Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

If you’re looking to push your body to new limits, then this is the routine for you. No muscle group will be left behind in this one. The strength training routine is broken up into four parts: warm up, total body strength, abs, and cool down. The total body strength workout only requires dumbbells. You may want one heavier and one lighter pair so that you can switch up the weight as needed.

60 Minute Workout for Strength

Warm Up
Step Back + Reach
Hamstring Sweep
Punch Out + Run in Place

Strength Training
A1: Dumbbell Curtsy Lunge / Reverse Lunge x12, x10, x8
A2: Shoulder Press + Chest Squeeze x12, x10, x8
B1: Suitcase Squats 3×10
B2: V Sit Fly / Modified V Sit 3×10
C1: Underhand Bent Over Row 3×10
C2: Dumbbell Push Press + Windmill 3×8
D1: Sumo DL + Hammer Curl 3×8
D2: One Arm Dumbbell Snatch 3×8
D3: Dumbbell Reach Crunch / Reach Crunch 3×15

DB Alt Reach Crunch + Knee / without DB’s
DB Russian Twists / without DB’s
DB Lying Leg Raise / without DB’s
X Factor / without DB’s
DB Side Plank Rotators / without DB’s
DB Reverse Crunch + Toe Touch / without DB’s
DB Side Plank Dips / without DB’s
DB Cross Punch Crunch / without DB’s

Cool Down
Upright External Rotation
Chest Opener
Standing Quad Stretch
Lying Straight Leg Hamstring Stretch
Lying Cross Body Knee

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is our total body strength training workout the only equipment required for this routine is a pair of dumbbells and the weight that you use will be completely dependent upon your fitness level follow me for the standard variations and I’ll be providing some modifications along the way all right let’s go [Music] [Music] all right we’re gonna get started with the warmup we’re gonna do a step back and reach to start feet are shoulder-width apart we’re gonna step back with one foot we’re gonna reach with that same side arm back now step back up now opposite side steps back and that opposite arm reaches up and over I want you to feel stretch along your side and through your hip flexor alternating sides go ahead and look back up at that arm and hand as you reach is it great one for some thoracic mobility also warm up those hip flexors again this is a warm-up pace right we’re not trying to rush through this one at all there’ll be plenty of time for the work coming up ahead we’re just preparing our bodies for it let’s go ahead and just moving at your own pace here four five four three two one and zero next we’re going to do is for our posterior chain we’re gonna do a hamstring sweep so we’re gonna do a reverse big reverse circle with your arms and as you’re doing that going step out with one leg keeping that leg straight on your heel bend over sweep and up all right opposite side leg comes up for our second sweep feeling a stretch in our strings I’m feeling she’s feeling it guys again nice control pace on this one feeling that backside stretch as you come down and as you start to get a little more loose go ahead and come down a little further if you want to hit more hamstrings on this one go ahead and keep your back straight you want to hit more lower back you can use a rounded back neither one are wrong it’s just gonna kind of emphasize a different part of your body and breathing along the way that back side loosening up doing this one four five four three two one and zero all right we’re gonna get our heart rate up a little bit with the next one you know run in place Plus punch out so return those hands to your chin after every single punch staying nice and light on the balls of your feet getting that heart rate up and the purpose of this warm-up is just to raise your heart rate and improve your mobility at the same time breathe thinking about that workout that’s coming up thinking about why you’re here getting your head right what is it that motivates you what’s your goal we’re gonna focus on it throughout today’s workout let’s go ahead and set the tone for that right now again moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with don’t burn yourself out let’s do this one four five four three two one and zero nice we’re getting started with the superset we’re gonna go back and forth between your lower body and your upper body we’re gonna do three sets of each set of twelve ten and eight working up in weight as we go we’re gonna get started with a lower body move we’re gonna do a dumbbell curtsy lunge or you dumbbell reverse lunge you can choose which one is right for you so we both have our feet shoulder width apart dumbbells are at our sides good posture I’m gonna step back and behind at the same time luring both knees to a 90 and then back up and I’m just going back into a reverse lunge with my legs straight back and making sure both knees are at a 90 degree angle so you can decide which one is right for you we’re gonna get started with 12 repetitions of this one and this should be our lightest weight like slavery okay let’s go ahead and get started and three two one we’re doing six repetitions on each side so it’s 12 in total I want you to keep good posture keep your core engaged on this one making sure that we’re not bouncing that back knee up off the ground breathe in on the way down and then out on the way up and exhale on the hardest part of the move which for this one this is going to be that standing up face nice and controlled on the way up and on the way down emphasizing both ends of the movement you have two more almost there all right let’s hit that last one and zero okay so I’m going to switch up my weight a little bit for the next one I’m gonna go a little bit lighter we’re gonna