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Incorporating regular stretching into your fitness program is of the best things you can do to reduce the risk of injury, relieve stiffness, and improve your flexibility. Use the full body stretch routine on its own or after a workout as a cool down. There’s no equipment required for this stretching routine and it’s great for both men and women.

30 Minute Full Body Stretch Routine

Standing Stretches:
Alternating Goal Post
Wall T,I,Y
Chest Opener
Overhead Triceps Stretch
Deep Squat from Wall / from Back
Levator Scapulae Stretch
Wall Chin Tuck Stretch
Staggered Hip Flexor Reach
Wrist Extension / Fist Flexion

Floor Stretches:
V-Sit Hamstring and Calf Stretch
Pigeon / 90-90 Hip Stretch
Figure Four
Lying Side Quad Stretch
Page Turner to Half Angel
Cobra to Child’s Pose

[Music] what’s up has four tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a full body stretching routine today’s routine can be used as a cool-down after your workout or as a standalone routine to help you improve your flexibility there’s absolutely no equipment required but depending on your surface that you’re working on you may want to use a mat for comfort if you’re ready to go let’s get started [Music] [Music] all right let us begin with some standing stretches the first one on the list today is going to be an alternating goalpost so let’s start with both arms bent at a 90 degree angle one hand up one hand down good posture now let’s reverse it bring one hand up opposite hand down just rotating at that shoulder joint nice and controlled on this one keeping good posture trying to get full range of motion bringing the hand back and bringing the hand forward just going through this one again not a race on this nice and controlled this is a great one for your shoulders your chest actually even gets your biceps tendons as well just your overall shoulder and rotator cuff health making sure to breathe nice and controlled again really stretching those hands back and as you go through it hopefully get a little more flexibility as you start to get loosened up on this one and in the beginning if you’re feeling a little bit of some cracks or any pops things of that sort should be minimized as you continue to go through this movement very true and it’s not something that you should be alarmed about as long as you’re not experiencing any pain keep that upper arm parallel to the ground as you go through the move and let’s repeat this 1 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 all right dance move yeah exactly you’re feeling froggy alright alright let’s move on over to a wall for the next we’re gonna do a wall tee why I alright so once you get your whole back up against the wall including your head trying your best to get that back flush against the wall now with your hands starting at your side let’s bring your arms up into a tee and now as we bring the arms up overhead twist so the thumbs are touching the wall and do a Y and then bring the hands together to an eye and reverse it open them up to a Y and then twist those palms facing down to an tee hee and return the hands back down so that’s one we’re gonna go through that sequence t twist some hands why bring the hands together by this ones stretching multiple body parts at the same time doesn’t look like much but you can certainly feel this one oh my goodness especially when you’re trying to keep your entire torso neck flush to the wall yes exactly you’ll really feel it be a lot easier to allow yourself to come out from the wall but do not succumb to that temptation woo instead keeping everything tight against that wall the best you can feeling those shoulders work it’s a great one to help you improve your posture as well and again just overall shoulder health and mobility nice and controlled not a race on this one and everybody’s gonna have a little bit different of a sticking point on this one and where you may feel it the most bringing them up overhead and really trying to keep those hands on the wall as you bring your hand arms overhead as well keep that oxygen flowing here not much left on this one great dynamic stretch here going through that full range of motion four five four three two one and zero excellent alright moving into the next one doing a chest opener great for your chest as well as your shoulders let’s go ahead and interlace those fingers back behind your back and at the same time we’re gonna pull those shoulders back as we press that chest forward making sure to breathe pull those hands back and for our little additional stretch you can bend over and bring those arms up overhead totally optional if you want to go for this route or if you’re comfortable just staying upright but either way keep pulling back on those hands this one’s a static stretch so we’re just holding and on all these static stretches we’re gonna do today you want to try to get to about 85 90 percent of what you’re capable of feeling a good stretch but at the same time you’re not looking to feel any pain nice big deep breaths on this one and keep pulling them back pulling them back here and five four three two one come up nice and slowly if you were doing the overhead variation shake it loose next we’re going to move on to a stretch for our triceps so let’s take that left arm and bring that left arm up and put that left hand behind our head now I’m gonna grab from my wrist show you the back view here and I’m gonna squeeze like I’m trying to touch my forearm to my bicep so I’m compressing and pushing it together and feeling that stretch in the back of my arm my tricep here just gonna hold this one it’s a static stretch again just holding getting to about 85 90 percent of what you are capable of feeling that stretch in the back of your arm nice big deep breaths here four five four three two one alright bring it down and switch opposite side now so let’s bring that right arm up with that right hand behind our head and then let’s squeeze and compress bringing that forearm to the bicep again feeling that stretch in the back of the arm if you can’t quite