Intermediate Difficulty
intermediate workout

Coach Kozak’s soccer agility workouts will improve quickness and conditioning. HASfit’s soccer workouts are great for both males and females. The soccer speed training routine is designed for athletes ages 10 and up.

Soccer Workout Instructions: Complete 4 rounds of each exercise. Take a 60 second rest in between each round.
Ladder Drill: Skiers – Down and Back x 3
Star Jumps x 12
High Plank Triangle Jumps x 12
Ladder Drill: Step in – Step Out – Down and Back x 3
Ladder Drill: Crossover Shuffle – Down and Back x 3
Knee Tucks x 12
Lateral 1,2,3 x 30 seconds
Ladder Drill: Lateral Plank Walks – Down and Back x 1

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