move into a dumbbell shoulder press plus chest squeeze again doing 12 repetitions of this one so it’s a two part movement we’re gonna start with their dumbbells and rack position little bend in the knees good posture we’re gonna press the dumbbell straight up overhead so our elbows are by our ears back down and then when our elbows that are 90 we’re gonna bring those elbows together squeeze your chest and return so that’s one rep so it’s up down good squeeze and back that’s two twelve in total nice and controlled breathe along the way you got it and again we’re starting with our lightest weights for set to twelve and then a set of ten and set of eight trying to get a little heavier as we go and you’ll learn as we get into this how much you should be increasing your weight on every rep on every set we’re halfway through excellent come on keep it up again controlling that eccentric face that lowering phase lowering those dumbbells down is just as important as the press itself excellent my shoulders and chest are starting to feel it hope yours are two excellent almost there making sure to breed don’t hold your breath you walk out you good good good good there it is last one make it count everybody fighting through that burn I know we’re just starting that burns already there and zero oh my goodness yes okay so we’re moving on to our second set of either curtsy lunge or reverse lunge I’m gonna up my way just a little bit for this next one moving into a set of 10 repetitions beat your shoulder width apart here we go five on each side three two begin so we’re going three sets back and forth of this superset so this is the start of our second one good good posture really control that way down he has to be much easier to just allow your body to flop down there but I don’t want that wouldn’t get the same results excellent making sure to breathe in on the way down few more guys right here exhale on the way up last one okay switching our weight up again moving on to the shoulder press plus chest squeeze my ball just a little bit for this one and if you need to say it the same way that’s okay to again we encourage you to make this workout definitely my shoulders are definitely the weakest weakest link so we thought everyone’s gonna have their own weak link alright dumbbells up in rack position little bend in those knees and let’s begin ten reps on this one bring them down squeeze your chest as you bring those elbows together and then control that descent lowering portion of the move as well good good good you got it as that burn starts to kick in and you start to ask yourself well why am I doing this again it’s important that you remind yourself why you’re here what is it halfway point what’s your goal what is it that you’re working on trying to get more fit trying to get stronger lose weight get more muscle whatever it is you’re here rap my rap a little closer to that goal come on almost there guys breathe don’t hold your breath two more fight through that burn I’m burning – whoo come on learn to love that burn last one make a count make a count nice sing controllable ha oh nice okay so I’m gonna really try to up the weight on my last set here for my my curtsy lunge again you decide what’s right for you but we’re doing eight repetitions just eight here we go alright here we go here we go get those legs move and here we are in three to one and if you start with one move and you need to move on to the other either to make it harder or to make it easier that’s totally okay or if you just alternating between the both of them yeah yeah again you we really encourage you to make this routine your own fitness is not a one-size-fits-all solution we have two more curtsy lunge is a little more challenging a little harder to stabilize that’s fine that’s it all right good job so easy right it was easy I just like that okay well maybe not that easy okay we’re moving on to moving on to our last set of our shoulder press I think I’m gonna stick with the same way my shoulders are really feeling it on the last one a little bit and I’m gonna make sure my form stays all right point well I’m gonna push my weight a little bit so my form may suffer on this one but that’s alright oh not the best I can to keep it straight all right here we are three two one straight up nice and control you got it eight repetitions in total on this one finish them strong get down with this set you can cross these off the list one more done that’s it this one’s working your chest shoulders triceps even your core halfway and your legs just hold and support yourself in this position whoo I’m feeling that lactic acid burning now when you feel that burn kick in it’s important to remind yourself that’s just your lauric acid you don’t have to listen to that burn that’s just the fuel that your muscles release last one come on whoo and it squeezed ah excellent job all right let’s get started on our second superset we’re gonna do three sets of these as well but only this time we’re gonna keep the same weight throughout so we’re not increasing we’re gonna do three sets of ten of both of these keep in the same way the first thing we’re gonna do is going to be a suitcase squat we only need one dumbbell for this one we’re gonna do very similar to a traditional dumbbell squat but we’re only holding the one it’s gonna force our core to really stabilize throughout and it’s gonna put some extra tension on that inside leg Peter shoulder-width apart good posture when place your opposite hand on your hip anytime we squat first thing to move is gonna be your hips hips go back first then bend at your knees keep in good posture throughout