Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

No gym? No problem! Use this full body workout routine at home to gain strength and build lean muscle. The only equipment required is a pair of dumbbells and then either a chair, bench, or step. This strength training routine includes both a warm up and cool down and doesn’t need to be combined with any other workouts.

Warm Up

External Rotation + Butt Kicks
Lateral Reach + Forward Reach
Good Morning

Full Body Workout Routine at Home

A1: Reverse Lunge + Hammer Curl + Press x 6 Each Leg
A2: DB Butterfly Reach Crunch / No DB x 12
B1: DB Step Ups / Low Step x 8 Each Leg
B2: Elevated Pike Push Up / No Elevation x 12
C1: Clean + Squat + Calf Raise x 12
C2: 3 Angle Chest Fly x 12
D1: Side Plank Triceps Ext / from Knee x 12
D2: Crush Grip Row x 12
E1: RDL + Reverse Curl x 12
E2: 1:3 Tempo Side Raise x 8
F1: Plank Up Downs / from Knees x 30 Seconds
F2: Starfish / Knees Bent x 30 Seconds

Cool Down

Standing Quad Stretch
Seated Butterfly
Downward Dog to Child’s Pose

[Music] what’s up has four tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak I’m 16 weeks pregnant Claudia and this is a total body strength training workout this workout requires a pair of dumbbells and either a bench box or a step you can follow along with me for the standard moves and you can follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s pump it up [Music] [Music] let’s get this workout started with the warmup first one for the day is going to be an external rotation plus a buck kick feet are shoulder width apart elbows are bent in a 90 degree angle let’s pull back on those hands and at the same time alternate right and left butt kicks bringing that heel back kick in your own glutes every time on that external rotation or bringing those hands back feeling those shoulders stretch great one to loosen up those rotator cuffs overall shoulder mobility now this is just the warm-up here so make sure you’re moving at a warmup pace get that breathing going I’m gonna do a lot of combo moves here which is why we’re starting right from the right from the start here with the upper lower body combo warm up making sure to breathe let’s do this one four five four three two one zero excellent another combo move we’re gonna go lateral reach bring that right hand to our side stretch that oblique now left arm lateral reach to the side up and over now let’s do a forward reach fingers together pull those lats away from the spine hips go back back to lateral reach and we’re gonna wanna reach reach and then forward reach lats away from the spine your lats are right here side of your back making sure to breathe loosening up your upper body on this one start focusing on whatever it is that brought you here today to begin with whatever made you hit that play button that’s gonna be the thing that gets you through today let’s do this one four five four three two one zero alright let’s focus on your posterior chain for this next we’re gonna do a good morning feet are shoulder-width apart hands are on our head slight bend in those knees now we’re gonna hinge at the hips hips go back back stays straight do that stretch in your hamstrings glutes lower back stand up squeeze those glutes at the top this one’s gonna loosen up your hamstrings glutes lower back at the same time helping you to just gain overall better mobility in your backside when you come up from the hinge you want to make sure that you’re not hyper extending your back when you keep make sure everything is nice and in line that’s very good point also we want you to press those glutes back as you’re bending over like you’re trying to touch those glutes to the wall behind you so not bending at the knees anymore to go down but instead really focusing on hinging at those hips as well as keeping your head in line with your spine so you shouldn’t have it up as you’re going down but instead let that head travel down with you continuing this one for the last five seconds here three two one zero all right feeling loose ready to go I’m one raising with some weights let’s go so we’re gonna start with a little superset here the first we’re going to do is gonna be a reverse lunge plus a hammer curl press combo and you’ll as we get into it here you’ll start to figure out exactly which weights you should be using dumbbells are at your side to start now we’re gonna step back with your right leg dropping both knees to a 90-degree angle stepping back up now hammer curl and press straight up overhead return that’s one repetition we’re gonna do six repetitions on each side so let’s do all that right on that right leg first so step back right leg set back both knees doing 90 step back up hammer curl palms facing inward elbows bent press straight up overhead palms facing inward return dumbbells back down that’s one repetition and repeat like I said doing six on each side getting started here with the combo move this one’s working your hamstrings quadriceps glutes biceps forearms shoulders triceps core easier to name the body parts that it’s not working than the ones that it is making sure to breathe throughout not holding our breath we’re focusing on breathing in inhaling and the easiest part of the move and