Intermediate Difficulty
intermediate workout

This video contains 60 minutes of strength training at home for both men and women. HASfit’s free weight training exercises only require dumbbells, a chair, and two pillows. Weight training at home is a great way to improve strength without ever leaving the house. The strength training workouts and free weight workouts are designed for intermediate to advanced trainees.

Back and Biceps Round: Complete 3 rounds of each strength exercise
One Arm Self Supported Row x 10 each arm
Alternating Dumbbell Curl x 10 each arm
Dumbbell Snatch from hang x 10
Dumbbell Hammer Curl x 10
Dumbbell 2 Bent Over Reverse Rows + Curl x 10

Legs Round: Complete 3 rounds of each free weight exercise
5-5-5 Squat
Dumbbbell One Leg Goodmorning x 10 each leg
Bulgarian Split Squat x 8 each leg
Elevated Hips x 12 each leg
Iso-Plie Squat x 60 seconds

Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps Round: Complete 3 rounds of each weight training exercise
Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press + Pec Dec x 10
Manual Triceps from Knees or from raised x 8
Pillow Incline Dumbbell Fly x 10
Push Up + Iso Hold at bottom x 8
Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension and Twist x 10

Abs Round: Complete 2 rounds of each strength training exercise
Dumbbell Windshield Wipers x 45 seconds
Dumbbell Reach Crunch w/10 second hold x 45 seconds
Lying Figure Eights x 45 seconds
High Plank Oblique Crunch x 45 seconds
Lying Leg Raise + Crunch x 45 seconds
Weighted Side Bends x 45 seconds
Wood Chops x 20 seconds each side

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