Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Resistance bands are a great tool to add to your home strength training arsenal. They’re lightweight, portable, and provide plenty of resistance to improve strength and gain lean muscle. Use this full body resistance band workout with just one long band, handles optional.

Warm Up

One Arm Reach and Knee Raise
Pull the Rope
Straight Kick + Twist

Full Body Resistance Band Workout

Bent Over Row + Triceps Kickback
Front Squat
Staggered Overhead Press
Russian Twist / Feet on Floor
Side Raise
Reverse Lunge + Curl / Split Squat
Single Arm Lat Pulldown
Good Morning / Arms at Side
Standing Twists
Low Band Fly
Squat from Rack / Squat
Lying Pullovers / Feet Down
Lying Leg Extension
Banded Pushup / from Knees

Cool Down
Upright External Rotation
90-90 / Pigeon
Cat / Cow
Posterior Shoulder Stretch

hay has fit tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is the total body resistance band workout the only equipment required for this routine is one straight long resistance band and while handles are recommended they are not required follow along with me for the standard moves and follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to get going yet let’s do it [Music] you [Music] let’s begin by warming up our bodies with a one arm reach plus near a so one arm at a time it’s going to be opposite side arm and knee reaching up now the purpose of this warm-up is keep your heart rate up a little bit and at the same time warming up your overall core body temperature making sure to breathe on this one and ideally we’re getting that knee up to around parallel to the ground but if you can’t quite get it that high that’s alright when I can account any repetitions throughout the warm-up or today’s workout we just want you to move at a pace that you feel comfortable with and push yourself let’s breathe on this one get a little AB contraction as you bring that knee up and keep breathing four five four three two one zero alright let’s warm up that posterior chain with the pulling of the rope so feet are shoulder width apart sit back weight in your hips I want you to reach out and then pull back on that elbow left then right then left then right keeping good posture back is straight and just pull that imaginary rope every time pulling back with that elbow like like you have a string attached to that elbow and somebody’s just pulling back on engaging those back upper back muscles and those lats on every pull sit back with your weight in your butt and in your legs and you’ll even activate your legs on this one breathe keep moving it’s a good time in this warm-up to start thinking about what brought you here today to begin with what is your motivation what are you trying to get out of this workout use it as your fuel to fire your workout keep reaching and pulling back with those elbows right here in three two one zero alright next we’re gonna do a straight leg kick plus twist hey so start by putting your arms out to your side parallel to the ground we’re gonna bring one leg up and twist into that leg and we’re trying our best to keep balance depending on how tight your hamstrings and glutes are might be a little hard on this one yeah the first few might be a little shake yeah they usually are for us as well now we’re bringing our leg up nice and high but parallel to the ground but don’t feel pressured into quite getting it that high just do the best you can exactly a little bit lower right now yeah and that’s all right or maybe you start low and start to loosen up and get it a little bit higher again not a race on this one this is just an active stretch it’s also gonna help us get our heart rate up a little bit keep breathing keep moving here for just last ten seconds on this one last warm-up move let’s go five four three two one and zero warm-up is complete ready to get this thing I’m ready to go or two so let’s go ahead and grab that band now we’re pretty much just can use the same band throughout the course of this workout but if you have different resistance level different strength bands feel free to mix it up that’s right so we’re gonna get started with the combination move we’re gonna do a bent over row plus tricep kickback so let’s go ahead and stand with both feet on your band and depending on the strength of your band you may need to take away slack or add slack so I’m gonna choke up a little bit on this one again depending on your resistance you have to make it work for you then over on a 45 degree angle we’re gonna pull back on our elbows of row and then tricep kickback extend at the elbows reverse it so it’s four parts one two three four that’s it one two three four is a great total body move working your lower body just to help stabilize you as well as your back triceps core all getting hit and working on this one make sure to emphasize all four parts of the move every time one two three four and on that tricep kickback we’re trying to get our upper arm parallel to the ground so we don’t want those elbows pointing at the ground when we do it but instead getting those elbows up nice and high as we pull back again moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with just one set of this one and five four three two one zero break excellent nice movement okay so I actually move up and resistance a little bit for the next one moving into a front squat so feet are shoulder-width apart lower body movement on this one again getting as much slack as you need go and bring those hands up into rack position we’re gonna break it the hips first then bend at the knees getting down into those hips and thighs are parallel to the ground and then extending back up making sure to breathe breathing in on the way down and then