Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Burn out your biceps and triceps using just a pair of dumbbells with this 5 min arms workout! This routine can be performed on its own or in combination with any of our other workouts. This is a great routine for both men and women.

5 Min Arms Workout

Dumbbell Zottman Curls
Curl + Kickback Combo
Alternating Triceps Ext
Iso 90 + Hammer Curl
Close Grip Push Ups / from Knees

[Music] what’s up has to tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a five-minute arm workout this routine can be performed on its own or in combination with any of our other workouts the only equipment required for today’s workout is a pair of dumbbells if you’re ready to go let’s pump it up [Music] [Music] [Music] all right we’re gonna need your dumbbells for the first one getting started with a move for our biceps we’re doing a dumbbell zapman curl we’re gonna start with our palms up curl all the way up twist those palms until they’re facing down and then curl down and repeat so we’re not gonna count any repetitions today we’re just gonna get as many reps in as we can in this allotted time period focusing on good form here we have our elbows in tucked in and using control on the way up as well as all on the way down really focus on keeping those wrists tight locked and straight we don’t want them to get loose on you no noodle risk you know noodle risk either I like that saying there it is keep those shoulders back palms are up on the way up down on the way down controlling both ends of the move if you find yourself suffering with form at this point in the workout but it might be a good idea to reduce the weight that you’re using that’s it switch it up make this workout work for you and adjust modify as needed that’s it almost done with this first one keep them cranking here four five four three two one and zero all right holding onto those dumbbells right into this next one we’re gonna do a combo move a tricep kickback curl combo bent over to 45 degree angle elbows are up we’re going to extend at the arm point those pinkies out and then curl bringing those pinkies in repeat so it’s pinkies in on that curl and then as you extend at the elbow you twist those pinkies out and squeeze those triceps your back of your arms so it’s bicep squeeze tricep squeeze you like this one because it’s a good combo move it in both the biceps and the triceps with just one killer move that’s right trying our best to keep our upper arms parallel to the ground on this one try not to allow those elbows to drift too far down and just keep cranking here you got it burn them out not much left on this one let’s go five four three two one zero to the floor we go keeping this pace up lying down flat on our backs arms are straight up we’re gonna bend at the elbows one at a time alternating tricep extension I only bend at those elbows one arm is straight up and the other one is working so try your best not to get any movement in the shoulder but instead keep that elbow pointed straight up into the sky as you perform that repetition again adjust your weight as needed squeeze those triceps up at the top at the same time control that movement we don’t want to allow momentum to take over definitely not especially if you have weights over your head right that’s it why don’t stay under control throughout control and be safe breathing in on the way down exhaling on the way up come on keep it going fucking through that burn has fit tried let’s go hard and fast today not many left let’s go five four three two one and zero taking your dumbbells with you we’re headed back up onto our feet we’re going to another combo move here this one’s for our biceps let’s bring one arm up lock it in at a ninety degree degree angle with that palm in opposite side arm is completing a hammer curl so there’s an ISO 9000 curl one arm is curling other one is just holding that arm that’s just holding keep that elbow locked in to your side and that elbow bent at a 90 and your opposite arm is going all the way down all the way up bringing that dumbbell up by your shoulder exhaling on the way up that’s it burning those biceps out also working your forearms on this one not imagining that burn is real and your grip and your grip yeah hanging onto your dumbbells we’re gonna switch eyes in three two one switch it up opposite side is holding now and we’re working with that other arm let’s go on how many can you get right here when that burn starts to kick in comes all mental reminds herself what made you hit that play button today to begin with stay focused on it what’s your why even though there’s just a 5 minute workout we’re getting a lot of work into him this 5 minutes that’s right you’re I’m starting getting much of a break no no break come on keep it cranked and keep it cranking almost there 4 5 4 3 2 1 zero dumbbells are down we’re moving into a push-up position we’re gonna do a close grip pushup so my hands are gonna be in line with my chest I’m gonna come up onto my feet and I’m down on my knees you decide which version is right for you as you lower your body keep those elbows in tucked to your side and if the knee version is still too hard for you take this to a high countertop or your couch again make it work for you they keep those elbows in and it’s gonna place extra emphasis on our triceps share our shoulders and chest are working a little bit too but we’re really making those triceps take over and this is it right here don’t save anything no holding back how many can you get it’s you versus you keep cranking them out heads for tribe let’s go not much left on this one exhale on the way up go go go go go go come on let’s go last ten seconds that’s it what do you got what do you got prove it to yourself right here four five four three two one zero that’s it nice work shake those arms loose boom great workout in just five minutes thank you for joining us today we’d ask that you please help support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and you can do so by downloading our free app it’s available for both iOS and Android you can also stop by our store pick up some heads for gear a has fit shirt or our new diet guide eating for life and we know that you enjoy this routine with us today brother go ahead and hit that thumbs up thumbs up button as well as hitting that red subscribe button so you never miss another brand new workout from house fit again thank you so much for working out with us today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next