ideally thighs to parallel and back up doing ten repetitions in total five on each side we’ll switch the dumbbell halfway through alright let’s get it going here you choose a weight that’s right for you three two one shoulder back nice and control on the way up and on the way down it does help if you can have that hand on your hip for balance or if you need to you can also put it out to your side you choose what’s what is appropriate for you really drive those hips back keep your feet flat on this one you don’t want to come up for it onto your toes don’t allow your knees to break in either alright guys we’re gonna switch sides here go ahead and switch them out five in alright here we go and let’s hit it five more on the opposite side now really control both the way up and the way down not a race on this one keep those knees out don’t allow them to cave in the head in line with your spine and last one last one finishing strong and zero I love that way okay we need two dumbbells for the next one we’re definitely probably gonna go lighter weight we’re gonna do a v-sit fly so it’s a modified chest fly from the ground we’re doing ten repetitions on this one I’m gonna get our abs involved as well I’m gonna provide a modifier for this one by leaving my feet on the ground and you’ll see that here in just a moment yeah so by leaning back we’re both leaning back on a 45 but I’m gonna put extra tension to my abs or very my feet up and I’m leaving mine here so I want you to hug a tree like you’re wrapping your arms around a tree we’re gonna open those arms up feel that chest stretch and then close them and squeeze the chest up at the top controlling again both ends of the movement if you’re keeping those feet up even more so engaging those but either way can engage in by leaning back on a 45-degree angle you’re not feeling your abs it’s cuz you’re either too far forward or too far back probably too far for breathe all the way up a whole the way down wait to come on where you got it almost there staying control throughout got three more breathe in on the way down and out on the way up that’s it almost there last one finish strong last one right here guys let’s push through and turn nice work whoo all right come on back up onto our feet moving into that dumbbell suitcase squat again I’m going definitely heavier for this one but you choose what is right for you I kind of use my first set is kind of like a tester yeah and that’s a good technique to use if I feel like I can increase the weight for the second and third then I’ll do that okay feet are shoulder width apart let’s get right into a 5 on each side hips back and begin and the more experience you get with these types of workouts the better you’ll get at gauging your own strength levels and understanding which weight is appropriate for you not just for like one individual set but also to make sure you can make it through the whole workout that’s right come on let’s go and five let’s switch hands that’s it sure you do so carefully that’s it well these a little harder to switch that’s true okay it’s a great tool we love them they’re easy to switch your weight if you want to find out more about these power blocks well we do have the link available in the video description wait more from the hips pushing out on those knees I’ll keep your feet flat shouldn’t be coming onto your toes last one right here and zero all right awesome nice alright switching up your weight if you need to for the next one okay moving into that V sit fly again we got three sets of each of these here’s our finish up that second round you decide if you want your feet up or on the ground either way we’ll have to get it working ten reps right here that’s it ten breathe in as those arms are lowering and breathe out as you bring them back up and squeeze your chest up at the top that’s it nice and controlled not a race on this one help strength training is all about that time under tension they can show those muscles are you engaged and not just using momentum come on almost there almost there right almost there fighting through it everybody all right we have three more remember what brought you here today what is it getting closer to that goal with every repetition focus on it last one here is it last one whoo and zero this is a tough one two down one of each to go I’m moving into our dumbbell suitcase squat yep last set 10 repetitions get those legs going here we are keep that core engaged core stays tight throughout here we are good posture three two one you got it let’s go white back in the hips I really try to get good depth feet stay flat don’t allow those knees to gave in nice stay under control keep it nice and slow that’s it almost there last one on this side all right switch it up even harder when you’re sweaty here we are and it’s nice and warm in the gym today get it going last five of this one almost there almost there control the way down and the way up to more knees stay out come on come on come on last one that’s it make it count everybody zero nice good job way to push through all right let’s go knock out that last set of the v-sit fly so the great one working your chest shoulders and abs all in one move very efficient workout today a lot of work in a short period of time here we are in position in three two one last ten repetitions stretch that chest and then squeeze it up at the top that’s it come on what brought you here today well it is it pushing yourself because nobody else can or will do it for you so off to you people it’s all in your head halfway point guys you can do anything you want in life we just got to convince yourself