exhaling on the way up keep those knees out on this one don’t allow them to collapse in keep that back nice and straight and keep your core nice and tight throughout the entire movement now the front squat really puts the extra emphasis and resistance on your quads so you may be feeling some quad burn that’s alright sound purpose that’s how we know it’s working but again that’s why we emphasized and tell you to go at your own pace that’s it you need to switch out and adjust your resistance level feel free to do so let’s do this one for just ten more seconds for almost there you got it fighting through that burn four five four three two one zero all right let’s move into it your upper upper body move next we’re gonna get into a staggered position put that band locked behind your back foot again let’s bring those hands up to a rack position palms are facing forward we’re going to extend and press straight up keep your back tight core stays tight breathe extend those arms straight overhead breathing in on the way down exhaling on the way up well this is an awesome move it’s a great one for your shoulders triceps core all getting hit on this one you got it moving out of pace-it you feel comfortable with but at the same time pushing yourself let’s go think about what brought you here today to begin with what is it what are you working on every repetition do you just that much closer come on fighting through everybody we’re right there burning with your high-speed drive let’s go let’s hit this one for last ten seconds we’re almost there almost there come on four five four three two one and zero whoa good burn speaking of burn let’s burn out that core next head to the floor how did you know okay so for this one I’m gonna have my feet up while I wrap that band around both feet and then grab them in the handles here in front of me and I’m actually gonna leave my feet on the ground here so my heels on the ground we’re gonna perform a Russian twist twisting side to side while pulling against that resistance now it’s not your arms moving back right but instead we’re actually pulling and twisting and rotating our core you want to lean back on a 45 degree angle and maintain that same angle throughout so if it’s too easy for you either you’re not leaning back far enough or it’s time to pick those feet up and increase the intensity and vice-versa if it’s too hard you can come up a little bit and put those feet down great one for those obliques and your overall core you got it keep pushing keep fight come on you’re a fighter not a quitter let’s see it right here it’s right right here rep by Rep you got it come on we’re gonna stop when we’re done we’re not gonna quit when it hurts let’s hit this one for last ten seconds almost there almost there four five four three two one zero alright come on back down to your feet we’re gonna burn out those shoulders next again both lost my handle we’re gonna have our feet shoulder-width apart and we’re gonna move into a side race so putting both feet on that band hands are at our side to start palms are facing in we’re going to come up until those arms are parallel to the ground reduce my resistance a little bit there we go and slowly return them back and again if you need to adjust your resistance either with a different band or maybe just by using one foot will make it a little easier huh bunch of little tricks you can do with these resistance bands to make the exercises easier or harder manifest is too easy for you then you can double up and perform the exercise from there again bring those arms out to parallel to the ground and really focus on controlling that descent as well and keeping those wrists nice and straight we definitely not want you curling those wrists up at the top that’s it we don’t want lazy spaghetti wrists now I want to make sure we’re engaging those forearms as well and don’t just allow those arms to flop back control it all that lactic acid is kicking in we’re right there with you these last 10 seconds come on head straight try pushing through that burn we’re feeling it two four five four three two one zero excellent we’re gonna move into a lower body plus arm movement next and I’m gonna do a reverse lunge plus curl and I’m actually gonna do a split squat plus a curl so to make my band a little bit shorter for this one I’m gonna wrap it one time around my foot but totally optional feet start shoulder-width apart I’m gonna step back and drop both knees to their out of 90 and perform a curl at the same time and I’m dropping back into a 90 degree angle too but I am staying in the split squat stance again ideally you’re dropping both knees until they hit a 90 degree angle and then you’re coming back up trying your best not to allow that knee to come too far over your front foot we’re curling up at the top curling those pinkies in and squeezing our biceps up at the top keeping your core nice and engage throughout the entire movement we’re gonna switch lead legs half way through here definitely burn it out lead lay for sure I feel like we’re Fiona – ass bitch I’ve alright thousands maybe millions of us at home feeling that same burn you’re feeling working together here let’s switch sides in five four three two one zero all right same move just give you a couple seconds here to get set up again I’m wrapping that run around my foot make it work for you here we go and begin again stepping back drop and both knees to a ninety squeezing those biceps up at the top I love these efficient moves getting so much in in a short period of time breathing in on the way down breathing out on the way up just keep breathing now hold your breath on this one you will regret it whew Fiona an arm pump everybody I like it all that blood rushing to