Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Here’s a great routine for when you need a total body workout, but are running short on time. Use this 20 minute hiit with weights to build strength, burn fat, and enhance lean muscle. You only need a pair of dumbbells and then either a chair, bench, or box.

Warm Up
Overhead Reach + Knee Raise
Kneeling Diagonal Chop
Downward Dog + Upward Facing
Run in Place + Arm Crossover

20 Minute HIIT with Weights

Deadlift + Snatch from Hang + Windmill
Triceps Kickback + Mule Kick / from Bench
Goblet Bulgarian Split Squat / Split Squat
Chair Dip + Knee Tuck / Bent Knees
Reverse Curl + Overhead Hold
Knee Tuck + Archer Row / Squat

Cool Down
Bent Arm Wall Stretch
Wall Slides
Seated Hamstring Stretch
Seated Back
Seated Calf
Sprinter Quad Stretch