Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

This total body workout with weights will help you to improve strength and build lean muscle mass. You’ll need a pair of dumbbells and then either a chair, bench, or box. You may also want to have two pairs of dumbbells available, so that you may switch between heavier and lighter dumbbells when needed.

Warm Up
Alternating Thumb Ups
Hamstring Circle Swings
March in Place + External Rotation / Arm Crossover

40 Min Total Body Workout with Weights

A1: Squat + Curl x 12
A2: Bent Over Row with Twist (Pronate to Supinated) x 12
B1: Bulgarian Hip Hinge / Kickstand Deadlift x 8 each leg
B2: Bench Dips / Knees Bent x 12
C1: High Plank + Triceps Kickback / from Knees x 8 each
C2: Reverse Lunge with Pause / Split Squat x 8 each leg
D1: Dumbbell Reverse Fly x 12
D2: Hollow Body Dumbbell Fly / Knees Bent x 12
E1: Reverse Curl, Press, Negative Front Raise x 12
E2: Hip Up + Pullover x 12
F1: 1 ¼ Sumo Deadlift x 12
F2: Dumbbell Toe Touch Crunches x 30 seconds

Cool Down
Chest Opener
Upright Row + External Rotation
Seated Reach + Scarecrow

[Music] what’s up has four tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a total body strength and muscle building workout you’ll need a pair of dumbbells for this routine and the weight that you choose is completely dependent on your fitness level you’ll also want to keep a chair bench or box handy for a couple of the exercises follow along with me for the standard moves and follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s get into it [Music] alright let’s get started with a quick warm-up the first one on the list today is gonna be an alternating thumb up start with your arms out to your side and one thumb up one thumb down now we’re just gonna alternate which one is on top and which one is on bottom this is a great one to get a little mobility and your biceps chest and shoulders before we get started here and the purpose of this warm-up is just to gain a little extra mobility and flexibility and at the same time raise your overall body temperature and prepare it for this workout let’s do this one for just 5 4 3 2 1 0 alright next we’re gonna move in a move that’s great for your posterior chain as well as your shoulders we’re gonna do a hamstring arm circle so we’re gonna place one leg out onto that heel sweep those arms out and at the same time bend over feel that stretch in your back side on the way up we’re gonna alternate which foot is in front switching it up big stretch every time get a nice full arm swing with your shoulders and at the same time feeling that stretch and your hamstrings glutes lower back you can really feel that isolation of that lead leg try to keep that back straight on this one and depending on your flexibility you may be going down further than us not as far as us totally ok just make this workout your own today and that includes the warmup and this is just the warmup so we are moving at a relaxed pace right here the plenty of time for some real work coming up momentarily let’s keep this one up 4 5 4 3 2 1 and 0 alright shake them loose moving on to a march in place plus an upright external rotation so two moves in one here getting a little efficiency in keeping the 90 degree angle at both elbows and your underarms and then bring those knees up ideally until your upper thighs parallel to the ground but can’t quite get it that high it’s alright again making this routine your own feel those shoulders loosening up oh yeah little burners they’re nice and warm now oh yeah three movements speaking of which we’re gonna keep the March but now we’re gonna move into an arm crossover so go ahead and keep marching this one’s a little bit like patting your head and rubbing your belly like you got a coordinator do different things at the same time gonna work your brain a little bit to alternate which arm is on top on this one and again it’s a great way to loosen up those shoulders and your chest and back breathe is this one for just ten more seconds and we’re getting into that workout let’s go five four three two one zero all right on to the workout today’s workout is designed around short quick complimentary superset so we’re going to go back and forth between two movements the first exercise we’re going to do is going to be a squat plus curl so with your dumbbells at your side feet are shoulder width apart we’re gonna sit back with our weight in our hips perform a squat and on the way up we’re gonna use those legs and biceps to help curl the dumbbells up curl on our pinkies in and return and repeat we’re doing 12 repetitions of this one make sure you have an appropriate weight all right let’s get it going in three two one begin weight goes back in your hips always break at your hips first and then at your knees while performing a squat if your back straight on this one head up chest up head in line with your spine and as you drop down into the squat make sure your arms are by your legs not out in front of you yep you want those arms really like inline with your heels and your feet not out in front of you it’s a great point it’s a great efficient move working our legs and arms at the same time again twelve repetitions in total making sure to keep that back up and straight and not bending over like so but instead really focus on keeping that chest up two more keep those knees out on your squat as well last one right here and zero good I’m gonna switch up my weight for this next one you can keep your weight the same if you need to moving into a bent over row again we’re gonna perform twelve repetitions on this one we’re gonna have our feet shoulder width apart we’re gonna do a little bit of a twist on this one bent over