reach here you can also grab up top on the elbow and pull the elbow but trying our best to squeeze from that wrist and that’s gonna make sure that we’re getting that tricep stretch and not just our back and lats I get a nice big deep breaths on this one four five four three two one zero good all right let’s been doing mostly upper body up into this point let’s get those legs involved time for a deep squat stretch we’re gonna give you two different variations here either way you’re gonna need a wall or something to come up against I’m gonna give you the upright variation I’m gonna get down into a deep squat with my back up against this wall I’m sitting down driving my weight into the wall have my toes pointed out just a little bit and I’m gonna drive my knees out while I’m here using my arms and as you notice I am half my feet up on the wall so I have my bottom as pretty good distance away from the wall but close enough and I’m doing the exact same movement that Coach cozec is doing except I am on my back so again I have my feet nice and straight and I’m pushing out on my knees gently ever so gently so we’re both trying our best to get as deep as we can and as you get a little more into the move you can either lower yourself more or get your bottom or your butt closer to the wall if you’re doing the seated or the lying down variation you decide which versions best for you just practicing our deep squat flexibility and mobility here which is something I feel like is really underrated as is that squat and mobility you know our ancestors were they were squatters that’s one of the things that we’ve lost in this sedentary lifestyle that we all notice children or toddlers this is probably one of their most favorite positions to be in yeah or it’s natural is that our two and a half year old dogs will get down and she’ll just play from this position on completely on her own so again trying your best to keep getting as deep and deeper as you can come back and repeat this routine you’ll get a little bit better just another static stretch here we’re just holding again driving out on those knees feels really good on the hips – it’s great one for your hips hamstrings quadriceps really your overall lower body mobility and flexibility not much left on this one taking big deep breaths here four five four three two one zero come on up nice and slowly shaking those legs loose if you just got done working out I’m sure those legs are probably feeling it right now no harm in that we’re gonna move on to a levator scapulae stretch which is that major muscle in your neck let’s take your left hand and bring it behind your back we’re gonna grab that hand with your opposite side arm now I want you to pull that arm down as you look to your right side and down so we’re not going all the way to the right we’re not going straight down but it’s down into the right and you’re feeling a stretch all through your upper back muscle and neck muscles being sure to breathe here and our next takes such a beating you know for all the time we spend looking down at our cell phones sitting at a desk typing or sitting we I sleep drive and sleep as I mean just all day it’s non-stop so it’s important that we take the time to to give them some recovery work and that’s what we’re doing right here a nice big deep breaths keep pulling down on that opposite side arm for five four three two one zero come on up shake it loose and then let’s hit that opposite side now so let’s grab that right arm from behind our back and look to our left and bring that chin down into the opposite side and you may find that one side is a little tighter than the other very common especially if you’re sleeping primarily on one side it’s also a great one to help us regain our posture here nice big deep breaths [Music] four five four three two one and zero excellent work all right let’s move back on over to a wall you also do this one door doorway if you need to we’re gonna do a wall chin tuck so again all of our day working over spending so much time looking down stretching her head looking here and so these muscles in our neck it’s so tight so this wall chin tuck is gonna help us reverse that so we’re gonna get our our head flat up against the wall and that means driving through the chin so we really want you to pretend like you’re taking that chin and you’re driving it back through the wall our upper back is flat on the wall at the same time and we’re just driving that back of our head that crown of our head through the wall behind us and it really make gives you this really attractive face that that I’m sure we have right now not always about looking good it’s just about being effective I better not see any screenshots oh yeah this would be a great time to screenshot and place this all over the interwebs sure you look just as great as we do but this is a move that I see coach Kozak do a lot because he’s sitting in his desk all the time he’s you know got bad position when he’s at work as most of us do so sometimes walk in the room and he’s just just doing this yeah married life is all about just holding here for 5 4 3 2 1 0 excellent all right she’s gonna loose now all right we’re gonna move into a staggered hip flexor stretch so let’s get into a staggered stance let’s put that left foot up right foot back we’re gonna drop that back knee about halfway down here not all the way down and do a deep lunge but just drop it enough to engage the hip flexor let’s bring both arms straight up and now we’re gonna lean to our left side feeling that stretch all through your side obliques hip flexor and quadriceps and if you need to you can drop that back knee just a little bit more to feel and we’re just gonna hold here and this is a little bit of an isometric strength move at the same time now hold him for too long just breathe and hold for five four three two one zero stand up and now let’s switch opposite side now let’s put that right foot in front drop that back left knee arm straight up and now let’s lean to your right side again feeling that stretch focus your eyes on something if you’re having a problem with balance yeah there’s a little extra credit balance work on this one lean into that side dropping that back left leg and breathe feeling that stretch all through your side hip flexor and quadricep four five four three two one zero out stand back up excellent alright next we’re gonna focus on our wrists and forearms so let’s get those hands straight out we’re gonna do a wrist extension to a wrist fix fist flexion so an extension we’re gonna bring those hands and fingers back on back and as we bring them down we’re gonna put our hands into a fist slowly and bring them all the way down into a flexion and reverse it now open those hands up fingers up nice and wide as we pull back on those fingers and reverse it slowly make a fist as we come down and flex going back and forth between these two again oh another body part here that gets worked and abused all day long but so infrequently are we actually working on you know the recovery aspect exactly showing it some love for once that’s it again all the way for it all the way back if you experiencing wrist pain when you’re down into a push-up position etc it’s a good one just to do periodically throughout the day just to help you improve that wrist and and finger flexibility let’s go through this one four five four three two one zero excellent let’s move to the floor for the next one we’re going to get into a v-sit position so sitting down on our backsides let’s open those legs up the best we can keeping our knees down good upright position now with opposite side left hand let’s reach to our right side now if you can reach all the way to that toe feel free to do so if you’re only in here that’s okay too and at the same time I want you to pull back on those toes whether you’re able to physically do it with your hand or you’re just bringing the toes back either way this one’s gonna stretch our hamstrings as well as our calf muscles and our inner thighs nice big deep breaths on this one and just a static stretch so we’re just holding on this again getting to about 85 90 percent of what we’re capable of trying our best to keep that knee down don’t allow it to come up four five four three two one let’s move to that opposite side now again keeping those knees down pulling back on that toe if you can do so with your hand either way pulling them back and by pulling back on those toes that’s really what’s going to get our calves involved and get that calf stretch great for that whole back side of the leg nice big deep breaths here four five four three two one zero excellent come on up next we’re gonna move into a move for our hips gonna give you a couple different variations either a 90 90 stretch or a pigeon pose we’re starting with a 90 90 so we want both of those knees bent at a 90 degree angle and we’re gonna turn our bodies towards that back leg trying your best to keep both knees on the ground if you need to on this one you can lean back if it’s too much tension and pressure now if you’re feeling good on this one then we can transition into a pigeon pose or we can turn into that front side leg and essentially coming up over that knee in that foot either way we’re just holding on this one and breathing both are great moves for those hips opening them up improving our mobility also stretching out that glute muscle our piriformis which sometimes can cause a sciatic nerve syndrome and you may feel a little bit of cramping if you’re doing my variation and just not uncommon especially in the back leg so just try to work through it like Coach Kozak’s has been back if you need to but please try to maintain this not united position we’re gonna switch sides and five four three two one come on up straight or your front leg yep and transition like that other side again one hip maybe a little tighter than the other starting with a good posture turning in to that back side again if you’re feeling good you can then pull that foot in and come forward and transition into a pigeon pose and you decide which variation is gonna be right for you and your flexibility level today or honestly sometimes depending on the workout I did the previous day you know this pigeon pose may be harder alright if I did a bunch of heavy deadlifts and my body may not be appreciating this pose maybe fresh is a daisy and can go all the way down on your pigeon pose that’s just all about listening to your body every day is gonna be different and just readjusting as needed nice big deep breaths here four five four three two one and zero come on on up we’re gonna move into our lie down onto our backs next and move into a figure four so let’s go and start lying down on our backs let’s bring one foot up onto our opposite side knee and we’re gonna reach through our legs grab that knee and pull that knee into our chest now if you can’t quite reach that knee and you can do so by just grabbing that foot in that leg pulling that leg forward but ideally we’re reaching through grabbing that knee and pulling it into our chest the best we can another great one for our hips our glutes hamstrings and again one that if you ever suffer from any sciatica should help you out there as well nice big deep breaths oh and this one also works your IT better stretches out your IT band so we’re getting a lot a lot in with just this one move very efficient and holding here for five four three two one zero excellent all right again let’s switch it up opposite side now bring that right leg up reaching through and pulling to your chest nice big deep breaths here there’s something to be said for these movements that you’ve been doing since PE class in elementary school right it’s like they’re the most efficient they work so well and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it exact you know so many times we can see moves yeah you know everyone wants to reinvent the wheel or be the first to come up with something here show you something new but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most effective so you know I encourage you to embrace ya and brace some of the classic moves and at the same time be a little bit apprehensive when you’re seeing something new or fun something new that you’ve never seen before and big deep breaths here four five four three two one zero bring the legs back down excellent okay we’re gonna move to our side for the next one we’re gonna do a lying a side quad stretch so focusing on those quadriceps next we’re gonna lie down on our left side put that left arm out now I’m gonna reach back my right hand grab my right foot keep that right knee down and try my best to pull that right foot and heel back to my right glute pulling it back again with that static stretch trying to get to eighty five ninety percent of what we’re capable of being careful not to crank too hard on your foot if you’re feeling some pain in your ankle you can grab up a little bit higher maybe I’m on your ankle instead of grabbing your foot okay just holding here and if you need to you can’t reach your foot you can always grab a towel or a band or something to help you or even a belt something to help you bring that foot back nice big deep breaths for five four three two one zero okay we’re going to transition into our next one right from this position so let’s bring that knee forward and let it rest now let’s bring both hands together we’re into a page-turner plus half angel so let’s open those arms up rotating throw a thoracic spine all the way open now bend at the elbow reach straight up pull down from the elbow straighten the arm and then close our book and I was a lot going on here let’s repeat open the book and then bend at the elbow reach straight up pull down from that elbow straighten the arm and close the book this one’s gonna stretch out our chest our thoracic spine our lumbar area also gonna help improve mobility in our shoulders a rotator cuffs lots of different body parts getting hit on this one you could see the methodology I’m going for today is really just efficiency getting as many body parts in and a short of time possible nice full range of motion with this dynamic stretch not a race this is probably I know you meant I’ve mentioned it before this is probably one of my most favorite moves just so much going on in this one really opening you up another great one to improve that posture I just go one more time through this one before we switch sides and five four three two one and zero all right let’s switch sides opposite side now I’m going starting again with that lying quad stretch lying on our right side this time and let’s pull that left foot back now to our left glute keeping that knee in tight to our side trying our best not to allow that knee to flare up when you do that then it really takes the emphasis off of that quadricep muscle and again just holding static stretch here nice big deep breaths I just want to take a second here and give you credit for focusing on your flexibility and your mobility work it’s not always the most fun or most interesting routines to do right which is why so many of us just neglect it neglect it and totally forget about it but man our body’s sure appreciate it when we take the time for that’s true and a lot of you have asked how we are so flexible or you know able to touch our toes just implementing these into your into your routine maybe once or twice a week will work wonders just consistency okay now let’s transition into that page-turner allow that left knee to travel forward hands together and then let it open those arms full range of motion bend at the elbow reach overhead pull it back down and close the book and a little too close to the wall hear me readjust before I continue there we go six-foot-two wingspan I account for that I don’t have that problem so just keep going like myself follow me if you didn’t stop to read rest well yeah I would assume most people probably aren’t doing this one right on the wall like I am you know we got to do what we have with the space we have here guys that’s right nice full range of motion open up every time trying the best to keep that opposite side knee on the floor or close to it yeah keeping that right shoulder out on the floor throughout as well all whoa got some snaps going on the left side and again that’s nothing to be alarmed about as long as it’s not associated with any bad pain I’m just improving along the way here let’s keep this one up four five four three two one and zero close that book on last time all right excellent all right moving into another combo move here coming forward onto our hands and knees we’re gonna do a Cobra plus Child’s Pose so let’s go ahead and start with the Cobra so let’s bring those hips forward around the front of our feet bring that chin up head up squeezing our glutes on this one feeling a stretch through our whole anterior which is our ABS our shoulders our chest hip flexors kind of squeezing those glutes while we’re in this position and now let’s sit back bring those hips back hand stay in place sitting down on our own heels and calves feel those shoulders stretch moving into a child’s pose and return we’re just gonna slowly go back and forth between these two turning into a little bit of a dynamic stretch and forward squeeze those glutes we’re gonna match up when you’re in the Cobra and pull those hips back sitting down relaxing into that child’s pose nice consistent breathing here and let’s come forward and one last Cobra squeezing those glutes and sit back one last time and relax here sit down as much as you can relaxing those shoulders pulling back four five four three two one zero and that is it excellent work you can come off stretches stay stay down nice work Claudia nice work to you out there thank you for joining us has Fit tribe if you enjoy today’s routine we’d ask you please help support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and you can do so by downloading our free app it’s available for both iOS and Android you can also stop by our store pick up some has fit gear or our diet guide eating for life please also don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another brand new workout from house fit again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout