Intermediate Difficulty
intermediate workout
The 30 minute afterburn workout uses what is called the EPOC effect and will continue burning calories up to 24 hours after you’ve completed the after burning exercises. The after burn training is great for both men and women. Only a pair of dumbbells is required to complete the afterburn exercise workouts and after burning workout program.


Complete 3 rounds of each exercise:
Single Leg Dead Lift + Reverse Fly x 30 seconds
High Plank + Split and Tuck x 30 seconds
Iso Squat Hold + Punch outs x 30 seconds
Decline Pushups x 30 seconds
Double Unders x 30 seconds
Straight Arm Dumbbell Snatch x 30 seconds
Manual Leg Extension x 30 seconds
Lateral Quick Feet x 30 seconds
Pull and Press x 30 seconds per arm
One Leg Forward and Back Hops x 15 seconds per leg
Curl and Lunge + Arnold Press x 30 seconds
Dumbbell Swing and Catch x 30 seconds
Fly + Crunch Combo x 30 seconds
Reach Ups x 30 seconds

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