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Finally find the help you’ve been looking for with these shoulder pain relief exercises and stretches. This routine is designed using the latest rehabilitation techniques to increase range of motion, build strength, and restore proper shoulder function. There’s no equipment required for this routine. Let’s begin!

Pain Relief Exercises & Stretches

Overhead Wall Flexion x 10 motions and 15 sec hold
Shoulder Wall Flexion x 10 motions and 15 sec hold
Upright External Rotation x 10 motions
Upright External Rotation PAILS / RAILS 3 x 5 sec
Active Internal Rotation Stretch x 10 motions
Lying Shoulder Internal Rotation PAILS / RAILS 3 x 5 sec
Lying Side Rotator Cuff Complex x 1 minute each side
Open Book to Half Angel x 1 minute each side

[Music] what’s up has four tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a shoulder stretching routine to relieve pain and improve mobility this routine can be done anywhere anytime so if you’re ready to begin let’s get started [Music] all right we’re gonna get started with an overhead wall flexion so I need you to move your way on over to a wall if you have one available to you we’re gonna put our back flap up against the wall it’s our upper back our shoulders our lower back and even our head by tucking that chin alright so now from this position with our palms facing inward we’re gonna bring those arms straight overhead and then bring them back down now we’re gonna go back through this sequence nice and controlled nice big deep breaths all the way up all the way down all the while trying your best to keep everything from your lower back middle back upper back and head all tucked on that wall which is definitely more challenging than it looks to the naked eye and through as you go through this sequence your mobility will probably improve and you’ll be able to get a little bit higher on every repetition if you can’t quite get your hands all the way to the wall that’s alright just trying to do your best finishing with those thumbs on the wall that’s what we’re aiming for oh yeah this one definitely definitely works to help loosen you up right away excellent move for just overall shoulder mobility all the way through that sequence all the way up all the way down now on this last one we’re gonna bring those arms up and then we’re gonna hold trying our best to bring those hands all the way back again while keeping that back flat up against the wall which definitely presents a challenge now you may not quite be where we are or you may be better than we are in this one we’re just going to encourage you to make this routine your own throughout today’s workout big deep breaths here as we hold for five four three two one zero relax all right shake it loose now we’re gonna stay on by the wall for the next one moving into a shoulder wall flexion like we’re gonna turn around for this one we’re gonna get our lower arms flat up against the wall so we’re gonna put that knife edge from our elbow to our pinkies on the wall and now we’re gonna sit back with our weight in her hips and they’re actually gonna allow those shoulders to round and be protracted so we’re actually pulling the shoulders away from the spine as you reach and put that flat knife edge on the wall now we’re gonna press into the wall as we bring those pinkies and arms straight up finishing it straight up overhead and then pull back down bringing those elbows back on to the wall going through that sequence nice and controlled and we’re just keeping that weight back on our hips throughout and not moving anything but our shoulders and arms again we’re reaching to the wall keeping those shoulders actually protracted not retracted and back like we usually would but we’re pulling those shoulders drawing those shoulders away from the spine nice and controlled on this one and again we’re feeling all these right there with you working on that mobility and some of these moves today may be easier than others some may be harder and that’s alright gotta work through both our strengths and our weaknesses especially working to improve those weaknesses mobility is definitely a weakness for a lot of us this day and age yeah well you know it’s computers and driving and yes staring down at our cell phones just a lot of things working against our posture and we need to make sure that we’re working to improve it and regain that posture regain that proper mobility and just going back and forth through this sequence take a nice big deep breath under control on this one to add a race and pushing into the wall throughout the whole move here on this last one we’re going to pull down put those arms back in starting position and now we’re gonna drive those elbows into the wall and just hold again keep that flat arm on the wall really focus on driving those elbows into the wall as we sit back with our weight in our hips and allow our shoulders to be protracted and breathing yeah and you really feel that pull nice big deep controlled breaths here not much longer let’s hold this 1 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 excellent alright relax those arms shake him loose whoo I feel so good by the end of this one today we’re moving into an upright external rotation so let’s stand with our elbows bent at a 90 degree angle and 90 degree with the elbows and at the upper arm here so let’s pull back on those hands and then allow the hands to come back until our lower arm is parallel to the ground and repeat every time trying to get those hands back just a little bit further keeping those elbows up and we’re just going through this dynamic range of movement shoulders stay back keeping good posture again not holding your breath nice healthy breathing on this one another great move here to help draw those shoulders back and help you regain that proper posture nice big deep breaths every time pulling those hands back excellent it’s a great one to stretch out those rotator cuffs and then prove the mobility in your shoulders just a couple more of this one and 5 4 3 2 1 0 alright we’re gonna