Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

If you’re only going to workout once this week, then this total body workout for strength should be it! This is a 60 min workout with dumbbells that leaves no muscle left behind. It’s great for improving strength, building lean muscle, and burning fat at the same time. You’ll need a pair of dumbbells and either a bench, box, or chair.

Upper Body Warm Up
Shoulder Complex
Bent Over T’s, I’s, Y’s

60 Min Workout with Dumbbells

Upper Body
A1: Seated Bent Over Row 3×10
A2: Elevated Chair Dips / Chair Dips 3×10
B1: Straight Arm Reverse Fly 2×12
B2: Two Stage Wall Curls 2×12
B3: Wide Push Ups / from Knees 2×12
C1: Lying Straight Arm Fly 2×12
C2: 2:1 Triceps Extension to Narrow Press 2×12
D1: Dumbbell Front Raise + Shrug 2×12
D2: Dumbbell Curl + Kickback Combo 2×12
D2: Iso Dumbbell Twists 2×15

Lower Body Warm Up
Posterior Swing
Bird Dog

Lower Body
A1: Pause Dumbbell Sumo Deadlift / No DB 2×12
A2: Dumbbell Stiff Leg DL / RDL 2×12
B1: Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squats / No DB 2×8 each leg
B2: Dumbbell Hip Thruster / Hip Thruster 2×12
C1: Clam Raises / Clams x 2×12 each leg
C2: Side Plank Leg Raise / Leg Raise x 2×12 each leg
C4: Side Leg Raise Pulse 2×20 seconds each leg
D1: Dumbbell Frog Pump / No DB 2×30 seconds
D2: Iso One Leg Hip Up / Two Legs 2 x 30 seconds

Cool Down
Downward Dog
Upward Facing Dog
Child’s Pose