then exhaling on the hardest part of the move straight up overhead finishing with those biceps by fires right here last one on this side finish strong excellent okay no downtime now we’re gonna step back with your opposite leg stepping back with that left leg drop both knees to a 90 back up curl and press excellent arms are gonna start to feel this one just holding onto these dumbbells at any time throughout today’s workout you need to decrease intensity feel free to lighten your load if any of these moves are too easy feel free to increase your load and increase the weight that you’re using that’s why while it’s not a hundred percent necessary as far as always nice to have a couple different weights to choose from so you can mix it up and encourage you to make this workout work for you should be breathing in on the way down and then exhaling as you come up excellent okay we just need one dumbbell for this next one and I’m gonna lose both dumbbells here we’re gonna move to forward and do a butterfly reach crunch so coming to our back side we’re gonna do a little ab work here feet are together legs and knees are open we’re gonna reach through our legs contract those ABS crunch those abs at the top and then control that negative descent doing 12 repetitions in total and begin so whether or not you want to use a dumbbell on this one’s totally up to you you just want to use your own body weight or if you want to use some extra resistance either way really focus on controlling both ends of the move here we’re not allowing momentum to take over but instead especially that negative eccentric face controlling the way down focusing on that time under tension we want to exhale as we move up into the move and inhale as we come back down that’s it focus on that breathing we have two more reps do not hold your breath last one right here excellent okay when you come back up onto our feet we’re gonna do two sets of both of these exercises so we’re going back to that reverse lunge hammer curl and press grab that second dumbbell grab two dumbbells run back to the right leg first remember we have six on each leg keeping the pace up step back both knees doing 90 step-up hammer curl press straight overhead excellent keep it up one repetition right into the next here controlled movements focusing on that time under tension not a race on this one today with strength training really focusing on that time under tension not allowing momentum to take over you definitely be easier to go faster on some of these but resist that temptation last rep coming up right here last one finish strong and excellent okay switching sides right into it now left leg back keep it going I can’t focus on that driver that motivator whatever it is it brought you here today to begin with what is it that made you hit that play button focus on your why that’s gonna be the thing that gets you through to the end don’t focus on those shoulders biceps or legs that’s the last thing you want to do excellent work keep it going two more your powerhouse let’s see it right here last one of these make a count tribe and zero okay back to those butterfly reach crunches last set of these you decide if you want to use the weight or just your own body weight back to our back side legs are open feet are together and let’s reach through for 12 repetitions up squeeze those ABS back down good every time bringing those shoulder blades up off the floor don’t just reach with your neck but instead really focus on bringing those shoulders off the floor squeezing contracting those ass controlling the way down excellent work three more almost there almost there keep fighting tribe let’s see it right here last one make a count boom nice work all right we have your second superset coming at you and you can see we have our steps ready to go but if you have a chair a bench aerobic step whatever you have access to we’re gonna do dumbbell step-ups next the lower your bench the easier it’s gonna be the higher your box or chair the harder it’s gonna be so we’re gonna need two dumbbells we’re gonna do a dumbbell step-up so one dumbbell on each side we’re gonna do all one leg at a time stepping up under control all the way back down tap that foot back on the ground and return next repetition we’re gonna do eight repetitions on each leg let’s get it going together in three two one begin you really want to focus on control on the way up and way down on this one I know you’re gonna probably get tired of hearing me say that by the end of this but it is so very important make sure your entire foot is stepping up onto the step yeah try to put your foot in the center mass of whatever you’re stepping on also try your best to avoid pushing off with your leg that’s on the floor don’t try to give yourself a boost with that opposite leg where you’re doing half the work with your opposite leg three more and eight on each leg this one’s working your quadriceps hamstrings and glutes all working together and last one right here focus on that control excellent okay other leg now right into it stepping up with their left leg and begin you’ll notice this one’s also working on our balance and stability call that a little extra credit and it really helps if you