Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Here’s a quick 15 minute hiit workout for fat loss. Use this routine to burn calories and build strength at the same time. The Tabata HIIT combines 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest to give you a high paced workout. You’ll only need a pair of dumbbells, but you may wish to utilize a mat for comfort.

Warm up
Faux Jump Rope / 1,2,3,4
Hook & Straight Punches
Prisoner Squats

HIIT Tabata Workout

Split Gunslinger / neutral
Sumo DL Jumps / no Jump
Split Snatch / Hang Snatch
Twisting Split Squat / Split Squat
Marine Pushups / from Knees

Cool down
Figure Four
Downward Dog / from Wall
Bent Arm Wall Stretch

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a total body tabata workout we’re going to do four rounds of each exercise consisting of 20 seconds of all-out maximum effort followed by 10 seconds of rest the only equipment that’s required for today’s workout is a pair of dumbbells in the weight that you’ll use depends upon your fitness level this is a great routine to both burn fat and build lean muscle and strength at the same time follow me for the intermediate to advanced exercises and follow me for the beginner modification [Music] all right we’re going to get started with a nice little light warm-up no equipment required for the warmup I’m going to be doing a full jump rope which is like a jump rope in place without the actual jump rope just lighting on the balls my feet where Claudia is going to do one two three four so she’s just going to step forward and step back like I’m just trying to jump over an imaginary line here either way I want you to stay nice and light on the balls of your feet and breathe remembering that this is a warm-up so we’re not doing our all-out next effort now we’re just getting our heart rate up there will be plenty of time for that coming up we promise you that just making sure to breathe and stand light throughout the course of today’s workout like we said we’re just doing that 20 seconds of all-out effort for each round and then 10 seconds of rest but we’re not counting any reps today all right let’s do this 1 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 all right next P shoulder-width apart hands are up we’re going to some hook punches just warm up that upper body in our core bring your elbow up twisting side to side you know you don’t have to be a professional fighter have any idea well even what you’re doing for that matter to get the effects of this as an exercise and a warm-up so don’t feel bad if your hook punches need some improvement like mine just using this as a technique to warm up that core shoulders triceps chest a little bit of legs in there side to side alright now let’s switch us some straight punches from the chin go ahead and point that thumb as you extend your arm and punch straight ahead alternating right and left hands bring those hands back to your chin in between these punch good nice and light don’t hyperextend those elbows as you reach forward good let’s do this 1 4 5 4 3 2 1 all right let’s warm up those legs with a prisoner squat beater shoulder width apart we’re going to put our hands on our heads now first thing that moves anytime we squat is our hips break up those hips and then bend your knees keeping your back straight and back up nice full range of motion keeping your back nice and straight breathe and also anytime we’re doing the squat make sure you keep those knees out don’t allow them to collapse in we’re trying our best to get our thighs to parallel to the ground can’t quite get that deep that’s alright do what you can get a little bit better every time and five four three two one and zero excellent ok we’re going to need your dumbbells for the very first one we’re going to do a dumbbell gunslinger I’m going to get in a split stance quad it give me a neutral stance feet shoulder-width apart so on this one we’re going to go in swinging those dumbbells back curl them up extend your arms out in front pull back in and then down so it’s one two three and four starting our first set and three two one get it so again we’re getting as many reps in as you can and it’s a lot of time period this twenty second time period make sure to breathe stay balanced with your weight in your hips you don’t why not you falling forward on this one three two one and breaking good okay so these breakers are going to go by fast you’re doing the split stance go ahead and alternate switch which leg is in front starting in three two one alright now a little more comfortable with the move should be able to pick the pace up and just get that many more repetitions in and you notice I’m in about a quarter squat here so I’m not straight up and down but I have a little bit of a bend in my knees and you have five more seconds on the second time three two one and break good okay shake those arms loose halfway done with this one two down two to go you’re going to go fast and we’re back in three two one all right let’s get it guys getting after it now at time of the workout you start focusing on what brought you here today to begin with what’s your motivator focus on it throughout today’s workout good big power four and five four three two one and break good okay I’m doing it three down just one to go the good thing with these is you get all four done three and that’s it you one get to it that’s it last one make it count guys make it count right here come on get after it look good first one for the day starting to feel warm already come on nice work guys push it and five four three two one and break all right excellent we do need those dumbbells for the next one we’re going to hit our legs next with the sumo deadlift feeder little wider and shoulder width apart toes are pointed out dumbbells here here in from break in at the hips but back back straight Claudia’s just going to come up and I’m going to jump you decide which variation is right for you and three two one let’s get after it one rep right into the next and every time being sure to put that weight back in your hips and squeeze those glutes right at the top yes exactly nice how many can you get come on pushing yourself because nobody else can do it for you let’s go four three two one break all right I’ll take those legs only ten second rest legs gonna feel good after this come out and get right back in in three two one hit it here we go come on guys push it pushing the pace how many reps can you get let’s go let’s go let’s go what you’re waiting for come on what would weren’t so good at our negative juice three two one and break nice shake those legs burn so good shake them and right back in don’t leave that burning sensation one hit it come on excellent make sure to breathe nice control breathing on this one squeeze those glutes tight at the top excellent work keep those knees out don’t allow them to collapse inward four three two one alright just one lap dog legs are feeling this one get ready in five seconds guys that’s how we know it’s working two one let’s go come on last one of these make it count everybody make it count the green don’t hold your breath right there with your burnin come on five four three two one break all right whoa about that one okay moving on to a so Naches I’m going to do a split snatch plugs going to do it with both legs either way we’re putting our weight back in our hips feet of shoulders apart breaking out our knees we’re gonna bring our elbows up flip the dumbbells up and over when I do mine I’m going to drop one leg back into a split stance alternating you decide which one is right for you here we go in three two one right into it even though the elbows up high and then flip the dumbbells over and on this one what’s it act like you’re trying to zip up a jacket with that hand pull it up from the elbows like you’re trying to three simple Jack you one and break good whoa one down three to go really try to take at all anyway when you don’t put you down exactly 301 let’s go nice yeah when you holding on these dumbbells are an extended period of time that’s okay that’s only know what’s working we can feel it we feel it right there with you guys come on all right bye rat keep fighting don’t give up three two one break nice oh boy on these ones two more of those stay focus what brought you here today all right what is three two one come on let’s do it seconds go by fast keep in mind the only thing standing in between you and your goals and that work that has to be put in it to get you there and you’re putting in that work right here three two one right good one more of these one more just one more that’s it come on through this workout here it is in three two one last one guys come on full speed full speed don’t hold back one into the next everything you got good pack so I’ll keep it up guys you got it you got it come on five four three two one and break nice whoo all right to those legs we’re going to do a split squat I was going to do a traditional split squat I’m going to do a twisting split squat where I’m going to twist 180 degrees side to side both of us are dropping that back knee toe gets to a 90-degree angle you’re doing Claudia’s variation we’re going to switch each round which leg is incorrect we’re going to do 20 seconds all this leg and then we’ll push the left all right let’s get it going and three two one hit it 20 seconds to burn those legs out either variation you can come down until your knee gently touches the ground if you’d like but do not bounce that knee off the ground Louie not going to feel that great if you can do it work it work and three two one break if you guys if you’re feeling that you’re losing your balance you can give yourself a little bit of a wider base here and we’re starting in three two one hit it hit it let’s go come on again how many reps can you get miss 20 second time period challenge yourself come back next time try to do just a little bit better than you did today that’s what it’s all about not being the best just the best version of you and three didn’t bet you won and break oh all right you own that one it’s official it’s official I’m feeling the two guys all right girl we go three two one into the next round of over keeping your balance along the way excellent come on guys what brought you here today focus on it what’s your goal what’s your dream 5 4 3 q 1 break all right just one more of these and that’s it then we’ll move on to our upper body here we go in three two one let’s get it going come on one of these put it all out there what do you made of right here guys everything you got no holding back come on fighting through until my legs getting wobbly – that’s alright just keep it going four three two one and