate at that core and then look up at that hand whether you’re holding the dumbbell or not and if this is a little too difficult for you then you can drop it down to one knee notice how the leg that’s on the bottom it’s gonna be drop down to the knee and I’m just going right back into the movement so I which variation is correct for you keep it core tight that hip up abs stay engaged or contracted throughout the whole move making sure to breathe don’t hold your breath we’re gonna switch sides and five four three two one zero opposite side now keep it moving really eliminate that downtime back up and right back at it you got it I really want you to focus on rotating that core at the bottom and reaching through trying to grab something from underneath yeah from button just from behind you extend all the way up and look at that hand every time excellent work guys come on well should that burn all my obliques on this one remind yourself while you’re here right now what is it pushing yourself nobody else can do it for you come on Oh keep it going not much left almost there let’s go for five four three two one zero excellent moving into a reverse crunch plus toe touch lying down flat on our backs bringing those legs straight up arms straight up with my dumbbells in hand I’m gonna reach like I’m trying to touch those feet then I’m gonna do a reverse crunch bringing my hips up off the ground and you notice I’m doing the exact same movement but if this one feels like it’s a little too tough for you then you can definitely just reverse crunch with your knees if you need to drop your legs and this toe touch I’m bringing my shoulder blades up off the ground making sure to contract with my abs and not just stretch it with my head or my neck on the reverse crunch your goal is to get those hips up off the ground now and that can be a lot of range of motion on either of these two to three inches max on both just going back and forth between the two you got it come on pushing the face guys what do you got right here right now prove it to yourself remember it’s not about how bad you want it how hard you’re willing to work for it OOP wouldn’t that work right here whew good burn we’re feeling it too guys we’re right there you’re not alone has four tribes not a lone tribe let’s go come on tribe one rep into the next let’s go what you got what you got and five four three two one zero oh my goodness all right we turn it over into a side plank position doing side plank dips if you use in your dumbbell we only need one of them back to side plank position again nice straight line right here I’m going to put this weight up on my opposite side hip might drop my hip and then bring it back up to square again guys if you need a modification for this one drop to your one knee on the bottom and dip dip and you’re still gonna feel that burning and strengthening and your oblique there yeah this one definitely focuses on those obliques core stays tight you got it keep it going guys one rep into the next come on tribe what you got right here don’t hold your breath remember debris pushing yourself because nobody else can or will do it for you right here let’s go crank them out not many left let’s go 10 more seconds on this side and five four three two one zero whoo other side mother say that I say I like it I like it lets go come on no down time let’s go try it how many can you get right here think about those goals what is it well made you click on this video today something brought you here whatever it is focus on it it’s gonna be the thing that gets you through to the end so you got a switch to a modified version that’s okay but what we don’t want you to do is hit that pause button just let’s keep moving keep grinding keep work and you got it here we go 5 4 3 2 1 0 alright alright moving into a cross punch crunch I’m using both dumbbells for this one lying down on our backs on my crunch up and punch across opposite sack then your shoulder blades up off the ground contract those ABS and reach as you punch whoo you got it right here you guys come on tribe what you got here we go put it all out there we’re burning with you the house ins maybe millions of us at home feeling that same burn you’re feeling not alone come on tribe let’s go we’re in it together keep pushing what do you got right here get a little bit better every repetition a lot about being the best just about being a little bit better than yesterday defeating the you who couldn’t do it yesterday come on getting better on every rep burn it out burn it out four five four three two one zero oh goodness you made it Oh we’re gonna go through haha we’re gonna go through a quick little cooldown and the purpose of this cool-down is one to allow your heart rate to come back down slowly but then also to gain some extra mobility so let’s go ahead and lie down flat on our backs we’re gonna bring your right knee legs are out straight we’re gonna bring your right knee into your chest the best you can if you don’t have full complete mobility on this one like we have that’s alright to do the best you can just breathe who are nice big deep breaths in and out you successfully made it through this workout should be proud of yourself alright now let’s take that knee and let’s bring it over to your left side now how far you take that knee over is gonna be totally dependent on your mobility and flexibility might just be a little bit might be able to get all the way to the ground try your best to keep your shoulders and upper body still flat on the ground four three two one reverse and let’s do your left leg now bring that left knee into your chest excellent it feels great on the lower back for sure it does lower back and hips and stress out in this one we did a lot of lower back work today you might be sore in your lower back and that’s okay people is he a little scared when they’re sore in their lower back but snow always a bad thing think about just the nice big deep breaths in and out if you lower back house bring that knee over to your right side good trying your best keep help her body flat on the ground excellent pull that knee across feel that stretch there it is four three two one and zero good okay now we can have go ahead and have both feet flat on the ground your knees are up we’re gonna do a little shoulder mobility drill next both arms are gonna start straight up hands are together and allow those arms to fall back over your head and come back great on your lower back straight work at mobility in your shoulders and you might not be able to quit get all the way down people reach the ground and that’s okay just do the best you can or if this is too easy for you and you’re not feeling a stretch you can also use a myofascial ball or tennis ball and place it and your upper back you know make it just a little taller nice full range of motion I find when I do this one you know my fifth or sixth reps feel a lot better than my first couple definitely that little twinge I had is gone there it is all right must be doing something right keep it up four five four three two one and zero okay we’re gonna come up now nice and slowly don’t want you passing out on me here onto one knee we’re gonna do a hip flexor and quad stretch next so both knees are bent at a 90 degree angle and your first step on this one is to squeeze your gluts and then squeeze your abs before you do anything else now with those squeeze go ahead and come for just ever so slightly it doesn’t take much and you start to feel that stretch in your quad and in your hip flexor and if you’re not feeling it it’s probably because you don’t have your abs and your glutes squeeze so squeeze them squeeze them good a little twinge flexor I get beat up so much in our everything from our workouts to just the hours we spend seated three two one good alright switch it up now opposite side again squeeze those glutes then squeeze your abs now come forward a lot of times people do this move without squeezing the gluts without squeezing the ABS and then come really far forward and get you know only a tenth of the stretch as long as you keep them squeezed it doesn’t take much movement good posture again just breathe that’s it this one four five four three two one and zero come on up you know one last move here we’re going to do a classic a posterior shoulder stretches grab that right arm bring it across your body to the left hand left arm and then feel that stretch in both your posterior your shoulder and your anterior pull it across the best you can and just hold keep good posture this is it right here is always a classic move yep I’ve been doing this one since PE but hey you know sometimes it’s a question because it works right Hey exactly I’m holding this one four five four three two one shake it loose why mess with a good thing that’s it watch it up make sure your shoulder is down right nut oh you step this one down don’t square yes square with your body sorry that’s okay I have post exercise brain I know me too right there with you guys we’re here fighting with you thank you so much for working with us today three two one zero shake it loose you made it you’re done high five high five out there thank you so much has four tribe for working out with us today if you’d like this workout you’ve been working out those for a while starting to see some results we’d encourage you to please go check out our patreon page