that is possible three more there’s that mental game right here how mentally tough are you come on let’s go push through push through last one right here let’s go oh and zero good one yeah nice job we’re gonna do a pull push combination for our next superset going three sets of ten of each exercise getting started with an underhand row we need two dumbbells for this one our feet are going to be shoulder width apart we’re gonna bend over on a 45 degree angle even your core engaged back stay straight palms are forward now we’re gonna pull back from those elbows squeeze your back and then lower the dumbbells alright ten repetitions of this one let’s get it right into it then an over backstage straight pull back from those elbows like you have a string attached room and somebody’s pulling back in those elbows so you’re pulling back on the elbows not on the hands it’s an important distinction it over change how this exercise works physiologically we want to make sure the right and correct back muscles are firing by pulling back from those elbows breathe for more core tight back straight head in line with your spine two more last one right here come on guys push through boom nice we only need well Claudia only needs one dumbbell for this night so now I’m going to use two yes so I’m going to show you a variation on this one we’re gonna do a dumbbell push press Plus windmills we’re gonna start with one arm down at our side one arm straight up in rack position feet are shoulder width apart we’re gonna put a weight back in her hips sit back use those legs to drive that dumbbell straight up overhead now we’re gonna perform a windmill we’re gonna bring our right hip out to the side look up at that dumbbell as we keep pressing the hip out and return stand back up and that counts as one rep bring the dumbbell back down and repeat use those legs help push and drive the dumbbell straight up you decide if you want to use this extra dumbbell for resistance that I’m using or if you just want to use your body weight both they’re great movements and then that windmill really helps if you take your feet and toes and point them out to the side about a 45 degree angle as you come down and then return them back to square last one on this side looking up keep that core engaged back tight and straight all right now switch it up opposite side now one arm down I switch my weight and bring it right back up to rack back into Rack sit and push so it’s five on each side on this one and on the windmill if you can’t go quite down as far as we are and maybe touching your your ankle you can go down to your knee if you need to and then come right that’s it really focusing on making this workout your own whatever that means to you modifying has need be and that windmill focus on pressing that hip out to the side yep really engaging those hips it also help to engage your core hate those obliques on this one last one right here count and zero excellent nice I like that one don’t with the first set of each you’re moving back to that underhand bent over row so adjust your weight if you need to yep we’re going ten repetitions I’m gonna stick with the same weight I added all right here we go then over 45-degree angle hinging at the hips there pull back on those elbows and work out like today’s workout was really I’m sorry two workouts intensity for you is really gonna be about the weight that you’re using so if you’re finding it too difficult we encourage you to lighten the weight if you’re finding it too easy we encourage you to up the weight again really customize it to your needs pull back on those elbows and squeeze your back up at the top excellent this one you might even feel in your legs is your head oh yeah using those legs to support yourself that bend in your knees we have two more guys troll the way down just like you do the way up that’s it that’s it last one boom squeeze them that’s it okay that’s a good one back to it next one moving on to the push press plus windmill I think I’m gonna increase my weight a little bit for this one but go with what you feel comfortable with okay again one side at a time five reps on each feet are shoulder-width apart get that dumbbell up into rack position really use those legs to help drive that dumbbell straight up here we are sit back press and toes to the side reach look it straight up and dumbbell back down that’s it five on each side it is not a race know who it is not really focus on this movements right multiple things going on at the same time on this one we’re really focusing on form on this one it’s a great total body move engaging a lot of muscles that are otherwise hard to engage breathe last one on this site that’s it focus and packs on okay five more other side switch dumbbells back up back up to Rack let’s go right into it you know the drill by now every repetition that you just that much closer to your goal what is it think about it right now acknowledge it to yourself what is it that you’re working on don’t just be here aimlessly trust me you are it’ll be a lot easier to get moving be a lot easier to finish these workouts if you know why you’re here don’t just let it be an unsaid thing but claim it that’s right how you purpose make it your goal every day last one every day you’re waking up getting that much closer to it alright we’re done all right okay last set of underhand rows just use your weight accordingly shake out my arms a little bit I’m gonna go kind of heavy on this last one is I’m feeling good okay all right try my best to keep my good form my back is gonna be straight here we are last set ten reps and bend over elbows back let’s go core nice and tight that’s it head in line with your spine stand under control that means the way up and the way down don’t just let them fly back down no jerking that weight up to be cheating on half the movement if you were to do that make it count come on we’re here let’s make it count please that back half way fighting through that burn you’re stronger than that burn come on you’re a fighter not a quitter you got to believe it right here you are almost there come on finish strong finish strong last one zero those where it goes awesome I love those arms feel like they’re gonna fall off they must be doing something right okay I’m gonna lighten my weight for this last set push press Plus windmills you choose your weight accordingly one Dumbo up in rack position right into it you know it let’s go weight back in the hips and drive lil toes to the side feel that stretch well bleep stay engaged that’s it one rep right into the next let’s go guys you’re powerful you’re a machine nothing can stop you that’s it right here every rep looks exactly the same just like a machine no I think it’s a bit last one on this side and then we’re gonna switch come on that’s it we switch inside finish strong on this one finish strong let’s go whoo yeah make sure and not to let anything get in your way especially yourself come on don’t let that anybody enemy between the ears get to you just keep moving keep working forward here it is come on breathe core tight back stays straight this one’s working your glutes last one right here hamstrings lower back shoulder and AD this is an awesome compound so good we have one last total body superset for the day the first move is gonna be a sumo deadlift plus hammer curl again total combination mover and do eight repetitions of this one feet are nice and wide sumo stance toes pointed out we’re gonna drop our weight back on our hips break at those hips first then come down to the knees or at a 90 now we’re gonna curl hammer curl bring those dumbbells up to the shoulders back down and up that’s one repetition doing eight repetitions in total here we go awesome here we go let’s do it I’m gonna burn out those legs you’re forced to sit here for a minute in this isometric hold that’s not an accident it’s definitely on purpose try to get down to your thighs parallel with the squeeze those glutes right at the top if you can’t quite get down as far as we are that’s all right we just encourage you to get down as far as you can while keeping your feet flat and back straight we don’t want you bending over at your back on this one and if you’re really feeling the force to bend over forward it’s gonna be because of lack lack of flexibility in your backside let’s try to keep those feet flat back up shoulders back there it is two more guys my legs are already feeling it I know burn so good we’re right there with you everybody right there we smile through it that’s it let’s go head straight right where you at uh excellent okay don’t go anywhere we’re gonna stay right in this spot we’re doing one arm dumbbell snatch he feels feet wide have one arm out to your side we’re gonna drop one dumbbell in between your legs we’re gonna do a half squat weight goes back in the hips now we’re gonna raise that elbow up as high as you can and flip that dumbbell over and we’re doing one side off oh eight repetitions on total four in each all right let’s go sit back weight in the hips elbow as high as it can go and then flip and snatch it over return it back down big power boom sit last one excellent side switch inside a good visualization for this one one is to pretend like you’re zipping up a jacket very similar movement pattern to that again bring that elbow as high as you can last one and then flipping it over nice job excellent okay we’re moving to the floor for the next one we’re gonna get those ABS involved even more I’m losing my dumbbells as you see now I’m gonna keep mine we’re both gonna do a reach crunch but I’m gonna do a dumbbell reach crunches arms are straight up in the air we’re gonna bring your shoulder blades up off the ground and reach to the ceiling squeeze your abs and back down we’re doing 15 in total and begin you decide if you want to hold on to these dumbbells for extra resistance or if you want to swap them out and just use your body weight squeeze those ABS up at the top while your legs are resting your abs are working that’s the beauty of these super sets I’ll keep the pace up come on almost there squeeze those ABS up at the top don’t reach with your neck and instead reach with those arms and those shoulder blades last one right here excellent nice work all right we’re standing up just your weight if you need to moving back into that sumo deadlift plus hammer curl I think I might increase a little bit here and again it’s eight repetitions on this one feet are wide good posture weight back in the hips let’s get it going sit back until those thighs are parallel to the ground palms are facing inward on that hammer curl and again just holding a nice solid foundation down here at the bottom as we perform our curl it’s just a way of adding in some extra time under tension and an isometric hold down here at the bottom halfway point and squeeze those glutes at the top get those knees out don’t allow them to break in a little slight point out on the toes working those glutes hamstrings quads core two more guys forearms biceps all getting hit on this one another compound move last one finishing strong zero all right all right let’s move right into those snatches will mark one arm at a time feet a little wider and shoulder width drop the weight back in the hips half squat elbow up big power pull come on let’s go you’re a powerhouse power factory right on this one let’s go last one on this side big power boom drop Oh alternate sides right into it sit pull come on guys what do you got right here remember it’s not about how bad you want it it’s about how hard you’re willing to work for it let’s see it right here last one and zero to the ground me given the pace up on this last superset moving to the ground go into those reach crunches you choose if you want dumbbells or not but here we are 15 reps begin with their shoulder blades up off the ground squeeze and contract those ABS I’ll put the top on every rep you got it Claudia sounds like you’ve been in your puddle of slips oh yeah I have a massive pop puddle of sweat and every making a large noise but hey must be doing something right got 5 4 guys come on keep it working everybody what would you come here for stay focused on it let’s go let’s go and last one right here zero shit up okay we have one last time around let’s get it going to Dennis yep Maria has fit tribe finishing strong right here proving it to yourself come on we’re gonna separate those who who want it and those who just want to talk about it which one are you let’s go feed your wide and shoulder-width wait back the hips let’s hit it sumo deadlift curl back down use those legs drive off your heels on the way back up don’t want to be on your toes on this one get those feet flat weight is back in your heels and in your hips excellent halfway point right here we have four more of these come on make them count hold that bottom position with good posture core stays tight come on finishing strong everybody we’re yeah it has four tribe we’re yeah two more there it is we’re all hurting together you sweat we sweat let’s go right you’re not alone last one ah those off okay here we are last set of one-arm snatches let’s get it going way back in the hips elbow high and begin big power pull one big power pool to come on prove it to yourself everybody that’s what come on that’s it Oh switch inside which insides and begin come on what do you got left put it all out there don’t hit that pause button don’t stop just finished one that’s it oh goodness we’re going to the floor who’s finished those ABS off do it we’re almost there everybody almost there oh come on let’s get there together and crunches in three two one begin squeeze those ABS up at the top nice and controlled on the way up and the way down especially on the way down you don’t want to do to lie back down come on this is it right here finishing strong breathe squeeze those ABS and hold at the top every single rep squeeze and all of them you got it you got it and you’re in the end here we are three more two one and zero whoo job we’re gonna lie down flat on our backs legs are out straight in front of us we’re gonna do a combo move at the same time I’m gonna bring one knee up and reach crunch with my opposite side arm I’m gonna keep my feet up in between repetitions and I’m actually doing the exact same move as Coach cozec but I am resting my feet in between each crunch so just pick the variation that works best for you and you know if you feel like weights are too much but you still want to have your legs lifted totally do it yes so again today really it’s all about making this workout work for you picking the variations that are appropriate we’re not gonna count any repetitions today it’s just going to be about getting as many reps in as you can and that a lot of time period and this one’s starting to burn we’re almost there guys keep it moving keep it work and you got it we’re doing this one for just 10 more seconds keep it up and five four three two one zero whoo feeling good already all right moving into a Russian twist so this time we’re gonna lean back on a 45 degree angle I have my two hands on one dumbbell and I’m gonna twist side to side I have my hands on an imaginary dumbbell and I’m twisting as well twisting my abs from side to side and I have my feet on the ground so this one can either be done with your feet on the ground or your feet up if you want to add some extra difficulty and you can go ahead and add a little bicycle movement and at the same time again you choose the variations that are most appropriate for you make sure you’re twisting your core and not just your arms yeah sure you don’t end up doing this where you just moving your arms from side to side it’s an excellent point be breathing keep moving and keep fighting through that burn you got it and five four three two one zero excellent all right I’m gonna grab my second dumbbell for this one we’re both lying down flat on our backs we’re gonna do a reach lying leg race so the first move is gonna be to bring your chin up tuck your chin shoulder blades off the ground and just reach and I you’re gonna hold that isometric position next we’re gonna do a lying leg raise nice and controlled on the way up and on the way down and I am resting my feet again in between each leg raise so pick the variation that works best for you I really want to try to have your lower back and glued to the ground on this one one of the major reasons why we’re doing this reach other than getting a nice abdominal contraction is to help you take your hip flexors out of the move get that lower back flat glued to the ground good move down a nice controlled pace you want to feel that contraction you want those abs to have a long time under tension you got it one wrap in the necks keep breathing keep fighting you got it let’s go this one for just 10 more seconds homeless there fly to the end on this one and five four three two one zero oh good one all right we’re moving into an X Factor so we need to create an X shape with our bodies arms are out legs are spread open so now we’re gonna perform a crunch to the opposite side leg as we bring that opposite side leg up crunching at the same time and return now opposite side now nice controlled on the way up and on the way down without weights this is a good one good challenge trying your best to meet in the middle with that leg and your upper body good if you need to even gonna come up onto that opposite side arm as you perform the crunch good really control that negative eccentric portion of the movement or the lowering phase you don’t want to just allow your leg fly back down you know controlled except the point of the workout you gotta concentrate on what motivates you whatever it is what brought you here today to begin with whether it’s purely aesthetic and you want to have nice abs you need a strong core maybe for sports or you’re just trying to be amazing at life whatever your goals are think about it focus on it rep by Rep getting yourself that much closer you got it let’s hit this one for just 10 more seconds almost there fight through guys fight through and five four three two one zero job alright we’re coming up into a side plank position for the next one we’re gonna do a side plank rotator if you’re using a dumbbell we only need one for this one coming up onto one forearm same side foot back in core is straight we’re gonna reach through pull back and extend straight up reach through rotate at that core and then look up at that hand whether you’re holding the dumbbell or not and if this is a little too difficult for you then you can drop it down to one knee notice how the leg that’s on the bottom it’s gonna be dropped down to the knee and I’m just going right back into the movement so I which variation is correct for you keep that core tight that hip up abs stay engaged or contracted throughout the whole move making sure to breathe don’t hold your breath we’re gonna switch sides and five four three two one zero opposite side now keep it moving really eliminate that down time back up and right back at it you got it I really want you to focus on rotating that core at the bottom and reaching through trying to grab something underneath ya from button just from behind you extend all the way up and look at that hand every time excellent work guys come on well should that burn well my obliques on this one remind yourself while you’re here right now what is it pushing yourself nobody else can do it for you come on Oh keep it going not much left almost there let’s go for five four three two one zero excellent moving into a reverse crunch plus toe touch lying down flat on our backs bringing those legs straight up arms straight up with my dumbbells in hand I’m gonna reach like I’m trying to touch those feet and I’m gonna do a reverse crunch bringing my hips up off the ground and you notice I’m doing the exact same movement but if this one feels like it’s a little too tough for you then you can definitely just reverse crunch with your knees if you need to drop your legs and this toe touch I’m bringing my shoulder blades up off the ground making sure to contract with my abs and not just stretch it with my head or my neck on the reverse crunch your goal is to get those hips up off the ground now they’re not gonna be a lot of range of motion on either of these two to three inches max on both just going back and forth between the two you got it pushing the face guys what do you got right here right now prove it to yourself remember it’s not about how bad you want it it’s about how hard you’re willing to work for it who put in that work right here whoo good burn we’re feeling it too guys we’re right there you’re not alone has four tribes but not alone tribe let’s go come on tribe one wrap into the next let’s go what you got what you got and five four three two one zero oh my goodness all right we turn it over into a side plank position doing side plank dips if you use in your dumbbell we only need one of them back to side plank position again nice straight line right here I’m gonna put this weight up on my opposite side hip I’m gonna drop my hip and then bring it back up to square again guys if you need a modification for this one drop to your one knee on the bottom and dip dip and you’re still gonna feel that burning and strengthening and your oblique there yeah this one definitely focuses on those obliques core stays tight you got it keep it going guys one rep into the next come on tribe what you got right here don’t hold your breath remember to breathe pushing yourself because nobody else can or will do it for you right here let’s go crank them out not many laughs let’s go ten more seconds on this side and five four three two one zero whoo other side another say that I say I like it I like it let’s go come on no downtime let’s go try it how many can you get right here think about those goals what is it what made you click on this video today something brought you here whatever it is focus on it it’s going to be the thing that gets you through to the end you got to switch to a modified version that’s okay but what we don’t want you to do is hit that pause button just keep moving keep grinding keep work and you got it here we go five four three two one zero all right hey it’s moving into a cross punch crunch I’m using both dumbbells for this one lying down on our back I’m going to crunch up and punch across offices sack bring your shoulder blades up off the ground contract those ABS and reach as you punch whoo you