keep with that same movement but actually were going to move into what’s called a pails and rail so we need you to move back over to a wall or a door frame will work as well for this one we’re gonna do one arm at a time so let’s start with your right arm we’re gonna put that right elbow flat up against the wall keeping your shoulders Square to the wall now I want you to that hand elbow an arm straight into the wall like you’re trying to push through the wall from this position and we’re just gonna keep pushing pushing pushing as an isometric contraction here four three two one and now we’re gonna pull back on the hand keeping that elbow flat on the wall keeping that elbow pressed up against the wall four three two one okay hand goes back on the wall now press that whole elbow and hand into the wall again so this is the pales four three two one and now pull back on that hand four five count one two three four five and repeat hand goes back into the wall whole arm pressing through that wall three two one now pull back on that hand one more time elbow stays on the wall four three two one zero excellent now that’s a tough Simmons but very effective to help bring you back definitely okay so that was a right on no need to repeat the same move on that left side again shoulders stay Square to the wall get that upper arm and elbow flat on the wall and drive that arm straight into the wall for a five count keep in good posture here again this one can also be done from a door Fant doorframe and now let’s pull back on the hand for a five count elbow stays right on the wall four three two one good now drive that whole arm into the wall that elbow into the wall that hand through the wall four three two one repeat now only the elbow pull back on that hand and if you can’t quite get the range motion we are that’s alright do the best you can here and return hand back into the wall pressing through pressing through hard as you can excellent three two one now pull back on that hand for a five count excellent fight through it four three two one zero [Music] excellent okay and shake them loose here okay so that was an external rotation next we’re going to move into an internal rotation so we’re going to an active internal rotation stretch let’s put those hands on your hips keeping good posture shoulders are back now keeping that good posture we’re gonna bring your elbows forward but being careful not to collapse your shoulders elbows come forward and then draw the elbows back also keeping the shoulders Square and elbow is forward keeping good posture and back shoulders back just repeating back through this sequence again nice and under control not a race and it’s going to be super tempting for you to collapse totally collapse those shoulders but try your best to only bring the elbows forward and to keep those shoulders square as we internally rotate forward good and you’ll see throughout today’s routine we’re not perfect to these either and it’s not about being perfect it’s just about putting in the work and practicing and getting a little bit better and depending on your environment experiences what else whatever else you have going on there might be certain times where these are easier and certain times where they’re harder and that’s alright going through that full sequence here just a couple more times four five four three two one zero and relax all right we’re gonna continue our internal rotation but we need to head to the floor next so go ahead and lie down flat on your back with your feet flat on the ground we’re gonna take your hands we’re going to place them underneath the small of your back now if you can’t quite get your hands under the small of your back while relaxing your elbows then you can place your hands on your hips and relax your elbows but we’re aiming for those hands just under the small of your back now we’re gonna repeat that pails and rails that we were doing earlier but just for a moment here I want you to relax those shoulders relax the elbows just get used to this position for just a few more seconds here so first we’re gonna drive those elbows straight into the floor and then we’re gonna lift them up together alright so getting started in three two one I want you to keep those shoulders back as you drive your elbows into the floor trying to press through the floor now when we know on camera you’re not going to see much but I really want you to press those elbows straight into the floor keeping those shoulders back the to10 now we want you to pull the elbows up while keeping those shoulders back so very similar move that we just got done doing while standing bringing those elbows up hold them up pull them up pull them up and repeat back into the floor back to the pails that isometric contraction you know shoulders back as we drive them through the floor four three two one and let’s pull those elbows back up oh my goodness and you probably are not gonna have a lot of range of motion no so I definitely feel like I’m hardly moving at all and there’s not much to it and that’s okay even if you can’t bring them up at all three two one back into the ground hold hold hold even if you’re not even getting your elbows up at all just making the mental contraction then trying to mentally is gonna do a lot of good and will help you improve okay now let’s pull them back up last one up pull them all the way up the best you can even if that’s a centimeter pull up pull them up pull them up and hold four three two one and zero relax oh alright so stand on the floor for our next pairing we need to lie down on our sides we’re gonna do a line rotator cuff stretch complex so I’m going to place that arm up and if you can go ahead and lie down on that arm now with your opposite side arm I want you to bring that elbow and tuck that elbow in tight to your side we’re going to start with that elbow tucked in in your hand on your waist now let’s pull that hand back while keeping that elbow tucked we’re gonna reach rate up as high as you can and then return pull that elbow down into your side and back now keep that elbow tucking your side as you return so we’re gonna repeat that sequence hand back reach up nice and high and pull that elbow back down you’ll not scapular work elbow stays in to your side as we go through this sequence make sure you’re not holding your breath make sure you’re breathing and going all the way through your full range of motion on this one and as you’re pulling that hand back make sure you keep that elbow nice and tucked in to your side don’t allow it to flare out at all good just a few more on this one I get a nice full range of motion here hitting multiple scapular muscles on this one making sure to breathe throughout excellent repeating this one four five four three two one and zero all right of course when you do through the opposite side next let’s go ahead and turn over same move right back into it here you’ve got the move down now that arm out and relax to your side go ahead and lie down on it elbows stay starts nice and tucked in to your side and then pull back on that hand oh my goodness my left side is way tighter and you know what’s funny you say that Claudia because I was just getting ready to say you may experience one side is tighter than the other which is totally common one thing we’ve pointed out a few times you know depends on you know your day to day activities maybe which arm you sleep on you know just so many different environmental factors can play a role their past injuries and that’s so totally okay and to be expected just do the best you can in addition to that you may feel some crackling some popping hmm cuz I’ve definitely felt it throughout the stretching routine just from stretching no weights yeah and a lot of times people get concerned when they hear cracking or popping but you know honestly if there’s no pain associated with that it’s it’s it’s totally okay not something to be scared of not something to to stop what you’re doing feel free to work through that as long as there’s no pain associated with it as long as your doctor hasn’t told you otherwise keep keeping that elbow tucked in to the side don’t allow it to flare out here not much left on this side and five four three two one zero excellent alright so we’re going to turn over for the next one we’re gonna move into an open-book plus half angel we’re still gonna be on our side but a slightly different position here so this time I want you to go ahead and a lot of that inside arm to lie down flat with your hand up now I want you to take your outside leg and bring that knee over both knees bent at a 90 degree angle but this knee is relaxing here so we’re gonna start with what’s called a closed book so bring that top arm and place it on top of your bottom arm and now we’re gonna open the book and as we do we bring that arm open we’re gonna go ahead and look at it follow with your eyes now we’re gonna bend at the elbow bring the hand up and pull that elbow down now extend that arm straight up overhead pull the elbow back down straighten the arm and then close the book so he knows a lot going on in the sequence let’s do it again open the book bend at the elbow pull the elbow down extend the arm up pull the elbow back down extend the arm straight and close the book repeating this sequence it’s really a two-for-one move here with both a page-turner as well as the half angel nothing like a little efficiency in our routine today two-for-one so it’s opening up the shoulders as well as improving mobility and our scapula making sure to breathe throughout do not hold your breath full range of motion on every part of the move here how’s this definitely can be uncomfortable especially as you pull that elbow down definitely and extend that arm but that’s okay that’s that challenge is where change is gonna come from let’s do one last one here four five four three two one and zero excellent go ahead and close that book and as you’ve learned of course you need to do everything on both sides so let’s go ahead and flip over we repeat that same move on the opposite side now go ahead and start with that one arm flat on the ground on our side go to bring that opposite knee over bent at a 90 degree angle start with that close book and then let’s open it up nice big full range of motion watch that hand bend at the elbow pull the elbow in and then extend it overhead and again on any of these moves you might not be quite where we are today then that’s okay encourage you to make it your own work through it the best full range of motion that you’re capable of whatever that looks like and every time you come back you’ll improve just a little bit making sure to breathe throughout whatever you do do not hold your breath on this one really trying to draw that elbow and pull that elbow in to the side on that half angel this is a great one if you have any shoulder impingements and it helps open up those shoulders going through that full range of motion this is probably my favorite one so far well there’s just a lot going on with this one it’s just really hitting the shoulder from multiple angles also helping to open up that chest as well oh yeah that’s a good one which is a um one of the bigger things that helps ruin our posture tight chest muscles so has a little bonus thrown in there today his little chest work we’re gonna do this one for 10 more seconds in total again going through that full range of motion every single time not a race nice and controlled it’s a great sequence that you can really do every single day if you so chose 2 4 5 4 3 2 1 and 0 excellent close that book back up nice work thank you so much for joining us today we ask that you please support our mission of keeping these great workouts free by downloading our free app it’s available for both Android and iOS you can also stop by our store and pick up a shirt or my book stay fit for life if you enjoyed this routine please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another brand new workout from has fit again thank you so much for joining us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach cozy and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout