Advanced Difficulty
advanced workout

This 25 minute MMA workout is not for the faint of heart. We recommend a heavy bag or portable punching bag, but you may also do this routine by just shadow boxing. You may use either boxing or MMA gloves. Let’s get after it!

MMA Heavy Bag Workout

Round 1:
3 High-Low-High Hooks
Overhead Squats
High Plank Rows

Round 2:
10 Knees
Forward & Back Hop
High Plank Elbow to Knee

Round 3:
Combo + Duck
Squat + Sumo Jumps
Bear Plank Push Ups

Round 4:
Combo + 2 Slips
Reverse Lunge + Knee Raise
Push Up + Superman Reach

Round 5:
Combo+ 90 degree
Switch Jump Squats
Arm Hauler w/ Flexion

Round 6:
Combo+ Sprawl and Shuffle
Mike Tysons
Push Up Hover / Push Up Hover from Knees

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