got it right here you guys come on tribe what you got there we go put it all out there we’re burning with you the houses maybe millions of us at home doing that same burn you’re feeling not alone come on tribe let’s go we’re in it together keep pushing what do you got right here a little bit better every repetition about being the best just about being a little bit better than yesterday defeating me you who couldn’t do it yesterday come on getting better on every rep burn it out burn it out four five four three two one zero oh goodness made it oh we’re gonna go through a little bit of a cool-down next and the purpose of the cooldown is allow your heart rate to come down slowly and at the same time gain some extra mobility and flexibility we’re gonna start with an upright external rotation keeping good posture let’s bring your elbows up and out to a 90 degree angle I’m going to rotate those hands back and then for we’re gonna go through this full range of motion bring the arms parallel and then perpendicular to the ground your shoulders are gonna love this one feel that stretch as you go back every time and on this last one let’s pull those hands back and just hold pull those hands back and you bring the elbows forward nice big deep breaths that’s it and relax keep pressing back you pressing back sorry I didn’t mean to stop I was gonna say you’re throwing me off here my bad my bad hold it for five four three two one zero there we go shake them loose excellent okay we’re gonna move into a chest opener stretch out those check your chest and your shoulders once you go in and interlace interlock your fingers behind your back now let’s pull your shoulders back as you drive your chest forward and arms back feel that stretch in your chest and shoulders if you want some extra resistance and stretch you can bend over and bring the arms up and over you decide which variation is right for you you just want to stay here or if you want to bend over either way just a static stretch on this one pull in that chest apart good good good let’s hold it for five four three two one thank you bent over come up slowly yes definitely don’t want you passing out on us okay moving into a standing quad stretch next great one for those quadriceps you can either hold onto a chair a cow to wall or whatever you got or just do it on your own if you’d like to grab on one foot I’m gonna bring my opposite side arm up kind of helps me keep my balance also find a focal point for your eyes if you need to trying your best to bring that foot and heel back to your glutes is your ultimate goal on this one without necessarily bring your leg out to the side again if you need to hold on to something we encourage you to do so four five four three two one zero I’ll shake that leg loose just hit that opposite side now and begin again that was a good time in the workout to just take a second be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today there’s a lot of things you could have been doing with your time it’s very easy to waste time or sit around thinking about working out it’s a lot harder to actually get it done and you got it done today right you invested in yourself that’s it we commend you for the proud we thank you for joining us today getting it done four three two one zero all right let’s move through the floor for the last couple first one get those hamstrings nice and stretch out hamstrings and gluts lying down flat on our backs one leg down opposite leg come up straight keeping that leg straight and just bring it up as high as you can while keeping your opposite leg flat and keeping this leg nice and straight and not bend at the knee just pull them back and holding static stretch on this one right here and you can feel that stretch in your hamstring over here and that’s okay that’s okay if you got way more than us that’s great too exactly and you probably yeah wouldn’t be hard too hard to achieve all right and holding it four three two one zero bend that knee but we’re gonna take that same leg we’re gonna reach across we’re into lying cross body knee or jet if you need to use that opposite side arm to bring it across keeping your shoulders flat on the ground as you do this one bring that knee across far as you can feeling that stretch and your lower back hamstring glutes piriformis well getting stretch on this one Oh four three two one zero I’ll bring it back to square okay let’s finish with doing the same move on the opposite side now one leg up straight hamstring glute remember to keep that opposite side leg flat on the ground easier things to do is like oh yeah I’m doing I’m getting better at it I’m getting better at it well I’m not really so going keep that leg and you might bring that one side of your body is tighter than the other totally my left side is super tight so don’t be surprised or worried about that hey that’s why we’re here none of us are perfect we’re all just working to get better all right now let’s go ahead and relax that leg now let’s bring that knee across body pulling with you’re gonna some help with this opposite side arm if you need to opposite side hand pulling reaching across feel that stretch in your lower back glutes that’s it holding strong here couple last big deep breaths four five four three two one zero and that’s it you can come on up nice and slowly or you can hang on or you can just lie on the ground unfortunately we had to stand okay No thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege and pleasure if you enjoyed today’s workout you’ve been working out with us for a while you’re starting 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