our with the twist so bend everything literally 45-degree angle on that back palms are facing you to start but as we roll we’re gonna twist those hands and palms are gonna face forward twist back alright we have twelve repetitions in total let’s get it going in three two one begin pull back from those elbows and squeeze your back up at the top on every rep have that back nice and straight on a 45 degree angle this one’s probably gonna feel in your legs as well on this one just to go ahead and hold and maintain that solid foundation and base anytime we’re rowing we really focus on pulling back from those elbows good you have two more then it’s strong everybody last one right here and zero good all right we’re going back to that squat plus curl I’m gonna keep my weight but I’m gonna set him down shake up my hands a little bit and the more these types of workouts you do the better you’ll get at determining what’s an appropriate weight for you so again feet are shoulder width apart on this one hands are outer side weight goes back in those hips let’s get it going in three two one zero way back in the hips as we stand curl bringing those pinkies in nice once we hate to hit that eight to twelve repetitions marker that’s when you really start to feel that lactic acid or that burn kick in and it’s important to remember that’s just that muscle fuel that your muscles are using creates that nerve response you don’t have to listen to that burn we’re gonna fight through it today pushing past it together rap by rapper right here nice feeling both my legs and my arms on this one I don’t know which one’s burning more it was good though good more come on let’s get it going keep those knees out on that squat and last one zero excellent okay we’re going back to the row I’m gonna lighten my weight just a little bit for this one we got another 12 repetitions feet are shoulder-width apart been over 45 degree angle and let’s get right into it pull back from those elbows squeeze your back up at the top good there those lats engaging squeeze that back every time really emphasize it not using momentum nice and under control if you want to build muscle and strength you gotta move weights with control and not just that momentum to more good almost there last one and zero nice work we’re gonna get this next superset started with a hip hinge we both need our dumbbells I’m gonna do the Bulgarian hip hinge version so I have my bench ready to go I don’t know place my back foot up on that bench and I’m gonna do the kickstand hip hinge where I have my body weight on one leg while extending one foot one foot length behind me with a slight bend in that lead leg we’re gonna drive our hips back keep our back straight bend down reach till about Mitch in and then come back up squeezing those glutes up at the top we’re doing eight repetitions on each leg you should probably start with the lighter weight and work your way up see how that feels alright let’s get it going in three two one again just a slight bend in that lead leg go ahead and bend over at those hips using them as a hinge and squeeze those glutes up at the top this move does a great job of isolating that one leg we should work those legs unilaterally feel that stretch in your hamstrings half way through and in your glutes and then at the top squeeze those glutes excellent nice and controlled on this one and if you have in trouble keeping balance find a focal point something to keep your eyes on little help you keep balance last one right here on this side [Music] excellent okay let’s switch sighs we have eight repetitions on that next side into position right into it here we go and begin and nice and control this Bulgarian version is a little harder just gonna put a little more emphasis and weight on that lead leg you decide which move is right for you keeping that back straight your head in line with your spine on the way down and staying under control not a race on this one as you can tell this one’s working the hamstrings glutes lower back and your grip even just to maintain and hold onto those dumbbells few more excellent also working your balance and stability last one here we are whoo I’m filling in a stationary leg for sure and zero okay no weights need it for the next one you can set those down but we are going to need your chair bench whatever it is you’re using next we’re moving into a bench dip I’m gonna do a little harder version with my legs out straight and I’m gonna have my legs bent at about a 90 degree angle doing full range of motion all the way up all the way down for 12 repetitions and three two one begin dropping our body until those elbows get to about a 90 degree angle control the way up and the way down excellent again on this one we don’t want to just drop the hips really want to focus on bending at those elbows we’re working those triceps shouldn’t be using your legs on this one said letting the chest shoulders and triceps take the lease you more here we are last one zero good all right upper body’s gonna get a break here we’re going right back into the legs grab your dumbbells for that hip hinge if you’re gonna increase your weight of course now’s the time to do it with the hip hinges which I think I’m gonna do a little bit my weight was good I’m gonna keep it the same again you decide what’s right for you alright here we are eight repetitions each leg in three two one zero and you may have noticed our technique today well one group of muscles is working the other group is resting so on this one legs are working while all the upper body’s resting and vice versa allows us to keep up a good pace but at the same time allows individual muscle groups to get enough of a recovery in between