Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Kettlebell workouts are an amazing way to burn fat and build strength throughout your body. In addition to improving strength and burning fat, you’ll also enhance your stability and conditioning. Don’t have a kettlebell? No problem! All of these moves can be performed with a traditional dumbbell. You can do it!

Warm up
Jumping Jacks / Run in Place
Toe Touches / Knee Touches
High Punch Out

Kettlebell Workout for Fat Loss & Strength

Complete 2 rounds of each exercise for 50 seconds (per side if applicable)
Squat + One Arm Row
Single Rep Swings + Bear Plank + Blast Back Squat / Step Back
One Arm Curl + Press
Swing to Hike Squat to Deadlift Jump / Deadlift
One Arm Clean / One arm high pull
Gorrila Row
Ovrhd Reverse Lunge / Reverse Lunge
Uneven Pushup / Knees
Sumo DL + Bear Plank+ Side Kick through / Step Back
One Arm Push Press + Side Lunge / Side Squat
Kneeling Snatch + Half Turkish Get Up / Kneeling Press
Front Squat + Rotational Press

Cool down
Wall Angel
Reach Stretch
Chest Opener

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