your arms must be working here we are nobody said it’d be easy but it will be worth it four five four three two one and zero alright strictly an upper body move next it’s going to grab that band equally on both sides throw those handles back behind you arms come straight up overhead definitely try not to smack yourself in the face yes with one arm we’re gonna pull down and do a single arm lat pulldown so one arm just stay straight and then that opposite arm you’re pulling down on that elbow engaging your lats as you pull down and squeeze that back muscle adjust your tension as needed yep the more slack you have the easier will be the less slack the harder again anytime we’re doing a roll like this picture somebody’s got a string and they’re pulling down that down on the elbow so you’re not pulling down by your hand but instead let that will be the guide now that only sure you’re hitting the right muscles again half-and-half splitting each side equally let’s split sides switch sides in five four three two one alright same move arms shoulders back all starting to feel it here definitely we like it only one side of this one keep pushing everybody think about hug good you’re gonna feel when this workout is all said and done that core tight lock them engaged come on here it is you versus you on this one you get that feeling that temptation to hit the pause button of this video remind yourself what brought you here today to begin with what is it what are you looking to achieve and what’s it gonna take to get there come on whoo burn so good yeah burn so good four five four three two one zero whoo cut those arms shake loose for a second this next one’s really gonna hit that posterior chain let’s start with our feet shoulder-width apart stepping on that band on both sides didn’t even give you a couple different variations for this one we’re gonna do it good morning I’m gonna bring my hands up to Rack position by my chin and I’m actually gonna leave mine right here at my at my waist so I start with a slight bend in your knees pick those hips and drive them back behind you bend over till your upper body’s parallel to the ground and then drive those hips forward and squeeze your glutes up at the top so feel that stretch in those hamstrings as you drive those hips back and then squeeze your glutes up at the top Louie did that back straight I definitely feel this one that she’s feeling it or you hope you are too again really emphasize pushing those glutes back behind you like you’re trying to touch your butt to the wall behind you now to help you engage those glutes and hamstrings and keep your head in line with your spine yep we don’t want your head up or down nope making sure to breathe and this one a breathing in on the way down breathing out and exhaling on the way up so it’s all about that posterior chain feel that stretch notice how we start with a little bend in our knees and we keep that same knee flexion throughout so we’re not going down and turning it into a squat not much left on this one squeeze those glutes at the top every time don’t forget squeeze them squeeze and squeeze them let’s go five four three two one zero all right let those arms relax for just a second they’re not gonna be a bunch of a break moving into a standing twist so from the same position bringing those hands up to your chin hands on the outside of your elbow now we’re gonna twist side to side little bend in those knees don’t have them locked out and we’re gonna just keep it tight and close to our body get those obliques involved get that core involved and twist now depending on your flexibility and your range of motion here you might just be tight little ones 45-degree angle or you might be able to do a full 180 side to side you decide what works for you what feels best for you yep there you do own pace that’s it don’t hold your breath dog keep breathing keep moving you got it getting stronger with every repetition running calories with every repetition getting that much closer to your goal right here come on stronger together everybody come on burn them out burn them out how many can you get and that’s a lot of time period keep those abs tight and engaged don’t just be moving back and forth but instead really focus on contracting those abs right move with some purpose here move with purpose I like that squeeze and squeeze them here we are four five four three two one zero oh relax those arms for a second we’re moving twe low band fly next so we need that band set up behind your back foot then get into a staggered position try to keep that back heel down on the ground now we’re gonna do a low band fly so palms are up on this one and now we’re gonna pull up and squeeze that chest up at the top nice and control so arms are a little out to the side at the bottom and then as they come up you’re gonna squeeze and bring those pinkies together this one’s working your lower chest muscles the pectoris minor and your pectoris major built those chest muscles as well as your shoulders a little bit of biceps but we’re trying to maintain that same elbow Bend throughout so really keeping our biceps out of it forcing our chest your shoulders to do the work excellent making sure to breathe you got it one rep right in the next and if you need to switch up that resistance level feel free to do so by using a lighter weight band control that descent as well this one’s flying by not much left on this one let’s go last 10 seconds we’re almost there come on control that descent four five four three two one zero excellent all right let’s work that lower body next we’re gonna move into a squat so both of us have our feet shoulder-width apart on this one but I’m gonna bring my hands up to a rack position and I’m actually