break all right nice when you actually set those dumbbells down thank you good next we’re going to the ground we’re going to do a push-up and marine push up next Claudia is going to be on her knees I’m going to be up top on my feet well a full range of motion push up down rest your chest on the ground arms go out to your side back up and press we’re going to go through this one in three two one let’s hit it all the way down relax up stand up but this does is it forces you to press from that dead stop position every time really increases intensity of the push up five four three two one and break for 10 seconds guidance on this one make sure when you press up that you’re bringing your whole body up with you not just letting your book body q1 hit it so I mean that bring that butt up with you don’t allow it to just sag on the ground as you come up come on let’s go looking after guys keep that core get in his 20 thank you core stays tight let’s go 5 4 3 2 1 break be nice alright way down with this one that’s it right here let’s go you’re a fighter not a quitter let’s see it 3q 1 get back to work heavy here we go that’s it back to work good to put it any better in myself come on guys today right here see small little steps you putting in day after day that’s going to lead to your success tomorrow get after right here 5 4 3 2 1 break one more phone that’s it come on just one more of these guys you got it in you I know you do come on go and three two one let’s go one come on put it out there you can do it got a believe it’s true those who believe it can those who believe they can’t are both right come on let’s go on five four three two one Oh rats haha okay we’re going to start a nice little light cooldown and the purpose of the cooldown is allow your heart rate to come down slowly yeah as well as working on some mobility so from this same position you have to get up yet we’re going to do a figure four so let’s bring one leg up knee bed go and reach through your legs and pull this opposite side knee to your chest called the figure-four it’s going to stretch out your hip quad IT bands glutes a lot of different stretches a lot of it is different muscles getting stretch on this one just pulling it towards you and breathe four three two one zero nice switch sides same thing just opposite reach through and pull towards you that’s it just concentrate on your breathing focused on getting that heart rate down breathe good be proud of yourself what you just achieved but it’s a tough workout and you made it three two one zero good okay next we’re going to come up into a downward dog Clyde’s going to show the variation from the wall I’m going to show up from the ground oh yeah I was going to switch sides you guys can get a better view of what I’m doing let’s try not to have to stand up put downward dog we’re just going to stress that posterior chain come up on all fours I’m going to walk forward and as I do I’m going to drive those hips backwards drive my heels of the floor and I am doing that but from the wall so I’m going to create a square four sides with my body against the wall pushing my hips back really silly not stretching my posterior chain back here drive those hips backwards and head down so you get that shoulder stretch as well mm-hmm again concentrating on your breathing nice big deep breaths let’s hold this one through just 10 more seconds almost there five four three two one zero come up slowly yeah your head is headed down control that way up okay okay we’re going to a bent arm stretch next to your chest shoulders a little bit of back place one hand on the ground on them sorry on the wall elbow bent and as we get closer to that wall will feel more of a shoulder stretch so the closer you are more you’ll feel further back the less it’ll stretch if you need more stretch go ahead and turn your body away from the wall to create some additional stretches I’m sure to breathe we’re just going to keep our core tight and hold this one for five four three two one excellent okay just one last one I promise this is it right here a lot of work on our shoulders today just to help to loosen them up a little bit definitely any time I’m in a plank so really doing number on my shoulders so all those really help overhead squat skill Marshall you’ve got to as you could tell I can’t hide that if I tried that’s it four three two one zero and that’s it you made it excellent work excellent work out there thank you so much for joining us if you liked this workout you’ve been working out with those for a while and you’re starting to see some results we’d ask you please go check out our patreon page you can find out more about how you can support our mission of keeping these great service free and if you enjoy working out with us today we ask that you please give this workout video a huge thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel that way you never miss another workout that has it drops make sure to check out HazCom for hundreds of free workouts free meal plans and our free complete fitness programs and whatever social media platform you’re on if it’s Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat fine has Bates connect with us because we want to connect with you thank you so much for giving us the privilege of working out with you today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout