Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Gain strength and build lean muscle with this 35 minute strength training workout. No muscles will be left behind in this routine for both men and women. You’ll need a pair of dumbbells and either a chair or bench. You should choose your weight based on fitness level. This routine includes both a warm up and a cool down.

Warm Up
Overhead Squat
Standing Arm Haulers
Multi-Planar Lunge

Strength Training Workout

A1: Bulgarian Split Squat + Row / Split Squat 3×8
A2: Reverse Curl + Overhead Press 3×8
B1: Sumo Deadlift w/ Pause + Upright Row 3×8
B2: One Arm Push Up from Bench / from Wall 3×8
C1: Dumbbell Clean Reverse Lunge / Front Squat 3×12
C2: Tricep Popups / from Knees 3×8
D1: Self-Supported Rows 3×8
D2: Elevated / Pike Push Up 3×8
E1: Squat to High Pullback 3×8
E2: Leg Raise + Dumbbell Chest Press / Knee Raise 3×8

Cool Down
Knee to Chest – To Side
Overhead Shoulder Mobility
Hip Flexor Stretch
Posterior Shoulder Stretch

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