just go leave my hands right by my side so it’s just a difference in the resistance level off the band your feet are shoulder width apart weight back in those hips and then this time it’s a little bit more of a back squat so now it’s a little more evenly distributed from that first front squat we did so evenly distributed between your quads hamstrings and glutes either way we’re kicking that weight back on our hips every time keeping our feet flat back stays straight knees are out don’t allow them to collapse inwards and ideally again we’re going down into those thighs hit about parallel to the ground or maybe even a little bit below if you can’t quite get that far that’s alright just go as far as you can while maintaining proper form keep your head up and keep your head in line with that spine come on one rep right into the next burn in those legs out we feel it too come on let’s go and those late you’re too tired time to squat with your heart comes all mental it’s all in your head not even physical anymore just keep it moving what do you got right here how much can you get has for tribe how many can you get you versus you fighter not a quitter here it is right here last ten seconds come on I get there get there almost there four five four three two one and zero whoo shake those legs out moving to the floor for the next one okay we’re gonna lie down flat on our back so we’re gonna do a lying pullover so this one’s gonna be for your upper back your lats in your chest putting the band around both feet and then go ahead and put those hands down at your side I’m gonna I’m gonna start with my legs up and I’m actually gonna keep my feet on the ground here now we’re gonna pull over keeping both palms down nice and controlled on the way back and breathe again I’m keeping my feet up which is gonna engage and work my ABS throughout totally up to you if you want a little extra credit or if you’re better off with your feet down nice and control pull them back using your lats as well as your chest to pull that band till your arms are almost parallel to your body and then again nice and controlled on the way back either way I want you to focus on keeping that lower back glued to the ground on this one we don’t want a big arch between our back in the ground really put that lower back down making sure to breathe don’t forget to adjust your tension on your band if you need to but feeling if it’s feeling too easy or too hard you can adjust it quick and easy way to do that for this one is to go ahead and bend your knees so again same move just with my knees bent is gonna reduce the resistance level on this one you decide what’s right for you but we’re almost done here four five four three two one zero okay keep in a similar position for this next one but we only one foot on the band we’re gonna perform a lying leg extension so with one foot on the band go ahead and bring those arms up overhead I’m gonna keep my opposite foot off the ground bring that knee back and then extend your leg and of course again I’m leaving one of my legs here on the ground so this is working both your shoulders as well as your legs using that band in position and again if you need to make it a little easier on this one you can actually bring your hands in closer to your chin into your chest you decide what’s right for you and your band and resistance level and the length of your band is gonna play a role as well exactly so adjust as needed straightening that leg bringing that knee till it’s around a 90 degree angle and then extending and squeezing that quadricep it’s working your hamstrings as well as your gluts and quad switching legs in five four three two one zero all right I’m gonna sit up and switch legs or switch feet that that band is on very little downtime and get right back into it and switch your legs very carefully that’s it try not to let that band slip off easier to wear shoes on this one breathe in that full extension and I still have that opposite leg up working on those ABS at the same time the killer total body move Natalie who easier to find a body part that isn’t being worked on this one two men to name all of them that is just keep pressing keep moving you guys are doing awesome keep it up let’s go that’s it don’t quit when it hurts we’re gonna stop when we’re done come on almost there almost there let’s go last ten seconds on this leg fight through it everybody fight through it let’s go five four three two one and zero oh we’re gonna sit up for the next one and we’re turning over we’re gonna finish with the bang here and we’re good you a banded pushup so your setup on this is going to be determined by a strength your band and your ability to do push-ups so we’re gonna set up with this band ideally underneath your arms on this one and underneath your elbows I’m gonna do this push-up from up on my feet and I made you them from my knees so you decide again what’s right for you the more slack you get rid of that tighter it’s gonna be go and trap the band in between the ground and your hands core stays tight band is up around your upper back and begin breathe ideally we’re in those elbows until they reach about a ninety degree angle and then we’re pressing back up getting full extension we don’t want little baby push-ups we’re going all the way down and all the way up that means dropping to your knees or getting rid of your band that’s okay but we’re gonna give it everything we got right here that’s right you’re almost there we’re gonna empty that tank out whatever your all looks like give it right now one wrap into the next squeeze your chest up at the top this is making it a little bit harder at the top by removing that momentum that you usually get in a push up it’s called an accommodating