find a focal point something to focus your eyes on on this one it helps you keep your balance so don’t be looking around the room while you’re doing this one I’m gonna sit find something to focus on and you want to exhale as you’re pushing up to step onto the step three more excellent work control all the way up and the way down adjust your weight if you need to do so and last one excellent okay I’m gonna set my dumbbells down but keep my box and I’m gonna push my box out of the way we’re gonna do a pike push-up next I’m gonna do mine elevated so I’m actually gonna have my feet up on the box we’re gonna do a push-up with our fingers facing one another for the setup I said I’m putting my feet up on the box Scotty’s keeping hers on the floor we’re gonna walk those hands back and look back at our feet as we drop our body straight down and return back up this hits you at a different angle than the traditional push-up well I guess Claudia’s ready ready to go here breathing in on the way down out on the way up and begin the further you walk those hands back the harder this one’s gonna be as well as the higher you elevate those feet the harder this one’s gonna be halfway make it your own last three control the way up and the way down excellent last one right here Oh feeling good make sure you come down slowly and we need those dumbbells again we’re going right back into that step-up work on those legs now as you see we’re alternating lower and upper body exercises here while your lower body is resting your upper body’s working and vice versa all right eight step ups right leg let’s do a tribe stepping up control that descent get that whole foot on that box that’s it if you don’t put that whole foot on the box all right one you definitely increase your chance of falling down but also it makes it hard to to drive that weight through your center of your foot yep and make sure you’re getting all those muscles hit equally good balance again finding that focal point three more and keep that oxygen flowing breathing in on the way down exhaling on the way up last one right here make it count boom all right switch feet keep this party going and begin again trying your best to avoid lift off with that opposite foot be much easier to use that opposite foot to hop up avoid doing so good working out or body on this one for more one of my favorite moves here and you can see why and don’t worry about being perfect on your you’re balanced you’ll see we’re not perfect either just about putting in that work and getting better every workout and you have one more rep here it comes last one make it count zero excellent okay back into those Pike push-ups so whether using your box or not you decide what’s appropriate for you we get right back into a fingers facing one another walk those hands back adjust your feet accordingly adjust your feet accordingly and look back at those feet and straight down begin breathe in on the way down exhale on the way up so it’s working your triceps shoulders and chest definitely harder than a traditional pushup that’s half way not an easy move here we got hard and harder variations two more last one make it count drive it excellent work all right go ahead and move your box chair bench out of the way we’re not going to need it anymore next superset coming at you we need two dumbbells for this combo move make sure you’re using those legs to help pick up the dumbbells and do a clean plus front squat plus calf raise feet of shoulder width apart palms are facing in we’re gonna hinge at those hips as we swing the dumbbells back swing them forward now front squat weight back in the hips now cat phrase drive off the balls of the feet and return Dumbo’s down next one we’re gonna do 12 repetitions in total doing it together here in three two one begin hinge with the hips back forward front squat calf raise repeat that’s why now I know it’s a combo move all about efficiency here today it is much work in and it’s short a period of time as possible it’s another one of those moves were it’s gonna take me for 30 seconds just to name all the body part that’s working let’s give it a try here hamstrings glutes lower back biceps back calves probably missed some Oh working together here this is your halfway point right here making sure to use those hips as you swing keep those feet flat on that front squat shouldn’t be coming forward or back whoa keeping good balance plus my balance on that one sorry it’s alright again we’re not perfect either just trying to get a little bit better every workout excellent keep it going two more sounds a little bit of a brain exercise as well almost there last one full range of motion excellent okay we’re moving to the floor and we’re gonna do a three angle chest fly I’m gonna lighten my weight just a little bit that’s a good idea good idea lying down on our backs we’re gonna do three different angles on this fly so let’s go ahead and start with those pinkies facing or twisted in we’re just a little bit slight bend in our elbows lower those dumbbells still about in line with your stomach don’t bounce them off the floor and then return squeeze that chest now go ahead and make those hands so they’re perpendicular to your body arms are parallel and fly and then last one we’re gonna do a Y so thumbs come pointing in full range of motion and back so it’s twelve repetitions in total let’s get it going so first one the low fly pinkies you’re twisted in don’t bounce those arms off the floor control them up and then your traditional fly with your arms straight make sure you’re flying over your chest and not your head and then last one thumbs pointed in about a 45 degree angle doing a Y feel that stretch and return good that’s three reps that’s three right there we got 12 in total again it’s about that time under tension not a race here so it’s really hitting your chest from all different angles three angles specifically twisting those thumbs in Y plane back that’s it six down six To Go pinkies in inhale on the way down and exhale breath as you bring it back up good hands back to square again time under tension don’t bounce those arms off the floor nice and controlled on the way up and on the way down three more last three one more of each make a count right here tribe excellent last to feel that chest stretch and then squeeze those chest muscles up at the top last one why and return excellent okay so going back to the last one back to the clean front squat and calf raise back up on our feet picking up my slightly heavier weight for this one again you decide what what which weight is appropriate for you couldn’t encourage you more to really make this routine your own feet are shoulder-width apart hit hinging at those hips swing back for front squat come up calf raise and repeat that time of the workout when that burn starts to kick in when you want to hit that pause button and give up you got to remind yourself what brought you here today to begin with trying to lose fat gain muscle just kick butt it life whatever it is I want you to focus on your why don’t focus on competing with us or anybody else just focus on getting a little bit better than you were yesterday that’s your halfway point right there it’s all about that discipline putting in the work day after day and that’s what’s going to get you to your goal that’s how goals happen that’s how you make it happen not about how bad you want it it’s about how hard you’re willing to work for it that’s what you’re doing here right now rep by Rep two more tribe come on almost there fighting through it we’re burning – last one right here keep that good posture excellent whoo you set those down no more of those but we do have I’m dropping my weight that’s three angle fly and if you need to drop your weight feel free to do so great thing about strength make it as easy as hard or as hard as you need to that’s it challenge yourself but make sure you’re staying safe all right three angles tribe 12 reps pinkies are in low fly begin feel that stretch and back up squeeze that chest excellent work we really focus on that breathing every time you’re breathing in inhaling on the way down and then exhaling and that hardest part of the move as you’re raising those dumbbells back up excellent come on keep it up okay as a reminder here make sure you’re flying over your chest that’s it really control those dumbbells don’t be bouncing them off the floor that’s a good indicator that you need to drop your weight a little bit exactly that’s why I always say it’s nice to have a little bit of variation in our weight if it’s too easy up the wave if it’s too hard lower the weight never want a sacrifice form no ice and control here three more here we go come on make a count try rep by Rep getting stronger with every repetition that’s it right here putting in that work to achieve your goal last one and zero excellent job all right we’re going to need just one dumbbell for this next one and you probably want to lighten your load on this one we’ve both going a little bit lighter we’re gonna get down into a side plank position I’m really on both feet for this one and I’m gonna have my bottom knee down now we’re gonna do a side plank tricep extension come up onto that forearm bring your hips off the ground opposite arm we’re gonna only extend at that elbow we’re gonna arm straight up and then return controlling the way down and the way up we have 12 repetitions on each side here we go in three two one begin a great combo move here hitting both your core as well as your tricep on that arm a lot of different muscles engaging to make this one happened make sure that your shoulder is directly over your elbow on the side plank you shouldn’t have your hips sinking or up in the air to have a nice straight line nice neutral spine going on here you decide which variations most appropriate for you squeeze that tricep up at the top on every repetition excellent full range of motion only bending at that elbow two more here last one zero good who has their home car my goodness my obliques all right switch it up opposite side now flipping over and eliminate that downtime getting those ABS burning here again shoulder over that elbow and up begin stand that arm nice and straight get that oxygen flowing do not hold your breath you will regret it exhale on the way up that’s it inhale on the way down exhale as you drive that dumbbell up extending at the elbow squeeze your triceps back of your arm