Advanced Difficulty
advanced workout

Coach Kozak is bringing the pain with this 40 Minute MMA Workout. There’s no equipment required, but if you want to increase the intensity then you can grab some light dumbbells or water bottles. You may also use a jump rope; however, it isn’t required.

MMA Workout

Complete 40 minutes of shadow boxing mixed in with the following exercises:
Lateral Monkey Hop
Reverse Lunge + Knee
Forward Monkey Hop
1,2,3,4 sprawl
Moving Mountain Climber
Iso Low hooks
Crab Walks
Sumo Deadlift Jumps
Double lunges
Staggered Walking Push Up
Forward / Back Hops
Sprinter Sit Up
Triple Drop Squat
Bear Plank Kick-through
Bear Plank Fast Feet
Crab Reach to Side Plank
Ballistic Pushups
Knee Tucks

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