sets where we’re able to use good weight to more squeeze those glutes up the top guys two more on this side I should say here we are last one and zero excellent okay switching sides now right into it no downtime let’s go as this workout progresses gets harder and you become more and more tempted to hit that pause button and then move on it’s important that you remember what brought you here today to begin with what is it that you’re working on stay focused on it what’s your why let that lead your way let that lead your thoughts not just here for fun you’ve notice one two more working towards a goal with every rep last one and zero excellent okay that was a good one setting those dumbbells down make sure to use your legs when you do so yep back to our dips again full range of motion on these legs are resting upper bodies working into position and three two one hit it again nice full range of motion you got it would you come here for today has four tribe what is he trying to get more fit gain muscle gain strength just get better kickin life’s but whatever it is stay focused on we’re right there with you rep by Rep do more fight through that burn everybody fight you through it excellent last one zero nice we have another upper lower body split superset coming at you we only need one dumbbell for the first one and actually I’m gonna go a little lighter on ya just fair warning we’re gonna get down and on to the floor into a high plank position or a push-up position I’m gonna be on my feet for this one and I’m gonna be on my knees for this one so with that one dumbbell we’re gonna maintaining a good high plank position with their abs tight back straight we’re gonna pull up from the elbow now keeping that upper arm parallel to your body we’re gonna perform a tricep kickback now the rest of your body just stays nice and stabilized we’re doing eight on each side again choose a probably a pretty light weight for this one until you start to feel comfortable all right let’s get it going here and three two one and zero so on this one really focusing on only bending at that elbow joint not trying to swing your entire arm when instead focus on that tricep and isolating it two more shoulders abs in Cora all half to stabilize was the last one on this site so alright I’m staying up one arm down there arm on that other hand on that dumbbell and right into it and begin good eight repetitions each arm keep a slight bend in the arm that’s holding you up and that elbow good squeeze that tricep up at the top seven and here’s your last one and eight eight whoo excellent okay we need two dumbbells for the next one we’re doing either a reverse or a split squat so a lower-body move on this one dumbbells are going to be at our side we’re going to eight repetitions on each leg I’m gonna step back into a reverse lunge drop down and pause I’m actually gonna stay in a split squat stance and drop down and pause and come right back up so it’s a 1/1000 pause on every rep you decide if you want to do the reverse lunge or the split squat eight reps each leg let’s go and begin one one-thousand back up one one-thousand back up now you got it trying our best to drop both knees until they’re at about a 90 degree angle trying their best not to allow that front lead lay to pass too far over our foot good posture on this for six last two good and one okay if you’re doing the split squat switch it up doing the reverse lunge just stepping back with the opposite foot and begin good posture shoulders are back chest is up not been over again this one’s all about that time under tension letting those muscles take over and not our joints cartilage bones good three more you gotta stay strong ahead spit tribe we’re yeah here we go here we go that’s seven last one make it count excellent okay moving on to the high plank tricep kickback only one dumbbell starting to feel it everybody we need to or you want to were right there with you let’s hit the floor getting into that high plank position you decide if you want to be on your feet or on your knees but either way don’t stop moving getting into ready position pull that dumbbell back and begin a repetition nice and controlled yes it’d be a lot easier to just allow that Dumble to fling back and forth but don’t do it control it two more on this side squeeze that tricep and last one nice work all right dumbbell down down at the side keeping those abs engaged and begin this one’s working your triceps chest shoulders abs all getting hit and this one at the very ficient move three more come on keep pushing keep fighting seven eight there you go yeah excellent all right nice one come on keep it up faster try to keep that there’s you up right here okay both dumbbells need it for the next one use those legs to pick them up reverse lunge or split squat emphasizing that pause here we go and in three two one begin nice one one-thousand pause on every rep this one’s working your hamstrings glutes quadriceps all getting hit working together and synchronizing to make this move happen you got three more one one-thousand accidently you got it come on last one right here my glutes are burnin eight whoo all right switching it up opposite side right into it begin come on don’t stop when it hurts we’re gonna stop when we’re done finish strong everybody here it is what brought you here today to begin with what made you come find this video hit that play button keep it in your mind don’t lose sight of it excellent two more almost there whoa last one right here seriously excellent for our next superset we’re gonna do an antagonistic push-pull grouping the first one is gonna be a dumbbell reverse fly again probably recommend you choose a lighter weight for