Beginner Difficulty
beginner workout

Follow this Mobility WOD to improve range of motion and mobility across all joints, You may complete it in its entirety or break it up into multiple parts throughout the week. You may also just use it to focus on specific problem areas like your hips.

This routine assumes a certain degree of mobility to start and is not designed for those with serious joint problems.

Mobility WOD

  1. Deep Overhead Squat w/ towel or band
  2. Overhead shoulder mobility from back
    1. Hands touching / palms up, touch the pain point and come back, can add ball for added range of motion (higher the harder), press rib cage down
  3. Mulligan Ankle stretch
  4. Wrist (fingers putting towards yourself) stretch like planche
  5. Cat / Cow
  6. Deep squat (back on ground, feet on wall, open up hips, feet straight)
  7. Small scapular stabilizers
    1. Y – pinkies up 5 reps then stretch, repeat
    2. T – thumbs up
    3. W – externally rotate
  8. Hip Opening
    1. 90-90 stretch belly over lead leg, square off on back leg, pivot on toe to 50/50 bear sit pushing knees down, and then pivot on toe to other side

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