resistance makes it harder up at the top squeeze your chest triceps and shoulders the ABS stay tight come on everybody this is it right here think about what brought you here what are your goals what are you trying to achieve and what’s it gonna take to get there come on let’s go fighting together getting stronger together that’s right let’s go the last 10 seconds don’t give up now come on tribe keep fighting fight fight fight here we are four five four three two one and zero oh I’m burned out nice work everyone you made it excellent work out there thanks and were caught yeah whoo-hoo alright we’re gonna move into a light cooldown and the purpose of this cooldown is to allow our heart rates to come down and at the same time get gain some extra mobility okay we’re gonna start with an upright external rotation let’s go and get both of those elbows to a 90 degree angle and up out at our sides rotate those hands back so that stretch in your shoulders and then forward just rotating at a 90 degree angle we did a lot of shoulder work today and this is just an opportunity to loosen them up and do some recovery work oh this feels nice pulling back on those hands every time getting them back as far as you can keeping those elbows elevated excellent it’s at time of the routine where you can take a second here to be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today all right on this last one we’re gonna pull those hands back and hold just hold hold hold ooh barn so good keep those elbows up arms out hold it hold it hold it pulling them back four five four three two one zero shake em loose ahh okay we’re moving through the floor we’re gonna work on our hips next we’re gonna do a 90 90 stretch so both knees are gonna be at a 90 degree angle we’re gonna try our best to sit up now if you need to and you’re cramping you can lean back a little bit to take off the resistance or if it’s a little too easy for you here you’re not really feeling any stretch you can transition into a pigeon therefore you can pull in your one foot and then lean forward on that leg bringing that heel to your hip flexor you decide which one of these variations is appropriate for you today we’re just gonna hold right here and breathe excellent big deep breaths in and out holding on this side for five four three two one zero all right we’re gonna switch sides next so again either into that 90 90 good posture up feeling those hips engaged and stretching and if you’d like to pull in that one foot and you then transition into a pigeon great one to loosen up your hips your piriformis a little hip flexor Oh getting hit with this and I like these mobility moves that hit more than one body part at the same time again all about efficiency especially when you’re working out at home mm-hmm trying to get as much in a short period of time we have a tendency to neglect certain body parts we workout at home so that’s it well an anywhere really of course it’s true it’s true well yeah recovery isn’t always the sexiest thing you can do is now a lot of times people overlook it but it’s so necessary here are on three two one zero all right coming back up we’re gonna transition to a little yoga inspired move next we’re gonna do a cat cow so come on to all fours for the next one we’re gonna go back and for so let’s go ahead and start with the cat so bringing your back up pulling from the middle of your back bringing your chin in to your chest look at somebody’s got a string pulling from the middle of your back and then we’re gonna reverse it slowly bringing that sternum to the ground pulling your head up and chin up to the ceiling I usually exhale it in this movement right here yeah good and then let’s inhale as we reverse breathing in and as you again bring that chin in to your chest and pull up in the middle of your back nice and controlled through these transitions let’s go back and exhaling as you bring that sternum down shoulders back head up chin up to the sky those glutes up as well breathe do not hold your breath and let’s go back through one more time bringing that chin in all in from middle you back you almost feel that spine and vertebrae one by one come into place it’s a nice flow and almost a dance and rhythm to it all right last time sternum to the ground chin up and feel that stretching that’s fine excellent breathe and three two one zero relax and slowly come to our feet we don’t want to pass out here all right we’re gonna finish with the posterior shoulder stretches a classic shoulder stretch good posture shoulders are square bring one arm across and with that opposite side arm we’re gonna pull and hold it now for you and your flexibility that might look like this it might look like this arm all the way wrapped around again just make this stretch your own but it’s just a static stretch we’re just gonna hold this position and breathe you did it you made it through that’s right we’re so proud of you for sticking with us to the end it wasn’t easy but it out will be worth it especially when those results start kicking in you know other people start noticing it’s all the work that you’ve been doing it’s called consistency that’s it let’s switch sides in three two one zero shake it loose opposite side now you know everybody’s looking for a secret everybody’s looking for the magic formula but let me share it with you right here stay consistent and Trust the process it’s that simple you have to be patient for each coach day after day not gonna come overnight but stick with it and you will get there that’s right that’s it let’s hold it for five four three two one zero boom check it off the list another one in the books you made it nice work out there thank 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