Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout
Suffering from knee pain or tightness? Perform these knee stretches to enhance mobility, improve range of motion, and relieve pain. You’ll need a chair and then either a towel, band, or strap.

Knee Stretches

Lying Heel Slides x 15 sec hold
Seated Heel Slides x 15 sec hold
Seated Calf Stretch x 15 sec hold
Hamstring Stretch x 15 sec hold
Patella Stretch x 15 sec
Figure Four x 15 sec hold
Lying Quad Stretch x 15 sec hold

hey everybody is your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a neat stretching routine the purpose of this routine is to improve mobility in your knee as well as relieving some of the major causes of tightness in and around the knee the only equipment required for today’s routine is a band a strap or a towel all right let’s get into it all right we’re going to go to the floor to start with a line he’ll slide so one of our classic moves here to stretch out your knees go ahead and lie down flat on your back with your legs straight out in front of you now we’re going to start with your right leg and we’re going to keep your heel on the ground as we slide that heel back bending your knee now your range of motion on this may not be anywhere close to where ours is you may only be able to get halfway up right there and that’s totally okay and then slowly drag your heel and your foot forward as you extend your leg nice and slow and controlled on this one when you try to improve your flexibility in that range of motion with every repetition trying to get just a little bit further every time I stand controlled bring it up feel that stretch up to the top all right on the next time you come up I want you to actually hold that stretch in that position so bring it all the way up as high as you can as high as you can and then I want you to just go ahead and hold that stretch for that knee nice little stretching and all these stretches are really try to take it to about 85 90 percent don’t take it’s a point where you know you’re feeling pain just for you’re feeling a nice stretch and let’s go ahead and start to extend that leg and three two one slowly extend it back excellent okay let’s switch opposite side now let’s hit that left side next dragging that heel up pulling back and again feeling that stretch in the knee and on this one you may have one leg that’s much looser than the other which is not uncommon especially if you’ve had injuries maybe the reason why you’re here to begin with that’s okay let’s do the best you can it’s also the reason why we do the leg individually and separately so they can get the right stretch for that specific leg good nice full range of motion who knew that this movement could stretch your knee like that you really feel it when you when you’re dragging your heel up yes I again you definitely can definitely targets those knees stretches out the ligands and ligaments and tendons inside on this last one I want you to come up we’re going to do another static hole to go ahead and give it as high as you can and hold and stretch good getting some nice quadricep stretching on this one as well breathe throughout excellent let’s do it four three two one zero and slowly slide that heel back forward okay let’s go ahead and sit up for the next one now if you remember at the beginning we said you were going to need either a band a strap or a towel so go ahead and grab that now we’re going to put our legs out straight in front of us go ahead and bend one knee and rope that strap band or towel around and the center of your foot and then go ahead and kick your leg out straight so we’re starting with both legs straight now I want you to pull back on that leg and on that foot as you bend at the knee and keep your foot and your heel in contact with the ground this is very similar to that last one but it just hits it at a slightly different angle and again we’re pulling back as far as we can and then slowly extending giving some resistance not just let me go back easy fully straighten it back out the best you can and repeat the move so really focusing on bending that knee and pulling back from the knee full range of motion keep that heel on the ground throughout and on this next one I want you to go ahead and pull it back and hold so we’re pulling back and just go ahead and hold that position feel that stretch and again you might just be right here today or even here depending on your specific circumstances but every time you come back you’re going to get just a little bit more flexible a little bit better and go ahead and extend your leg excellent okay let’s go ahead and switch legs hit the other side next and repeat again pull them back from that knee keeping your heel constant contact with the ground and doing the best you can now with all these exercises it’s really just about repetitions you just got to keep coming back keep putting in the work and you know you get five ten percent better every time what really adds up so don’t get discouraged if it’s super tight today that’s why we’re here we’re putting in the work to make the improvement nice and controlled excellent pulling back straighten that leg back out okay on this last one let’s go ahead and get that static hold and stretch it back as far as you can whatever that is excellent hold and breathe keep that opposite side leg down nice and flat and let’s hold it for three two one and zero extend excellent okay we’re going to need our straps again for the next one now a lot of times when you have knee pain and knee tightness it’s not just your knee that’s that’s causing that a lot of times it can be the muscles and its surrounding the knee so we’re going to go after the calves next so go ahead and wrap it around that right foot but this time let’s wrap at the top of the foot close to that your your ball your foot keep that leg nice and straight and tight now I’m going to do a calf stretch so you’re going to pull back and really pull back on those toes whew keep your leg down flat and don’t allow us to come up here because as you bring that knee up it’s going to take the concentration off your calf so keep it leg as straight as you can and we’re pulling back we’re just going to do a static stretch on this one so just go ahead and hold this is an awesome calf stretch well you know it’s an isolation cast which a lot of times we need to do calf stretches there’s a lot of other muscles getting stretched but this really hits that calf all right let’s hold four three two one and zero good yeah I felt that one too okay opposite leg now right into it and feel that cat retching definitely feel it more on my left side and then totally common go ahead and keep that foot down nice and flat on the ground as you pull back excellent and like I said a lot of times if you feel the pain you feel the tightness in your knee but that isn’t always where the problem is that so interestingly enough four bodies are so complex tight casts can cause me pain so go ahead and pull back four three two one zero X all right so again we’re going to tack another one of those areas and cause knee pain next we’re going to stretch your hamstrings next so from the same lying position we’re going to stretch forward but as we do instead of rounding our backs we are going to only bend over and at our hips using our hips as a hinge and keep our back absolutely straight and flat so I don’t like the emphasis I don’t like to encourage reaching on this one just because then you get that so go ahead and keep those shoulders back and just bend over at the waist keeping your back straight and should really feel those back of the back of your leg start to stretch we’re just holding and you may not get much range of motion on this one only not that’s my point you’re not going to get that long range of motion that you would get here