on every repetition good good good adjust your weight accordingly two more not an easy move here we go last one make it count zero oh goodness gracious all right we’re gonna come up onto our feet for the next one then I’m gonna go a little bit heavier on my weight you decide if it’s appropriate for you we’re gonna do a crush grip row two dumbbells needed feet are shoulder-width apart we’re gonna work your back on this next one we’re gonna bend over at a 45 degree angle we’re gonna squeeze those dumbbells together now we’re gonna pull back on your elbows squeeze your back at the top return repeat we have 12 repetitions in total doing it together let’s go try it and three two one begin so the whole time should be squeezing those dumbbells together not just holding onto them driving them into one another at the same time pulling back on those elbows not pulling back on your hand but instead a flick you have a string attached for those elbows and somebody’s pulling back on that straw keep your back straight head stays in line with your spine don’t have your head up look so instead keep the head down you want line with the rest of your body and last one zero excellent goodness alright one more time around this superset starting to feel it it’s working tribe it’s working all right we’re going back in that side plank position for another set of tricep extensions feeling good here keep it going you decide if you want to come up onto both feet or just one and up only bend at that elbow for 12 reps begin keep that core engaged making sure to breathe squeeze that tricep up at the top every single time that’s it halfway point right here that’s six what brought you here tribe what are you working on think about it think about it come on sliding through it staying disciplined right here almost there two more nice big deep breath and exhale 12 nice work flip it over keep that pace up minimize the downtime on this one and we’ll right back up and add it let’s go begin breathing in on the way down exhaling on the way up boo that bottom arm really starts to burn after a minute right oh yeah we got burns going on all over I need the fire department out for this one burn so good tribe we’re right there with your rep by Rep right halfway right there six more great thousands maybe millions of us at home feeling that same burn you’re feeling right now you’re not alone in it together has fit ride in it together getting better every rep and last one come up and exhale 12 whoo all right set that weight down we need our weights for a crush grip row make sure using those legs to pick them up last 12 rows let’s get that back working here feet shoulder-width apart bend over 45-degree angle squeeze those dumbbells together and begin pull back on those elbows again control the way up and the way down don’t just allow the dumbbells to flop back down keep them under control every time squeeze and those back muscles up at the top nice contraction holing back on those elbows number nine back stay straight almost there almost there last one coming up right here accidentally way to fight through it alright let’s pump it up with another superset we’re gonna do an RDL plus a reverse curl for this next we’re gonna do 12 repetitions now our RDL stand for a Romanian deadlift didn’t make up the name but its feet shoulder-width apart or not Romanian no we’re not Romanian even though my nose may make it make me look like an anyway palms are facing a slight bend in those knees we’re gonna put our weight back on our hips as we keep our back straight dumbbells come down to just below our knees then drive those hips forward squeeze the glutes at the top there’s your Romanian deadlift now we’re into a reverse curl elbows stay in palms are down control of the curl we’re gonna do that 12 times let’s get right into it three two one begin wait back in the hips stretching those hips back very similar what we did at the beginning with that good morning in the warm-up hips forward don’t hyperextend the back curl control the way down repeat for 12 repetitions this one’s also gonna test your grip just holding on these dumbbells for this extended period of time work on your hamstrings glutes lower back forearms biceps all working together on this one keeping that head in line with your spine again we’re not going all the way down and do a stiff leg deadlift on this one but again just dropping those dumbbells until they get just below the knees and back up I like to just let my dumbbells travel down my legs that’s it yeah cuz you want to keep those weights definitely keep them close to you that’s where your power is that we don’t want them way out in front on that RDL that’s six right there halfway point staying under control and as we come down on that rtl keep those shoulders retracted shouldn’t be reaching and rounding the back focus on keeping that back nice and straight there’s number eight right there good last four under control on every repetition come on tribe we’re yeah fighting through it rep by Rep you’re a fighter not a quitter let’s see it right here proving it to yourself two more getting stronger getting more lean muscle getting closer to that goal last one right here and zero good okay I’m dropping my weights for the next one as I as am i we’re gonna do a side shoulder raise what we’re gonna do this one with the tempo so it’s a 1 3 tempo side raise I’ll show you what that looks like here so start with feet shoulder width apart hands at our side we’re gonna do one second on the way up one second now 3 seconds 1 2 3 seconds on the way down only 8 repetitions sorry hey she’s excited to get this going only hate repetitions but high time under tension let’s begin in three two one shoulders are back one one thousand 1 2 3 repeat 1 1000 1 2 3 there we go you can see immediately how this is gonna catch up with us yeah excellent work tempo training is a great way to just mix up your routine help you blast past any potential plateaus that may be in your way good posture on this one trying your best to avoid momentum a few more good under control burn so good last one and control it one two three who one more time around let’s go back to those are dl+ reverse curls choose your way to proprietary make sure you using those legs to pick up those weights feet shoulder-width apart palms are facing us let’s get it going no delay and begin let those dumbbells slide down your leg hips go back hips go forward squeeze those glutes at the top and curl excellent work I said this combos also working your grip starting to feel mine work on this one and then another added benefit here when I say total body workout we mean it everything’s getting hit from head to toe today very efficient routine come back repeat this routine get a little bit better every time use a little bit more weight as your strength improves and you can continue to repeat and improve excellent squeeze those biceps up at the top and control that negative portion of that curl don’t just allow those dumbbells to flop back down halfway point right there excellent keeping those elbows in on the curl as well your much easier to let them flare out but don’t give in to that temptation hips go back every time keep trying to touch those hips to the wall behind you and don’t turn this already all into a squat but instead keep them maintain a slight bend in those knees barn so good two more I’m feeling it working guys I’m feeling it right there with you try last one come on what do you got right here put it out there put it out there and ooh burns go good all right dumbbells down and we got another set of those one three tempo side raises all right let’s do it come on pump yourself up what did you come here for and three two one go one second on the way up one two three come on learn to love that burn you’re stronger than that burn when your shoulders start to tell you they don’t have anything left you got to tell them they’re lying to you you are in control that’s four right there four more it’s all about that mental toughness right here come on how tough for you prove it to yourself right here right now or yeah those who believe they can and those who believe they can’t are both right which one of you has fits right last one right here right here right here excellent all right tribe we’re gonna end today’s workout with a finisher round we’re going to burn it out we’re gonna do two sets of two different exercises not counting any reps all timed move to the floor we’re gonna get down into a low plank position I’m gonna be on my feet and I’m on my knees so starting on our forms we’re gonna do a plank up down so we’re gonna press up right arm left arm back down left arm right arm now the opposite way up on the left up on the right down on the right down on the left back through that sequence for thirty Seconds come on let’s go everything you got as many repetitions as you can do and three two one begin grind it out right here right now keep those abs tight back stays straight making sure to breathe whatever you do do not hold your breath come on everything you got right here for 30 seconds come on go go go go what do you got prove it to yourself how tough you are right here right now four five four three two one zero turning over to our backs we’re gonna do a starfish next I’m gonna have my legs out straight I’m gonna have my knees bent so we’re in a star formation arms are out legs are out we’re gonna bring our arms and legs together crunching up top and then turn back down down lower black bat glued to the floor and begin there’s many repetitions in as you can if you can’t keep that lower back glued to the floor and we recommend you bend those knees definitely we don’t want you to walk away with any lower back aches I can shoot a breathe when exhale as you bring your fingers and your legs or knees together contracting those abdominal muscles up at the top for five four three two one zero turn back over let’s do it one more time back into that plank position no downtime let’s go three two one begin how many can you get right here right now it’s you versus you you are only in competition with yourself that’s right look in the mirror that is your competition trying to get a little bit better than you were yesterday every time you come back repeat this workout getting just that much better ABS stay tight back stay straight for five four three two one zero turnover almost air traffic come on don’t stop now stop when you’re done star formation and begin bringing it all together this is it homestretch sprint to that finish line don’t save anything put it all out there empty that tank out right here with us come on we’re working there with you feeling that same burn yeah every repetition we’re getting just that much better that lower back glued to the floor crunch those ABS up at the top making sure to breathe in on the way down exhale on the way up last ten seconds here we go tribe come on all out there don’t say that don’t save it what do you got prove yourself how tough you are right here four five four three two one zero and that is it that’s a wrap whoo you made it well not quite almost almost got a little cooldown to do but the work is done that’s right slowly come up onto your feet and the purpose of our cooldown is to allow our heart rates to come down slowly and at the same time we’re gonna gain a little extra mobility work at the same time we’re getting started with a standing quadricep stretch you can excuse me you need to do this one on your own we can come grab a wall and do this one I think I’m gonna grab a wall today right after that workout and I’m going to too so go ahead and pull one foot back to your glute try to keep that knee in don’t let it flare out we’re gonna stretch that quadricep the thigh muscle in front now it’s just a static stretch we’re just holding and then any of our static stretches trying to get to about 85 90 percent of what you’re capable of want to feel good stretch but not looking to feel any real pain no switch inside so three two one down opposite side switch it up again and pull that foot back to your glute this point we just want you to focus on catching your breath in through your nose fill up that belly and exhale through your mouth so focus on bringing that heart rate back down especially after that finish around nice big deep breaths here holding this one for five four three two one zero or we’re gonna move to the floor for the next one do a seated butterfly stretch work on stretching out those hips got a lot of good hip work in today so a little recovery is in order those feet together and we’re gonna pull those feet in as close as we can to your body maybe further in than us or not as far it’s alright make it your own and now allow those knees to travel as close as you can to the floor you need a little extra pressure you can apply down gentle downward pressure with your elbows but again we’re looking for 85 90 percent feeling a good stretch but not getting too crazy that’s right and if you’re right here where I’m at that’s fine too that’s it make it work for you nice big deep breaths here feel also this one’s working your hips a little bit of hamstrings your groin area opening them all up mm-hmm four five four three two one zero shake those legs loose we’re gonna finish with a little yoga inspired stretch knack so let’s turn over we’re gonna do a downward dog to a Child’s Pose combo here so let’s come up onto our hands and our feet we’re gonna drive those hips back try our best to bring those heels to the floor stretching our calves hamstrings glutes lower back relax those shoulders almost like somebody’s grabbing ahold of your hips and your glutes and they’re pulling them back I like to walk it out a little bit it helps give a little extra stretch to my calves yeah that’s another great technique right to left right to left nice big deep breath series you just relax in the position and now let’s come down onto our knees and transition to a child’s pose those arms out in front of you hands out in front of you we’re sitting back onto our feet relaxing those shoulders stretch that back nice big deep breaths here stretching your quadriceps lower back shoulders all working together and we’re coming up one more time into that downward dog position up onto our feet and our hands pull those hips back got a lot of good posterior chain working today so we’re just stretching it out trying to best to reduce any soreness and at the same time really add some flexibility and mobility in that area also will help to improve our posture at the same time and let’s drop one last time into that child’s pose I’m just gonna sit here and relax sit back we’re just taking a minute here to be proud of what you’ve achieved today working out we’re easy everybody be fit but we know that’s not the case we just want to give you the credit affirmation that you’re on the right track doing what you need to do to get to where you need to go where you deserve to be four five four three two one zero nice and slow coming on up you can stay there if you want if you want but and that is a wrap there you go there is nice work Claudia nice work coach high five to you out there thank you so much for working out with us today joining us through that tough work out we’d ask you please support our mission of keeping these great workouts free you can do so by downloading our free app it’s available for both iOS and Android you can also stop by our store pick up some has vid gear or our diet guide eating for life also please don’t forget to like this video and follow us on your favorite social media network again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout