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Our wrists take a lot of abuse in our day to day lives. Activities like exercising, texting, typing, and driving can cause tightness, pain, and a lack of mobility. Try this routine to restore your wrists to a healthy condition.

Wrist Stretches & Exercises for Wrist Pain Relief

Complete each exercise for 60 seconds:
Wrist Extension
Wrist Flexion
Wrist Mobilization
Wrist Flexor Stability
Active Wrist Extension

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a wrist stretching routine this routine is designed to enhance mobility as well as relieve wrist pain these stretches can be done throughout the day and even before performing load bearing exercises such as push-ups planks or using a barbell and dumbbells if you’re ready to begin let’s get started we’re gonna get started on the floor today but all these exercises could also be performed on your feet from a standing position using a chair or couch or countertop and also we’re gonna use an exercise mat just for a little extra comfort but it is not required we’re gonna get started with a wrist extension stretch so let’s go ahead and start on all fours and we’re gonna come onto our palms and then we’re gonna face our fingers back towards us now healthy wrist extension on this one is between 90 to 70 degrees but you may not be quite there yet and if you’re not it’s okay move those hands closer to you and it’ll give you a little bit more of a friendly angle now we’re gonna pull back and stretch until about 85 to 90 percent of what you’re capable of and a static hold and stretch and we’re just gonna hold it there so keep those palms flat on the ground hands stayed nice and flat on the ground and we’re pulling back gently it’s important that you make this routine your own you may be more or less flexible than we are so again we just encourage you to get to about 85 to 90 percent of what you are capable of just hold and breathe nice big deep breaths on this one feel those wrists and forearms opening up keeping the palms glued to the ground and come back every time and get a little bit better at this one and let’s hold this one for just five four three two one zero all right come out come up shake it loose for a second we’re gonna move into a wrist flexion move so very similar only this time we’re going to be on the top of our hands and our fingers are again gonna be facing us so be gentle with this one if it’s your first time and healthy range of motion is usually between 90 to 70 degrees but if you need to move those hands closer to you and give yourself a little more friendly of an angle ideally we had that whole top of your hand flush to the ground and then we’re gently gonna pull back and hold again another isometric stretch flooding loving these ones a they feel mean there’s a reason why we’re here we got to your wrists are just such an overlooked part of the body that you just don’t realize it until you’re down here yeah and often abuse so again we’re just holding in this isometric position from typing on our computers to on our phones to just so much work that and our workouts they get abused quite often just hold and breathe let’s hold this one for five four three two one zero come on up again shake em loose okay next we’re gonna move into a pails and rails technique so let’s come down into all fours and this time going to let those fingers face forward on our palms with our weight coming down we’re gonna drive our weight through our palms and also through our fingers this time so really want you to drive those fingertips into the ground using your weight to help you make it happen really drive it in drive it in just hold hold hold hold and then now I want you to bring those fingertips up off the ground keep the fingers straight as you keep the palms on the ground pull those fingertips back you’ll really feel that extension in your wrists while holding it there hold for three two one and then back into the ground now so we’re just gonna go through this cycle the pails and rail so fingertips driving into the ground on this one isometric contraction just push and push and push put the fingers in your palm hold I’m sure to breathe okay now let’s pull back again rocking back ever so gently bringing those fingertips up off the ground you’re gonna feel that tension and that tightness in your wrists that’s totally common and then one more time through driving those fingertips into the ground just that much more than last time concentrate on every individual finger making sure they’re all getting activated and you may feel it more on one wrist than the other because I definitely feel it more about right and that’s totally common we use one side more than the other all right and then let’s pull them back one last time get all the fingers up keeping that palm flat on the ground excellent hold and breathe whoo I feel the stretch on this one really guys too – it must be working and three two one zero relax come on up shake them loose one more time here okay we’re gonna move into a wrist mobilization drill so getting down into a very similar position again on all fours but this time we’re gonna keep those hands glued to the ground and we’re gonna rotate the elbows in and get a full range of motion stretch and now rotate the elbows out again the hands stay in a static position you’re applying gentle body weight into the ground I’m rotating those elbows out the best you can whatever that looks like make this routine your own and now rotate them back in all the way good going back and forth through this sequence and some of these might come easy to you some might not so much again rotate out and hold excellent keep breathing standard control and again on all these static stretches we’re going to about 85 90 percent of what you’re capable of don’t get too crazy we want to get a good stretch but we don’t want pain now rotate them in one last time excellent just hold and breathe and one last time rotate them out and excellent focusing on that mobilization with this one let’s hold it for five four three two one and zero okay come on up stretch them loose here moving into a wrist flexors stability drill now so again similar position to start on this one on all fours our fingers facing forward but this time we’re gonna come up drive your fingertips into the ground as you come up and bring those wrists up full extension up and then extension back down palms into the ground and repeat this it’s just an active stretch on this one fingertips into the ground as we come up and then back down onto your palms let’s go back four through this one few times and keeping those fingertips flat on their fingertips in contact with the ground as we come up feel that stretching your fingers and in your wrists and back down let’s go one more time fingertips driving into the ground and palms drive it into the ground excellent alright shake em loose here we have one last Rick wrist extension active stretch we’re gonna stand up for this one you could also stay down totally up to you with good posture shoulders back let’s go and raise those arms up until they’re parallel to the ground and our palms are facing down now let’s make a fist and at the same time I want you to stretch those hands down and now we’re gonna open our hands and at the same time bring those fingertips back and stretch this actually feels good yes I just want to measure all that one of my personal favorites sounds a little more pleasant it’s true okay now repeat so making a fist as you come down and then opening the hands up as you stretch up excellent back and forth through the sequence again making a fist as we come down really feel this one in my forearms as well definitely and then open them back up we’re going back through this one one more time making the fist come on down don’t hold your breath nice isometric stretch at the bottom and then come on up and pull those fingertips back as you also pull your wrists back getting the thumbs falling back as well and relax that’s it shake loose excellent nice stretch better already I hope you are too this routine we recommend you go ahead and repeat this routine between three to five times per week or as needed if you like this workout and you’ve been working out those for awhile and you’re starting to see some results we’d encourage you to please go check out our patreon page where you can 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