Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Take one part creativity added to one part hard work and you get this full body resistance band workout. This total body will improve your strength and lean muscle from literally anywhere on Earth. This routine only requires one long resistance band, but you may want to have a few bands of varying resistance so that you may change up the level for different movements. We recommend the Bodylastics bands as we’ve found them to be the perfect combination of durability, ease of use, and resistance.

Warm up
Bent Over Arm Hauler
Multi-planar Lunge / Quadruped Rotation
Butt Kick Pull Downs

Resistance Band Workout

A1: One Arm Lawn Mower Row x 10
A2: Side Squat x 10
B1: Banded Push Up / from Knees x 10
B2: Quadruped Kickback x 10 each leg
C1: Pallof Press x 30 sec
C2: Pronate Triceps Kickback x 10
C3: Preacher Curl x 10 each arm
D1: Sumo Pause Deadlift x 10
D2: Upright External Rotation x 10
E1: Reverse Fly x 10
E2: Penguin Crunch / Feet Down x 30 sec

Cool Down
Wrist Curl Glides
Hands Behind Head Chest Stretch
Sprinter Quad Stretch
V-Sit Reach to Scarecrow