Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

This full body stretching routine combines the best physical therapy and yoga exercises to improve your flexibility and mobility. There’s no equipment required for this stretching routine and it’s great for both men and women.

Full Body Stretching Routine

Upright External Rotation
Hand Behind Back Rotator Cuff Stretch
Overhead Wall Flexion
Wall Angel w/ Bent Elbow
Wall Chin Tuck
Thumbs up T Stretch
Straight Leg Hamstring
Straight Leg Twist
Figure Four
Pelvis Push
Page Turners
Sleeper Shoulder Stretch
Side Quad Stretch
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
Deep Squat / Lying on Back
Pigeon Pose / 90-90 Stretch
Vinyasa Flow (Downward Dog, High Plank, Upward Dog)
Cat + Cow
V Sit Reach to Scarecrow
Butterfly to Relax

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