this move we’re doing 12 repetitions in total feet are shoulder-width apart we’re gonna bend over on a 40 five-degree will keep that back straight I want you to bend those elbows and act like we’re wrapping our arms and around and hugging a tree now keeping that same bending your elbows pull those arms apart squeeze the middle of your back maintaining that same elbow Bend control is important on these it is 12 repetitions let’s get it going 3 2 1 begin on this one I like to pretend like somebody has their finger stuck right in the middle of my back and I’m squeezing their finger using my back muscles again controlling the way up and the way down doesn’t take a lot of weight to work on this one definitely not it’s a great one for your rhomboids rotator cuffs three more here we are squeezing that back up at the top and last one excellent nice work you know that’s one that you can cheat on if you allow yourself to yes you can’t stay under control moving to the floor for the next one little combo move here we’re doing a fly + hollow body so we’re gonna get her abs involved so on this one I have my arms straight up first move I’m gonna do is bring my chin and upper back up off the ground and hold now I’m gonna bring my legs up off the ground and keep them straight and for the modified version I’m having my knees or have my knees bent and my chin tucked to my chest so now keeping a slight bend in those arms and elbows we’re gonna open up perform a fly stretch that chest and then squeeze it alright we’ve got 12 repetitions if you’re ready to go we are – and begin key on this one is to keep that lower back flat on the ground so if you’re having trouble doing that then it’s time to move to a more bent knee position and that’s more you straighten those legs out the more you’re gonna get your abs involved and the harder it’s gonna be the halfway point right there six more stretch that chest and then squeeze it up at the top maintaining a slight bend in your elbows throughout this one’s working your chest shoulders and abs all at the same time good and you have your last one right here whoo excellent uh-huh already feeling the burn on that first set all right moving into that reverse fly not much downtime chest and abs are breaking we’re gonna work our back so again been over 45 degree angle wrap those arms around like you’re hugging a tree and now let’s pull arms apart begin 12 repetitions not only controlling their way up but also controlling the way down definitely easier just to allow the dumbbells to flop and fly down but don’t do it halfway point hold on guys come on stay strong you got it pushing through every repetition learning to love that burn two more you’re stronger than that burn right here last one excellent all right to the floor one more time walking at chest and core hollow body dumbbell fly see if I can get into a spot where I’m not flying into the wall here all right arms are out straight legs are out in front of you tuck that chin into your chest shoulder blades off the ground and begin stretch that chest squeeze that chest you got it again trying your best to keep that lower back glue to the ground and maybe you did the first set with your legs straight and now you need to bend your knees whatever it is just keep moving modifying this workout to meet your individual needs come on let’s go come on not about how bad you want it it’s about how hard you’re willing to work for it right here putting in the work wrap after wrapping two more left here we go that’s it stay strong last one last one and 0 excellent all right we have a three-part combo to get us started on this next superset I like it pretty excited about this one probably choose a lighter to a medium weight on this one we’re gonna do a reverse curl plus press plus negative front race so here’s how it’s gonna look palms are facing us elbows are in wrists are nice and straight reverse curl now we’re gonna allow those elbows that come out as we press straight overhead now here’s the fun part negative front raise controlling the way down and repeat the coach kozak original let’s go for 12 repetitions and begin elbows are in wrists are straight and light curl press up and then control the descent so that’s the hardest part of this and if you need to switch up your weight for that negative front race feel free to do so that’s right pick an appropriate weight we don’t want you getting hurt that’s it pick a weight that you can control there it is remember this muscle building is all about that time under tension and this one really accomplishes that good one rep into the next keep those elbows in this first ones working the biceps and forearms then your shoulders and triceps and then just shoulders on that negative dissent excellent work number six there it is hitting that halfway point this one’s gonna burn you out I love it remember when that burn kicks in just remember that you are stronger than that burn that’s it’s all about that mental toughness getting tougher and tougher with every repetition pushing yourself because nobody else is gonna do it for you have a try come on not about being perfect here just about getting in the work excellent two more that’s it come on finish strong on this one breathe and control last one right here right here right here come on finish strong and get in excellent okay give those shoulders a break for a minute let’s go to the floor we’re gonna do a little bit of a combo move I’m going to do a hip up plus pullover so feeder together sorry feeder shoulder-width apart heels are nice and close to your gluts now we’re gonna start with those arms back behind your head and at the same time we’re gonna do a pullover with we drive off those glutes and pull those dumbbells up at the same time stay nice and under control squeeze those gluts up at the top now this one to make it harder just choose a heavier weight or make it easier choose a lighter way keeping a slight Bend and those elbows on this one and if you don’t have the range of motion to set the dumbbells down on the floor in between that’s okay just bring them back as far as you can comfortably making sure to squeeze those gluts up at the top of every hip up squeezing those gluts and your abs not squeezing your lower back staying under control drive off those heels excellent job 1 right into the next every rep squeezing those glutes at the top two more areas here it is finish strong everybody what brought you here today what is it stay focused on it last one and boom there it is zero all right come on up we have one more of each of those alright so moving into that reverse curl plus press Plus front raise switch up your weight if needed shake those shoulders loose here we are let’s go keep that energy up feet shoulder width apart reverse curl and begin curl press negative front raise whoo there’s the brutal part of this one yeah yeah for sure it’s gonna take every bit of mental strength to get through this one but you can do it that’s it you can do this you can do anything just keep reminding yourself that you can do it you’re tougher than you give yourself credit for that’s right I want you to exceed your own expectations today my expectation is not Claudia’s not anybody else’s impress yourself right here you took the words right out of my mouth I was just gonna say that oh well great minds thank yourself great minds think alike over here come on Ezra try be proud that’s it be proud of where you are where you work while you work hard to be and get to where you want to be that’s it come on halfway points six more stay focused I’m burning right there with you come on or burn it right there with you remember thousands maybe even millions people at home doing this same workout feeling that same burn you’re feeling we’re in it together you’re not alone come on come on come on come on what do you got right here right here three more guys just three more make it count everybody make it count excellent any more come on finish strong almost there all right one last one of these right here you got it you got it you got it nothing can stop you and zero Oh excellent I love it to the floor we go adjust your weight as needed whether that’s going heavier or lighter whatever it may be just keep moving with us again get those dumbbells back behind you feet are nice and close heels are nice and close to your gluts and let’s drive off those glutes and at the same time pull those dumbbells up and overhead good one rep into the next squeeze those gluts up at that time 12 repetitions in total stand nice and now under control don’t allow those dumbbells just fly back and bounce off the ground it would be much easier to do so but stay under control that’s it halfway and you know you’re squeezing those glutes at the top that’s ones working your hamstrings glutes a little bit of lower back chest shoulders and back easier to name the muscles that’s not moving and then to name all the mat it is come on stay tough everybody getting closer to the end with every repetition what do you got right here what do you fighting towards what are you working towards every repetition you’re getting that much strong this is your last one right here guys here it is make a count squeeze and control ah excellent worried all right next up we’re gonna go back and forth between our legs and our ABS finishing out the two first one’s gonna be a one and a quarter sumo deadlift so I’m gonna go a little bit heavier for this one burn those legs out that cynosure moth feet are a little bit wider than shoulder width apart point those toes out a little bit we’re gonna drop the dumbbells in between our legs but they weight back in our hips down at those sides get to be parallel to the ground and then we’re gonna come up a quarter of the way back down and finish up so there’s your one and a quarter so it’s one and a quarter back up alright we have twelve repetitions it’s gonna be a good one if you’re ready let’s do it wait back in the hips down quarter the way up and then stand all the way up that’s one rep 12 and total again we’ve been talking a lot about time under tension in this workout today and this exercise really accomplishes that those legs are gonna spend a lot of time under tension in this one it’s gonna get that lactic acid burning and when it starts to burn it’s that time again for you to remind yourself halfway what brought you here today to begin with what is it what are you working on come on every rep getting you just that much closer keep those knees out don’t allow them to collapse in do more point those toes out just a little bit to help you get there whoo last one come on finish strong and zero whoo my legs are feeling it I like it turn so good okay we need just one Dumbo for the next one we’re gonna do an ab move next for lying down on our bass when do a dumbbell toe touch one dumbbell one hand on either side of that dumbbell go and bring your legs up straight the best you can now we’re going to perform 30 seconds of a dumbbell toe touch now you might not be able to come all the way up and actually touch but just reach the best you can that’s right for 30 seconds let’s start moving give it all you got that’s it choosing an appropriate weight and you might need to set the weight down halfway through and that’s alright again make this workout work for you breathe one rep right into the next didn’t as many in as you can in this 30-second time period