we really want to target those hamstrings so keep that back nice and straight let’s hold this one for five four three two one and zero all right stretch it out okay next we’re going to do a patellar stretch so your patella is literally its unique kneecap and so a lot of your tendons and muscles and ligaments all connect here at your patella so a lot of times this can get tight so we’re actually going to go ahead and loosen up your patella we’re going to stretch it back forward left and to the right again just repeat that back forward left and to the right so you’re literally just going taking that little floating kneecap which is your patella and there’s not a lot of range of motion in this but a lot of times it can get tight causing me pain you just want to make sure that that is not the cause excellent loosen it up it’s a common dish feel some pops in there definitely is definitely is common to feel some crackles and I’m feeling loose around some pop and that’s how we’re doing it exactly okay let’s switch opposite side now and to do this efficiently or effectively really need your entire leg to just be relaxed yeah picked up on that yeah so the type you contracting your leg muscles in any way whatsoever well then this is going to be tight so we need to just have your leg in a nice relaxed state keeping it nice and flat down on the ground again going through that whole revolution stretching side to side excellent go and do this one four five four three two one and zero okay next one we’re going to lie back we’re going to do a figure four so this one is specifically designed to loosen up your hips as well as your IT band or iliotibial band that runs along from your hip flexor to your knee a lot of times causes pain here on the outside of your knee so we’re going to lie down I’m going to kick one leg up on top of your other we’re going to reach through your legs and now we’re going to pull this leg to you now depending on your range of motion you might be right here or you might be able to pull it all the way down if we can’t reach above our knee can we do right here behind the leg if you actually if you can’t good question if you can’t reach behind actually just go ahead and pull from directly from this end from the shin itself okay so all you can reach up on top you’re going to be the easiest way and we’re just pulling and we’re holding static stretch feel that stretch all down through your IT band as well as your hip and let’s hold this one for five four three two one good okay go ahead and set that down loosen up let’s switch it opposite side now and like I said we can either reach through or if you can’t quite reach through you can go ahead and pull directly from your shin but ideally you’re reaching through pulling that knee to your chest so I’m going to stretch on the opposite side and we’re just holding and again on all these static stretches we’re taking it to about 85 90 percent of what you could physically do we want to take it to the point where we’re feeling a nice stretch and we’re improving mobility but not to the point where we’re causing any damage and let’s hold this 1 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 excellent all right go ahead and sit up next we’re going to move into a line quad stretch you’re going to need either that towel band or strap for the next one first we’re going to get started by lying down on our side and lie down on your side and we’re going to stretch your quad that’s on top so go ahead and take your band or your towel and wrap it around that foot give you a second here to wrap it around depending on your device your techniques can be a little bit different and so our key and cue on this one is we’re trying to pull that foot back until that foot actually touches your glutes or your backside might not happen but that’s what you’re trying to do so we’re only stretching and bending at the knee not at the hips not pulling back this way but only at that actually at that knee joint so you’re pulling back feeling that stretch up and down your quad and through your knee and we’re just holding right here good you sure to breathe on all of these stretches keep constant tension as you’re pulling back and again your range of motion may not be quite what ours is today and that’s ok going to come back and keep getting better 4 3 2 1 0 excellent let’s go ahead and hit that opposite side next turn over so your other legs on top give it a second to get into position here this one can be a little bit awkward depending on the tool you’re using I think I find the best way is just to go ahead and bring that knee into you and then put it around your foot alright getting into position and again we’re really focusing on only bending at that knee and not pulling your hip back at the same time or forward try the best to bring that foot back to our glutes and our backside excellent make sure to keep breathing throughout nice slow and controlled breathing getting a little bit better with every one of these stretches a little looser a little closer to your goal let’s hold this one for five four three two one and zero good all right you can go ahead and come back up and we actually are going to need a wall for the next one or you could really use a counter as well okay so we’re going to come to the wall we’re going to come about between one to two feet away from the wall and using the wall to stabilize ourselves I want you to take the leg that’s closest to the wall and bring it back behind your body I want you to set it down on your outside edge of your foot keep that leg straight now we’re going to stretch your again those IT bands your iliotibial band we’re going to take those inside hip we’re going to drop this hip down so again depending on your flexibility is going to really determine your range of motion you might just be like this and feeling a huge stretch or you might need to really get down into it kick that leg further back and drop that knee down you’re going to decide which variation of this is right for you just remember it’s always better to start with the easier version and work your way up so we’re just holding dropping that hip feeling that stretch down the outside of our leg and let’s go ahead and hold this one for five four three two one and zero good ok let’s switch sides the opposite side next so again between one to two feet away from the wall using the wall to support yourself that back leg threw on that knife edge and then we’re dropping that inside hip feeling that stretch down through our IT band now if you’re a runner an athlete or somebody does a lot of weight training a lot of squats those IT bands are very likely tight on you so this is a great move to loosen up any tightness in those iliotibial band go and hold this stretch here for five four three two one and zero nice job thank you so much for working out with us today if you like this workout you’ve been working out with us for a while and you’re starting to see some results we’d encourage you to please go check out our patreon page where you can learn more about how you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoyed working out with us today please go ahead and like this video and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel that way you are notified every time has to it drops a new workout make sure to check out has fit comm for hundreds of additional free workouts free meal plans and our free complete fitness programs also don’t forget to Like us on whatever your favorite social media network is whether it’s Facebook snapchat Twitter Instagram we’re there and we want to connect with you again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our pleasure I’m coach Cosette and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout


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