that’s it come on keep it cranking you’ve got 10 more seconds what do you got has four try what do you got go let’s go hang this together four three two one zero oh okay all right I’m officially burning it we feel it too we have one more round one more round okay come on let’s go get that energy up we’re going back to those one in a quarter sumo deadlift all right finish strong right above here come on finish strong what do we got legs are a little wider than shoulder width toes are pointed out and 12 more begin weight back one and a quarter keep that back straight keep your feet flat on the ground if you need to you can drop your weight on this one or maybe drop one weight yeah but don’t stop don’t give up come on you’re a fighter not a quitter that’s it fight you through that burner every repetition halfway it’s just getting you that much closer to your goals what is it what are you working towards come on think about how good you’re gonna feel in this workout is all done and you can cross it off your list you unaccomplished two more guys two more come on finish strong finishing together last one give it all you got and there it is ah zero almost there grab that worn dumbbell Oh let’s do it come on don’t hit that pause button keep moving where’s that mental toughness it brings in to the finish that’s it come on it’s all about that mental toughness right here right now prove it to yourself who looking this legs are up and we’re reaching begin thirty seconds last thirty seconds that’s it come on one wrap into the next what do you got everybody what do you got it all out there don’t stop when it hurts stop when you’re done don’t keep pushing keep pushing you got it nothing can stop you right here right now what do you made out of let’s see it come on 10 more seconds that’s it finish strong finish strong or burn it with you four five four three two one zero ah and that’s it whoo you made it yeah we made it we made it together touch-and-go there for a minute you did it come on girl huh whoo nice work out there we’re gonna move into a light cooldown next and the purpose of this cooldown is to allow our heart rates to come down slow and get a little bit of flexibility mobility working at the same time yes you’re so on the ground get up slowly yup no race no race we’re moving into a chest opener gonna loosen up our chest shoulders and back can we take your fingers and interlock them behind your back now we’re gonna pull those hands back as you press your chest forward and get a big stretch just address just a static hole if you need more of a stretch you can bring those arms up overhead and continue to pull back you decide which variation is right for you just take nice slow deep breaths focus on bringing that heart rate down in a nice controlled manner excellent four five four three two one zero good coming up nice and slow all right shoulders got a lot of work in today we’re gonna stretch those out next we’re doing upright row plus an upright external rotation bring those elbows up flip those hands over and reverse so pull up from the elbows and then bring the hands back keeping your upper arms parallel to the ground and then reverse it heading in the opposite direction good that’s a great one of those rotator cuffs practicing that full range of motions also a good one to improve your posture especially if you’re spending a lot of time seated staring at your phone or in the car it’s a good one to counteract that and control pace not a race on this one the workouts done good good point coach Kozak okay workouts done all right on this last one elbows up pull the hands back and now we’re just gonna hold keep pulling those hands back try to have a 90 degree angle at the elbows and the underarms your upper arm is parallel to the ground I’m just gonna hold pull in those hands back pull them back home back clone back four five four three two one zero shake them loose well let’s move to the floor for one more slowly going to the floor legs are out in front of us feeling good all right we’re gonna do a toe touch or the best that we can trying to keep our knees down on the ground we’re gonna reach as far as you can whether that’s to your toes or just close to it and then we’re gonna come up all the way up arms overhead and then pull those elbows straight down so if we go a toe touch or toe reach and then arms are up and pull down from those elbows into a scarecrow elbows come down return big reach up overhead again nice in control hopefully getting a little further on that reach with every rep this is a great one for your overall posterior chain calves hamstrings glutes lower back upper back all getting a nice stretch on this one and everything got a good workout today so yes it did we’re feeling it too should take a second here to be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today for working out we’re easy everybody be fit but it is not easy that’s what makes you so special for showing up and that’s what’s gonna make you even more special when you show up and do it again tomorrow let’s go five four three two one zero and that is it that’s a wrap ah that’s a wrap you made it you can sit on the ground come up on your feet whatever you’d like grab some water thank you so much for working out with us today please support our mission to keep these great workouts free by checking out and donating at our patreon page downloading our app or by picking up a t-shirt or my new book stay fit for life at the hasp it’s tour and if you enjoyed this workout with us today we ask that you give it a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another brand new workout from has fit again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout